February 1-15, 2021

Feb 15, 2021

Chris Hedges: Cancel Culture, Where Liberalism Goes to Die
Conspiracy Theorizing May Soon Get You Labelled a ‘Domestic Terrorist,’ by Matthew Ehret   
America Adrift and Aflame: Fix the US Before the World, by Doug Bandow
I Desire Your Freedom, by Caitlin Johnstone
Cultural Deafness Defines the West, by Alastair Crooke
The Great Covid Conspiracy of Silence, by Godfree Roberts
Trump Acquitted (Again), But Trump Hatred Continues, by Ron Paul

New UN Report: Millions of Yemeni Children Face Acute Malnutrition, by Brett Wilkins
Who Is Clare Grady and Why Should We Care that She is in Federal Prison? by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Netanyahu is dictating European Foreign Policy
Biden Must Face the Facts: Israel Is an Apartheid Regime, by Mitchell Plitnick
Watch Mark Zuckerberg Trash Trump, Pledge to ‘Work With’ Biden in Leaked Internal Videos, by Ilya Tsukanov
The Impeachment, The Republican Civil War, and the Assault on Democracy w/Alexander Mercouris (Video)
Dr. King's Dream - A Reply to ScheerPost's Dan Siegel, by Ray Zwarich
Egyptian Dogs, Kenneled Men and a Normalized Albania, by Linh Dinh
Switzerland’s Contribution to the International Neoliberal Order, by Franklin Frederick
Adding wokeness: Oregon Promotes Teacher Program to Subtract ‘Racism in Mathematics’
Muslim scholar: Human rights policy needs to focus on religious scholars, not just activists, by James Dorsey
The Future Crisis They Won’t Talk About. Unpaid Rent and Mortgages Will Cause Havoc (Video)
America’s Out Of Control Teens Are On A Historic Crime Spree, by Michael Snyder

Feb 14, 2021

America’s Catastrophic Disintegration, by Paul Craig Roberts
Ignoring the Greatest US Great Depression, by Stephen Lendman
Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism by Scott Horton
New American Regime = Exact Same Challenges for Russia, by Tim Kirby

Conspiracy Theories Are Caused By Government Secrecy, by Caitlin Johnstone
NYT: Ally of Despotism, Enemy of Peace, Equity, Justice, and News Fit to Print, by Stephen Lendman
Europe Will Redefine Itself Despite the Political Shift in the US, by Ramzy Baroud
European Union ‘Over a Borrell’. Who Is Humiliating Who? by Finian Cunningham
There Is No Such Thing as a “Free Market,” by Rod Driver
Biden Revving Up His War Machine? by Stephen Lendman
Biden Should Stop Payment on U.S. Funds to Sisi’s Egypt, by Medea Benjamin - Ariel Gold
Can Washington Think of Cuba’s Government as Something Other Than Needs to Be Overthrown? by Rosa Elizalde
NYC: Black Lives Matter Supporting Hipsters Targeted In Spree of Black-On-White Violence, by Eric Striker
Selected Quotes from Courageous Big Pharma Whistle-blower Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
War Crimes: The Ameriyah Shelter in West Baghdad: The 1991 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, by Felicity Arbuthnot
Covid-19: Intellectual property cause of death, genocide, by Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Affirmative Opposition to Racial Favoritism, by Audacious Epigone
Orthodox Jews defy health protocols & clash with Israeli police at funeral of rabbi who died of Covid-19
Hunt for the Great White Speech Criminal: Glenn Greenwald has Written the Defining Article of 2021, by Andrew Anglin

Feb 13, 2021

Neoliberalism and Its Discontents, by Rob Urie 
When America Voted Out Fascism, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Lincoln Project, Facing Multiple Scandals, is Accused by its Own Co-Founder of Likely Criminality, by Glenn Greenwald
10 Key Points on Ending Wars, by David Swanson
Bought-And-Paid-For: Biden’s Long History Pandering to the Israeli Lobby
The Sleeping Giant Awakes And Reveals “The West” as Lilliput, by Ahino Wolf Sushanti
When Poisons Curdle: Beyond Donald Trump, by Andrew Bacevich
The Russian Alternative: How Moscow is Capitalizing on US Retreat in Palestine, Israel, by Ramzy Baroud
EU/Germany parting of the ways? by Francis Lee

