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All for One. One for All, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

I'm going to start far afield, (hopefully not too far). Come with me. Adventures can be dangerous, (as ole Gandalf told Bilbo Baggins, to lure him from the Shire), but they are, by their nature, very stimulating. Isn't it the very 'danger' that makes them exciting, that makes us crave them? (Bilbo couldn't resist). Our human reality is always rife with paradox. We all enjoy the safety of our 'comfort zones', of our personal 'shires', but we all also yearn for the stimulation of adventure. 

I promise to come back. I will promise to "come to the point", Mr. Kuntsler. A brilliant writer himself, (even if a bit self-involved, I would chide him back), Mr. Kuntsler has been scolding me, in private correspondence, for being so blabbery. "Come to the point", he said, though I write no more than he does, nor more than many of the many brilliant and prolific writers on this 'list' do. 

Only a narcissist can be a writer, some say. Who but a narcissist could sit for so many lonely hours, in tortured compulsion, pounding out her or his thoughts, desperately determined that others should know them. 

Well....I don't know about that. Human motivations are complex, rising as they do, like vapors, from the mysterious cauldron of our mysterious Human Paradox. l don't feel much like a narcissist when I'm shoveling chicken-shit, (which I do, by multiples of tons), but here I am, compelled to have my fevered thoughts known, even believing that I know something 'important', that others must know, so that together we can 'save Humanity' from a terrible fate. What can I say?  

Come with me on this 'adventure'. Leave your comfort zone, whether that zone be in careless, or even hopeless apathy, or whether it be in the comfort of self-righteous hatred of your neighbors and fellow citizens. Come with me. Explore new territory. Let us search for magic rings of power. Let us slay dragons and devils. Let us find love, sisterhood, and brotherhood among our fellow human apes. Follow ole Caliban. We can 'save the world' together. It'll be fun, and rewarding, I promise. 

The alternative is terrible. Death will find you, like the Nazgul found the Shire. Death will visit every shire, if we do not find a way, together, to save Humanity.

E-mc2. A simple equation.

After revolutionizing human understanding of our physical universe with the quantum leap forward of his Theory of Relativity, postulating (as I understand it, I'm sure no physicist) that energy and matter, like light and dirt, are the same thing in different forms, Einstein spent the rest of his career/life trying to grasp, to formulate, to understand, to 'see', what he called the "Unified Field Theory". Some physicists have come to call it the "Grand Unified Theory", or, in the more vernacular, the "Theory of Everything".

Kind of like Tolkien's "One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them", only not, of course, talking about evil and 'darkness', but rather about 'light' and 'understanding', (about 'seeing'). 

Unified Theory: "One idea to find them. One idea to bring them all, and in the blinding light to 'see' them".

Poor Albert never got there. He lived and worked for another half century, (he died in '55), after he first published E=mc2, his Theory of Relativity, in 1905, but he never did find, or 'see', a Unified Field Theory. Neither has anybody else, since. 

It's been a century now since he was awarded the Nobel prize (in 1921) for revolutionizing our human 'vision' of our infinite universe, (our vision of God?), but none have yet 'seen' the elusive Unified Field Theory. Many of our most powerful human minds are still searching for this "Theory of Everything". 

They know they're close. It's always just around the next bend in the road, just over the next hill, just beyond the next 'revolutionary' discovery. Quantum theory, quark theory, string theory, etc. etc, ad infinitum. The road of Infinite Reality has many bends, it turns out. It rises and falls over many a hill and dale.The mysteries of infinite 'reality' do not give themselves up easily. Is God even a corporeal entity? Does God even have a 'face'?

One has to wonder if we mere humans can EVER 'see' this mystery. Can we ever 'see' the very Face of God? Can our finite animal minds, imprisoned as we are in this finite dimension of space and time, ever 'see', ever 'grasp', ever 'fathom', ever even 'conceive of' infinity? 

Is infinity a number? A dimension? A place? A thing? The Big Bang Theory? LOL... Yea ... But what was 'there' BEFORE that? 

