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ANYONE Besides Yourselves? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

Like ole Quijote, ('native' spelling), ole silverback ape-man Caliban is still ridiculously 'tilting at windmills'.
Mass Mob Hysteria always peters out. People simply cannot sustain that 'fever-pitch' degree of emotionality. When it does, the moment when people's emotions are completely 'spent', completely exhausted, can sometimes be the very moment when they are susceptible to actual genuine human communication. 

Not always, of course, or necessarily even often, but sometimes.

Caliban's post yesterday, to Left propaganda outlet, CommonDreams, brought a thoughtful response. It was from a person 'in denial' of obvious reality, but at least it was from someone making the effort to set aside her or his emotions to apply some semblance of Reason instead. It was from a person calling herself or himself SuspiraDeProfundis, which translates from Latin as "sighs from the depths", (and is the title of a noted mid-19th century essay by Thomas DeQuincy).

Hey ... Ole Caliban'll take anything I can get.

Copied below is my response, into the sighing depths, of the American Lynchob Left, that is dancing on the ends of its own Enemy's strings like a jerky 'marionette'.  

Hope all are well and strong,


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

Caliban's response to Mr. or Ms. SuspiraDeProfundis: 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Like many of the good folks on the Left, you don't seem to understand how 'politics' works. Folks is just folks, and we're ALL just poor dumb humans. No offense taken, or intended.  

The Police provide a society’s ‘enforcement’, (putting force behind), ‘branch’. The Police enforce that society’s mandates and priorities.

In a morally and spiritually depraved economy and political system, like ours, The Police enforce moral and spiritual depravity.

In a corrupt society, like ours, The Police enforce corruption.

So ... Does that mean that The Police are the Bad Guys? No ... They're just the hired help. Hired 'muscle'. 

[There's 'Dons' at the top. They 'meet' in various councils and ways. Violence often flares when 'council meetings' fail, (like between Trump and the other Elites now). Capo's below the various 'Dons'. Lieutenant's below them. 'Muscle' fills out the ranks at the bottom. Every Mafia-type 'syndicate', like the Elites who have captured control over our nation, is the same]. 

The Police ALSO enforce The Law. The Common People place a VERY high value on ‘Law and Order’, because the alternative is Social Chaos, which presents widespread DEADLY danger to ALL. (Mad Maxx, anyone?). 

Totalitarian dictators who can provide ‘order’, and a prosperous economy, are usually (almost always) very ‘popular’. Freedom of speech may not exist in China, for example, but in a booming growing economy, the Chinese government enjoys the STRONG support of the Chinese people.

Black against black crime in America, in general, and black against black killing in particular, dwarf police killing of blacks, or brutal police behavior toward blacks, like an elephant dwarfs a flea.

The people who have the least, Poor People, need the protection of The Police the MOST. Poor People, of any and EVERY race, who suffer MUCH more police violence than more affluent people, need the police the most because they live among other poor people, and other poor people present them with threatening danger. (Poverty does not make people 'noble'. Poverty degrades the human soul). When police come to help Poor People face the danger from other poor people, (when poor people call them), the police must apply force against the other poor people who are threatening them.

Keeping order among those who suffer the deadly and CONSTANT indignities of poverty, protecting Poor People from each other, is the primary reason that police come into contact with poor people.

Bad shit happens to poor people. Their race does NOT matter. The Police kill very nearly TWICE as many white people as black people because there are very nearly TWICE as many poor white people in our nation as poor black people. 16 million white people live below the official poverty line. 8.7 million blacks.

Most black folks are NOT poor. Programs like Affirmative Action have lifted MOST black folks out of poverty. 52% of African Americans are either upper middle class, or middle class. They drive nicer cars. They wear nicer clothes; they live in nicer houses; their kids go to better schools; than the millions upon teeming millions of their fellow citizens who live in poverty, almost HALF of whom (48%) are poor white people.

When these more prosperous 'people of color' see the flames glowing against the night sky, just a few blocks from where their children are sleeping, do you think their sympathies lie more with The Police, when they come to restore ‘order’, or with the crazed rioters running rampant?

People are motivated by their CLASS interests, MUCH more strongly than by their tribal loyalties. 

In the Floyd Case, the store clerk called police when an aggressively mean and nasty meth-junkie named George Floyd, drunk on his ass in the middle of the day, and sky-high on crystal, stole something from the store by using counterfeit money.

In the Brooks Case, the Wendy's manager called police when some drunk/stoned-ass fool fell asleep in his car in the drive through lane.

Store clerks at convenience stores, and 'night managers' at fast food places are often working for sub-living wages. If they are the shop owners themselves, competing against corporate behemoths, (or if they have become night-managers for a corporation), they are likely only eking out a living.

The people who called The Police for help when confronted by mean nasty meth-head junkie George Floyd, or when a drunk-stoned fool fell asleep in his car blocking traffic, were just working people trying to do their jobs and get through their shift.

When rioting breaks out, fear becomes widespread among the general population. When the police arrive, most ALL people are relieved that some force has come to re-establish ‘order’.

The LynchMob Left doesn’t seem to understand how ‘politics’ works in a democracy. The Left’s mob-howling to ‘defund the police’, is doing GREAT political damage to the Left.

Close all the prisons and jails? Release them all? Get rid of the police? When The Police are gone, us nice folks on the Left will stop our blatantly ugly hateful snarling and howling-out of our mob (politically correct) hatreds at anyone and everyone who disagrees with us about ANYTHING, and we’ll lead the nation into social harmony.

Yea ... Right ... Okey doke, then. "Ding!-Cuckoo! Ding!-Cukoo!" says the cukoo clock.

Do folks on the Left really hold the Common People in that degree of complete contempt? You think ‘the folks’ are THAT stupid? You aren't NEARLY as smart as you THINK you are. You're not fooling ANYONE, besides yourselves.

You think the Common People don’t ‘see’ the Left for the crazed howling 'elitist' mob, ('elitist' in complete contempt of the Common People), the LynchMob Left has made itself into?

If the Left had any self-awareness at ALL, (raging mobs are not known for self-reflection), it would know that it is politically alienating itself from the nation’s Common People. It is thus greatly weakening itself politically.

Medicare for All? Green New Deal? 


Race War is SO much more dramatic and 'fun'. The flames against the night sky? The raw thrill of imagined power, as the guttural howls escape each throat in growls, as each raises her or his voice with the howling mob, running rampant and ‘free’ in the night?

Let's see ... 237 million white people in the US ... 42 million black ... And the black folks DEMAND that all the white people literally bow down to them?

Yea … Right … Okey doke, then …

People on the Left are so far gone into howling Mass Mob Hysteria that they don’t even have ANY awareness at ALL how dingbat nutball that actually IS! (capital 'i', capital 's'). 

People who are shoulder to shoulder in mob howling hysteria, are simply not known for self-aware composure or self-reflection. LynchMob? What LynchMob? I don’t see any LynchMob around here? Anyone else in this Mob seen a LynchMob 'round here? (So saith our good citizen SuspirasDeProfundis, sighing from the profound depths).

Do you REALLY think you’re fooling anyone besides yourselves?

And meanwhile, back at the Goebbels Committee control room, the Mass Media Barons are already combing through the police reports and videos, looking for the next 'case' they can sensationalize into Mass Mob Hysteria, (by their reliable ally, the LynchMob Marionette Left). 

The Mass Media Barons will give the Left a 'couple minutes', or so, to catch its collective breath, before they send their loyal Left-Hounds off howling again.