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Caliban's Will, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril in Bleeding America:

Here it is. We all knew it was coming 'someday'. Now here it IS. 

Stalinist one-party fascism now openly intends to rule over America. 

In this mega-ironic American tragi-comedy, the Marionette Left, (aka: "progressives"), remain the Enemy's most crucial forces. They yet remain too stupid to understand that as soon as the Enemy no longer needs them, they will be 'eliminated'.

I'm getting several emails every day from the Orwellian-named Progressive Change Campaign Committee, (obviously a Democratic Party Machine 'front'). For my many international readers, most of us here in this now openly fascist nation know about this dangerous deadly "Drain the Traitors" campaign already. The entire world, (at least those not celebrating and dancing for joy), is aghast and fearful to see how full-blown 'crazed' our bleeding nation has become, while still controlling its arsenal of Humanity-ending nuclear weapons. People all over the world seem to appreciate getting Caliban's dispatches, as they huddle in fear and dread.

This PCCC "Drain the Traitors" campaign is obviously a 'big push'. Lotta money behind this Gestapo-precursor outfit. This is the full power of corporate America, the full power of amalgamated Capital, being brought to bear. 

This 'big push' is likely being directed by US Intelligence, (CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, etc), who are no doubt eager to fully exploit the Marionette Left's hysterical stupidity before those stupid delusional people start 'waking up' to the magnitude of their own delusional idiocy. 

Even AOC, a highly spirited young 'filly' who runs so well, (who can keep pace with every stallion perfectly well), has fully joined the Mass Mob Hysteria of the Marionette Left. I thought that girl had 'potential'. Since her election in '16, I have actually been enthusiastically promoting her as a person who could be POTUS in the 2030s, (but I generally added the caveat "if she matures").  

Obviously she hasn't 'matured' yet. 

Now I see that she is no more than a lady's version of an 'empty suit'. Hers are simply Versace, or Prada, rather than Brooks Brothers. She's a fraud who had obviously found her best 'calling' as a bartender in the Bronx. "Sandy from the block" (the vanity of female humans knows NO bounds) went to Washington, (just like ole Jimmy Stewart of yore), and found herself WAYY 'out of her element'. She obviously lacks the capacity to understand what is happening around her. She's just another stunningly beautiful girl, like every Miss America, sounding like the airhead she is, as she advocates for "World Peace" while she dances a sexy bikini-dance, like a kewpie doll marionette on the ends of her OWN Enemy's strings.

It seems that 'progressives', (a name that derives from the hope held by those who originally claimed it, that our nation would make 'progress' toward being a more just and truly democratic nation), have come to the conclusion that the best way to create 'democracy' in America is to prosecute and purge any who disagree with the Democratic Party Machine, from not just government, but from society itself. When all who disagree with the Stalinist DPM have been purged, then people like this stupid airhead AOC can clap their hands in stupid girlish pollyanna glee and play the really fun Pretend Democracy game. Once our nation has been fully reduced to a Stalinist one-party system, (with a weak nominal 'opposition'), Pretend Democracy will run MUCH more smoothly. 

And all these vain airhead Marionette Left idiots, who so stupidly fought to install their OWN Enemy in power, will then themselves be purged.

"When they came for the (fill in the blank yourselves), I said nothing. When they came for me there was no one left to say anything for me". What part of that lesson do stupid airhead 'bikini girls' like AOC, and the rest of the over-the-top STUPID Marionette Left, not understand? 

The Marionette Left is doing FAR worse than merely saying nothing. Like stupid cattle under their Enemy's yoke, they are actually laboring mightily to help their OWN fracking Enemy destroy them. 
Cancel culture. It's been well practiced. We all surely remember the shrieking, screeching, screaming wail of the #metoo Banshees and Harpies.  It's a version of the Salem witch hunts, or the Gestapo's reign of terror. The smell of burning flesh is already in the air. People have reportedly already lost their livelihoods. 

