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Yellow Vests vs Antifa - in Paris, London, Canada, USA, from Peter Myers

The Yellow Vests are the Working Class - finally resisting after years of Globalisation. Antifa are Trotskyists and Anarchists. - Peter M.

(1) PARIS: Yellow Vests fight off attack by Antifa; Antisemitic link - Cohn-Bendit & Bernard-Henri Lévy

(2) Police use water cannon & tear gas against Yellow Vests - Paris & regions

(3) Edmonton, Canada: Yellow Vests vs Antifa Communists - Youtube

(4) Trafalgar Square, UK: Antifa vs UK Yellow Vests, 12/01/19 - YouTube

(5) USA: Antifa have taken over the streets of Portland; Seattle next

(6) USA: Why Have Seattle’s Police Become Enforcers For The Antifa?

(7) USA: Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally


(1) PARIS: Yellow Vests fight off attack by Antifa; Antisemitic link - Cohn-Bendit & Bernard-Henri Lévy

Is French Democracy Dead Or Alive? - The Gilets Jaunes In 2019

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 08:10


Authored by Diana Johnstone via The Unz Review,


French Democracy Dead or Alive? Or perhaps one should say, buried or revived?

Because for the mass of ordinary people, far from the political, financial, media centers of power in Paris, democracy is already moribund, and their movement is an effort to save it. Ever since Margaret Thatcher decreed that “there is no alternative”, Western economic policy is made by technocrats for the benefit of financial markets, claiming that such benefits will trickle down to the populace. The trickle has largely dried up, and people are tired of having their needs and wishes totally ignored by an elite who “know best”.

President Emmanuel Macron’s New Year’s Eve address to the nation made it perfectly clear that after one unconvincing stab at throwing a few crumbs to the Gilets Jaunes

(Yellow Vests) protest movement, he has determined to get tough

France is entering a period of turmoil. The situation is very complex, but here are a few points to help grasp what this is all about.


The Yellow Vests gather in conspicuous places where they can be seen: the Champs-Elysées in Paris, main squares in other cities towns, and the numerous traffic circles on the edge of small towns. Unlike traditional demonstrations, the Paris marches were very loose and spontaneous, people just walking around and talking to each other, with no leaders and no speeches.

The absence of leaders is inherent in the movement. All politicians, even friendly ones, are mistrusted and no one is looking for a new leader.

People are organizing their own meetings to develop their lists of grievances and demands.

In the village of Commercy, Lorraine, a half hour drive from Domrémy where Jeanne d’Arc was born, inhabitants gather to read their proclamation. Six of them read in turns, a paragraph each, making it quite clear that they want no leaders, no special spokesperson. They sometimes stumble over a word, they are not used to speaking in public like the TV talking heads. Their “Second appeal of the Gilets Jaunes de Commercy invites others to come to Commercy on January 26-27 for an “assembly of assemblies”.


The people who first went out in the streets wearing Yellow Vests last November 17 were ostensibly protesting against a hike in gasoline and diesel taxes that would hit people in rural France the hardest. Obsessed with favoring “world cities”, the French government has taken one measure after another at the expense of small towns and villages and the people who live there. That was just the last straw. The movement rapidly moved on to the basic issue: the right of the people to have a say in measures taken that affect their lives. Democracy, in a word.

For decades, parties of the left and of the right, whatever their campaign speeches, once in office pursue policies dictated by “the markets”. For this reason, people have lost confidence in all parties and all politicians and are demanding new ways to get their wishes heard.

The fuel tax was soon forgotten as the list of demands grew longer. Critics of the movement note that achieving so many demands is quite impossible. It’s no use paying attention to popular demands, because the silly people ask for everything and its opposite.

That objection is answered by what has quickly emerged as the single overriding demand of the movement: the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum


This demand illustrates the good sense of the movement. Rather than making a “must” list, the GJ merely ask that the people be allowed to choose, and the referendum is the way to choose. The demand is for a certain number of signatories – perhaps 700,000, perhaps more – to gain the right to call a referendum on an issue of their choice. The right to a CIR exists in Switzerland, Italy and California. The idea horrifies all those whose profession it is to know best. If the people vote, they will vote for all sorts of absurd things, the better-knowers observe with a shudder.

