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Who was that unmasked man? from steven allen

From the shamireaders list

the great mask divide

mandantory masking
for absolutely no reason

now that the dying from
the dread not actually any
different than any other seasonal flu
coronoa virus is basically over

is exploding.  its seems the blm
protests threw out the window the
social distancing hysteria

but (if you were paying attention)
you may have noticed this in common

between the corona karens and the
(17% black) blm statue topplers:

all masked both groups. i would
assume a massive overlap between
the two.

so:  now

the mask

has become the mandate.

once again the entirely cowardly
chump in chief

has backtracked and now loves masks.

the number of mask refusers continues
to shrink

as fear of being on the outside brings
more and more cognitive dissonants
into line.

there really is not much of anywhere
i can go; in the area, in the country

or in the world where (it appears) masks
are now not mandated.

wear the mask.

this is step one.

get the shot.

this is step two

be implanted with the chip

this is step three

cue the stormtroopers from the clone wars

this is step four

"it is all proceeding as i have foreseen"

says emperor gates.  

human life as known for centuries,
thousands of years as recorded and reported

and many thousands more speculated about

the big digs

is coming quickly to an end.

as the most cowardly and ignorant
people to inhabit the planet

demand enforce embrace

this pathologized totalitarian state.  

well i for one will not betray

i shall answer as the landlord


to the threat:  "we can kill you"


"i can die!"

(but not submit to your tyranny
lies and madness).

if anything remains of the old virtues
(or returns, coming up thru the concrete
some green grain)

i can guarantee there will be no
st. gates.

if not:  well we may be proud to have
honored the world of life

that once was.

and had "no fellowship with the
unfruitful works of darkness".

some might once have gone beyond
in definition not only contraposing

a world of light; but also

distinguishing between

that which is of god.

and that which is of
gods adversary. 

--steven allen (aka owen owens)

only public voices i trust these days:

yourself, c.j. hopkins and dmitri orlov
(have not had such myself for a decade at least!)

everyone else appears to have gone to the dark side.

(also good on the corona hoax
new discovery the old english country doctor
the much reviled and banned vernon coleman)

but actually twould be better methinks to stick
to as someone once told me of painters "the dead guys"--

who i am currently
reading:   ruskins "master"; carlyle.

occurs to me there is not one in 100000 living capable
of reading much less comprehending even one line of his.

unmasked i remain and ever thus shall be.

boons and blessings to you and yours in dreams of a land and
a time beyond the masks.

(my son notes previously the mask was the sign of the outlaw,
now the absence of the mask is)

late note:  an interesting graph just discovered online which lists not masked countries in europe by their flags.

something peculiar about them:  all the flags actually have the same symbol on them in just different color patterns. would one be so inclined one mite see it as a sideways cross.  


all perhaps to be left of a europe otherwise become (gore vidals words as told to pepe escobar) "inconsequential boutique".

i do believe it was one of vidal's books assange was clinging to when he was dragged away.