As Zionists and Israel-Firsters Push for New US Wars, by Mark Weber, IHR



To further their own partisan interests, Jewish-Zionist leaders and their supporters in American politics and the media are pressing the US into new wars in the Middle East that will take many more lives and cost many more billions of dollars.


During this time of propaganda lies, bloody conflict and new assaults against civil rights and free speech, the need for a strong and effective IHR has never been greater. More than ever, the people must be given the facts.


That's why I'm asking for your help.


We are encouraged by the rising tide of awareness. Across America and around the world, ever more millions of people see through the cleverly packaged propaganda lies. New polls show that growing numbers of Americans reject the Zionist push for war, and that a solid majority now supports US neutrality in the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Ever more people understand what we have been forthrightly proclaiming for years:


As long as Jewish-Zionist power remains entrenched, there will be no end to the systematic distortion of history and current affairs, the organized corruption of the US political system, the brutal oppression of Palestinians, the bloody conflict between Jews and non-Jews in the Middle East, and the Israeli threat to peace.


Certainly our enemies "appreciate" our work. That's why Zionist groups - enraged by our record of accomplishment -- viciously smear and attack us.


 Through meetings, lectures, interviews, online outreach, websites, and distribution of books, discs and flyers, we work hard to inform the public -- factually but forthrightly -- about the Jewish-Zionist grip on our cultural and political life, World War II lies, distortions of American history, myths about the Israel-Palestine conflict, the corrosive impact of Holocaust propaganda, and much more.   


The past year was an especially productive and successful one, thanks to generous support from men and women like you. (We've posted a detailed report on our progress in 2014 . )

But as much
as we're accomplishing, it's not enough. Much, much more needs to be done.  


Please help!


Faithfully yours,


Mark Weber

Director, Institute for Historical Review


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