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Deep State & Media go berserk, from Peter Myers

Trump calls off Cold War II; Deep State & Media go berserk

(1) Jewish commentary on the Trump-Putin summit

(2) US Media goes berserk over Trump-Putin Press Conference; John Brennan calls it 'Treasonous'

(3) Deep State gets Trump to recant partially. But same deep State killed JFK - wsws

(4) Trump Calls Off Cold War II - Pat Buchanan

(5) Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

(6) ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’ - John McCain

(7) Putin refutes allegations in Fox interview with Chris Wallace

(8) Putin Confronts The American Dystopia - Paul Craig Roberts

(9) U.S. blew its 'unilateral moment'. Instead of making friends with Russia it drove it into China's hands

(10) Henry Kissinger 'advised Donald Trump to accept' Crimea as part of Russia

(11) The Vlad And Donald Show---A Glorious Blow For Peace! - David Stockman


(1) Jewish commentary on the Trump-Putin summit

by Peter Myers, July 20, 2018

My readers are finely attuned to Jewish politics. And whilst we know that the MSM is overwhelmingly Jewish-owned and operated, it's worth noting dissident Jewish voices too - lest we overstate the case.

Roger Cohen, of the New York Times, lambasts Trump; but NYU Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen sides with Trump, saying he is defusing the risk of nuclear war.

Henry Kissinger regards China as the emerging threat; he advised Trump to accept Crimea as part of Russia. (item 10).

David Stockman calls The Vlad And Donald Show 'A Glorious Blow For Peace!' (item 11).

The Trotskyist site wsws, probably Jewish, whilst generally hostile to Trump, is even more averse to the Deep State; which, it suggests, killed JFK. wsws are the only Trots to maintain such a position; most 'street' Trots follow Chomsky's Denialism, and backed CIA intervention in Libya & Syria. (item 3).

Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, also gives Trump the edge over the Deep State.

David Horowitz, formerly of the Far Left, sides with Trump, but has become a hardline Zionist.


(2) US Media goes berserk over Trump-Putin Press Conference; John Brennan calls it 'Treasonous'

US Media is Losing Its Mind Over Trump-Putin Press Conference

The media’s mania over Trump’s Helsinki performance and the so-called Russia-gate scandal reached new depths on Monday, says Joe Lauria

July 16, 2018, by Joe Lauria

Special to Consortium News

The reaction of the U.S. establishment media and several political leaders to President Donald Trump’s press conference after his summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday has been stunning.

Writing in The Atlantic, James Fallows said:

“There are exactly two possible explanations for the shameful performance the world witnessed on Monday, from a serving American president.

Either Donald Trump is flat-out an agent of Russian interests—maybe witting, maybe unwitting, from fear of blackmail, in hope of future deals, out of manly respect for Vladimir Putin, out of gratitude for Russia’s help during the election, out of pathetic inability to see beyond his 306 electoral votes. Whatever the exact mixture of motives might be, it doesn’t really matter.

Or he is so profoundly ignorant, insecure, and narcissistic that he did not  realize that, at every step, he was advancing the line that Putin hoped he would advance, and the line that the American intelligence, defense, and law-enforcement agencies most dreaded.

Conscious tool. Useful idiot. Those are the choices, though both are possibly true, so that the main question is the proportions … never before have I seen an American president consistently, repeatedly, publicly, and shockingly advance the interests of another country over those of his own government and people.”

As soon as the press conference ended CNN cut to its panel with these words from TV personality Anderson Cooper: “You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader, surely, that I’ve ever seen.”

David Gergen, who for years has gotten away with portraying himself on TV as an impartial political sage, then told CNN viewers:

“I’ve never heard an American President talk that way but I think it is especially true that when he’s with someone like Putin, who is a thug, a world-class thug, that he sides with him again and again against his own country’s interests of his own institutions that he runs, that he’s in charge of the federal government, he’s in charge of these intelligence agencies, and he basically dismisses them and retreats into this, we’ve heard it before, but on the international stage to talk about Hillary Clinton’s computer server …”

“It’s embarrassing,” interjected Cooper.