God said "Let there be light"? Yea...OK....But what was God doing before 'He' said that? (The idea that God, an infinite 'being' (a mysterious force, an unfathomable entity) that created all the infinite universe, would have a sexual gender is just completely ludicrous, of course. (Sorry...Don't mean to be disrespectful of deeply held human superstitions, but c'mon...really?)

If the universe was created in the dimension of time, what came 'before'? How could 'nothing' exist? How could 'never' exist? Can our finite human minds ever even grasp a concept, a dimension, where 'before', 'after', 'ever', and even 'nothing', have no meaning?

Yea...well....Humans are actually trying to 'see the Face of God'. The arrogance! The arrogance! (...shades of Colonel Kurtz, "The horror! The horror!"). 

We're spending enormous sums of money, (gazillions of dollars), to build experimental installations, for example, enormous structures miles long, to accelerate sub-atomic particles and crash them into each other, just to 'see' what happens. 

The current largest such installation is the Large Hadron Collider, an almost 17 mile long uber-high-tech tube, lined with mega-expensive magnatronic (I made that word up) technology, to accelerate tiny particles smaller than atoms, to near the speed of light, to crash them into each other, just to 'see' what happens. 

No matter how small these 'particles' are, (at some point, the difference between a 'particle', and pure energy, becomes indistinct, as Einstein taught us in 1905), when they smash into each other, they break apart into even smaller stuff. Ah...There's always a paradox to encounter wherever we look. We're trying to understand the infinite universe (one truth), by 'seeing' the smallest stuff in it. We're trying to 'understand' the mystery of the infinite expanse, the vast unimaginable expanses of 'outer space', by trying to 'see' stuff so small that it's impossible to actually see because our human sense of vision is comprised of reflected light, and the particles are so small that when a single photon of light hits them, it bumps them somewhere else, so the light then doesn't reflect back to our eyes to see.  We can't see the tiny particles because wherever we look, they're ALWAYS somewhere else. (I actually took a Physics class in college, UCLA, Class of '70). But we have ways of capturing their shadows. When we collide these tiny particles, at impossibly high speeds, we can capture images of shadows. We think we can 'see' the mysterious nature of 'reality', (the face of God?), by studying its shadows.

Well....All a dumb old ape can say is "good luck with that". 

What is 'infinity'? Well...If we could somehow (fortunately we can't, because we exist in time) randomly choose letters, one at a time, from our alphabet of 26, for 'infinity', for an infinite time, (is there such a thing?), and lay them out in random order, with random spaces between randomly long groupings of letters, we would eventually reproduce ALL the entire body of human literature written since we ape-creatures first learned to form guttural sounds into language and write down their thoughts. We would eventually reproduce, randomly, every book, every essay, every poem, and every personal letter, etc, that any human has ever written.

THAT is 'infinity'. How can we EVER wrap our puny finite human minds around that?

Well....Anyway....Back to Earth, where simple elemental dirt, and sky, and blood, and human sweat, (and other human juices), dominate our lives as yearning, eating, rutting, stinking beasts, throbbing with primitive human Desire..... 

Back here on Earth, Humanity has arrived at a crucial 'moment', a Crucial Cusp in Human History, where (when?) our very survival, as a species of creatures on the Earth, is 'in question', not in some distant, misty millennial future, (as so many previous prophets have warned), but within the very lifetimes of many of the people who are now alive. 

While our most powerful minds build their mega-expensive 'colliders', hoping to reveal the nature of 'infinity', (hoping to 'see' the Face of God?), what we humans so desperately need, in order to address our 'existential crisis', is something remarkably akin to Einstein's Unified Field Theory, only more 'down to Earth', something scaled down to a more attainable, more practicable, to a more immediately useful, level. 

Let's call it the "Unified Social Theory". 

Before we annihilate our species from the Earth, (which could happen at any time, at any random moment, on any random day), we need to arrive at some theory, of some methodology, that allows us human creatures to live together, sharing space on our small planet, peacefully. 

Peace for all requires Justice for all. (C'mon, this ain't 'rocket science'). Some things are already well known, such as that Justice is a prerequisite for Peace. Social Harmony cannot exist while some prosper in unimaginable wealth, while others suffer the ravages of the Demon Poverty. 

