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Will We Awaken Before Red Rivers Flow? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

'Nother day ... The Common People hold their breath in anxiety ... Fear roots deeper and grows ... They're not sending out any more 'free money' (they say). The rumbling reverberations of the Corona Earthquake in the economy can already be felt, but are only just beginning to erupt.

People, very large numbers of human people who live in the United States of America, can't pay. Their very existence is debt servitude. The US Common People have been reduced to Indentured Servitude. It's ALREADY well into Feudal proportions and degrees. 

And now ... Here we are ... The Common People can't pay ... They're out of money. Tens of millions of eviction notices are feared to be 'in the mail'. The cupboards are long gone bare. Sugary Cereal and milk, (not even the 'eternal porridge'), when we can get it. (And hours standing in line to get it). Lot's of pasta and rice. Beans and corn meal. Take to your bed hungry a couple or few nights a week. You feed the kids before you eat, but their stomachs seldom let them sleep all that soundly. 

How can these conditions resolve in some better way that does not include large degrees of bloody violence being released? At this point, it appears that minimizing the violence/bloodshed is the best we're probably going to be able to do. 

The more we can 'wake up' to the GREAT degree of danger we face, the better able we will be to meet it.  

Race War? Really? We gonna set that Demon loose? Why? That's just worse for us ALL! 

Cui bono? 

From the natural perspective of the Common People, in their struggle top win political power from the Elites, it doesn't 'make sense'. "It does not compute". Arousing tribal passions comprises an illogical, (and therefore irrational), contradiction. 

Copied below is a private letter (now open, but anonymously) to a person whom I encountered on Caitlin Johnstone's blog, (before I was 'purged' by Ms. Johnstone). Some may recall how avidly, and enthusiastically, promoted her work.

It is an impassioned plea for simple Reason to prevail among us. There is a 'truth' that waits patiently, to prevail, that lies beyond the power of Modern Mass Media to shape and warp into the Mass Media Barons' own priorities.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

Plaintive Plea to a person I never met:
Olson, (fictitious name, real person):

Hope you are well and strong. 

I do a lot of my 'writing' before I actually get out of bed, between 3 and 4 in the morning, (or so), when I'm barely conscious, neither fully awake or asleep. "Dream thinking", I sometimes call it. 

Yesterday morning, during that time, I conceptualized a piece about Caitlin Johnstone. It would be built upon the superstructure of the huge irony in why and how I had first encountered her writing, was drawn to her brilliance, came to her blog, then was summarily 'purged', and now must watch her make a spectacle of herself as she now promotes the MAIN priority of the very 'two-headed demon' she once 'saw' so clearly as her 'Enemy'.  

What originally drew me to her writing was her lucid vision of the fatal LOTE (lesser evils) trap, and of all the nonsense and hypocrisy woven into that whole fatally (and eternally) self-defeating mindset. She 'saw' beyond, and through, the 'marionette' Left. She refused to serve a false master. She refused to serve the two-headed beast, which itself serves her Enemy. I began enthusiastically promoting her work in my own writing. 

But they 'got her', in the end, Olson, don't you see? She's now promoting THEIR agenda. Can't you see? 

This is a war between factions of the Elites. The 'Dons' that rule over us have split into factions that are willing to risk actual civil war in their primitive power struggle between these factions. The Anti-Trump faction, the Clintonista Democrats, (with Big Money, Big Finance behind them), think they can use this Race War to oust Trump, (the Renegade).  

The one faction, the Wall Street Big Money-backed Clintonista Democrat Faction, are trying to 'get' Trump with this Race War. This Anti-Trump Elite Faction controls ALL the Mass Media, including Social Media, and Search Engines. 

The danger of him being assassinated is hard to assess. (Pence?) Trump is obviously in Israel's pocket, (through Adelson, and through his own wispy son-in-law, Kushner), but Israel is now seriously worried as they see US society crumbling. (The always cunning Zionists are already making overtures to Russia and China). It's easy to imagine a resolute 'consensus' forming, to remove him from office, forcibly, because they believe they cannot defeat him in the election. 

The Open Threat is 'in the air'.    

THIS is how they 'do'. The Elites are fomenting Race War, and poor Caitlin m'girl, despite all her shining brilliance of intellect, has been duped into 'serving' them. 