“It’s embarrassing,” agreed Gergen.

Cooper: “Most disgraceful performance by a US president.”

White House correspondent Jim Acosta, ostensibly an objective reporter, then gave his opinion: “I think that sums it up nicely. This is the president of the United States essentially taking the word of the Russian president…over his own intelligence community. It was astonishing, just astonishing to be in the room with the U.S. president and the Russian president on this critical question of election interference, and to retreat back to these talking points about DNC servers and Hillary Clinton’s emails when he had a chance right there in front of the world to tell Vladimir Putin to stay the HELL out of American democracy, and he didn’t do it.”

In other words Trump should just shut up and not question a questionable indictment, which Acosta, like nearly all the media, treat as a conviction.

The Media’s Handlers

The media’s handlers were even worse than their assets. Former CIA director John Brennan tweeted: “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors,.’ It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

Here’s where the Republican Patriots are, Brennan: “That’s how a press conference sounds when an Asset stands next to his Handler,” former RNC Chairman Michael Steele tweeted.

Representative Liz Cheney, the daughter of the former vice president, said on Twitter: “As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, I am deeply troubled by President Trump’s defense of Putin against the intelligence agencies of the U.S. & his suggestion of moral equivalence between the U.S. and Russia. Russia poses a grave threat to our national security.”

All these were reactions to Trump expressing skepticism about the U.S. indictment on Friday of 12 Russian intelligence agents for allegedly interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election while he was standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the press conference following their summit meeting in Helsinki.

“I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be” Russia, Trump said. “I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

The indictments, which are only unproven accusations, formally accused 12 members of the GRU, Russian military intelligence, of stealing Democratic Party emails in a hacking operation and giving the materials to WikiLeaks to publish in order to damage the candidacy of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. The indictments were announced on Friday, three days before the summit, with the clear intention of getting Trump to cancel it. He ignored cries from the media and Congress to do so.

Over the weekend Michael Smerconish on CNN actually said the indictments proved that Russia had committed a “terrorist attack” against the United States. This is in line with many pundits who are comparing this indictment, that will most likely never produce any evidence, to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. The danger inherent in that thinking is clear.

Putin said the allegations are “utter nonsense, just like [Trump] recently mentioned.” He added: “The final conclusion in this kind of dispute can only be delivered by a trial, by the court. Not by the executive, by the law enforcement.” He could have added not by the media.

Trump reasonably questioned why the FBI never examined the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee to see whether there was a hack and who may have done it. Instead a private company, CrowdStrike, hired by the Democratic Party studied the server and within a day blamed Russia on very dubious grounds.

“Why haven’t they taken the server?” Trump asked. “Why was the FBI told to leave the office of the Democratic National Committee? I’ve been wondering that. I’ve been asking that for months and months and I’ve been tweeting it out and calling it out on social media. Where is the server? I want to know, where is the server and what is the server saying?”

But being a poor communicator, Trump then mentioned Clinton’s missing emails, allowing the media to conflate the two different servers, and be easily dismissed as Gergen did.

At the press conference, Putin offered to allow American investigators from the team of special counsel Robert Mueller, who put the indictment together, to travel to Russia and take part in interviews with the 12 accused Russian agents. He also offered to set up a joint cyber-security group to examine the evidence and asked that in return Russia be allowed to question persons of interest to Moscow in the United States.

“Let’s discuss the specific issues and not use the Russia and U.S. relationship as a loose change for this internal political struggle,” Putin said.

On CNN, Christiane Amanpour called Putin’s clear offer “obfuscation.” ...

But there is a simple explanation why establishment journalists are in unison in their dominant Russian narrative: it is career suicide to question it.

As Samuel Johnson said as far back as 1745: “The greatest part of mankind have no other reason for their opinions than that they are in fashion …since vanity and credulity cooperate in its favour.” ...