A modest teacher in a junior college in Marseilles, Etienne Chouard, has been developing for decades ideas on how to organize direct democracy, with the referendum at its center. His hour has come with the Yellow Vests. He insists that a referendum must always be held after a long debate and time for reflection, to avoid emotional spur-of-the-moment decisions. Such a referendum requires honest, independent media which are not all owned by special interests. It requires making sure that politicians who make the laws follow the popular will expressed in the referendum. All this suggests the need for a people’s constitutional convention.

The referendum is a bitter point in France, a powerful silent underlying cause of the whole Gilets Jaunes movement. In 2005, President Chirac

(unwisely from his point of view) called for a popular referendum on ratification of the proposed Constitution of the European Union, certain it would be approved. The political class, with a few exceptions, went into full rhetoric, claiming a prosperous future as a new world power under the new Constitution and warning that otherwise Europe might be plunged back into World Wars I and II. However, ordinary citizens organized an extraordinary movement of popular self-education, as groups met to pour through the daunting legalistic documents, elucidating what they meant and what they implied. On May 29, 2005, with a turnout of 68%, the French voted 55% to reject the Constitution. Only Paris voted heavily in favor.

Three years later, the National Assembly – that is, politicians off all parties – voted to adopt virtually the same text, which in 2009 became the Treaty of Lisbon.

That blow to the clearly expressed popular will produced such disillusion that many backed helplessly away from politics. Now they are coming back.


From the start, the government has reacted with violence, in an apparent desire to provoke responding violence in order to condemn the movement as violent.

An army of police, dressed like robots, have surrounded and blocked groups of peaceful Yellow Vests, drowning them in clouds of teargas and firing flash balls directly at protesters, seriously wounding hundreds

(no official figures). A number of people have lost an eye or a hand. The government has nothing to say about this.

On the third Saturday of protest, this army of police was unable to stop – or under orders to allow – a large number of hoodlums or Black Blocs

(who knows?) to infiltrate the movement and smash property, vandalize shops, set fire to trash cans and parked cars, providing the world media with images proving that the Yellow Vests are dangerously violent.

Despite all this provocation, the Gilets Jaunes have remained remarkably calm and determined. But there are bound to be a few people who lose their tempers and try to fight back.


On the 8th Saturday, January 5, a squad of plexiglass-protected police were violently attacking Gilets Jaunes on a bridge over the Seine when a big guy lost his temper, emerged from the crowd and went on the attack. With his fists, he beat down one policeman and caused the others to retreat. This amazing scene was filmed. You could see Yellow Vests trying to hold him back, but Rambo was unstoppable.

It turned out that this was Christophe Dettinger, a French Rom, former light heavyweight boxing champion of France. His nickname is “the Gypsy of Massy”. He got away from the scene, but made a video before turning himself in. “I reacted badly”, he said, when he saw police attacking women and other defenseless people. He urged the movement to go ahead peacefully.

Dettinger faces seven years in prison. Within a day, his defense fund had gathered 116,433 euros. The government shut it down – on what legal pretext I don’t know. Now a petition circulates on his behalf.


In his New Year’s Eve address, Macron patronizingly scolded his people telling them that “you can’t work less and earn more” – as if they all aspired to spending their lives lounging on a yacht and watching stock prices rise and fall.

Then he issued his declaration of war:

“These days I have seen unthinkable things and heard the unacceptable.” Apparently alluding to the few opposition politicians who dare sympathize with the protesters, he chastised those who pretend to “speak for the people”, but are only the “spokesmen for a hateful mob going after elected representatives, police, journalists, Jews, foreigners and homosexuals. It is simply the negation of France.”

The Gilets Jaunes haven’t been “going after” anybody. The police have been “going after” them. People have indeed spoken up vigorously against camera crews of channels that systematically distort the movement.

Not a word has been heard from the movement against foreigners or homosexuals.

The key word is Jews.

Qui veut noyer son chien l’accuse de la rage.

(French proverb).

As the French saying goes, whoever wants to drown his dog claims he has rabies. Today whoever wants to ruin a career, take vengeance on a rival, disgrace an individual or destroy a movement accuses her, him, or it of antisemitism.

