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(1) Trans activists demanded that Target stop selling "Irreversible Damage – by Abigail Shrier"(2) ACLU lawyer seeks to ban book about Kids who Regret Tansitioning(3) Another biological male takes a woman’s crown(4) Cross dressing serial killer released(5) Pushback against Canadian conversion therapy ban(6) Biden’s transition lead supports "hate speech" laws and rethinking the First Amendment(7) Biden selecting racial minorities, people with disabilities and those who identify as LGBTQ(8) Antifa & BLM Violence against MAGA marchers; but anti-Trump protestors in 2016 were not attacked(1) Trans activists demanded that Target stop selling "Irreversible Damage – by Abigail Shrier"Last week, Target in the US succumbed to mob rule. They bowed down on the altar of political correctness by removing a perfectly reasonable book from their shelves.Trans activists demanded that Target stop selling "Irreversible Damage – by Abigail Shrier". A book of interviews compiled from victims of the radical agenda. The stories comprise testimonies of people pressured into trans treatments and many who regret it. Activists labelled the book ‘transphobic."Just one day after removing the book, @AskTarget reinstated the book, tweeting they wanted to ensure their customers are offered a broad assortments of books.Of course, the outrage mob reacted badly, hurling insults and demanding censorship.Thankfully, in this instance, Target are standing their ground and not giving in to cancel culture.All people with gender dysphoria, and all those concerned about the effects of radical gender activism, have a right to access as much information as possible. Let’s hope more companies refuse to appease the noisy activists and allow people to make up their own minds.Yours sincerely,Kirralie SmithBinary Spokeswoman(2) ACLU lawyer seeks to ban book about Kids who Regret Tansitioning 16, 2020Lauded ACLU lawyer wants to stop the circulation of book that documents kids who regret transitioningBy Didi RankovicPosted 6:15 amSilencing ideas instead of debating them.If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net. For an organization that refers to itself as an "ongoing champion of free expression," an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer has now chosen a strange hill to die on: stopping the circulation of books and ideas.The statement came from Chase Strangio, a lawyer with the nonprofit group, and was made in the context of the lawyer being transgender and their harsh criticism of a book written by Abigail Shrier on the rise of transgender transitioning and regret of some of those who transitioned at an early age.Whether this is ACLU’s official position remains unclear at this point, but Strangio’s stance is clear: Shrier’s book is dangerous because it might cause a debate and lead somebody to think they may not be transgender after all.Strangio wants to fight ideas and stop the circulation of books and that is the hill they will die on. [...]Because the book tackles an interesting phenomenon, a number of established journalists wanted to review it….[T]he issue has created surprising bedfellows. Religious conservatives are concerned about the trend—but so are lesbians, who look upon the shocking numbers of teen girls transitioning with abject alarm. Many suspect that all this transitioning of girls is effectively euthanizing a generation of young lesbians ….In any case, every major newspaper and legacy magazine summarily turned interested journalists down."Meanwhile, Shrier’s book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters" recently got removed from Target when the company acted on a report coming from an anonymous Twitter account and reinstated it soon after Reclaim The Net contacted Target over the censorship.(3) Another biological male takes a woman’s crown 12, 2020Another biological male has taken a crown intended for a woman.A transgender Filipino woman has made history after being the first to achieve the highly coveted title of Miss Intercontinental New Zealand 2020.Arielle Keil, 26, who was born in Davao City, Philippines as a boy named Andrew, but grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, underwent gender reassignment surgery earlier this year.Keil decided not to wait for a publicly funded transition and instead went to Thailand, paying $15,000 for a ‘top to bottom’ procedure. Keile is not the only biological male to enter a female beauty pageant.Ángela Maria Ponce Camacho became the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe contest after claiming the title of Miss Spain in 2018.Before that, one of Arielle's hero's Jenna Talackova, won a lengthy legal battle in 2012 which allowed her to compete in the Miss Canada pageant.Kirralie Smith, Binary spokeswoman, said it makes a mockery of women."Biological males do not have a lived experience as women. The changes they make are superficial - biologically, scientifically, they are still male. Males cannot become females. By all means enter transgender competitions, but leave women alone – in pageants, sport, changerooms, prisons, and all things intended for women."(4) Cross dressing serial killer released 13, 2020In a blow for the victim's families, a violent murderer has been released from prison.Cross-dressing serial killer Reginald Arthurell has been released from Long Bay prison after spending the last 23 years behind bars.The self confessed killer, 75, has told prison authorities he hopes to have a sex change and live the rest of his life as a woman.Over the last few years he has referred to himself as a female and asked to be referred to as a woman inside jail.In 1997 Arthurell was sentenced to 24 years jail for the brutal killing of church goer Venet Mulhall, who had allowed Arthurell to live with her after his release from jail for two other killings."How can we as a society allow a man who has killed at least three people and suspected of other unsolved murders out the streets is insane," Ms Mullhall’s brother Paul Quinn said.Not only has he been released, but as reported last month, he wants the tax-payer to fund his expensive transitioning treatments. <>(5) Pushback against Canadian conversion therapy ban 15, 2020Canada, like several states in Australia, is trying to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy.’ And like the bills here in Australia, conversion therapy is poorly defined and opens the way for even parents to be subject to criminal charges for offering supportive guidance to their own children.Bill C-6 creates five Criminal Code offences related to "conversion therapy" but fails to prohibit or even define abusive and coercive practices that Canadians would associate with the term "conversion therapy." Instead, Bill C-6 will criminalize legitimate medical, psychological and spiritual supports for people concerning their sexuality, their gender identity, or both.The Justice Centre explains that the Bill violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in four significant ways:The Bill imposes one narrow, ideological view of sexuality and gender, which violates the fundamental Charter freedom of Canadians to have their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions concerning sexuality and gender.Bill C-6 discriminates against LGBTQ persons by denying their equal right to receive the support or therapy of their own choosing concerning their sexuality, gender identity, sexual addictions and sexual behaviour.Bill C-6 removes the ability of health professionals and parents to determine treatments in the best interests of children who are experiencing gender distress, and instead imposes a one-size-fits-all treatment of psychological, hormonal and potentially surgical gender transition.Bill C-6 interferes severely with the teaching and practice of religious beliefs regarding sexuality and gender identity, and prevents religious LGBTQ persons from receiving support in accordance with their own religious faith. This violates the Charter freedom of religion and conscience, especially for LGBTQ Canadians, as well as LGBTQ equality rights.Breaking these laws could result in prison terms of 2-5 years!"With Bill C-6, the Federal Government is telling us that the only possible path for children who say they are transgender is the most extreme one, and anyone who provides an alternative approach, including their loving parents, could be charged with a criminal offence and face jail time," says Justice Centre staff lawyer Lisa Bildy. "The real ‘conversion therapy’ here will be the government’s funneling of young people down a path of social, medical, and potentially surgical transition into the opposite gender, when the vast majority would have simply grown into their natal gender through watchful waiting," Bildy concludes.Binary spokeswoman, Kirralie Smith, said ‘conversion therapy’ bans are unnecessary and dangerous."No one wants to see harmful or cruel practices carried out against anyone. Of course extreme measures must be outlawed, which mostly are under law anyway. All adults must have the choice as to whether or not to undergo what-ever therapy they choose. Parents should be able to nurture and care for their children without threats from the state about how to best raise their own children."(6) Biden’s transition lead supports "hate speech" laws and rethinking the First Amendment 16, 2020Joe Biden’s top state media transition lead supports "hate speech" laws and rethinking the First AmendmentBy Tom ParkerPosted 1:15 pmHe has also welcomed social media's censorship of President Trump and the use of government propaganda.If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net. Richard Stengel, the head of the Joe Biden transition team for US state media outlets, is an outspoken supporter of "hate speech" laws, social media censorship, and other means that restrict or editorialize people’s speech.Stengel was recently named on the Biden transition website as team lead for the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) – a US government-owned agency that’s responsible for operating several state-owned media outlets which include Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.USAGM also funds the Open Technology Fund which describes its mission as "support open technologies and communities that increase free expression, circumvent censorship, and obstruct repressive surveillance as a way to promote human rights and open societies."Yet Stengel’s past statements and roles show that he has a history of advocating for the suppression of speech based on censorship buzzwords such as hate speech, "disinformation," and "misinformation."In 2019, Stengel wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post titled "Why America needs a hate speech law." In the article, Stengel suggests that hate speech "undermines the values that the First Amendment was designed to protect" and calls for states to "experiment with their own version of hate speech statutes to penalize speech that deliberately insults people based on religion, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation."Stengel has also claimed that several of the President’s statements are hate speech and tweeted that if America were to adopt a hate speech law, "the President might be in violation of it."In addition to advocating for hate speech laws, Stengel has also called for a rethinking of the First Amendment.During a May 3, 2018 panel discussion at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Stengel stated: "I actually having once been almost a First Amendment absolutist, I’ve really moved my position on it because I just think for practical reasons and for society we have to kind of rethink some of those things."And during an MSNBC interview, Stengel claimed: "The First Amendment doesn’t protect false speech about a virus or