(3) Deep State gets Trump to recant partially. But same deep State killed JFK (wsws are the only Trots to admit it)

Under massive pressure, Trump backpedals on Russia “meddling,” by Andre Damon

18 July 2018

Speaking at the White House Tuesday, US President Donald Trump attempted to walk back statements he made just 24 hours earlier at his summit in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he questioned claims by US intelligence agencies that the Russian government “meddled” in the 2016 election.

Trump’s about-face followed a full-court-press campaign by all US media outlets, the US intelligence agencies, the Democrats, and leading figures in the Republican Party, who demanded that he reaffirm the US government’s confrontational stance toward the world’s second most powerful nuclear power.

In the weeks leading up to Trump’s meeting with Putin, the Democrats treated him like an invincible colossus. It was impossible, they said, to seriously oppose his reactionary Supreme Court nominee, and nothing could be done to hold him to account for his criminal policy of breaking up refugee families, which was called child torture by the United Nations.

In fact, the Senate had just voted, overwhelmingly, to approve his massive Pentagon budget increase, which included provisions for keeping open the Guantanamo Bay prison camp and allowing the fascistic demagogue to proceed with his unprecedented military parade in Washington.

But the moment Trump did something that cut across a central pillar of American foreign policy, the Democrats and the media ferociously sprang into action.

Trump’s questioning of the unproven narrative of the intelligence agencies was met with absolute hysteria and the implication that anyone failing to hold their unproven allegations as incontestable is nothing but a Russian agent.

In the postwar period, even within the tradition of American liberalism, the activities of the FBI and CIA were always treated with extreme skepticism: as enormous and real threats to the survival of American democracy.

For nearly half a century, it was recalled, J. Edgar Hoover ran a police state-within-a-state through the FBI. The FBI and CIA, functioning as a law unto themselves, spied on and blackmailed American political figures, carried out coups around the world and were widely believed to have been involved in the assassination of an American president.

The Watergate scandal, the Church Commission of the 1970s and the Iran-Contra scandal, not to mention the intelligence agencies’ role in fabricating the “evidence” of weapons of mass destruction ahead of the invasion of Iraq, their criminal mass domestic surveillance and their role in drone murder, made clear that these are criminal organizations, willing to use any means to expand their own power at the expense of democracy.

But now, these organizations have been elevated by the media into America’s quintessential guardians, and their word declared to be the gospel truth. Any discussion of their role in torture, domestic spying and drone assassinations has been shelved.

Trump was denounced as a traitor, in language that seemed to invite a military coup. His conduct was squarely declared “unacceptable” and he was, so to speak “shown the instruments.” The warning last year by Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, “You take on the intelligence community—they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” was demonstrated in practice.

Faced with implacable and universal pressure from within the political and media establishment, as well the military and intelligence apparatus, Trump was forced to beat a retreat.

This entire sordid episode expresses the degree to which there is overwhelming institutional commitment within the US ruling elite for conflict with Russia, if necessary to the point of nuclear war. This war drive, which aims at the transformation of Russia into what is for all intents and purposes a colony of American imperialism, has become an unchallengeable pillar of American foreign policy. Trump can commit any violation of human rights, can traduce constitutional norms at will, but he may not question this axial precept of American politics.

The universality with which this argument is accepted within the US political establishment makes clear, as the WSWS has long insisted, that there exists no constituency for democracy within the American ruling elite. ...


(4) Trump Calls Off Cold War II - Pat Buchanan

Monday - July 16, 2018 at 11:24 pm

Beginning his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, President Trump declared that U.S. relations with Russia have “never been worse.”

He then added pointedly, that just changed “about four hours ago.”

It certainly did. With his remarks in Helsinki and at the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump has signaled a historic shift in U.S. foreign policy that may determine the future of this nation and the fate of his presidency.

He has rejected the fundamental premises of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and blamed our wretched relations with Russia, not on Vladimir Putin, but squarely on the U.S. establishment.

In a tweet prior to the meeting, Trump indicted the elites of both parties: “Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!”

Trump thereby repudiated the records and agendas of the neocons and their liberal interventionist allies, as well as the archipelago of War Party think tanks beavering away inside the Beltway.

