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Will They Obey the Command? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

The Big Day hath arrived. The Day After. Well, the sky hasn't yet fallen ... And a crystal blue sky it is this brand new morning, here out in the quiet boondock outskirts of the Earth. Shall we take that as a good omen?  

"The 'ides' have come, dear old Spurinna", he said in greeting the old soothsayer with his usual buoyant confidence and mirthful humor, while making his way through the streets to the Senate chamber to meet his fate. "Aye, Caesar, but they have not passed", she answered. (Shakespeare took this directly from Plutarch). 

A man I've never heard of before, Chauncy DeVega, a person who appears to be of mixed ethnic/racial heritage, has written to warn us that evil Nazi racist scum white people, (he provides pictures of the evil pig-scum 'good ole boys', beer-bellies and all, in case any need help identifying them evil white supremacist boys), are threatening our nation with violence. 

I just keep hearing the ball bouncing, or the rope spinning overhead, then underfoot: "The pot and the kettle got into a nettle, and called each other "black". (Clap pat. Back clap. Clap pat). Each could see the other, but neither one could bother to see their own self lack". (Clap pat). 

But the violence wouldn't come today, would it, good citizen DeVega? Not while the election clown circus continues, and the calliope music yet plays? 

And anyway, it doesn't seem likely that the Right will be the first to 'take to the streets' bearing arms ... Nah ... I think the BLM/Antifa goons will be the first to erupt into violence. These racist Bolshevik Race Warriors, fighting racism with even more virulently hateful, more blatantly vicious, racism, fighting hate by being MORE hateful, (no one can hate like a righteously shrieking American Bolshevik can hate), will be the first to erupt into violence. 

The violence from the Right will be a re-action. They will bring well-prepared training and tactics, organized by real-life Rambos, to bear. It will be a rank mis-match. Antifa/BLM, outgunned and out-manned, will be shooting over their shoulders as they run. 

Then they will do what old Jewish Red-Diaper Bolsheviks, (their 'leaders') do best. They will then crybaby about being poor helpless 'victims'. Nobody can promote their own victimhood like these people can. 

BLM's key financing comes from Jewish Baron Oligarch, George Soros. Alicia Garza is only half African American. Her father was a white Jewish man. Trumpty-Dumpty's key money people are also old Jewish men.   

Bolshevism is one product of the clashing confusions of ancient Jewish passions. Marx was Jewish, of course. Lenin was surrounded by passionate Jews, (who soon started killing one-another). There is a heroic and noble element in Zionism. The Collective Tribal yearning. The kibbutz. The laying aside of pretension for an honest simple life before God's eyes. Ah ... But nothing can explain away the Jewish legend of the Slaughter of the Canaanites. Their claim to be God's own "Chosen People"? And yet they somehow wonder why no one has ever liked them, and thus how the poor things have suffered?

The Bolshevik Left will rise to vent its ire through violence and destruction. The Left will be out-foxed into drawing First Blood. The Right will 'react', with a clear claim to be protecting homes and families, thereby retaining the moral high ground. Demonizing the largest faction of the nation's working folk, as sub-human racist Nazi white supremacist scum, (which this bizarre misshapen creature, this crazed and non-sensical marionette Left, applies to approximately half the nation's Common People), is all the morally bereft American Left, with its blatantly racist and absurdly sexist identitarian cult ideology, Politically Correct Identity Politics, can do. (Geez ... What a clown show).

Hey ... We ALL remember the childhood ditty. "Georigie Porgie, all puddin' an' pie, kissed the girls and made 'em cry. But when the BOYS came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away". This bizarre creature, with all its 97 genders in full glory, this overtly fascist Identitarian Left, hates men so much they refer to being a male human as a 'toxic' condition. 

Gender is "just a performance" ya say? So saith the LGBTQRS folks who clearly have never met an angry, hostile, and fully armed, full-grown 'silverback' human man, 'performing' his priorities 'in the field'. 97 distinct human genders, eh? (I got two-bits says ONE gender, out of ALL 97, is best equipped to prevail 'in the field'. Takers?).    

The Left will draw First Blood, I think, and thus will cede the moral high ground at the very outset. The Left is so blinded by its zealous cult belief system, its identitarian, blatantly racist and blatantly sexist Identity Politics, and by its pure raw burning hatred, that it even clownishly claims righteousness as it snarls out its ugly racist hatred of its fellow citizens, and kills without moral sense or conscience.  

