The Colonel and the Dragon's Tail, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

This is an 'open letter' in response to Colonel Andrew Bacvich's most recent essay, as I encountered it on The ScheerPost. (Bob Scheer's a DEEPLY rooted one). 

Colonel Bacevich is one of Caliban's Really Good Ones. He does not have Danny Sjursen's lightning quick genius. He plods a bit. He is a stout strong Percheron, not a racy Thoroughbred. But these are waters that move slower just because they run deeper. Aye .. Genius takes many forms.

Major Sjursen recently lamented that no one at "beltway cocktail parties" had ever seen a bloody dead baby torn in pieces, after an IED bomb explodes in a village marketplace, (clearly a life altering event in this brilliant and poetically sensitive young soldier's life).

Ahh .... but this man Bacevich knows the pain of a professional soldier, his own son's hero, who had to be told that his cherished boy had died in battle.

"He took that soldiers name, and he left my heart in pain
There's a man goin' 'round takin' names

There's a King on the throne takin' names;
And there's a priest in flames,
And the court's gone insane,
And the King's sittin' there takin' names."
--P Yarrow. The King of Names

I had a very brief correspondence with Colonel Bacevich during the #metoo Mass Mob Hysteria, which was the Ruling Syndicate's 'practice run' for the George Floyd Race War they already had planned. (He writes for the Boston Globe, (or still did when I used to read it), and I was 'publishing' (making public) my work in the Globe comments sections at that time).

I tried my best then, in my end of that personal correspondence with him, to expand his consciousness, to make him 'see' that what was happening, (the shrieking MeToo Banshee deliberately set to fly free), was a deliberate 'divide and rule' ploy by his own Enemy, meant to further divide men from women.

Well ... It was no use. The good Colonel Bacevich plods along in a VERY hopeful direction, but he still willingly suspends his OWN disbelief and pretends that the contrived drama he lives in is 'reality'. He chooses the Blue Pill each morning. don't he?

Ever the gallant officer, he told me he thought the ladies' ear-piercing shrieks, (have ye folks ever heard an actual Banshee's wail? It's really only 1/3 'shriek'. It's also a third 'scream' , and a third 'screech'), were justified. When I argued back he merely agreed to disagree. (Like I said, this is a good GOOD man, among the best in the entire nation just now. One of Caliban's really REALLY Good Ones).

[This man should be president. He'll be a young man yet in '24. If he had the courage to take that risk, he would WIN ... easy ....  If he doesn't already know that, ole Caliban could maybe teach him a couple things he did not learn in the Army ... but I guaran-effin-dam-tee ya, Andy, it ain't gonna be by cashing the Enemy's paychecks, which is what the good Colonel is STILL doing now. He's been on the Enemy's payroll, doing the Enemy's bidding, for his entire adult life, after all].

Caliban has tried to make people 'see' how this IMMENSE raw POWER of Mass Media works. People think "the mainstream media" is bad, and they only even 'see' that all they are seeing is the bare tip of the Dragon's tail. The Dragon 'sees' them perfectly well, as it twitches that evil tail and lures them to their own doom.

What purpose does the strong brave grieving warrior serve here, as he comes to try to convince The Syndicate to give up its crazed designs to rule the entire world?

Good for YOU, Colonel Bacevich. "Amerika uber alles!", (that translates to "full spectrum dominance" in 'Muricanese'), is the 'official position', as graven in public documents, the official formal written 'position', of the United States Government. And we wantonly kill large numbers of people, (an estimated 6-10 million civilians since WW2), in pursuit of that evil crazed Desire.

And the Colonel has come to speak with the Dragon, using the microphone the Dragon provides for you? Uhhhhh ......  Er... You've come to 'reason' with this Beast? ... Okey dokey ...then .

OK ... Very Well .... Let's all willingly suspend our disbelief for a time. Let's play along in the good Colonel's 'reality'. As far as we can 'see' here, the good Colonel is not even cognizant of The Syndicate's primary motivations, as he tries to convince them it would be better for them if they were less rich and powerful.

It WOULD be better, of course. For THEM! For starters, they'd still be alive. And their own children and grandchildren could still pursue their own dreams.

But The Dollar is 'the thing'. Their ENTIRE con is soon to blow up and pop like the empty balloon it is. The American Hindenberg Zeppelin is just about to meet its fate. The boys who sit around the table when The Syndicate meets, know that perfectly well.

Ya 'see', good Colonel Bacevich, THAT is their primary motivation. And you do not even MENTION it one time. Does he? Did I miss it? (I did read rather quickly once I 'saw' this was just another sample of the Colonel's droning gullibility, that it was just his boiler-plate essay dressed up in different words).

What is going to happen when the US Dollar goes 'Weimar'?

What do THEY say, Colonel? You've been in their pay your whole life. You know them MUCH better than I do. (Ole LarryBoy sure turned out t' be a 'shifty' one, dint'he?)

Ah well .... Caliban has encountered (shall we say) a few of these soldier boy types. Good men all, else the army woulda' said "no thanks". (When an ex-soldier told me he could swing a hammer I'd always hire him right on the spot).