Looking back over the week, from Brussels to Britain to Helsinki, Trump’s message has been clear, consistent and startling.

NATO is obsolete. European allies have freeloaded off U.S. defense while rolling up huge trade surpluses at our expense. Those days are over. Europeans are going to stop stealing our markets and start paying for their own defense.

And there will be no Cold War II.

We are not going to let Putin’s annexation of Crimea or aid to pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine prevent us from working on a rapprochement and a partnership with him, Trump is saying. We are going to negotiate arms treaties and talk out our differences as Ronald Reagan did with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Helsinki showed that Trump meant what he said when he declared repeatedly, “Peace with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

On Syria, Trump indicated that he and Putin are working with Bibi Netanyahu, who wants all Iranian forces and Iran-backed militias kept far from the Golan Heights. As for U.S. troops in Syria, says Trump, they will be coming out after ISIS is crushed, and we are 98 percent there.

That is another underlying message here: America is coming home from foreign wars and will be shedding foreign commitments.


(5) Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

written by daniel mcadams

tuesday july 17, 2018

Former CIA director John Brennan thinks President Trump's meeting with Russian president Putin is "treasonous" and he -- disturbingly -- warns him to "stop it."

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) actually calls for the military to move against its commander in chief, who he claims is "in the hands of our enemy." Others have called the Trump-Putin meeting "another Pearl Harbor." The mainstream media churns out exactly the same headline: Trump threw the intelligence community under the bus" by meeting with Putin and expressing skepticism over claims that the Russians hacked the 2016 US presidential election. ...


(6) ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’ - John McCain

‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’: John McCain’s excoriation of Trump on Russia, annotated By Amber Phillips July 16 at 3:11 PM Email the author

Sen. John McCain. (Tasos Katopodis/AFP/Getty Images) President Trump is facing a barrage of bipartisan criticism after his largely friendly summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hands down, one of the harshest criticisms comes from a leader of his own party, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). McCain issued a statement hours after Trump and Putin gave a joint news conference, calling Trump's performance “disgraceful.”

McCain, who is at home in Arizona battling brain cancer, is Trump's leading GOP antagonist. He has issued several takedowns of Trump's worldview over the past year. But McCain's statement on Trump's performance in Helsinki is so blistering that it stands alone and is worth spending time on. Here's the full statement, annotated. Click on the highlighted text to read the annotations:

“Today’s press conference in Helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory. The damage inflicted by President Trump’s naivete, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate. But it is clear that the summit in Helsinki was a tragic mistake.

“President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin. He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world." ...


(7) Putin refutes allegations in Fox interview with Chris Wallace

‘Don’t hold US-Russia ties hostage to internal politics’: 5 takeaways from Putin’s Fox interview

17 Jul, 2018

US media have blasted President Donald Trump for not properly confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit. In an exclusive interview, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace tried to do just that.

Wallace’s one-on-one interview with Putin was recorded immediately following the Helsinki summit and aired during the Bret Baier Special Report on Monday evening. Doing what many lawmakers and media figures in the US said Trump should have done at the summit, Wallace asked Putin if Russia had interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.

The Russian state did not do anything of the sort, Putin said, wondering if Americans really believed that someone from Russia could influence their opinions and the presidential election. He then turned the tables on Wallace, asking if there was anything untrue in what the documents from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computers and the email account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, had revealed.

“As far as I recall, the leadership of the [Democratic] party executive bodies resigned, thus admitting to that fact [of manipulations in favor of Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.] I believe this is the most important thing. There is nothing false in the information I’m aware of.”

Wallace presented Putin with the 29-page indictment of a dozen Russians, said to be military intelligence agents, issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Friday. Without touching the document, Putin asked the anchor to leave it on the side of the table.

Why would Mueller issue the indictment just three days before the summit, asked Wallace.

“I’m not in the least bit interested,” answered Putin. “Those are internal political games of the US. Don’t hold the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to this internal political struggle. It’s quite clear to me that this is used in the internal political struggle. And it’s nothing to be proud of for American democracy, because using law enforcement agencies in a political rivalry is inadmissible."

