Attention anti-Zionists, by John Spritzler

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If you want to persuade a well-intentioned (though wrongheaded) pro-Israel person (a friend or colleague, say) to change his/her mind (as I have successfully persuaded some to do) then you must explain why the two fundamental Zionist claims are false. These claims are #1) God gave the land to the Jews and #2) All gentiles (non-Jews) are innately anti-Semitic even if not overtly so at a particular time, and therefore Jews cannot live safely in the world unless there is a Jewish state with a large majority Jewish population achieved and guaranteed by whatever is necessary, even if it requires (as it does) violent ethnic cleansing of non-Jews (including denial of the Right of Return to the Palestinian refugees.)

Additionally, to get a pro-Israel person to even listen to you seriously, you need to first explain to them that the Zionist leaders since the time of the Holocaust have betrayed ordinary Jews and have demonstrated absolute contempt for ordinary Jews that is worthy of being characterized as anti-Semitic. (A Jewish colleague of mine angrily and threateningly accused me of being "like Hitler" when I was collecting signatures in support of the Right of Return where we worked. The next week I stopped him in the cafeteria and began talking about the sordid history of Zionist leaders' betrayal of Jews during the Holocaust, and he listened for 15 minutes in stunned silence, shocked that I was taking the side of ordinary Jews. The next week this person apologized to me that he was unable to attend my lunch-time showing of the film Jenin Jenin because of a conflicting meeting he had to be at, but he said he's come to future events. !!!!)

To show that God did NOT give the land to the Jews, you can use the writing of Naomi Wolf at 

To show that Gentiles are NOT innately anti-Semitic, you can use my article at

To start out with, however, you should talk about how Zionist leaders have nothing but contempt for ordinary Jews and have betrayed them since the days of the Holocaust, by using the information in my article at  .

John Spritzler, editor