So, faced with a rising democratic movement, playing the “antisemitism” card was inevitable. It was almost a sure thing statistically. In almost any random batch of hundreds of thousands of people, you might find one or two who have something negative to say about a Jew. That’ll do it. The media hawks are on the outlook. The slightest incident can be used to suggest that the real motive of the movement is to revive the Holocaust.

This gently ironic little song, performed on one of France’s traffic circles, contrasts the “nice” establishment with the “bad” ordinary folk. It is a huge hit on YouTube. It gives the tone of the movement. Les Gentils et les Méchants.

It didn’t take long for this merry number to be accused of antisemitism. Why? Because it was ironically dedicated to two of the very most virulent critics of the Gilets Jaunes: May ’68 star Daniel Cohn-Bendit and old “new philosopher” Bernard-Henri Lévy. The new generation can’t stand them. But wait, they happen to be Jewish. Aha! Anti-Semitism!


Faced with what government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux described as “agitators” and “insurrectionists” who want to “overthrow the government”, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a new “law to better protect the right to demonstrate”. Its main measure: heavily punish organizers of a demonstration whose time and place have not had official approval.

In fact, the police had already arrested 33-year-old truck driver Eric Drouet for organizing a small candle ceremony in honor of the movement’s casualties. There have been many other arrests, with no information coming out about them.

(Incidentally, over the holidays, hoodlums in the banlieues of several cities carried out their ritual burning of parked cars, with no particular publicity or crackdown. Those were cars of working class people who need them to go to work, not the precious cars in the rich section of Paris whose destruction caused such scandal.)

On January 7, Luc Ferry, a “philosopher” and former Minister of Youth, Education and Research, gave a radio interview on the very respectable Radio Classique in which he declared: “The police are not given the means to end this violence. It’s unbearable. Listen, frankly, when you see guys kick a poor policemen when he’s down, that’s enough! Let them use their arms once and for all, basta! […] As I recall, we have the world’s fourth army, capable of putting an end to this garbage.”

Ferry called on Macron to make a coalition with the Republicans in order to push through his “reforms”.

Last month, in a column against the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum, Ferry wrote that “the current disparaging of experts and criticism of elitism is the worst calamity of our times.”


Wherever people gather, Antifa groups may pursue their indiscriminate search to root out “fascists”. In Bordeaux last Saturday, Yellow Vests had to fight off an attack by Antifa.

It is now completely clear

(as indeed it always has been) that the self-styled “Antifascists” are the watch dogs of the status quo. In their tireless search for “fascists”, the Antifa attack anything that moves. In effect, they protect stagnation. And curiously enough, Antifa violence is tolerated by the same State and the same police who insult, attack and arrest more peaceful demonstrators. In short, the Antifa are the storm troopers of the current system.


Be skeptical. At least in France, mainstream media are solidly on the side of “order”, meaning Macron, and foreign media tend to echo what national media write and say. Also, as a general rule, when it comes to France, the Anglophone media often get it wrong.

The END It is not in sight. This may not be a revolution, but it is a revelation of the real nature of “the system”. Power lies with a technocracy in the service of “the Markets”, meaning the power of finance capital. This technocracy aspires to remake human society, our own societies and those all over the planet, in the interests of a certain capitalism. It uses economic sanctions, overwhelming propaganda and military force

(NATO) in a “globalization” project that shapes people’s lives without their consent. Macron is the very embodiment of this system. He was chosen by that famous elite to carry through the measures dictated by “the Markets”, enforced by the European Union. He cannot give in. But now that people are awake to what is going on, they won’t stop either. For all the lamented decline in the school system, the French people today are as well-educated and reasonable as any population can be expected to be. If they are incapable of democracy, then democracy is impossible.


(2) Police use water cannon & tear gas against Yellow Vests - Paris & regions

JANUARY 13, 2019 / 1:02 AM

Renewed yellow vest protests hit with police water cannon, tear gas in Paris


(Reuters) - Paris police fired water cannon and tear gas to repel “yellow vest” demonstrators from around the Arc de Triomphe monument on Saturday in the ninth straight weekend of protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic reforms.

Thousands of protesters also marched noisily but peacefully through the Grands Boulevards shopping area in northern Paris close to where a major gas explosion in a bakery killed two firefighters and injured nearly 50 people early on Saturday.