Putin pointed out that Mueller’s previous indictment, against 13 Russians and a catering company, was being contested in a US court, which “has not discovered any trace of interference whatsoever.”

Furthermore, he brought up the 1999 treaty on law enforcement cooperation between the US and Russia, under which Mueller could arrange to have the 12 questioned in Russia, with the presence of his prosecutors.

“Why wouldn’t Special Counsel Mueller send us an official request within the framework of this agreement?” Putin asked. “No one has sent us a letter or a request. I’m puzzled why.”

Kompromat on Trump

Wallace also voiced the question that was on the lips of all mainstream US media on Monday: Was Trump so reluctant to criticize Putin because Russia had some sort of dirt on him?

Presidents have better things to do than fly all the way to Helsinki just to trade insults, Putin pointed out. “We met to try and find a way to improve our relationship,” he said.

He also laughed off the idea of Russia having any compromising material on Trump.

“We don’t have anything on him. There can’t be anything on him. I don’t want to insult President Trump by saying this, and this may come off as rude, but before he announced he would run for presidency, he was of no interest to us.”

While Trump was a billionaire, there are plenty of wealthy people in the US, and it never occurred to anyone he might run for political office, the Russian president added. At the most recent International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, there were 500 business leaders, many of greater caliber than Trump was before he became president, Putin pointed out.

“Do you think our special services organized surveillance of each and every one of them? Unlike the US, we don’t do that. We don’t have the resources, the manpower, to spy on everyone,” Putin said. “It’s clear we did nothing of the kind against Mr. Trump.”

NATO and military exercises

If NATO were to extend membership invitations to Ukraine or Georgia, how will Russia respond, asked Wallace.

“Negatively,” Putin replied, explaining that NATO expansion on the Russian border is “a direct and immediate threat to our national security.”

Yet the matter of NATO canceling its major military exercises in Eastern Europe, the way Trump did in a gesture of goodwill to North Korea in June, was never brought up at the summit, Putin said.

What happened to you?

Wallace reminded Putin that he had been elected as a democrat and a reformer back in 2000, asking, “What happened?”

“Nothing changed about me. I am the same as I always was,” Putin replied, adding that  Russia has had to react to a change in behavior by the West, from the NATO expansion eastward and the US withdrawal from the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) treaty, the 1999 NATO attack on Yugoslavia, the Magnitsky Act expanding US laws beyond its borders, and the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

“It wasn’t us who organized an armed coup and the government’s overthrow in violation of the Ukrainian constitution. It wasn’t us giving out cookies to rebels on city squares,” Putin said.

Putin said. “Nothing happened to me. What happened to the West, I’d like to know.”

A good start

Asked if the summit was a turning point in Western efforts to isolate Russia, Putin said that such efforts had already failed. Between Russia’s sheer size and contribution to the global energy market, it is “too big to be isolated,” he added.

The West and Russia should stop fighting one another and look for ways to address common challenges.

“We did make a good start today,” Putin said.

(8) Putin Confronts The American Dystopia - Paul Craig Roberts

Putin Confronts The American Dystopia

Paul Craig Roberts

July 17, 2018

We have to hand it to Putin. He is the best that there is. Note the ease with which he mopped up the floor with that idiot Chris Wallace.

What is wrong with the US media that it cannot produce a second competent journalist as company for Tucker Carlson? Why are America’s remaining good journalists, such as Chris Hedges, now in the alternate media?

All I can say, and Putin probably already knows it, is that there is more going on than presstitutes holding the relationship between Russia and the US hostage to an internal political struggle between the Democratic Party and President Trump. It is not just that the corrupt US media is serving as propagandists for the Democratic Party against President Trump. The presstitutes are serving the interest of the military/security complex, which has ownership interests in the highly concentrated US media, to keep Russia positioned as the enemy that justifies the huge $1,000 billion budget of the military/security complex. Without the “Russian enemy,” what is the justification for such a waste of money when so many real needs go underfunded and unfunded? [...]

