The Very Notion, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril, wherever you may be:

The Grand Case against Trump is the story of a nation gone mad. 

Never, in my lifetime, anyway, (and I actually remember the '56 Stevenson/Eisenhower election very clearly), has a president ever been subjected to what Trump was immediately subjected to, starting the very day after he was elected. 

The Obama-Clintonista thugs were so nakedly vicious that they were openly using government power, while they had it, to spy on Trump, and then to actually start prosecuting his people before he had even taken office. Flynn did no more than ANY other person in that office had always done, will always do, and should do. As the first public face of the administration, he began having informal 'chats' with foreign diplomats, in informal venues. 

The Obama-Clintonista DPM (Democratic Party Machine) were ON Trump like a pack of ravenous hyenas. They concocted a cocamamie story that has been PROVEN to have all been a Big Lie from day one. They put their heads together, and concocted a plan to fool the American people into believing what has since been proven was ALWAYS a LIE! The vicious Obama-Clintonista Gang KNEW they were lying when they told the Big Lie.

Is that legal?

The FBI treated Flynn like Tony Soprano treats people he doesn't like. They even threatened his fracking family, fer crissakes. (Which is why the man 'fell on his sword', and pleaded guilty). 

So ... Is that how our nation 'runs' now? A National Political Machine, organized down to the precinct and District Judge level, backed by the immense centralized raw power of Mass Media, uses the FBI as its own personal/partisan gang of strong armed thugs, and all the so-called 'national intelligence community' to spy on political opponents, and to cooperate in a cockamamie concocted Big Lie?

That's what they DID! It's pretty much PROVEN that THAT is exactly what the Obama-Clintonistas DID!

With not one SHRED of actual 'evidence', they accused Trump of being an agent for a foreign power. 

They hired a private spook outfit, owned by a rabid anti-Putin Russian immigrant, to 'gin up' accusations from thin air. The crooked liar James Clapper, (who lied under oath to Congress), declared that the 'national intelligence community' backed up the anti-Putin company's Big Lie.

Trump was never even able to form an actual administration. The Mass Media was to him like having a siren blaring right outside your window 24/7. When he left office, people in the White House were giggling into their palms after he walked by. His own military commanders would not follow his orders, and even sometimes openly defied the orders of the US Commander in Chief.

The US Military refused to recognize our nation's bedrock principle of 'Civilian Command'. When the military refuses to obey, don't they show us that they think that THEY are in command? Are we to become, or are we already, a de facto military dictatorship? 

We've never seen anything, not in my lifetime, that even comes CLOSE to what was done to Trump, both in terms of sheer viciousness, and in terms of the full exposure of the Enemy's, (The Ruling Syndicate's), naked face.

The Enemy's masks fell, and ALL saw their naked evil faces.

The truth is the story that the facts tell. 

What I had in mind was to rebut the rank delusions of the Grand Case that Robert Reich has presented against Donald Trump. 

Is it legal to write lies, self-aware lies, (lies that one knows to be lies when one tells them), and then publish them? 

Does freedom of speech mean that we don't have Public Honor? Does it mean that we have no moral obligation to tell the truth, when we 'testify' to something in public? Isn 't there an oath implied, that we will speak as truly as we can, when we 'testify' in public? 

Sir Reich the Third-Leg, Robert Reich, who holds forth as a 'doctor of knowledge', has 'sworn' in public, widely published, that Trump has NO evidence of election irregularities. 

Well ... Like over 100 millions of other people, I watched the news conference that the Mass Media mostly buried. Trump's legal team claims they have large numbers of 'sworn statements', sworn under penalty of perjury, from people testifying that they saw rampant DPM cheating in the election.

Well .... If those sworn statements exist, then there is clearly 'evidence'. Does Third-LegBob contend that Trump's legal team is brazenly lying to the whole nation? That the sworn statements don't exist?

If Sir Reich could calm his hysterical partisan passions, (I'll give him 'the doubt', and assume he's not a cynical liar), he could 'see' that there is AMPLE reason for the American people to be harshly suspicious (shall we say) of this election.

I want to 'see' Trump's claimed evidence. Sir Reich says there is no evidence, and 'convicts' Trump based on lies and specious circumstances.

Just consider the 'chain of custody' of the tens of millions of mail-in ballots. This was unprecedented. We, meaning the US, us as a nation, had NEVER handled and processed such a massive quantity of mailed-in ballots. They were surely packed onto pallets and wrapped, and moved by forklifts. How many semi-truck loads did that unprecedented number of mailed in ballots comprise?

With our entire nation, as the campaign unfolded, fearing the outbreak of actual shooting civil war, what impartial agency is Dr. Reich pretending even existed to guard the security of all those truckloads and truckloads of ballots?

Yea ... Well ... I guess up where Dr. Reich lives, in his posh ivory tower neighborhood, nothing ever "falls off a truck" and into the wrong hands?

To any rational and impartial person, the very notion, the very idea, that this election was 'on the level', is clown-show caliber ridiculous. They canceled freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. (Fer FRACKS sake!). Where's poor drug addled Hunter's laptop?

Okey doke. We've got an actual video of Biden with smoking-gun in hand, bragging about getting the attorney general of Ukraine fired because he was investigating the company that was 'paying off' Hunter Biden for doing NOTHING! 

And we've got actual emails of Hunter Biden earning ransom in Ukraine as a gatekeeper to access to his father, who was, at the time, the Obama Regime's 'Pro-Consul' over Ukraine, after the Obama Regime had engineered the violent overthrow of Ukraine's legally elected government, and had installed a US 'puppet' junta government. 

And here comes old Third-LegBob to tell us that the moon is made of old green cheese, the cow jumped over the moon, and there is absolutely NO reason for ANY suspicion over ANYTHING that ole Skinny Joe Biden did in Ukraine? LOL ... And he is totally blind to the massive scale and degree of his self-delusions?   

Well ... Any rational and impartial person can 'see' that Sir Robert Reich the Third-Leg is either lying, or else is just so overwrought with hysterical passions, that he would believe such an idiotic damn fool ridiculous thing. 

The poor man is clearly delusional, (if not LYING), and like ALL delusional people, he has no awareness of his delusions.

"There's something happening here, but you don't know what it is, DO you ..", Sir Reich the Third-Leg? ('Pologies t' LittleBobby). 

Caliban has considered presenting a point by point rebuttal to Reich the Third's Grand Case against Trump. But I have other matters, (American Labor), that I am eager to write about. Can't someone else do it? It's like picking ripe fruit at chest level, fer crissakes. 

I'll see if I can find time.

I sure don't pretend that I have Robert Reich figured out. I am FAR from sure that he is not a bald-faced liar simply licking the hand that feeds him.