Viva Palestina

We bring you the heart-warming story of Viva Palestina - Lifeline to Gaza -
the British convoy of some 300 volunteers (our own Kamahl Mashni from
Australia included) that left England on Valentine’s Day, 14 February to
make the 5000 mile journey across Europe and North Africa to the Gaza Strip  
to bring vital aid to the Palestinians desperate for food and medicines due
to Israel’s punitive sanctions.

The 6-part video reveals the enormous undertaking that would have defeated
most people except that it had the intrepid British MP George Galloway
negotiating his way through the political and logistical obstacles in each
of the countries and the resilient volunteers who were each determined to
brave all kinds of conditions and restrictions for the besieged people in

Despite the unfortunate ending to Kamahl’s journey (the fire engine he was
driving was not allowed in to Gaza), Kamahl said the most important thing
was that the aid got through.  He would do it all again to help his
people.  More than ever their plight must be brought to the attention of a
world still oblivious to the devastation being wrought on their society.

- SK


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6