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Deal of the Century, from Ken Freeland

from shamireaders

A political prisoner in the United States with whom I maintain regular
correspondence recently wrote me the following message. I'm sharing it
for your consideration.



I was born in 1948. When the West conspired to steal the land of the
Palestinians and get rid of the Jews in Europe, they encouraged the
Eastern Europeans to "migrate" to Palestine and rob the Arabs there and
rid them of their land under many guises. The Eastern Europeans needed
many people to migrate to Palestine and justify their invasion. They
wanted all the Jews in the Arab world to migrate. Naturally the Jews
there refused as they were well protected and well treated ( in Iraq,
where I was born, they controlled the economy. Zablooq and Orozdi Pack
are examples. My mother, who was keen on circumcising all of us boys
children, will only go to a Jewish doctor to do the job). So, the
Eastern Europeans resorted to what they do best. They bombed their own
people in Baghdad to scare them to migrate blaming the Iraqis for that.
It worked. And most of the Jews left Baghdad regrettably, as they really
loved to be there ( they still do, just go to Broadway in NYC and see
for yourself).

I say this to relay to you what I heard from one of those who contacted
his family in Cairo to find out the truth about the recent  massacre in
Sinai where almost 500 people were murdered. It made no sense. I am told
that the village where they lived had a population of only few hundreds
people, meaning that most of the population were murdered. It was easy
to blame the "Muslims" for that. I wasn't buying it. It turned out that
the murderer was a guy by the name of Mohammad Dahlan. Dahlan is a
secular Palestinian kicked out for the Central Committee by Arafat and
later by M. Abbas for his treachery and cooperation with the Eastern
Europeans. He became a multimillionaire (how?) and is an "advisor" to
the ruler of UAE.

Trump wanted to solve the so called Israeli/Arab conflict. He calls it
the DEAL OF THE CENTURY. Whereby he will kick all the Egyptians from
Sinai and replace them with the Palestinian refugees so that Israel will
have no Arab problem on its hands. Naturally the Sinai Egyptians refused
to leave their homes, so they (Dahlan, Egyptian gov., Eastern Europeans
and Trump) wanted to scare these people into leaving so that
Palestinians will take their place. Not much different than what was
done in the 40's last century.