The Right will re-act, to be sure. The silly pretentious Marionette Left will be no match. The US Army will be called out, as the Left weeps in 'feminist' (effeminate?) victimhood, and cheers as the police beat up, and maybe even shoot, white people for them. 

But many of the troops, the rank and file 'grunts', voted for Trumpty-Dumpty. When ordered to fire on their sisters' cousin, and on Aunt Mary's boy Jack, (a plumber from Pittsburg, with a beer belly and an ass-crack both burgeoning out of his jeans), will they obey? 

How's the vote count going to matter then? This key moment will come, either way. Either way the votes are reported, as counted by the fiercely opposing cheaters, the key moment will still come. The key question will be asked. Will the troops obey the command? Will they fire on the nation's folk? Will they shoot them down like dogs? Will America drop its clownish mask and show its naked face of Fascism to the entirety of Humanity? 

That crucial question will be asked by one side or the other. Will you obey OUR orders? The crooked courts will have their say. But armed and trained troops, police or military, will decide the issue.   

C'mon, folks ... The vote count just won't matter much. Millions upon millions of paper ballots have been loaded, by the tens of thousands of pallets-full, on and off countless tens of thousands of trucks. Gee ... Are any so stupid, or foolish, that they think none of these votes might be tampered with by some clever 'truck drivers' along the way? Anything ever 'fall off a truck' in anyone's neighborhood besides mine? 

We can ALL see, even as the entire immense power of Mass Media, the entire Goebbels Committee, thinks it can stop us from seeing, that the Obama-Clintonista Demo Party Machine is DESPERATE to seize power, lest they be prosecuted for their obvious and blatant crimes, amounting to high treason, against our nation. History has already recorded this. The Goebbels Committee will NEVER be able to 'erase' it. The genie done flown the lamp. The toothpaste is all over the floor. 

They DID it!! Their silly-ass RussiaGate nonsense is fading away fast. The hard evidence is now overwhelming, and just beginning to pour in. Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and the DPM underling commanders, plotted together while in office, (they 'breathed together', 'con-spired' is our term), to use the power of government, and the offices with whose power they were entrusted, to spy on their political opponents, to gain actionable intelligence advantage over them, in order to more deeply entrench themselves in power.

These people are criminal thugs. They DID it. Ole Uncle Joe's obvious crimes of foul venal corruption in Ukraine pale in comparison to the fundamental crime the Obama-Clintonista Regime committed, the High Treason against our nation, when they plotted bald-faced lies, (the FISA Warrant is but one 'smoking gun'; there are many), to use the FBI to spy on Trumpty-Dumpty's campaign.

Nixon just used some two-bit neighborhood burglars, fer crissakes ... Obama and Clinton, and their DPM Juggernaut, used the US Department of Justice, including its full police power, the FBI, the full power of the US Judiciary, against its political opponents. 

Ole Skinny Joe and his drug-addict boy just stole some gold from US taxpayers to line the family coffers. A dastardly enough crime in itself, perhaps, but it pales to insignificance when measured against the crime of plotting treason, plotting crimes to subvert our actual political process itself. 

They DID it !! Let's see the evidence, laid out in orderly fashion, according to the legal 'rules of evidence'. No lynching. No Mob shrieking. Just plain old mundane Due Process will be QUITE enough to put these bloodthirsty Capone Thugs where they belong. 

These people are brass-knuckles 'leave 'em bleeding in the alley' thugs. We'll likely never know who killed either Vince Foster or Seth Rich. When the fictional Frank Underwood pushed the young reporter in front of the train, did even a single fool among us think for even a moment that it was far-fetched that the games of intrigue in the American Halls of Power can be deadly? Are the Kennedys still dead? Dr. King? Malcolm? All them Viet Nam kids we deliberately incinerated "Post Toasties to the bitters", (as a GI described it, as the napalm canisters tumbled at him, in Hearts and Minds). 

These people are playing a DEADLY serious game. Don Cicci had no hesitation in ordering the killing of young Vito Andolini. "He's only a sickly boy", cried his desperate mother. "When he grows to be a man, he will come to seek his revenge", Don Cicci answered, in calm matter-of-fact voice, as if simply reciting from the oldest Mafia textbook. 