SC Editorial: NATO’s Road To Perdition With Ukraine
This Is Yemen After Biden Declared an End To American Support for the War, by Ahmed Abdulkareem
The Working-Class Future of the GOP, by Kevin MacDonald
Once Upon a Time, in the Lunar New Year… by Pepe Escobar
Bolivia: Neither Lenin, nor Moreno, by Stephen Karganovic
Gaza Between Occupation, Division & COVID-19: Confronting Total Collapse, by Ali Abdel-Wahab
American Tech Giants Are Partnering with India’s Strongman Leader to Crackdown on Dissent, by Alan Macleod
Troop Deployments in Washington Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen, by James Bovard
The Arab Spring Failed But Rage Against Misery and Injustice Continues, by Patrick Cockburn
Atlantic Council Braces for Opportunities of Potential Bioterror Attack, by Raul Diego
Tackling Prison Profiteers Takes More Than Banning Private Prisons, by Rebekah Entralgo
Venezuela: an Example of Struggle for Food Sovereignty and Food Security, by Nino Pagliccia
Israel’s Losing Battle: Palestine Advocacy in the University, by Hatem Bazian
British Human Rights Lawyer Elected Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court
Muslims in France: Some Data, by Guillaume Durocher

Feb 12, 2021

Are Americans Insouciant? by Paul Craig Roberts
The Globalist Dilemma: How to Implement a 4th Industrial Revolution Without Losing Power, by Joaquin Flores
The Real World And The Narrative World, by Caitlin Johnstone
Great Reset? Putin Says, “Not So Fast,” by Tom Luongo
The Guardian Revealed Its True Face in Sacking a Columnist for Criticising US Military Aid to Israel, by Jonathan Cook
Queen of Chicken Hawks: Victoria Nuland Had A Hand in Every US Intervention in the Past 30 Years, by Rick Sterling
International Court of Justice claims jurisdiction to hear Iran’s dispute against US sanctions
Why We Need to End the Forever Wars Now, by Senator Rand Paul

‘Unseen Enemy’: Coronavirus as an archetype of perception, by Ludovic Noble
Biden Holds First Phone Call With Xi, Both Sides Offer Vastly Different Accounts Of What Was Said, by Tyler Durden
How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel, by Nathan J. Robinson
Millennials Are Mad As Hell, by Lance Roberts
Manifesto for Inclusive Capitalism: “Trust us, and you will be happy,” by Elena Veduta
The French Revolution, Napoleon and the Beginnings of Transformation Across Europe, by Roger van Zwanenberg
Would a ‘Russian Dissident’ Do Better in the ‘Free World?’ by Gregory Hood
Britain Says It Wants ‘To Defend Human Rights Across The Globe’ But Is Selective About Its Support, by Brian Cloughley
Clownworld: Democrats Caught Using Fake ‘Evidence’ At Impeachment Trial, by Steve Watson
Jettison the Johnson: Transwomen Athletes Crashing Female Sports Will Only Hurt the Game, by Robert Bridge
In Portland, Majority of Downtown Merchants Say City Core is Unsafe

Feb 11, 2021

Why Russia is driving the West crazy, by Pepe Escobar
Does the US Still Have an Economy? by Paul Craig Roberts
Biden’s Bolt From Yemen?: Symbolic Step, Systemic Limits, and Linguistic Gymnastics, by Maj. Danny Sjursen
Off To a Diverse Start: Biden Doubles Down on Some Bad Policies and Appointments, by Philip Giraldi
The Biden Presidency – a Disaster in the Making
The Tycoon Plot, by Israel Shamir
Capitol "Insurrection" Hoax, by Peter Brimelow
Decadence, anti-Humanism, mediocrity: The inverse idol of White Racism, by Alexander Adams
EU Vaccine Chaos: Go Now, Ursula. Just Go Now, by Martin Jay
Poor Greenwald's Dangerous Dilemma - and the Left's Shameless Pact with the Devil, by Ray Zwarich
A Pro-Cairo Lobby is Spending Big to Make Sure Biden Doesn’t Cut Aid to Egypt’s Dictatorship, by Medea Benjamin
Israel Urges Social Media Giants to Label Anti-Semitic Content
Time for Political Initiatives Against the Illegal U.S. Blockade on Cuba, by Ramona Wadi
The Questionable Characters Behind the Kushner-Linked Insurance Giant Oscar Health, by Raul Diego 
The Secret of China’s Success: Neighborhood Committees, by Adnan Akfırat
Russophobia on the move, by Tatjana Zdanok
Iran warns its ‘peaceful’ nuclear program could change if it’s ‘backed into a corner’
Media Frames Teen Using College Savings To Save Mom From Eviction as Uplifting Puff Piece, by Alan Macleod