 And then, once found, we need to 'actuate' that Unified Social Theory to guide and direct our lives.

That's all we have to do for Humanity to survive, to live on.... Is that asking so much? 

Given the brilliant light of Human Reason, the ONE factor that raises us above all the other 'jungle beasts', can't we 'see' our way to simply living together, and sharing the Earth, peacefully? 

We ALL surely 'see', and quite clearly, that the ONLY alternative is death to ALL, not in some distant millennial future, but within the lifetimes of many of we sweating, bleeding, eating, rutting, stinking human people who are alive today. 

Thanks to our understanding of 'the atom', thanks to our understanding of the relativity of matter and energy, (when a group of scientists first conceived of an 'atom bomb', when they first imagined the very idea of an atomic 'chain reaction' suddenly releasing huge amounts of energy from matter, they immediately went to Einstein himself, then living in New Jersey, to confirm that it would work, which he did although he warned them not to build it), we humans have become so good at inflicting violence on one another that, (as we ALL know), the next all-out war, (in the long tragic endless sequence of bloody wars that have been going on for all the heretofore tragic 10,000 years of the history of human 'civilization'), will be the last, because it will kill us ALL. 

This could happen on any random day. We Americans, (Caliban's rants are read by people in other nations as well), live in a nation that is ruled over by a relatively small Cabal of Ruling Elites, who have OPENLY and OFFICIALLY declared their desire and intention to rule over the entire Earth, using threats of deadly violence on any and all nations that refuse to obey us, and then carrying out those threats by wreacking horrible deadly violence on large numbers of innocent people, on large numbers of defenseless civilian men, women, and children, in any nation that refuses to obey us.

Achieving what these demented American Ruling Elites themselves call "full spectrum dominance" over the Earth, (and even over space, even over 'the heavens above'), over all Humankind, (Hitler called it "Deutschland uber alles!"), is the official WRITTEN policy of the US Government, which, of course, is firmly under the 'total' (as in totalitarian) control of the Ruling Elites.

Does that sound like a good plan for sharing the Earth peacefully among all Humanity? "Do what we (the US Ruling Elites) say, or we'll kill you"? Does that REALLY sound like a plan that will produce Peace on Earth, before Humanity annihilates ourselves?

These US Ruling Elites are actually now planning to spend over a TRILLION dollars to build better, more powerful nuclear weapons to enhance their openly declared threats of deadly violence against all other nations who refuse to obey their orders. Not satisfied that we already have enough weapons to eradicate all Humanity many times over, ole 'Hope and Change' Barry Obama, a great champion among the Ruling Elites, initiated this intention to build more and better weapons. A TRILLION dollars. 

Did y'all know that a stack of a trillion crisp new one dollar bills, (you know how they get hard to even get apart when they're crisp and new), would be 96,906,656 MILES high? It would be 3 million miles higher than the distance from the Earth to the Sun.

This is REAL! This is really happening. We REALLY live in a nation that is ruled over by demented morally depraved people who SAY, out LOUD, that they must rule over the entire Earth, and these demented people routinely KILL large numbers of innocent civilian people in any nations that refuse to obey them. 

"Duetschland uber alles", Hitler said. "Amerika uber alles", saith the morally depraved people who rule over our nation. That's REALLY what they say, (out LOUD!..fer crissakes). 

These crazed people, these delusionally (clinically) insane US Ruling Elites, are obviously driven by the very worst motives that have always bedeviled Humankind. They are obviously driven by pure raw Lust and Greed. We can ALL 'see' this. Lust for ever more power. Greed for ever more wealth. Their entire existence is focused on sating their insatiable bestial Appetites. (Epstein anyone? Where's randy old SlickWillie getting his these days? I heard Epstein's other good buddy, BillyBoy Gates, who reportedly often flew the Lolita Express, jettisoned the old 'Wifey'. Clearing the decks, is he?) 