Democracy is a moral agreement, folks. When that moral agreement is dishonored, and then broken completely, as it has been in America, what is left is the age-old and DEADLY Game of Power.

THAT, the Game of Power, is the game these ruthless DPM thugs have played, and are playing. They are traitors against our nation. Oh, yea ... And besides that, ole Skinny Joe, and his poor pathetic mess of an addict son, are both common run-of-the-mill liars and thieves.  

This is Capone's legacy. It's the Arky moonshiner, Slick Willie, and his moll Hillary, doing lucrative business with the Chicago DPM thugs, heirs to the old Boss Daley Machine, (and ole Dick Daley learned at the knee of Capone himself). 

Ole golden-tongued Barry is still turning his stinky corrupt 'Hope and Change' bullshit scam into hard cash. Did you hear? Barry and Michelle are now cashing in big time (kaching! KACHING!) on a gentrification scam on Chicago's South Side. Ever since ole Barry, the apple of his mama's (and his gramma's) eye, decided the best place to build his taxpayer-funded glass and brass palace to himself, (his 'presidential libraries'), is smack in the middle of the South Side of Chicago, among the poorest black Colonies of Misery, (the concentration camps in which we 'imprison' about 21 million African Americans), in the entire nation, ever since Barack Obama decided he'd gentrify a slice of South Side with the Barry Obama Palace, all Barry's 'homeys' been rakin' it it, big BIG time. 

Ya think ole Chicago boy, Jesse Jackson, and his crew of buddies in the Race Bid'ness, ain't ALL wetting their beaks? Ya think ole Slick Al Sharpton, one of the sharpest operators in America's Race Bid'ness, ain't 'a gittin' some 'a that? Ya think Barry's buds didn't have some insider info, and didn't buy up some dilapidated slum buildings, with plans to kick some poor black families out on the street, (now happening), to 'gentrify' the neighborhoods abutting the Obama Palace, thereby causing the value of Obama's buddies' investments to skyrocket? Gee ... Ya think? Naw ... Ya really think them nice ole Race Bid'ness boys'd really DO somepin' like that? 

Bill and Hillary were, by their own account, "broke", (the actual word Hillary used), when they left the White House. Now they're worth hundreds of millions. They've sure done pretty good on a government salary, (Hillary's Senate and Secretary of State's salary), and on Slick Willie's pension, haven't they? 

Would that nice mama's boy who can talk so sweet really do something like that? Would he really kick poor old black grandmothers out of their dilapidated homes, with no place else to go, just so's he and his crew can 'earn'? 

That nice boy, Barry, who set hellfire and damnation loose on Libya, helped plan the starvation and suffering of Yemen, THE poorest nation on earth, under the hell's-rain of US made weapons, with the US Navy helping to lay siege to all ports, to prevent food from entering, and US intelligence providing targeting data so that warehoused food could be bombed and destroyed? Under Barry's command, US Air Force tanker planes refueled the American jets, on their way to drop American made bombs on THE poorest nation on Earth, to bludgeon its people into submission to US Command through starvation and pestilence.

Barry DID that, folks He DID it! It's not in dispute. It's fact. That's what Old-Gold-Tongued Barry did. And he did it to serve the priorities of Old Gold. 

And his Mama, and gramma, (wherever they may be), are surely SO proud. 

HE did that? Barry? That nice boy that was the apple of his loving Mama's and Gramma's eyes? Yea, well, maybe he killed more completely innocent people than Trumpty-Dumpty, (WAY more), even personally approving targets for US hellfire missiles fired from US Reaper Drones, ghoulishly violating the airspace of any sovereign nation as he pleased, but his gramma and mama were just so dog-on proud their little Barry had made is so 'big'.      

They DID it. folks. Obama was, and is, a Chicago Demo Machine thug. Hillary, ole 'I can be as tough as ANY man' Harridan Hillary, is a bloodthirsty war-monger ghoul who has no regard for the human life of any she haughtily considers to be "The Deplorables", (whether them filthy riff-raff "Deplorables" live in Libya or Missouri). 

When these ghoulish brutal killers were in office, and when they were running for office, these people behaved like Chicago thugs, and/or slick cunning moonshine boys counting cash on the head of an oaken barrel, slinging down the benjamin bills, and picking them up with cards pulled cleverly from sleeves, right beside a large .44 Magnum pistol, laid so casually, even carelessly, on the barrelhead, but pointed so precisely 'across the way'. 