And we never know for sure, (or seldom ever), what is true or not. We are ALL forced to build 'belief systems' based on 'probabilities'. How probable that FDR intentionally allowed the Pearl Harbor 'sneak attack'? Who killed the Kennedys? Was 9/11 an 'inside job'? Who sunk the Maine? Who the fuck knows? (Historians still argue over the 'true plot' of the 'Cataline Conspiracy' in ancient Rome).   

History only 'sees' events in macro patterns. The answers to those questions, established (scientifically speaking) as fact, will likely never be known, because they are 'contained' by the always proliferating minutia of daily events.   

What is happening now? What forces are 'driving' events, NOW? Well ... We don't yet 'know'. Different possibilities exist. As we try to discover new evidence of what is 'true', we start to form 'contingency beliefs' based on the probabilities we assign to the various possibilities we see.  

So ... It's VERY hard to know what is 'true' or not, but it sure seems VERY clear that the Left has been duped into advancing its own Enemy's (the Elites') priorities. At the very historical moment that the Class Conflict is coming into sharpest focus, the Left's 'invisible leaders' are steering the Left into highly emotionalized and highly divisive Race War. 

Why? From the 'natural' perspective of an authentic Left, (in the best interests of the Common People), it doesn't make sense. (From the Elites' 'divide and rule' perspective, it makes PERFECT sense).

When it is SO obvious that the ONLY way to win a fair share of political power for the Common People, of ALL races, is to UNITE our power, the American Left, and Caitlin Johnstone, have embarked on a tribal 'religious crusade' that DIVIDES the Common People against ourselves. 

WHY? The fuck WHY? When we need to 'unite' people, why stir up their basest tribal (animal) passions? We need to get PAST the 'tribal' before we can become 'civilized'. (Geez, Olson ... This ain't rocket science, fer crissake!)

The Elites themselves, who control ALL Mass Media, (and there are further measures of control they have not yet even used), actually initiated these Race War events, by sensationalizing two carefully chosen incidents. The incidents were chosen with great skill and insight into mass psychology. They are 'ambiguous' incidents. They say different things to different people. Some people react to 'appearances'. Others access the actual facts. The 'ambiguity' of these 'cases' lies in the clear conflict between 'appearances', which are being sensationalized by Mass Media, and the actual facts. 

These 'cases' are carefully chosen, by the Elites' Mass Media, for their maximum 'divide and rule' impact. And the Left is thus helping the Elites to 'divide and rule'. 

It's easy to imagine, Olson, conditions in which the Elites would choose to calm tribal animosities, rather than arouse them. In times when war is coming, for example, the Elites often want to unite the population against the 'enemy' nation. They wouldn't allow these 'racial' incidents to be seen at all. When people 'tuned in' to Mass Media, they wouldn't hear about "police racist brutality", they would hear war propaganda against 'the enemy'. The Police would be depicted as "heroes". (The SAME things would be happening 'on the street'. The police kill almost three people every day. Every damn day, fer crissakes! The Police in America kill nearly TWICE as many white people as black, because there are nearly TWICE as many poor white people in America as poor black people).

What History will note about the conditions that exist now is that the American Left has fully allied itself with its own Enemy's, (with the Elites'), priorities. At the very moment that the Class Divide is coming into crystal focus, as the economy crumbles in the wake of Corona, (and it sure looks like it's going to get a LOT worse), the American Left, and Caitlin Johnstone, have decided that promoting Race War, to divide the Common People against each other, is the EXACT perfect thing that the American Left must do. 


Any reasoning person can easily 'see' the contradiction here, Olson. The Left has fashioned itself into a cult of belief. It is so far gone into the twists and turns of its warped Identity Politics ideology that it cannot think straight. It cannot think at ALL beyond the 'religious' cult confines of its ideology.  

You impressed me as an extremely intelligent person, Olson. I really never 'knew' you well enough to know. If Diogenes shined his lamp, would he see the face of an Honest Man? How would you answer him?

I did see the 'religiosity' on your blog. But you struck me as more 'reasonable' than 'religious'. But when I squint and review the mental impressions I formed as I read all your writing for those weeks on the Johnstone Blog, I can 'see' you possibly being several different 'types' of people. 

So ... Here I am writing you privately, instead of writing that 'piece' about Ms. Johnstone that I thought up in my dream-thinking, 'Caitlin Makes a Caricature Spectacle of Herself', which I've decided NOT to write, (at least for the moment). I still have high hopes for that girl. Strong spirit. Brilliant intellect. Excellent writer. She'll 'wake up'. She's almost 'there'. 

Will you, Olson?