These jaded, morally demented people, these US Ruling Elites, are clearly morally depraved 'monsters'. The 'leaders' (fuhrers/rulers) of our nation, folks, think nothing of killing large numbers of innocent people in order to achieve their objective of World Rule. (Madeline Albright anyone?). They have killed an estimated 6-10 MILLION innocent civilian people since the end of WW2. They gorge themselves with obscene degrees of wealth, while MILLIONS of their own fellow citizens don't even have enough to eat, while MILLIONS of American children go to bed hungry. 

These people are very clearly morally and spiritually demented/depraved. Anyone who is not herself or himself under some delusional 'spell', can easily and clearly 'see' the US Ruling Elites' exceedingly evil moral and spiritual dementia.

Unfortunately....Many of our fellow citizens ARE 'under a spell'. Many are themselves so delusional that they think these Ruling Elites are beneficent people who are providing a "shining beacon of liberty" to the world they want to rule over and exploit wealth from. 

Ah..Humanity! Cry for Humanity!....The same humans that are capable of building the Large Hadron Collider, to try to unlock the secrets of the Infinite Universe, are also capable of a degree of self-delusion that is clinically insane in its willful ignorance of the most OBVIOUS reality. The capacity of the Human Mind, no matter how brilliant or stupid, to deceive itself in the puruit of its Desire, knows no bounds.  

So... anyway...While we seek out a Unified Social Theory that can guide Humanity, and deliver us ALL into Justice and Peace on Earth, we MUST be aware that these exceedingly evil people, these Ruling Elites who hold all the levers of power over our nation, will do anything in their IMMENSE power to try to prevent us from accomplishing our crucial task. 

These people are clinically delusionally insane. But like Hannibal Lector, they are brilliantly intelligent in pursuit of their depraved, demented desires. They will do everything in their immense power to prevent us from saving all Humanity from certain doom.

Okey doke, then....All we have to do is Save the World.....What say let's DO IT! 

We CAN do this. Caliban has faith in us. Caliban knows HOW. But I need YOUR help.

Humanity desperately needs a Unified Social Theory... We're in luck...This crazy-ass old silverback 'naked ape' of a chicken farmer, this old coot calls himself 'Caliban', (ahem), living out in the boondocks of rural Massachusetts, (in the Quaboag valley, where the Quaboag Clan of the great tribe, the Nimpoc once lived), this old man out here shoveling chicken-shit by the ton, just happens to have one, (a Unified Social Theory), that he KNOWS will work. 

How do I know? Why have I, this dumb-ass old broke-down carpenter, come to know? Of all the people in the world MUCH smarter than me, why me?

I don't know...I can't answer that question. I don't know 'why' I know, I just do. (You know the old song?) I don't claim credit. It feels to me that this 'Vision', Caliban's Vision, was inflicted on me. It is a heavy burden. I don't just 'see' this Vision. In fact, it seems very self-apparent to me. I have a hard time believing that we ALL don't 'see' it as clearly as I do. (Once 'seen', a vision is easy to 'see', and is, in fact, very hard to 'un-see').

All for One. One for ALL. (The order is crucial. It does NOT work the other way 'round). It's so simple....That's it..... That is the Unified Social Theory, the ONLY one, that can save Humanity.

Never mind all the 'isms'. Capitalism. Socialism. Anarchism. Libertarianism. Imperialism. Tribalism. Racism. Antidisestablishmentarianism...Etc. Etc. NONE of them will work. 

To draw a crude metaphor, Social Harmony, (hewn from Justice and Peace), is 'music'. All these 'isms' are just the raw notes. From all these various 'isms', we need to devise a 'melody'. Music, like so much of human experience, is paradox. Music is made in mathematical precision. The 'timing', (the rhythm), is mathematically precise. The mathematical waveforms of the sounds either blend together to enhance each other, or else interfere with each other.  Some notes fit the melody. Some notes don't. Some sound sweet when they follow one another in the proper order. Some sound discordant, (sour). There is actually a precise mathematical logic in melody. Music, this 'magical' element of human experience that can resonate directly, in one to one harmony, with our actual human emotions, is hewn from 'cold' mathematical (scientific) precision.  

All for One. One for All. 