Maybe six times I have sat and eaten a $150 steak among men and women with chests full of ribbons and brass.  "Flag officers", they call themselves. I once had to chit chat with the actual Secretary of the Army for two hours or more, (and I don't even remember his name, it was during the time when Clinton was bombing those poor people in 'the former Yugoslavia').

I nudged the Three Star General to my right, (we had become acquainted, and he was a good ole country boy), "p'sst..what does the Secretary of the Army do?". "He basically runs the US Army" the general answered back with a country boy's whispered chuckle.

What do Generals and Admirals talk about over dinner? Not 'policy', that's for sure.

Although that time I was seated across from the Secretary of the Army, we were just finishing salad when a young tall red-haired Colonel arrived in less formal Marine dress, (aren't they the ones with the tan shirts and the blue trousers?). He was just arriving from JFK, fresh from his cab, after rushing from the Oval Office to make his flight from Dulles.

"How'd it go?", the Admiral seated at the head of the table asked. The young colonel's eyes went just slightly a little wide, his brow went north, he tilted his head just a bit, as shook it slowly. "Some pretty heady stuff", was all he said, as he sat down and spread his napkin. Not another word was spoken about that young colonels meeting.

What do those with all the ribbons and brass all over their hats and coats and collars talk about in fancy hotels over dinner? Well ... The posh vacations to which they had treated their lovely wives was a favorite topic. Everybody, wives and officers both, had vacation stories from an exotic locale to tell. The wine taking effect, the laughter grows louder, sometimes even uproarious.

The 'cabins' (mansions to we ordinary shire folk) they are building in Idaho or Vermont are asked about. We're then regaled with various competing 'bad contractor' stories. Groans and commiserating growls go 'round the table as they chew their meat and take bites of delicious bread.

They are VERY subtle when they boast about the corporate opportunities that are 'assaulting' them, (poor guys, them corporate recruiters'll never give 'em a minute's peace), as retirement from the military approaches. (They all know, of course, that their military pensions will bump $200kper, while these corporate offers of twice that pour in).

Yea ... well ... I told ye folks about this strange 'Forrest Gumpish' thing. And me the day before cutting sheet metal in the hot wind, grunting to lift the ladders, and swinging that sweaty slippery hammer like Sisyphus pushed his rock. But this old silverback carpenter can tell you, FIRST hand, that those things I cite here are what those people talk about as they eat their $150 meals in fancy Manhattan hotel dining rooms.

Ahhh ...sorry old men can prattle on. LittlePaulie's 'a sure gonna scold me again ....

Anyway .....If the Colonel thinks these people, his Syndicate Paymasters, are willing to 'Reason', THAT is what ole Caliban would like to know MUCH more about, because to me it seems a 'long stretch', (I sure would be happy to be wrong).

Does he think that Old Man Koch is a 'nice man', does he? Tell us about THAT, Andy m'boy. What makes you think that your own Syndicate Paymasters are willing to negotiate their crazed Desire to rule the Earth, enough to consider Reason?

Well ... We all know what LittleBobby said. We're ALL 'a gonna serve somebody. Who does Colonel Bacevich think HE serves, other than his OWN paymasters?

Well ... HERE we arrive at the hardest lesson. It can be SO maddening to 'see' something so clearly, that other people cannot yet 'see'. A 'vision' is a very hard thing to 'explain'. No?

I DO think this man should be POTUS. I REALLY do! (After ole LarryBoy's hi-jinks.. geez.. that ole boy had me fooled. Cunning one there). He has a perfect jaw. He looks as deeply into people's eyes as a Grieving Warrior can 'see'.

If an old carpenter can 'see' this man's raw talent, do we think the Enemy cannot? Is it really a surprise to anyone that the Colonel still cashes their paychecks? ("Is it really any wonder, the love a stranger might receive?" --?McCartney? 

The primary purpose he serves here, with this same tired old re-packaged essay, is to shore up what some like to call The Matrix. The handsome Grieving Warrior, wiser in his grief, is here to convince that we must ALL willingly suspend our disbelief, like HE does, and make-believe that the naked Emperor's new wardrobe is better than that of the LAST naked Emperor.

The US Dollar WILL fall, boys and girls. 


It's already falling, but these things, of such momentous caliber, happen about as fast as a glacier flows, (what ones dying Humanity have left).

The events that will transpire when it does will depend entirely on what we do to prepare.

We can have an orderly re-set of our ENTIRE Social Order, or else the survivors can hose it all down after, and sewers will flow red to the sea, and the tide will carry it all away.

It's been Eight Centuries, (and five years to boot). King John is very 'old news'. What shall we call it? How 'bout The Supra-Carta?

If yer NOT talkin' about THAT, Andy m'boy, what is this that you just keep prattling on about? (I got a buddy up Michigan way, Father Meggido, (Alan Haber), a master carpenter, (not a rough carpenter like me), already made the table we're gonna use for the Big Sit Down with the Syndicate Thugs).

Well ... Step at a time .... sure ... first the White House. That would be SO easy .. (You folks don't even KNOW....) Well ... Due time and all.... An old man best get the hens fed and watered, and walk the perimeter with the dogs, so I can get me own breakfast.

Hope all are well and strong, or have someone if yer not.