Central Paris was in lockdown against another feared eruption of violence by radical elements in the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) movement, with bridges across the Seine river closed and official buildings such as parliament and the Elysee presidential palace protected by police barriers.

Groups of protesters also gathered on and around Paris’s famous Champs Elysees boulevard, the scene of disturbances in recent weeks, many of them calling loudly for Macron to resign.

“Macron, we are going to tear down your palace!” one banner read.

Around the 19th-century Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysee, riot police unleashed water cannon and tear gas at militant yellow-vest protesters after being pelted with stones and paint, witnesses said.

By mid-afternoon there had been no major clashes with police unlike in previous weeks. In Paris over 50 people were arrested, some for carrying objects that could be used as weapons.

There were also thousands of marchers in the cities of Bordeaux and Toulon in southern France as well as Strasbourg in the east and the central city of Bourges.

Bourges authorities said nearly 5,000 yellow vests stuck to the designated demonstration area but another 500 had pushed into the city center that was off-limits for demonstrators.

Many businesses in Bourges had boarded themselves up to avoid damage from protesters and authorities had removed street furniture and building site materials that could be used for barricades.

In Strasbourg, up to 2,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the European Parliament building and later marched to the center of the city on the Rhine river border with Germany. Protesters set garbage bins ablaze and police fired a few tear gas grenades, but no serious violence or looting was reported.

More than 80,000 police were on duty for the protests nationwide, including 5,000 in Paris.

The “yellow vests” take their name from the high-visibility jackets they wear at road barricades and on the street. Their rage stems from a squeeze on household incomes and a belief that Macron, a former investment banker regarded as close to big business, is indifferent to their hardships.

Macron, often criticized for a monarchical manner, is to launch a national debate on Jan. 15 to try to mollify the yellow vest protesters, whose unrest has shaken his administration.

The debate, to be held on the internet and in town halls, will focus on four themes - taxes, green energy, institutional reform and citizenship. But aides to Macron have said changing the course of Macron’s reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy will be off limits.

Reporting by Geert De Clercq, Caroline Pailliez, Antony Paone and Emmanuel Jarry in Paris, Claude Canellas in Bordeaux, Mourad Guichard in Bourges and Gilbert Reilhac in Strasbourg


(3) Edmonton, Canada: Yellow Vests vs Antifa Communists - Youtube

Dec 16, 2018 - Uploaded by Tommy Temper

Edmonton Yellow Vests had two rallies Dec 15 2018. At the Legislative Bldg and at Churchill Square.


Yellow vest protest edmonton, antifa gets beat up - YouTube


(4) Trafalgar Square, UK: Antifa vs UK Yellow Vests, 12/01/19 - YouTube

10 hours ago - Uploaded by Unity News Network ...

Yellow Vests face Yellow Vests: Fights erupt between anti-Brexit and pro-Brexit supporters

CLASHES between pro-Brexit Yellow Vest protestors and anti-Brexit protestors has erupted at Trafalgar Square, with reports of both sides calling each other ‘Nazis’.


Sat, Jan 12, 2019 | UPDATED: 16:19, Sat, Jan 12, 2019

 There have been reports of fights between anti-Brexit supporters and pro-Brexit supporters on social media as both ends of the political spectrum attend the Britain is Broken march at Trafalgar Square this afternoon. Hope Not Hate, the anti-racism organisation wrote on Twitter: “Looks like there’s been at least one arrest after a group of far right protesters broke away from the main group and tried to confront leftwing protestors in Trafalgar Square. The police intervened to stop them and the far right got physical.”

 BREAKING: Yellow Vest leader arrested - incident involving Anna Soubry Eyewitness Ed Crawford, a photojournalist, has told The Express: "Both sides met at Trafalgar Square and there were several fights that broke out between UK antifa.

"Multiple people arrested and both sides screaming Nazi at each other.

"Owen Jones was questioned by A pro Brexit campaigner Danny Tommo and things got heated with him being escorted away.

"He claimed the pro Brexit protester was being rude and other pro Brexit protesters were spitting at him.

"A huge entourage of left wing activists escorted him away and loads of people were chasing after him.