They did it! They committed treason against our nation's trust in our government.

And there's proof! It spills forth abundantly.

They DID it, folks. The evidence is already overwhelming, and still gushing in with great force. 

They DO deserve due process. We MUST bring our nation's days of Mob Rule to an END! They must have their day in court. 

But the evidence is overwhelming, and still mounting. It sure appears VERY obvious they DID it. Obama himself, and Hillary, as she was being briefed to take command, conspired to commit high crimes against the US nation, through their criminal attempts to use raw corruption of US government power to undermine our nation's political process, simply to maintain and advance their own cruelly and ruthlessly venal priorities. They did it out of their pure raw Lust to remain in power, in order to better slake their raw Greed.

C'mon, folks ... 2+2 = ?

Who do we think has been 'guarding' all those warehoused paper ballots most effectively? The Democratic Party Machine, desperate to win power to escape prison cells for its top-ranking luminaries? Or Trumpty-Dumpty, and all of his horses, and all of his men, who surely fear dank cold dungeon cells themselves if THEY lose?  

These tens upon tens of millions of paper ballots have been coming in for weeks. With actual violence crackling in the air, what impartial authority or force is anyone pretending even EXISTS anymore in our nation, that could POSSIBLY claim to guarantee the authenticity of ANY vote count? 

Who is conducting the count, again? Say what? The foxes are guarding all the hen houses? No shit, all you 'Sherlocks' ... Shall we bring in an international UN election monitor team, (or maybe just call ole Jimmy Carter), to drive around in open muddy jeeps, to watch over this absurdist third-world clown show of an American election? 

C'mon, folks. Don't we already know how this will unfold? Let all people of Good Spirit openly dare both these deadly Thug Factions to prove us wrong. 

It doesn't matter who claims to win the count. The other side will cry 'tyranny!' Cases and counter cases will be presented to The Syndicate's own stacked courts. Their outcomes will be varied, according to which faction appointed that judge. The outcomes will be varied, sure, but they will be exquisitely well timed. New Outrage will blare from the propaganda machine each day. People from both sides will fill the streets, to dance their jerky bloody Marionettes' Jig. 

The Syndicate's stupid dupes will gun each down in mutual righteous zeal, as most Americans watch in helpless horror.

And when The Police do arrive to 'restore order', some may cheer, but many more will at least sigh in relief. Fascism ALWAYS rises over chaos.

Hey ... If these people insist on doing this to each other, well ... okey doke, then ... I guess we can't stop them ... But let's do recognize that they ALL will fall, like stupid puppets, into Hannibal's old trap... The center will give way .. They will feel the thrill of impending victory as it does. With a roar they will advance unwisely. Too fast, leaving their flanks dangerously exposed. And like the Roman legions at Cannae, they will realize, FAR too late, that they are doomed, turkeys in a pit, surrounded by rifles. 

The best we can hope for, if these crazed folks insist on playing out their Bolshevik cult craziness, is that at the end, as Cossack sabres slice across faces, (Caesar's trick against Pompey at Pharsalus), there will be a moment of realization, a moment when they will finally 'see' that they have been duped by a cunning ruse, as The Syndicate's wings close in to surround them, and then to slaughter them. The lessons that Bolshevik survivors will hopefully carry away with them from their disaster, will be invaluable, IF, (a big 'if' indeed), such lessons include suffering the pain and awakening of Self-Awareness. 

[At Pharsalus, to guard his vulnerable flank, (he was outnumbered 2-1, after all), he told his men who would be entrusted to stand against Pomepy's overwhelming advantage in cavalry sweeping fatally around Caesar's flank, "Stab at their faces, boys. Every spear. Every sword thrust. Stab at their faces. They'll turn and run for their mamas like vain school girls". 

Caesar, pre-dating even Sun-Tzu, 'knew his enemy' well.

The Csars, the Russian Royals who had taken the man's name, adopted his lessons and methods as well. The Cossack sabres will always slash across faces first. 

Fascism ALWAYS rises 'over chaos'. What we are witnessing now is The Enemy's brilliant execution of its brilliantly ingenious plan, to use both the Left and the Right, BOTH on The Syndicate's payroll, (each acting out a puppet's role as they are tempted and cajoled, and PAID, to do), to prove yet again that the Elites can STILL, even after 10,000 years of running the same dang 'divide and rule' scam on the Common People, "hire half the working class to kill the other half". 