This is a Moral and Spiritual Social Contract. It transcends the mere 'legal'. This contract is forged in both hearts and minds, (not merely in minds). This is CULTURE. Culture is hewn from biology but is a product of Reason. We humans are capable of using our human gift of Reason, the gift that raises us up from all the other beasts, to amend our primitive biological compulsions with Culture. Culture cannot 'erase', or 'replace' our biology. But it can give it form that allows us to live together in large organized groups. Culture is a set of moral/spiritul rules that transcend our primitive biological human tribalism. 

Civilization can only be built through Culture. The primitive animals we are, intent on having our Desire, intent of sating our primitive Appetites, are not capable of being civilized. We are only capable of tribalism. Civilization, (as far as we've accomplished it thus far), has been a creation of the Human Mind, not of our primitive biology. True Civilization is a moral and spiritual Culture, not merely primitive beasts, intent on Appetite alone, trying to live packed together under the authority of arbitrary power. 

Culture is moral. Culture is spiritual. Culture, derived from Reason, is rooted in the basic foundation of all human morality. 

Every human, every one of us, (almost 9 BILLION now) experiences 'reality' as a sharp distinct dichotomy between the Self, and everything that is not the Self, which, of course, in our human reality is primarily comprised of Everybody Else. 

Our biology determines this. We are EACH and every one of us a 'self' in a world of 'everybody else'. 

Paradox...Paradox....Always the Human Paradox....Desire and Reason are mortal enemies. Morality is a Higher Culture, a product of our Gift of Reason. But Morality is rooted in our most primitive animal Desire. Reason and Desire are constant enemies, but spiritual morality is where they meet and agree. 

The taproot of ALL human spiritual morality is that we, each of us a 'self', must treat 'everybody else',  that we must behave toward 'everybody else', as we, as a 'self' WANT everybody else to treat and behave toward us. Culture is made from Human Morality, and our Morality is where our primitive Desire cooperates with our higher Gift of Reason, to make Justice and Peace, to make Social Harmony, to make Human Civilization, possible. 

One for All. All for One. In THAT order.

This is as simple, and as infinitely complex, as E=mc2.

The collective, the group, the 'tribe', must revere each and EVERY individual, (All for One), or else the individuals will despise the collective. Human Social Harmony is derived from the agreement of individuals. Every 'self' must agree to revere the interests of 'everybody else'. (One for All). No power can force them. If 'everybody else' treats individual 'selfs' with disdain, the 'selfs' will despise 'everybody else'. No power, no deadly threat, can force the Human Spirit to foresake its own Desire, (it's own freedom). Civilization must be an act of each individual's own will. Only when the collective reveres EVERY individual, only THEN will individuals revere the collective.

True Democracy is a spiritual/moral contract, way-long before it is a mere legal contract. A legal contract alone, a mere 'constitution', canNOT create True Democracy.   

Caliban did not invent, or 'think up' this Unified Social Theory, of course. It's 'been around', in various forms, for a VERY long time. It was already very old when that fella' people call 'Christ' was preaching it. Mohammed preached the same. In one language or another, using one metaphorical concept or another, every human prophet, over all the millennia of Human History, has preached this same message. 

We ALL already have this 'ideology' embedded somewhere very deep within our own hearts and minds. It's there. Believe me. It is there within each of us. Many may have forgotten it. But it is THERE!

Why have so many forgotten what is so crucial for us to 'know'? The answer to that question is OBVIOUS. We, The People, the Common People, the nation's yeomen folk, have been DELIBERATELY rendered into much confusion, to a degree that we have lost direct access to much of what we ALL 'know' perfectly well.

People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.

"Here endeth the lesson", Malone said to Ness, (in self-mock arrogance).   

E=mc2 is a simple equation. It represents a 'Vision'. Einstein 'saw' it in a sudden "Aha! moment", after many years of laborious work. Many millions of words have been written and spoken trying to 'explain' it. A 'vision' is so simple to 'see', but VERY hard to 'explain' to those who don't yet 'see' it.

You will. Trust me. you will. I have faith in you. 

All for One. One for ALL. (More lessons to follow).


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (the old Webber Place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030