One person wrote on Twitter: "#Fascists roaming #trafalgarSquare trying start trouble.

"Some one already hit in the face by a glass right next to me."

Another wrote: "A few fights kicking off at Trafalgar Square between the pro Brexit #yellowvestsUK and anti Brexit protesters.

"Both sides calling each other Nazis."

A third wrote: "#yellowvestsUK now both sides are at Trafalgar Square separated by police and each side shouting insults at each other."


(5) USA: Antifa have taken over the streets of Portland; Seattle next

Dori: City leaders must act before Antifa turns Seattle into Portland


DECEMBER 3, 2018 AT 3:21 PM

This story has been largely ignored by the mainstream media in town, but it could very well be one of the more shocking stories of the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Antifa had a protest, not in Portland as usual, but here at home, downtown Seattle. A mob of about 150 people were blocking sidewalks downtown in protest of Trump and his immigration policies.

We’ve seen what has happened in Portland, where things have gotten violent, and sometimes dangerous. Antifa has taken over the streets of Portland because the police and mayor have shown incredible weakness in protecting the citizens. You may recall the audio we played a few weeks ago where Antifa blocked the streets; one driver drove down a blocked streets anyway, an Antifa member jumped on his car, and then Antifa mobsters chased the driver down the street, smashing the car with their weapons.

They have taken over Portland. And we are dangerously close to them attempting to do the same thing here in Seattle.

The group that was behind the march is a Seattle socialist group that is also hosting an upcoming open borders rally. They want all illegal immigrants to be able to come into this country unimpeded.

Here are some of the things that Antifa was yelling on Saturday:

“Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here.”

“All day, all night, shut down the alt-right.”

“Racist, sexist, anti-gay; far-right bigots go away.”

“Nazis go home, Nazis go home.”

There is one guy named Andy Ngo who is based in Portland and has chronicled the rise of Antifa there. Andy Ngo has a YouTube channel and will go downtown and record the Antifa mobs, to capture the violent rhetoric that they use.

At one point in Seattle on Saturday, Antifa had blocked off a sidewalk. Several of the Antifa people were armed with semi-automatic weapons like AR-15s. They were standing there like a militia. Is that illegal? No. But impeding other people’s ability to walk down the sidewalk is illegal.

Andy asked these masked Antifa guys if he could walk down the sidewalk, and they told him no. One Antifa guy came up to him and observed that Andy is of Asian descent. He told Andy that he should not be helping out the “enemy” that has oppressed his own ancestors, and warned him that he could die if he keeps recording Antifa at rallies.

Some of us didn’t really come to talk, some of us really come [sic] to die, dude. Are you willing to die for your YouTube [expletive]? Because that’s what’s gonna come, that’s what’s coming to you, dude … And you spying and doing this punk [expletive] is gonna get you … hurt.

All of the violence, all of the words that were so hateful, were coming from the Antifa people. One woman came up to Andy and screamed with a bullhorn into his ear, which he said caused him physical pain. And yet, here is what a Seattle police officer told Andy.

You are inciting conflict and we’re going to take some action to remove you from the area … If you want to protest, you have the absolute right to exercise your First Amendment rights. You have a right to be where you want to be, to a certain extent.

Again, every member of Antifa has a phone that they are using to record Andy. But a cop is telling Andy that he is inciting conflict, just by his presence. The cop tells him that if he wants to protest, he has a right. So if he wants to scream and protest and block sidewalks, he has a right, but if he wants to chronicle what Antifa is saying, he has no rights. He only has the right to be where he wants to be to “a certain extent.” I didn’t realize that we only had the right to be in public areas to “a certain extent.”

Andy wasn’t being violent. He was being a citizen journalist. He is protected by the First Amendment. And I didn’t see any local TV stations covering what happened Saturday afternoon downtown Seattle. So the only person covering this and providing the information to the public was this citizen journalist.

RELATED: When will Antifa notice they are the real fascists?

We talked off-air with the Seattle police, who said that they didn’t want to give Antifa more attention than they deserve, and were happy with how the police handled it. I respect that that is their position. But, I want to make sure that we know that the cops are telling the person who is just chronicling what the mob is doing that he doesn’t have a right to be there.