false speech that endangers the health of your users."Stengel’s support for speech restrictions doesn’t end with his views on hate speech laws and the First Amendment.He has also cheered on Big Tech platforms’ censorship of President Trump and described their censorship of hate speech and misinformation as "fair."And during the same MSNBC interview where he claimed that the First Amendment doesn’t protect false speech that endangers health, Stengel said Facebook and Twitter need to be "even more vigilant" about taking down content and that "Google needs to be even more vigilant about what they prioritize in their search results rather than emotional and inflammatory conspiracy theories that get people’s eyes."Additionally, Stengel has worked closely with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab – a US think tank that helps Facebook take down what it deems to be "fake news." [...]Stengel’s appointment comes as the Biden campaign has put forward several other online censorship proposals. This month, it demanded more post-election Facebook censorship and last month, the Biden campaign revealed its plans to create a task force to crack down on online "harassment" and proposed an end to the online sale of firearms and ammunitions.Biden’s transition team is also filled with employees from Big Tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter. These companies have deployed unprecedented levels of censorship over the last few years, much of which has benefited Biden.(7) Biden selecting racial minorities, people with disabilities and those who identify as LGBTQ Hires Economic Team With Focus On Systemic Racismby Tyler DurdenMon, 11/16/2020 - 08:54Reflecting the influence that blacks, particularly black women, are expected to have in an administration that will feature the first female, and first black AND the first Indian vice president, the Biden team has already made a point to fill its transition team with minorities, moreso than any previous administration.According to Bloomberg, the Biden team has already selected dozens of progressive economists to help with the transition, including Mehrsa Baradaran, whose book "the Color of Money", is a critical text for contemporary left-wing economists. She's joined by Lisa Cook, an economist at Michigan State University, on the "landing team" for banking & securities regulators, including selecting potential new members of the Federal Reserve board of governors (for which there is presently one vacancy).They are among more than 500 experts who will be called upon to deliver an important racial "perspective" as Biden and his team hash out reforms related to health-care, housing and other issues.Unsurprisingly, the radical "economists" quoted in the Bloomberg story praised Biden's staffing decisions as an "incredible signal to the black community"."It’s an incredible signal to the Black community," said Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman, co-founder of the Sadie Collective, a nonprofit working to get more Black women in economics. "This administration is going to be focused on thinking about: 'How do we build up Black wealth? How do we close this racial wealth gap?'"The report arrives as policy makers, even typically-staid central bankers, are weighing in on issues like racial inequality like never before. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic, the first Black Fed president in the central bank’s 106-year history, says systemic racism is an economic and moral issue.In a move reminiscent of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who made a big deal out of the fact that he had selected Canada's first "gender-balanced" cabinet (only to be labeled a 'fake feminist'), Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris are going all in, making diversity the priority when it comes to building their team.While 50% of the Biden-Harris "landing team" will be made up of women, more than 40% of the administration's advisers are expected to be from outside groups that are historically underrepresented in the federal government, including racial minorities, people with disabilities and those who identify as LGBTQ."Having these individuals who are representative of their community in the actual room where they can voice their perspective and have their perspective actually translate to policy - it matters more than you think," Opoku-Agyeman said.Opoku-Agyeman added that she will be closely watching the Biden administration to see whether it makes good on its promise to enforce a progressive agenda. However, one name that didn't come up in the Bloomberg story was that of Stephanie Kelton, the former top economic advisor to Bernie Sanders' campaign. Kelton has become perhaps the best-known proponent of MMT in the US.The big question right now, though, is how might Biden react when these same advisors urge him to throw the full weight of his influence in supporting the Green New Deal?(8) Antifa & BLM Violence against MAGA marchers; but anti-Trump protestors in 2016 were not attacked Left’s Wanton Violence Against the MAGA MarchersA preview of what’s to come if Biden-Harris take over.Mon Nov 16, 2020 Joseph Klein 56We are already getting an early taste of what Biden-Harris’s America will look like. Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa thugs harassed, threatened and assaulted pro-Trump demonstrators, who had peaceably assembled on Saturday in the nation’s capital for what was billed as the Million MAGA March. The radical leftists are preparing to own the streets, forcing law abiding Americans to either kowtow to their demands or get out of the way.What a difference four years make. When Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, 'Not my president' marches took place across the country. The marches were loud, angry and unruly. Conservatives who witnessed the marches undoubtedly did not like what they were hearing and seeing, but they did not try to bully the protesters. They respected the First Amendment rights of those upset by the election’s outcome so long as the protesters expressed their views peacefully, which they not always did.Fast forward to 2020 when conservatives backing President Trump have cause to be upset about what many believe to have been a stolen election. Trump supporters organized protests, culminating on Saturday when thousands gathered in Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March. President Trump drove past and waved at the demonstrators at one point.The Trump supporters sang patriotic songs and exercised their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and voice their objections regarding how the presidential election was handled. But the radical leftists could not care less about the First Amendment except when it helps them. The BLM and Antifa radicals violently confronted the pro-Trump demonstrators as they were wrapping up the MAGA gathering and preparing to leave.The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura tweeted, "Multiple Trump supporters assaulted by pro-BLM supporters in Washington D.C. One of the supporters assaulted was brutally knocked out. The scene is chaotic right now #MillionMAGAMarch."Andy Ngô is a journalist who has reported extensively on Antifa’s violence. He was roughed up by Antifa thugs last year in Portland. Ngô tweeted  about the rioters’ unprovoked attacks on Saturday, including an attack on an elderly couple. Ngô wrote in one of his tweets, accompanied by a video of the incident, that a "BLM rioter rushes in and punches a woman in the back of the head as she’s walking away."A video posted on Twitter by NBC reporter Shomari Stone shows fireworks being hurled in the direction of Trump supporters while they were dining outside at a restaurant following the MAGA Million March.The D.C. police not only failed to intervene and protect the peaceful demonstrators from the rioters. As reported by Breitbart, the D. C. police blocked a safer route that the Trump supporters were trying to use to exit the area, forcing them "to walk through a gauntlet of BLM, Antifa, and black bloc assailants in order to leave the area."The Trump-hating mainstream media downplayed or distorted what happened. CNN, for example, ran a story entitled "MAGA March brings together Trump voters, far-right leaders and counterprotesters, ending in some clashes." CNN’s main takeaway was that "Saturday's rally illustrates the thinning of a line between the mainstream right and far-right extremists." CNN referred to smaller groups of "counter demonstrators" who had gathered "in support of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral victory." There was not a word said about Antifa or BLM specifically, not to mention their role in starting the "clashes." We can assume from CNN’s reporting that CNN believes Antifa and BLM agitators should be lumped in with the rest of the cadre of Biden supporters.Ellison Barber, a so-called "reporter" for MSNBC, tried to make herself the victim when she accused Trump supporters of  "chasing us as we walk further back," after some protesters began chanting "fake news" in her presence. Then she editorialized: "This gives you a sense of the crowd here. They have no intention of accepting the election results. And as you can tell from the jeering right now, not fans of ours, either." No to worry. MSNBC, like CNN, has plenty of fans on the far left.Andy Ngo warned that the "wanton violence in the nation’s capital" on Saturday "demonstrates that BLM-antifa is not going away. They’re emboldened. They are an existential threat to the Constitution & liberal democracy."The existential threat is coming not only from the wanton violence against law-abiding Americans that BLM and Antifa perpetrate. BLM is most likely going to be given the opportunity by the Biden-Harris administration to destroy our constitutional republic from within.Patrisse Cullors, one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, sent a letter recently to Biden and Harris claiming in effect to speak for all black people who voted for Biden. She requested a meeting to "discuss the expectations that we have for your administration and the commitments that must be made to Black people." According to Cullors, "The best way to ensure that you remedy past missteps and work towards a more just future for Black people—and by extension all people—is to take your direction from Black grassroots organizers that have been engaged in this work for decades, with a legacy that spans back to the first arrival of enslaved Africans. We look forward to meeting with you at your convenience to begin the immediate work of Black liberation."What is the ideology that Cullors would bring with her to a seat at the table in Biden’s White House? "We are trained Marxists," she has said.What is the BLM "agenda" that Cullors wants "to be prioritized?" It includes defunding the police.  According to Cullors, the "fight for black liberation" includes closing all federal prisons and immigration detention centers and dismantling Immigration and Customs Enforcement. She supports reparations for what she describes as "the historical pains and damage caused by European settler colonialism", including "financial restitution, land redistribution, political self-determination, culturally relevant education programs, language recuperation, and the right to return (or repatriation)." And, by the way, Cullors hates Israel and links the Palestinians' victimhood narrative with the suffering of black people in the United States.Assuming that Joe Biden succumbs to the pressure exerted by BLM and other progressive leftist movements that claim he is indebted to them for his victory, the left will have an inside track to enact their radical agenda. They will also have the BLM and Antifa shock troops to enforce their agenda and squelch any serious opposition.