Feb 10, 2021

The Headless Chicken and the Bear, by The Saker
Tearing Down the Edifice of American Democracy, by Scott Ritter
Don’t Impeach Trump. Impeach the Deep State for Its Conspiracy to Kill the Constitution, by John Whitehead
Biden Continues Trump’s War On The Press, by Caitlin Johnstone
The “Great Zero Carbon” Conspiracy, by F. William Engdahl
Who Are the Ultimate War Profiteers? A U.S. Air Force Veteran Removes the Veil, by Christian Sorensen
Earn the Peoples’ Trust Rather Than Rely on Fortresses, by Joe Lauria
Democrats wage ‘World Anti-Fascist War I’, don’t know it’d be ‘WAFW II,’ by Ramin Mazaheri
Andrew Yang Got it Wrong: Palestinian Boycott of Israel is Not Racist, It is Anti-Racist, by Ramzy Baroud
"A Strange Game", Part 2, by Jim Quinn
Facebook, the ADL and the Brewing Battle to Label Zionism as Hate Speech, by Raul Diego
A Terrible Take on the Capitol Storming, by John Kiriakou
The Disarticulation of Pandemic War Propaganda, by Raul Diego
A Man Charged in the U.S. Capitol Riot Worked for the FBI, His Lawyer Says
Is This The Biggest Financial Bubble Ever? Hell Yes It Is, by John Rubino
CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths By 1600% Throughout The Election, by Patty McMurray
For Daring to Win His 7th Super Bowl During Black History Month, Tom Brady Deemed "Racist," by Paul Kersey

Feb 9, 2021

The Diplomacy of No Diplomacy, by Patrick Lawrence
Press Freedom Groups Urge Biden DOJ to Drop 'Disastrous' Charges Against Assange, by Brett Wilkins
Erewhon or the Crime of Illness, by Jimmie Moglia
Another Zionist Joins the Biden Team, by Philip Giraldi
Democrats WANT To Lose The Midterms, by Caitlin Johnstone
Of Rioters, Protesters & Patriots, by Pat Buchanan
New NORAD Warfare Strategies and Canada’s Role in the Great Game Revisited, by Matthew Ehret
Global Research Comes to the Defense of Donald Trump, by Paul Craig Roberts

China newsbrief and sitrep, by Godfree Roberts
The New Guardrails for Biden’s Obama Interventionists, by Wayne Madsen
They Admit “Our Democracy” Is Rigged, by Robert Hampton
Palestinians Praise African Union ‘Historical’ Statement on Palestine, Israeli Occupation
Pentagon goes rooting for ‘extremists’ among its 3.6mn trained killers, by Helen Buyniski
Regime changers don’t want Biden to re-join the Iran nuclear deal, by Matthew Petti
Are We Ready For Vaccinating With Sputnik V? by Daniel Warner
How Israel’s Netanyahu helped break apart the Joint List, by Jonathan Cook
WHO Concludes That Coronavirus "Came From Animal," Not Wuhan Lab, by Tyler Durden
Ecuador Elections Sitrep, by Chis Faure
Good Morning, Albania! by Linh Dinh
How Macrocosmic Western Propaganda Launders Geopolitical Crimes, by Ronald Thomas West
$60 billion court battle: Russian deputy Justice Minister says Yukos oligarchs seeking 'legal protection for illegal behavior'
Cancel the public debt held by the ECB and “take back control” of our destiny

Feb 8, 2021

Western Leaders Work to Alter the Definition of Reality, by Alastair Crooke
Scottish Politics in Crisis as Craig Murray Testifies on ‘Plot’ Against Alex Salmond, by Joe Lauria
It’s Easy to Fix Inequality: Tax the Rich, by Sonali Kolhatkar
In Game Changer, International Criminal Court Will Take Up Israeli War Crimes and Apartheid in Palestine, by Juan Cole
British academics reject UK government's 'working definition of antisemitism'
Living Off Grid As The Collapse Of Society Approaches: “Why Aren’t More People Doing This?” by Michael Snyder
Cuba’s COVID-19 Vaccines Serve the People, Not Profits, by W. T. Whitney
Philadelphia: Black Community Leader Goes On Hunger Strike Over Mayor's Refusal To Fight Violent Crime, by Eric Striker
Letter from India: Crackdown on Rights & Freedoms, by Betwa Sharma
Bolivia Heading Towards Cooperative Politics and Economy, by Ron Ridenour
Bitcoin Explodes To All Time High After Tesla Buys $1.5 BIllion, by Tyler Durden
Review: Dirty Harry, by Trevor Lynch

Feb 7, 2021

Bernays and Propaganda, by Larry Romanoff
Electoral Politics Use The Same Containment Strategies As Alzheimer’s Facilities, by Caitlin Johnstone
Glenn Greenwald: The Journalistic Tattletale and Censorship Industry Suffers Several Well-Deserved Blows
Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech, by A. Rosen
Democrats wage ‘World Anti-Fascist War I’, don’t know it’d be ‘WAFW II,’ by Ramin Mazaheri
How Democracies Die, by Daniel Lazare
When (or If) Comes the Pushback? by Victor Davis Hanson
Israel’s Third Lockdown - a Spectacle of Failure, by Gilad Atzmon
Christian Zionism as a Parasitic Ideology, by Andrew Joyce
NOI: Sens. Ossoff and Warnock Must Sever Their Leo Frank Connection
The UK-EU Clash Over Northern Ireland Will Have Grave Consequences, by Patrick Cockburn
Burmese Days, Revisited, by Pepe Escobar

"This is for you, Dad": Interview with an Anonymous GameStop Investor, by Matt Taibbi
Iran Wants the Nuclear Deal It Made, by Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran Foreign Minister)
How to Protect Your Local Economy From the Great Reset, by Brandon Smith
Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Suicide Edition, by Audacious Epigone
SA to nominate Cuban COVID-19 doctors for Nobel Prize as first vaccines from India arrive, by Fakir Hassen
The Capitol Hill “Insurrection,” BLM/Antifa Riots, And Our National Reality Crisis, by John Derbyshire
Elon Musk says his Neuralink startup has a brain-chipped MONKEY who plays video games
Ex-Intel Officer Sentenced in First Conviction Under Romania’s 'Holocaust Denial' Law

Feb 6, 2021

Who Controls American Imperialism? by Eric Zuesse
The Empire Must Die, by Caitlin Johnstone
Taking Aim at the U.S. Dollar, the World Builds a Multipolar Trade-and-Payments Order, by Bill Campbell
Denis Rancourt: "Pandemic" Being Used to Accelerate US-led Globalization vs Sovereign Eurasia (Video)
Nelson Mandela On US Imperialism Since Hiroshima
Head of Strategic Command: US Must Prepare for “Very Real Possibility” of Nuclear War With China, by Alan Macleod

ICC Finally Approves Investigation into War Crimes in Occupied Palestine
Is Trump a Hologram? by Sushi
Janet Yellen’s Conflict of Interest Augurs Retail Investment Regulation, by Raul Diego
President Joe Biden Speaks on Foreign Policy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, by Doug Bandow
China’s Sea of Conflict, by Conn Hallinan
Syrian Government Reaches Deal With Kurdish Forces to End Siege, by Dave DeCamp
The West uses trustfulness of Russians, by Petr Akopov
Open Letter to the 'Alt-Right,' by Ray Zwarich
Netanyahu sees a path to reelection with new fascist/racist bloc that includes ‘Jewish Power,’ by Jonathan Ofir
No, It's Not Too Early to Criticize Joe Biden, by Ted Rall
Israel leading Scientist Admits: “The vaccine may not be as effective as we thought," by Gilad Atzmon
Sputnik V Gets an Unexpected Boost From NATO in Serbia, by Aleksandar Pavic
Greta Thunberg Triggers Criminal Investigation In India After Twitter Debacle, by Tyler Durden
America's murder rate increase in 2020 has 'no modern precedent,' crime analyst group finds
How ExxonMobil uses divide and rule to get its way in South America, by Vijay Prashad

Feb 5, 2021

You’re Not A Radical, You’re Just Sane, by Caitlin Johnstone
Russian Covid-19 Vaccine Vindicated Despite Western ‘Pandemic’ of Russophobia
After COVID, Davos Moves to The “Great Reset,” by F. William Engdahl
Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr

What is a former Israeli spy doing in the British Labour Party's head office? by Asa Winstanley
Julian Assange: A Decade of Arbitrary Detention & Torture (Video)
The Q-Word: Weapon of Choice for Smearing Opponents, by Trevor Scott FitzGibbon
Ideological Imperialism Is Leading to a Bad End, by Pat Buchanan
The War on Whiteness Grows Hotter, by Paul Kersey
U.S. Should Pay Iran Reparations, by David Swanson
Our Mutual Fight: The Case Against Pakistani Normalization with Israel, by Ramzy Baroud
Israel Strikes Syria to Celebrate Whitewashing of Al-Qaeda in Idlib (Video)
Wikipedia´s new code of conduct demands 'Inclusive' language - Peter Myers Digest
Russian Foreign Ministry Is Concerned About Political Persecution in the United States
It’s Now or Never — We Stare Into the Abyss, by Lee Camp
Are We Not All in Search of Tomorrow, by Vijay Prashad
‘What About the Other Side?’: Notes on ‘The Devil’s Advocate,’ by Benay Blend
Further Proof that U.S. & UK are One Empire, Not Two, by Eric Zuesse
Elon Oppenheimer, by Audacious Epigone
Global Research News: This Week’s Most Popular Articles
Falsely Imprisoned Guantanamo Inmate Appeals to Biden For Release, by Dave DeCamp

Feb 4, 2021

The West Is Losing Its Soft Power, by Patrick Armstrong
ADL Behind Tech Censorship Funded Study Saying It's A Figment Of Your Imagination, by Eric Striker
PCR: The Digital Police State Is Being Institutionalized Throughout the Western World
Biden administration says it will champion controversial IHRA definition of antisemitism, by Michael Arria
New US Regime Like the Former One, by Stephen Lendman
David Rovics on Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Social Media Dystopia… and Solutions (Podcast)
YouTube Financially Deplatforms Swath Of Indie Media Accounts, by Caitlin Johnstone
Atlantic Council Pens Anonymously Authored Expose Calling for Regime Change in China, by Alan Macleod
Joe Biden and the Revenge of the Behaviorists (Why Statistical Thinking Can Get You Killed), by Matthew Ehret
The Left Loves the War on Terror, by Audacious Epigone
Curiouser and Curiouser: The Proud Boys’ Leader as a ‘Prolific’ Law Enforcement Confidential Source, by Coleen Rowley
World Court to Hear Iran’s Case Against US Sanctions, by Stephen Lendman
Global solidarity builds for Issa Amro, facing sentencing by Israeli military court, by Philip Weiss
Is It True that the New Covid Variants Are Very Dangerous? by Rosemary Frei
Some Democrats Urge Repeal of Tax Cut for Millionaires, by Jake Johnson
Iran at 42: Keeper of mankind’s anti-imperialist flame amid the ‘end of history,’ by Ramin Mazaheri
GameStop was a warning: Elites are weaponizing censorship to keep the outsiders out, by David Sacks
Performative revolution: The LARPing pseudo-coup, by Oliver Williams
Droves Of People Fall For 'Blue Check Homes' Hoax, by Tyler Durden
Jon Ossoff Victory Proves That the Israel Lobby Still Has an Iron Grip on Democrats, by Jessica Buxbaum
International Christian network launches virtual BDS resource for advocates and activists, by Jeff Wright

Feb 3, 2021

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, by Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies
The Blob is Addicted to Overseas Interventions, by Doug Bandow
US exceptionalism is dead, long live US exceptionalism, by Paul Hockenos
The Lesson Of The BLM Protests, by Caitlin Johnstone
Global Research Selected Articles: Calling for an “American Ministry of Truth”. The US Media’s Dystopian “2021”
The Great Interregnum, by Francis Lee
Lessons From the 10th Anniversary of the Egyptian Uprising, by As’ad AbuKhalil
“Politicized Science”: Combatting Vaccine Tyranny, by Stephen Lendman
PA says Israel’s ‘symbolic’ donation of 5,000 vaccines ‘will not help us,’ by Yumna Patel
The Climate Change Lawsuits Against Big Oil, by Daniel Farber
How DJT Lost the White House, Chapter 3: Crashing the White House (Dec 18-22), by Patrick Byrne
Unacceptable Biden Regime Demands on Iran, by Stephen Lendman
Navalny Doesn't Pass GO, Goes to Jail, by Anatoly Karlin
Media Runs Defense for Amazon After Retail Giant Caught Stealing Millions From Workers, by Alan Macleod
Vaccination Side Effects, by James Thompson
Jewish Control, Zionist Subversion and the “Contradictions” of Anti-Semitism, by Tobias Langdon
Discussing COVID, Zionism, Islam W/Richie Allen (Podcast)
Media trust hits new low, by Felix Salmon
The Southern Poverty Law Center's New 2020 Hate Map Is Fake News, by Eric Striker
Cuba: Epicenter of Independence, Integration and Human Development, by Alex Anfruns
NYT Says Telegram Has an Important Mission, Only OUTSIDE of US Borders (Anna Sochina Video)
The transgender lobby are fascists, says feminist campaigner who was tortured under Franco, by Charlie Stone

Switzerland’s Dangerous Turn to the Far Right, by Franklin Frederick

Feb 2, 2021

On the Cusp of the "Blue Terror," by Alan Sabrosky
Xi and Putin Stand Up for Humanity at Davos: Closed vs Open System Ideologies Clash Again, by Matthew Ehret

 Who Are the True 'Domestic Terrorists'? by Pat Buchanan
The Biden Regime Will be America’s First Totalitarian Government, by Paul Craig Roberts
The triads, the Kuomintang and Hong Kong’s “democracy riots,” by Ji Pei
The Imperial Presidency Comes Home to Roost, by Tom Engelhardt
Don’t Give Domestic Extremists the ‘Post-9/11 Treatment,’ by Max Abrahms
“At First I Thought it Was a Joke”: Academic Media Censorship Conference Censored by YouTube, by Alan Macleod
Israel Cracks the Whip: Netanyahu tells Biden how to deal with Iran, by Philip Giraldi
WHO: Israeli Attacks against Palestinian Healthcare Persist during COVID-19 Pandemic
Peter Myers Digest: An At-Home Treatment That Can Cure Any Virus, Including Coronavirus
Netanyahu pushed new settlements hours before inauguration ‘with malice’ for Biden (So now what?), by Philip Weiss
The GameStop Bubble Is a Lesson in the Absurdity and Uselessness of the Stock Market, by Doug Henwood
With Anti-IMF Candidate Surging in Polls, Ecuador’s Moreno Flies To DC Amid Talk of Suspending Election, by Alan Macleod
Venezuela: Oil Corporations Lobby Biden Administration for Sanctions Reversal
‘Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free’: On Extending the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, by Benay Blend
Putting Our Public Forests into Carbon Reserves, by George Wuerthner

Feb 1, 2021

If America Dissolves, by Larry Romanoff
On the American Dharma of Dynamics, and the Confusion of Symptom With Cause, by Alastair Crooke
It's Time for AIPAC to Register as a Foreign Agent, by M. J. Rosenberg
How Big Pharma Pursues ‘Killer Profits’ at Americans’ Expense, by Brett Wilkins
Pro-western liberal, anti-migrant nationalist, or political opportunist: Who exactly is Alexey Navalny?

Libertarian Terrorists? by Ron Paul
The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen, by Rob Slane
Revolution Isn’t Microsurgery, It’s A Long Road Trip, by Caitlin Johnstone
Elias Davidsson: I Sued a Zionist Wikipedia Editor for Slander — and Won! (Podcast)
U.S. Rep. Tlaib: “Israel Is a Racist State That Would Deny Palestinians Like My Grandmother a Vaccine” (Video)
Peter Myers Digest: American Journal of Medicine article urges early use of HCQ and zinc
Performative revolution: The LARPing pseudo-coup, by Oliver Williams
Taxation Is Largely Irrelevant, by Audacious Epigone
India’s defiant farmers resist attempts to evict them from protest site, by Pavan Kulkarni
Coexistence or Cold War with China? by Patrick J. Buchanan
The financial system is insane: Avoid the ‘Great Reset’ in Three Easy Steps, by David James
Regime Takes Aim at White Advocates, by Gregory Hood
Other People’s Cultural Assets Are Up for Grabs, by Stephen Karganovic
How Long Can UN Body Ignore Thousands Of Publications Disputing CO2 As Driving Climate Crisis?
Tens of thousands protest against new French security bill
Protests set to intensify across Poland as abortion ban comes into effect
The role of Musa al-Sadr in shaping national identity of Lebanese Shias