People have reportedly already been fired from their jobs. It's starting with the public sector. Police, teachers, and anyone in the vast government bureaucracy, who attended the January 6th Capitol demonstration, whether they entered the Capitol building or not, are reportedly being fired from their jobs. Full corporate power will make it harder and harder to make a living at ALL in America, for anyone who refuses to toe the DPM party-line. 

This PCCC Gestapo Committee is enlisting the full power of the American Imperial Corporate Establishment to purge citizens' representatives from Congress for daring to even cast a legal vote against them.  

We must recognize that this level of 'orchestration' is spectacularly impressive. Clearly the nation's most brilliant minds in mass psychology are 'advising' the Goebbels Committee. So far, events are unfolding exactly as planned by these deadly EVIL people.

They are defining 84 MILLION Americans, (including 14 million democrats, and another 14 million independents), who SAW the unfolding of this stinking corrupt election for what it WAS, (a stinking corrupt farce), as "traitors".

They are CRIMINALIZING any and ALL disagreement with the now overtly Stalinist DPM, (DemoPartyMachine).

It looks to me like they are DELIBERATELY provoking 'civil war'.

'List well, fellow citizens .. Caliban learned well from Gandhi-ji. The stupidest thing anyone among these 84 million patriots now being accused by the Stalinist DPM of being "traitors", could possibly do, is allow themselves to be provoked.

If we are going to organize a GENUINE 'resistance', (going beyond the silly-ass pink pussy hats, and the Sheepdog Bernie 'resistance'), our FIRST maxim to adopt is "Act don't React".

Do NOT allow your Enemy to control your actions, (which is what you do when you react to what your Enemy does). Engage your mind first. Then ACT! 

We need NOT do ANYTHING illegal. Doing ANYTHING illegal, anything at ALL, or even advocating doing anything illegal, is the stupidest thing we could possibly do.

We don't NEED to do anything illegal. The US Constitution gives the Common People ALL the power we need to prevail. 

I can't explain everything all at once. I'll do my best over time. Caliban has a plan that will prevail. Believe me, it WILL! 

THAT is 'Caliban's Will'.
The Enemy has stupidly acceded the moral high ground. It is the 'nature of the ground' that will carry us to victory.

The Enemy's acceding the moral high ground is an obvious indication that the Enemy is frightened and weak, (and KNOWS it!, they are self-aware in their frightened weakness). The Enemy would not have done what they are doing had they had ANY other options. These events are an OBVIOUS sign of their own self-aware fear and weakness.

A frightened enemy is a dangerous enemy. We must take GREAT care to not ourselves accede the moral high ground. That is the ONE prevailing advantage we now have. If we allow ourselves to be goaded into ANY unwise violence, or ANY other illegal activity, we will lose this dearly won moral high ground. 

Caliban has never mentioned Gandhi-ji much. The little man 'in diapers' who defeated the british Empire at the height of its power, had a few clever tricks up his sleeve, (er .. maybe in his diaper..LOL). We will defeat this evil Enemy using those same 'tricks'.  

Caliban KNOWS. I hope, over time, to reveal HOW I know, but it's complicated. It'll take time. For now, please believe me, Caliban KNOWS.

This DPM Coup will NOT stand. The Common People WILL prevail.

Be in good heart. Like ole Muhhamed Ali, (and his rope-a-dope), let the DPM have its victory mania. Like a stupid prize fighter with a very bad trainer, they will 'punch themselves out' in their orgies of naked repression. When their arms go dead in later rounds, (it took 8 for Ali to teach Foreman a lesson), THAT will be OUR time to punch back. 

Keeps you fists high to protect your head. Use your elbows and arms to absorb the body shots. We must bide our time. We will organize. We are defending True Democracy. The moral high ground is OURS. Trust in that. 

DON'T do anything to threaten our moral position. 

ACT! Use your minds. Control your own actions. When we REACT, we are allowing the Enemy to control us.

We WILL prevail. Caliban KNOWS. That is Caliban's Will. 

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