The Syndicate has them ALL 'on payroll'. They are acting like mindless puppets, doing The Syndicate's bidding, to create the requisite 'chaos' that will allow the brilliant Syndicate plan to come to fruition.

When the fires' glow lights up the distant night sky, the Common People will fear. (I hear Malone's distinct lilting brogue now). But when they see the actual flames rise over the roof-tops, some will openly cheer, and many will secretly, a bit ashamedly perhaps, sigh in relief, but when children look to their parents in fear, in their own living rooms, as flames light up the night, they will cheer, or exhale in relief, as US Armed Forces, and/or The Police, 'restore order'. 

Fascism will rise, as it ALWAYS does, 'over chaos', and those creating the chaos are too stupid, as mindless kool-aid cult-juiced marionettes, to even 'see' what they are doing.  

Hey ... Whoa there ... LOL ... "Ya couldn't make this stuff up". I keep hearing more and more folks saying that.

C'mon, folks. Our best bet, (by FAR) is to 'face reality'. Our favorite delusions will no longer serve us anything but woe.

The reality, which we ALL can see, right in front of us, 'bigger than shit', (as folks say), is that we, the Common People, don't have any 'body', any organized decision making capacity, in our nation, at ALL, on ANY side, that is capable of executing the kind of trusted moral authority to guarantee the integrity of our bleeding corrupted nation's clown mess of a Reality Show election. 

ALL our social institutions, from our government, our courts, our police, our schools, the huge corporations that control our lives, and even our very families, our very 'moral fabric' itself, have been corrupted. What are our own children learning? What values? What cultural code? How many parents even know? How many parents actually watch to see what lessons their children learn from cartoon shows? Who decides what those lessons should be? What percent of what our children learn is from their own families? And what percent serves the often sinister motives of some other? 

There is no organized moral authority in our nation, any longer ... none that anyone with any sense would trust ... at ALL. All these tens of thousands of truckloads of ballots, have been stored and counted by whom, did you say? ... So you say? ... And what, our job, as the pliable dumb common folk, is to act like dumb idiots? The ole 'monkey no see' trick? (Didn't Kurosawa cover that ground well?) We're s'posed to compliment the naked emperor's new clothes? Genuflect as we witness our Holy Democracy Clown Show in action? 

We are watching a struggle between the contrived violence of contrived factions of The Syndicate's forces. Both factions, both the racist sexist crazed cult-ideology Left, and those who have duped the good ole boy white working class, are on The Syndicate's payroll. C'mon, folks ... This is known fact ... Geez loueeezz ... From the BLM/Antifa Marionettes, so faithfully dancing to The Syndicate's jerky tune, to the good ole boys whose guns are all slick-clean, well-oiled, and ready, ALL of them, on BOTH sides, (C'mon, folks ... geez ... this ain't rocket science, fer crissakes), are on The Syndicate's payroll. Why does The Syndicate pay both sides? Why, even after ALL these 10,000 years, is this not OBVIOUS to ALL?  

Ruling Elites have been running this SAME cunning 'divide and rule' ruse on the Common People for 10,000 years. As long as the Common People are at each other's throats with fangs bared and gnashing, the Common People will be powerless to throw off the yoke of rule by The Elites, rule of The Many by The Few. It's been going on for 10,000 years.  

There is no moral authority left in ANY organized institution in our entire bleeding nation. Whatever moral authority now exists in the United States of America, now dwells only in the hearts and minds of those among us who eagerly give succor and safe harbor to Truth and Good Spirit. 

There is no organized moral authority any longer in our nation. No moral authority at all, beyond what the Common People hold in our hearts, and cherish FAR more than The Enemy cherishes its precious carnal desire and lust for gold.

As these hateful factions vie to see which can be more self-deluded, and should even violence break out, as is threatened, ... again ... Steady ... We'll be fine. Don't ask Caliban how an old ape-man knows, but he DOES.

Caliban knows ... May all who harbor Good Spirit take heart from knowing that Good Spirit has not yet even taken the field. Caliban knows that when we do, we will take it by storm. 

Hope all are well, and strong. We'll be fine. Have faith in the Good Spirit that we share.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030