I support the right of Antifa or anybody else to protest in public spaces. But they can’t block public sidewalks, and they can’t tell citizens that they, Antifa, have taken control of the streets. And the cops were essentially protecting Antifa and telling a First Amendment-protected citizen journalist that he only had the right to be where he wanted to “a certain extent,” and was inciting violence by virtue of his presence.

We’re getting to scary times here. When you allow a mob to think they own the streets, it becomes a problem that is only going to escalate. And all of this was on a Saturday in December, when a lot of families are downtown Christmas shopping and doing festive activities.

I cannot understand how we have allowed things to descend to the depth that they are at right now. But once again, it is a lack of leadership from the city council and the mayor. We are in danger of losing control of this city. The drug addicts have escalated crime to a shocking level. Antifa sees that this area is ripe for the picking, just as Portland has been. And at some point, sometime, when they’re blocking a street, somebody is going to get so upset that there could be some real mayhem.


(6) USA: Why Have Seattle’s Police Become Enforcers For The Antifa?

Posted at 4:14 pm on December 2, 2018 by streiff

screengrab from

If you aren’t familiar with his work, independent journalist Andy Ngo has made something of a career out of chronicling the outright douchebaggery of the antifa movement and the coziness of the Portland and Seattle governments with that movement. His efforts have discomfited the antifa and irritated politicians. And, along the way, it has given all of us a view of what happens when a governmental entity stops trying to enforce laws equally and decides that supporting a violent and extreme political faction is the way to gain popularity.

Yesterday, a group called the Three Percenters had a permit for a rally in Seattle. They were met by the antifa who didn’t bother to obtain a permit, though the police don’t really seem to care.

Andy C. Ngo @MrAndyNgo

Today, around 150 self-described anti-fascists protested a downtown Seattle rally by the Washington State 3 Percent, a conservative group that calls itself constitutionalist. Antifa proudly displayed the red flag of communism on their side.


(7) USA: Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally

BY JOHN BOCH |DEC 03, 2018

On Saturday, a group of Americans held a pro-Constitution, pro-America rally in Seattle. In a surprise to no one, a number of Seattle’s Antifa leftists turned out in force to attempt to intimidate the patriots present for the rally. And the black-clad Antifa thugs brought open-carried firearms, including AR-15s to the event.

A Portland-based video journalist Andy Ngo covered the rally and the counter-demonstrators. For him, things grew heated pretty quickly.  As Ngo tried to cover the event, a number of Antifa folks unlawfully stopped him from approaching on the sidewalk and blocked his camera. Then a pair of openly armed Antifa members made it clear that Mr. Ngo would not pass.

Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally

Just as in Portland, the Seattle police stood by and did next to nothing to protect the law-abiding from the Antifa members’ intimidation. Eventually, the police demanded Mr. Ngo leave or face arrest, claiming that his presence served to “incite conflict.”

Andy C. Ngo

@MrAndyNgo  · Dec 2, 2018 Replying to @MrAndyNgo

A woman screamed into a bullhorn in front of my face. I was pressed up against a barrier. She led the mob into called me a “Nazi.” It was so loud that I felt physical pain in my ear drums.

Time and again, these black-clad and often-masked Antifa agitators claim to stand against fascism. The “anti-fascists” as they like to call themselves hate President Trump with a passion and call anyone who disagrees with them Nazis, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Quite ironic that Mr. Ngo lives his life as an openly gay Asian male.

As we’ve seen time and time again, these “anti-fascists” do more than name-calling. They openly use classic fascist tactics themselves – specifically the threat of violence to suppress opposing viewpoints – against those who disagree with them.

What’s more, Antifa threats have frequently proven to be more than just talk. In fact, Antifa’s violence has very frequently left their fellow Americans battered and bloody.

Antifa uses more than fists to attack freedom-loving Americans, too. Take Berkeley professor Eric Clanton, who used a bike lock to beat his opponents. So much for free and open academic discourse.

Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally

The latest Seattle Antifa hooliganism didn’t stop with aggressive behavior while open carrying. Another Antifa member pictured below made ominous threats towards Mr. Ngo:  “I’m known to do this shit for real. Are you willing to die for Youtube [stuff]? …Death is coming to you.” ...

-- Peter Myerswebsite: