Sep 16-30

Sep 30, 2020

Russia Could Never Discredit The US Empire The Way These Guys Just Did, by Caitlin Johnstone
Assange Hearing–Day 17: Defense Testimony on US Intel Plot to Kill Assange, by Joe Lauria
Where Did Covid-19 Come from? by Paul Craig Roberts
Another Acre, Another Goat: Israel in the Middle East, by Reza Behnam
The end of the Saudi era, by Marwan Bishara
Trump Was Right to End Critical Race Theory in Govt, but What About Academia, the Birthplace of Anti-White Ideology? by Robert Bridge
Justice for Some, Not for All: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Indigenous Rights, by Benay Blend
Thanking the Founding Fathers for Our Constitutional Mess? by Melvin Goodman
‘Fundamental disrespect for Israel’ — AOC’s Rabin reversal roils supporters, by Philip Weiss
"Stop The Defund Or Abolish The Cops Crap": NBA Legend Charles Barkley Defends Police In Breonna Taylor Shooting, by Tyler Durden
Ramzy Baroud interviews Richard Falk: On Palestine, Israel and International Law (Video)
How a police spy’s stunning testimony threatens the official USraeli AMIA bombing narrative, by Gareth Porter
As attempts to cancel J.K. Rowling intensify, the ACLU accuses “famous authors” of attacking trans people, by Tom Parker
Antifa Thugs Arrested In Louisville Also Attacked 2017 Charlottesville Rally. Did Soros Pay Them? Where Is FBI? by Jason Kessler
French Writer Hervé Ryssen Jailed for Criticizing Jews, by Guillaume Durocher

Sep 29, 2020
Dangerous Sainthood: How the Rabin cult undermined the peace camp, by Yossi Gurvitz
The Death Of Q-Anon? Bartiromo Reports Durham Report 'Unlikely' to Be Released Before Election, by Chris Menahan
Trump Did Not Flinch! by Israel Shamir
Maxwell, Israeli Spying, and the Epstein Connection, by Steve Brown
A sensationalist, award-winning ‘NY Times’ podcast on Islamic Jihadism was based on a fraud, by James North
The UAE and Israel have a normalisation programme to brainwash Palestinians and Arabs, by Adnan Abu Amer
COVID-19 In Palestine: Economy Under Pressure, by Yumna Patel
Demonstrations in Egypt continue for third day
NGO Hires "Antifash Gordon" to Dox and Harass Police Officers and Political Opponents, by Eric Striker

Sep 28, 2020

Gates, Kissinger and Our Dystopian Future, by Mike Whitney
U.S. Temperature Rising: The Creaking Electoral Machinery May Crack, by Alastair Crooke
The Covid Deception, by Paul Craig Roberts

Reminder: WikiLeaks Has Always Been Open To Publishing Leaks On Trump, by Caitlin Johnstone
Light Unto the Covid, by Gilad Atzmon
Trove of Docs Leaked by Anonymous Shows How Western Intel, PR Firms Crafted False Syria Narrative, by Ilya Tsukanov
Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 17, by Craig Murray
Assange on Trial: Elections, Cracking Passwords and Failures of Proof, by Binoy Kampmark
William Barr’s Exemplary Christ-Like Behavior, by Barbara Koeppel
The Real Threat to Democracy: Concentrated Wealth, by Sam Pizzigati
New attacks by (Christian Zionist) Pompeo on Germany
National News Blackout? Black Female Organizer of Black Lives Matter Plows Car Into Crowd of Trump Supporters
Accepting Israeli prize in 2018, RBG never mentioned Palestinians, by Jonathan Ofir
Dissecting Tucker Carlson, by Thomas Dalton

Sep 27, 2020

Inferno and the “Fourth Circle”. The American Empire and the 2020 Pandemic, by T. P. Wilkinson
Why the Middle East “peace agreements” will fail to achieve their purpose, by Aram Mirzaei
Mail-in Balloting and Impending Doom, by Ted Rall
The Plain Truth About Face Masks, by Michael J. Talmo
Is evidence masks don’t work being purged from the internet? by Kit Knightly
Normalizing the abnormal, by Haidar Eid
Towards “Totalitarian Governance” in America: The fight against the authoritarian regime, by Massoud Nayeri
Vlad the Controller, by Audacious Epigone
The Good News: America Is Not Dead Yet, by David Sirota
Why Liberals Hate Leftists, by Caitlin Johnstone
Gallup: Americans Tend to Trust Only News That Confirms Their Beliefs; Highly Educated Americans by Far the Worst, by Eric Zuesse
Gen. Flynn's Family Releases Statement Following Release of New Evidence of Massive Corruption by Obama-Biden DOJ Targeting Him
Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” For Black America, by Hunter Wallace
Rand Paul on issues from no-knock raids to arguing COVID with Dr Fauci [Video], by Seraphim Hanisch
It’s Not Vaccine Nationalism, It’s Vaccine Idiocy, by Dean Baker
Massive Monetary Stimulus of Helicopter Money and the Inevitable Global Economic Collapse! (Video)
China reports NO Covid-19 cases. Is the virus a bioweapon? [Video], by Seraphim Hanisch
White Male Trying to Sell Range Rover Murdered by Black Man in "Craigslist Transaction Gone Wrong," by Paul Kersey

Sep 26, 2020

The world has gone absolutely insane! by the Saker
The Sheep of the Apocalypse, by Jimmie Moglia

Enemies Lists on Display at the United Nations, by Philip Giraldi
Redefining Anti-Semitism on Facebook, by Neve Gordon
Moderate Murder, by Caitlin Johnstone
Palestinians Are Not Numbers: On the Future of the Palestinian Discourse, by Ramzy Baroud
Hamas, Fatah agree to hold elections in the coming months, by Yumna Patel
China News Digest from Jeff Brown
Britain Will Seek 'Herd Immunity' Covertly or by Default, by Patrick Cockburn
The ‘people’s army’ — Gantz sells ‘miracle’ of a discriminatory army to US Jews, by Philip Weiss
Fidel Castro’s 1960 Speech to the UN Did More for Anti-Colonial Struggle Than the UN’s Hyperbole About ‘Eradicating Colonialism,’ by Ramona Wadi
“They Might As Well Put Bones Through Their Noses”— John Derbyshire On The Corruption Of Scientific America
Shaping Palestinian politics: The UAE has a leg up on Turkey, by James M. Dorsey
Hitting at Venezuela: the Colombia/US Axis, by W. T. Whitney
This Rosh Hashanah I remember hiking in Israel when I still believed the myths, by Liz Rose
Was ‘Beirut’ a Botched Act of Deterrence? by Alastair Crooke

Sep 25, 2020

America Is Finished, by John Quincy Adams
This Vanishing Moment and Our Vanishing Future, by Nick Turse
SC Editorial: United Nations 75 Years Old… Back to the Future
Big Tech’s dangerous attack on free speech and academic freedom: Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube censor SF State Palestine class
All the Chips Are on the Table Now, by Pat Buchanan
Provocation on the High Seas: U.S. Naval Adventures Near the Shores of Russia, China and Iran, by Eve Ottenberg
Iran – US Sanctions – Unilateralism – Turning the Clock Back to Before the Nuclear Deal, by Peter Koenig
Adelson is pro-choice but he’s pouring millions into GOP for a higher cause, by Philip Weiss
The COVID-19 infodemic: What can be done about the infectious spread of misinformation and disinformation
The 1968 My Lai Massacre: The Scene of the Crime, by Seymour M. Hersh
CN Live!—‘Will Maxwell Sing?’ With Whitney Webb & Ari Ben-Menashe (Video)
Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution, by Don Fitz


Sep 24, 2020

Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else, by Philip Giraldi
Betrayal, Infuriating Betrayal, by Mike Whitney
Throw Sand In The Gears Of The Machine, by Caitlin Johnstone
Xi, Putin Vow Peaceful Progress as Trump Bristles With Backward Belligerence, by Finian Cunningham
Sinophobia, lies and hybrid war, by Pepe Escobar
Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils: a Vicious Circle, by Sasan Fayazmanesh

Bill Gates’ Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life, by Vandana Shiva
The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost, by Stephen Karganovic
Why Julian Assange, a Non-US Citizen, Operating Outside the US, Is Being Prosecuted Under the US Espionage Act, by Joe Lauria
The False Flag Poisoning of Alexei Navalny, AKA ‘Russia’s Trump,’ by Max Parry
Countries that allowed HCQ had much lower mortality than countries which restricted it - Digest from Peter Myers
Prosecution Witness Tries to Play Judge; Leaves Out Reason Why Assange Was Sent to Belmarsh Medical Ward
Tribute to Andre Vltchek: “West’s Sadistic Personality Disorder”- Kevin Barrett Podcast
­­­‪­‪‪­­­­­­­­­‪­­‪‪­­­‪­­‪­‪‪­­‪‪­­­­‪‪­­­­‪­­­­‪‪Will Michele Flournoy Be the Angel of Death for the American Empire? by Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies
Campaign ads have reached a whole new level. This is fun, by Scott Adams (Video)

Sep 23, 2020

Coming Soon to a U.S. Neighborhood Near You? Regime-Change Foot Soldiers Parading as Social Justice Warriors, by Robert Bridge
Chris Hedges: The Cost of Resistance
The Dying Planet Report 2020, by Robert Hunziker
Understanding the fundamental roots of conflict and suffering: An interview with Rich Forer, by Katie Miranda
What’s the Difference Between ‘Villain’ Assange & ‘Intrepid’ Woodward? by Lee Camp
Arming the Planet: the USA as the World’s Leading Weapons Dealer, by Melvin Goodman
His Name Is Rowan Sweeney: White Four-Year-Old Randomly Shot and Murdered By Black Male with Criminal History, by Paul Kersey
Trump Leads In Rasmussen Poll!—But His White Share Is Disgracefully Low, by Peter Brimelow
Sunrise Movement: the Riotous Left's Pot-Banging Brats, by Michelle Malkin

Sep 22, 2020

A Peace Deal Like No Other, by Philip Giraldi
Trust The Shrieking Mob? by Ray Zwarich
Seven Countries In Five Years, by Caitlin Johnstone
How Do Democrats and Republicans Differ on Palestine and Israel? by Ramzy Baroud
The Propaganda Campaign Against Russia Is Gathering Momentum, by Brian Cloughley

A Palestinian saga of patriarchy and occupation, by Hatim Kanaaneh
Daily Video Report on Assange Hearing – Day 11
Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court, by Pat Buchanan
The Life-Saving COVID-19 Drugs You’ve Never Heard Of (and Why), by Lee Camp
My view from South Africa on Leila Khaled’s upcoming event, by Ronnie Kasrils
War and Peace in Eastern Mediterranean, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
With Executive Powers, Trump Can Legally Unleash Global Chaos, by Edward Burmila
Omar Barghouti is a threat to Israel’s ‘universal security’ per Israeli lawmaker, by Jonathan Ofir
‘Coup-Plotters for Hire’: Unearthed USAID Nicaragua Regime Change Doc Puts 2018 Protests in Context
Mob ‘justice’: How one feminist’s simple Tweet enraged transgender activists and saw her sacked from her dream job
Belarus Sitrep 8: End of Multivector FP, by Anatoly Karlin
Philippines’ Duterte vows to solely procure coronavirus vaccines from Russia & China
What the OAS Did to Bolivia, by Mark Weisbrot
Two Whites Murdered in Louisville by BLM Activist (Wearing 'Justice for Breonna Taylor’ Shirt), by Paul Kersey
Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?
Steve Bannon, the War of the Chinese Billionaires, and the FBI, by Julia Wang
Archives Reveal What Hitler’s Henchman Hess Wanted to Offer UK Ahead of German Invasion of USSR

Sep 21, 2020

The War on Assange Is a War on Truth, by Ron Paul
Is America Worth Saving? Trump’s 1776 Commission and the True Cause of the American Revolution, by Matthew Ehret
As Assange Faces Extradition, the State of US Prisons Grows Worse, by John Kiriakou
Millennials and the Holocaust, by Gilad Atzmon
‘Confirmed’ Has Become A Meaningless Word In Mainstream News Reporting, by Caitlin Johnstone
From ‘Vision for Peace’ to ‘Normalization’ — 2020 is the year of forgetting, by Robert A.H. Cohen
Remembering Ike, Our Unexpected Egalitarian, by Sam Pizzigati
Trump's Mideast Mirage, by Eric Margolis
Diary of a Smoke Refugee, by David Rovics
Republic, Not Empire, by Audacious Epigone
U.S. effort to provoke conflict with Iran to boost Trump’s re-election is already starting, by James North
The Creeping Socialism Republicans Cannot Understand, by Tim Kirby
What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different? by Michael Hoffman
Vampires vs Crosses: Why Jews and Leftists Hate White Men, Christianity and Western Civilization, by Tobias Langdon
Remembering Stephen Cohen, by Michael Averko
‘RBG’ and the Death of the Constitution, by Gregory Hood
White Bar Owner and Trump Supporter Commits Suicide After Black Ex-Federal Prosecutor Indicts Him for Shooting Looter, by Eric Striker
­­­‪­‪‪­­­­­­­­­­‪‪‪­­‪­­­‪‪­‪‪­‪­­‪­‪‪‪­­­‪­­­­Yemeni Houthis Vow To Fight Israeli Plots As Netanyahu Signs Historic Deal With UAE, Bahrain

Sep 20, 2020
US Dep. Secretary of State Was Afraid to Eat Russian Soup. Navalny and SWIFT, by Ruslan Ostashko
Why the U.S. Government Likely Had Alexei Navalny Poisoned, by Eric Zuesse
“Billionaires Lives Matter”: The Capitalist Pandemic, Fake Democracy Goes Live? by Frank Scott
National Security Archive—‘Extreme Option: Overthrow Allende’
Britain, France, and Germany Spurn US Plan for Iran Sanctions, by Jason Ditz

Sep 19, 2020

We have lost a real giant, by the Saker
The End of Reality? By Edward Curtin
Tolstoy and Gandhi: Light as Darkness Approached, by René Wadlow
What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis, by Michel Chossudovsky
Treason: Towards a “Color Revolution” in America? by Mike Whitney
‘Extradition—Extra Edition’ With Daniel Ellsberg & John Pilger (Video)
Venezuela – A Tribute for Endless Pursuit of Democracy, by Peter Koenig
RBG Death Means Two-Headed Uniparty Will Threaten Americans With Removal Of Civil Rights, by Caitlin Johnstone
If Biden Loses, This Will be Why, by Ted Rall
Up to 1 in 4 US Jews sees Zionism as racist, colonialist apartheid movement! (says rightwing Israeli thinktank), by Philip Weiss
Be It Trump Or Biden, Iraq is Doomed, by Brian Cloughley
Christine Lagarde Expounds on “Revolutionary Process” of Feminizing Leadership, by Guillaume Durocher
Why Do Americans Give Away So Much Control to Corporations? by Ralph Nader
China and the Washington Oscars, by Fred Reed
Change and Decay: A Time of Transition, by Graham Peebles
When freedom of expression is protected only for Zionism the university is failing in its role, by Laura Whitehorn
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Statement About the Situation in Belarus
Boris Johnson Is Failing So Badly Because of One Clear Weakness, by Patrick Cockburn
Indianapolis: Mennonite Mother Killed At Random By Black Thugs As Homicide Rate Breaks Records, by Eric Striker

Sep 18, 2020

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal. Committing And Hiding Them Should Not, by Caitlin Johnstone
The 38th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila massacre: a scar that won’t heal, by Marion Kawas
The End of the US$ and the US Military, by Jim Miles
On Roosevelt and Stalin: What Revisionist Historians Want Us to Forget, by Cynthia Chung
UK´s Largest Union Passes Anti-apartheid Motion against Israel
What Was Trump Thinking When He Appointed an Enemy To Head The FBI? by Paul Craig Roberts
U.S. Weighs Into Mediterranean Tensions With Weapons and Hypocrisy
Semitism and Capitalism: The Merits and Inadequacies of Middleman Minority Theory in Explaining the Jews, by Andrew Joyce
Democratic Revolution, by George Monbiot
The Still report: Sick and Tired of Masks (Video)
Belgian Medical Profession Demands a Halt to Covid Pandemic Propaganda, by Paul Craig Roberts
Netanyahu’s Son Fundraises for Convincted Murderer of Palestinian Dawabsheh Family
Architecture of Cruelty, by Linh Dinh
European “Parliament”: an instrument of Cold War and US domination
Brexit: Why Does Europe Continue to Speak English? by Tim Kirby
The Art of the Peace Deal, by Michael Arria
The COVID-19 whistleblower that never was, by Tom Fowdy
Trump’s Caudillismo Support Among Wealthy Latin American Expatriates, by Wayne Madsen
In 2020, 95% of Homicide Victims In Chicago Are Non-White; Obviously White Racism Is to Blame, by Paul Kersey
The CIA Book Publishing Operations, by David Price
Israeli Troops Raid Cells, Assault Palestinian Prisoners in Megiddo
Will California Restore Affirmative Action? Probably Not, by Ron Unz

Sep 17, 2020

News Media Who Ignore The Assange Trial Are Admitting They Don’t Care About Journalism, by Caitlin Johnstone
Will a Military Coup Undo the November Elections, Donald Trump and the Republic Itself? by Matthew Ehret
The Invisible Man at the Race Riots, by E. Michael Jones
Israel triumphant, Israel powerful, Israel soulless, by Philip Weiss
Fighting Fire With Fire: What Tribal People Know About Forest Ecosystems, by Sonali Kolhatkar
Less Than Two Minutes to Midnight – and Getting Closer, by Martin Sieff
Afghan peace talks could be Trump’s final major foreign policy victory before November’s elections, by Paul Antonopoulos
New Ambassador Attracts the Usual Enemies: Doug Macgregor Feels the Wrath of the Jewish Lobby, by Philip Giraldi
A Post-Coronavirus Economy Can No Longer Afford to Put the Pentagon First, by Mandy Smithberger
We’ve met the ‘enemy within’ – and he’s us, by Francis Lee
The Virome, by Dr. Zac Bush (Video)
‘Can anyone tell us how abusing, beating, and torturing children creates peace, security, and a better future?’ by Rep. Betty McCollum
New Report: Hunger and Food Insecurity Are Ravaging America, by Eric Striker
The New Year Gift, by Israel Shamir
Twitter bans Chinese virologist claiming that coronavirus was made in a lab, Digest from Peter Myers
The CDC director has doubled down on masks but is he wrong? by Andrea Widburg
Hillary Clinton exposed by fresh e-mails and is looking guilty as sin, by Seraphim Hanisch [Video]
Rio Tinto, Juukan Gorge, and Corruption at the Heart of Wall Street and the Captured State, by Steve Brown
South Front: Russian Clouds Over Turkish-Backed Jihadi Paradise In Idlib (Video)

Sep 16, 2020

From Ego To Empire, All Our Problems Stem From The Impulse To Control, by Caitlin Johnstone
Treason, by Mike Whitney
Presidents that play chess, by Katerina
The time has come for the West to sit down, shut up and listen to the rest of the world, by Andre Vltchek
Daily Video Report on Assange Hearing–Day 7, by Joe Lauria
Weekly China Newsbrief and Sitrep, by Godfree Roberts
How U.S.’s Response to Covid-19 Could Precipitate 2nd Great Depression, by Eric Zuesse
Who is Putting our Children at Risk, SARS-CoV-2 or the Actions of our Governments? by Dr. Pascal Sacré
Lies in the Navalny case, by Peter Schwarz
Blaming Palestinians won’t achieve peace, Israelis must look at their leaders, by Rev. Alex Awad
The ‘Desaparecidos’ of Palestine: Gantz Escalates Israel’s War on the Dead, by Ramzy Baroud
How Xinjiang "Interferes" with the EU-China Deal, by Pepe Escobar
The end of the Balkans, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Report: secret group captured Israeli Mossad officers in Lebanon
As pandemic death toll approaches 200,000, American oligarchs celebrate their wealth, by Niles Niemuth
The Democrat Ticket Is Puzzling, by Paul Craig Roberts
Iraq Is Going Further Down the Drain, by Brian Cloughley
Imam Sudais between ignorance, deception and hypocrisy, by Mohammed Al-Misfer
Will Woke Jocks Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs? by Robert Weissberg
Abolish The FBI, by Eric Striker
Call for the immediate evacuation of Moria
Allende’s Political Program as Reference for a Sustainable Chile, by Ramona Wadi
White Male Executed in Front of His Four-Month Pregnant Wife by Black Male on Killing Spree (an everyday occurrence), by Paul Kersey
Saudi Air Force Is Leveling Yemeni Capital To Ground In Response To Houthi Strikes On Riyadh
New Initiative to Expose Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Crimes to the World, by Paul Antonopoulos