Tulsi Gabbard - A Leader for Our Troubled Times? by R Zwarich

Among all the field of candidates who have thrown their hats into the US presidential circus ring, one is far and away in a class of her own. 

Only one is presenting a reality-based vision of our troubled times, and a realistic concept of what we must do to find our way past the dangers and anxieties of our existentially threatening predicament. 

All the others are presenting ideas and proposals whose feasibility, in our current circumstances, is so remote that it is irresponsible to claim that simply winning an election is going to bring them about.    

Lizzy Warren and ole Bernie act like they're offering us policies they're going to buy us at the candy store. They provide us eloquent rhetoric, (and lots of it), but give us no inkling that they even realize that what they are proposing is an epic struggle against the immensely powerful and completely ruthless forces that ride herd over our political system and even control our social consciousness. (They own ALL our mass media, and are using this immensely powerful political tool, with consummate skill, for social engineering that facilitates their agenda). 

I believe that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard knows which direction our forces must march in order to build our strength, prepare for battle, and come out in good formation, ready to exert our citizens' power. 

First.....before all else....before any meaningful success at all will be ours..... Those of us who should be allies must first stop being enemies..............Tulsi Gabbard knows that. 

Our first enemy is in our own spirits. We must deal with our spiritual problems before we can accomplish ANY meaningful political objectives.......Tulsi Gabbard knows that. 

I especially hope that my friends and acquaintances reading this in foreign lands will take heart, and find hope, in seeing in this brave and stout soldier, Major Tulsi Gabbard, that there is genuine leadership in America. Please read her words....or listen to her speak them, and you'll know that there is yet good spirit, and strong, in this seemingly forsaken land, and thus good reason for hope to raise its head high with every sunrise. 

I have no connection whatsoever to Congresswoman Gabbard's campaign. It's easy to see that the predictable is coming to pass. The very person who presents a genuine danger to our nation's Power Elite, to the Super Wealthy Elite Class who own ALL our mass media, is not going to be granted access to their mass media to present her message.

Those of us who understand that a better world lies on the other side of an epic struggle against a ruthless and immensely powerful Adversary, must create other channels of mass communications that our Adversary cannot control....  

Please follow this link to learn more about Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. https://thebostonglob.com/tulsi-gabbard-a-soldier-for-our-times/

This material includes a video, including a complete written transcript, of a recent speech by Congresswoman Gabbard in San Francisco, in which she imparts her insightful vision of our predicament with great clarity.

To skip the long-winded blog palaver and get to Congresswoman Gabbard's presentation directly, go here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/51302.htm 

I hope this finds all well and strong. Good wishes to all who are facing life's travails.....

As always, any who find merit in anything I send can please feel free to copy it or post it anywhere they please...

R Zwarich

A caveat from the Editor

Tulsi is far and away the best candidate out there who stands even a ghost of a chance. On the other hand, she's PEP (Progressive Except for Palestine). But a presidential candidate who doesn't support Israel is radioactive toast, so she gets my vote anyway..