How much proof do you want? Here is presstitute Michelle Goldberg writing in the New York Times that “Trump shows’s the world he’s Putin’s lacky.” The presstitute says she is “staggered by the American president’s slavish and toadying performance.” Apparently Goldberg thinks Trump should have beaten up Putin.

The Washington Post, formerly a newspaper, now a sick joke, alleged that “Trump just colluded with Russia. Openly.”

It is not only the presstitutes. It is the so-called experts, such as Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, a self-important group, financed by the military/security complex, that presides over American foreign policy. Haass, sticking to the official military/security line, declared erroneously: “International order for 4 centuries has been based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect for sovereignty. Russia has violated this norm by seizing Crimea and by interfering in the 2016 US election. We must deal with Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.”

What is Haass talking about? What respect for sovereignty does Washington have? Surely Haass is familiar with the ruling neoconservative doctrine of US world hegemony. Surely Haass knows that the orchestrated troubles with Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Russia, and China are due to Washington’s resentment of their sovereignty. What is Washington’s unilateralism about if Washington respects the sovereignty of countries? Why does Washington want a unipolar world if Washington respects the sovereignty of other countries? It is precisely Russia’s insistance on a multi-polar world that has Russia in the propaganda crosshairs. If Washington respects sovereignty, why does Washington overthrow countries that have it? When Washington accuses Russia of being a threat to world order, Washington means that Russia is a threat to Washington’s world order. Is Haass demonstrating his idiocy or his corruption?

As the American media has conclusively proven that it has no independence but is a mouthpiece for Democrats and corporate interests, it should be nationalized. The American media is so compromised that nationalization would be an improvement.

The armaments industry should also be nationalized. Not only is it a power greater than the elected government, it also is vastly inefficient. The Russian armaments industry with a tiny fraction of the US military budget produces far superior weapons. As President Eisenhower, a Five-Star General, said, the military-industrial complex is a threat to American democracy. Why are the presstitute scum so worried about non-existant Russian interference when the military/security complex is so powerful that it can actually substitute itself for the elected government?

There was a time when the Republican Party represented the interests of business, and the Democratic Party represented the interests of the working class. That kept America in balance. Today there is no balance. Since the Clinton regime, the rich one percent has been getting vastly richer, and the 99 percent has been getting poorer. The middle class is in serious decline.

The Democrats have abandoned the working class, which Democrats now dismiss as “Trump deplorables,” and support instead the divisiveness and hatreds of Identity Politics. At a time when the American people need unity to stand up to warmongering and greed, there is no unity. Races and genders are taught to hate one another. It is everywhere you look.

Compared to the America I was born into, the America of today is fragile and weak. The only effort at unity is to create unity that Russia is the enemy. It is just like George Orwell’s 1984. In other aspects the current American dystopia is worse than the one Orwell described.

Try to find an American public or private institution that is worthy of respect, that is honorable, that respects truth, that is compassionate and strives for justice. What you find in place of compassion and demand for justice are laws that punish if you criticize the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians or leak information showing the felonies committed by the US government. With all of their institutions corrupted, the American people become corrupted as well. Corruption is what the young are born into. They know no different. What future is that for America?

How can Russia, China, Iran, North Korea reach a compromise with a government that does not know the meaning of the word, a government that requires submission and when submission is not given destruction follows as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen learned.

Who would be so foolish as to trust an agreement with Washington? ...

(9) U.S. blew its 'unilateral moment'. Instead of making friends with Russia it drove it into China's hands

Helsinki Talks - How Trump Tries To Rebalance The Global Triangle

July 17, 2018

The reactions of the U.S. polite to yesterday's press conference of President Trump and President Putin are highly amusing. The media are losing their mind. Apparently it was Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin and 9/11 all in one day. War will commence tomorrow. But against whom?

Behind the panic lie competing views of Grand Strategy. ...

The 'liberal' side of the U.S. did its best to prevent the summit. The recent Mueller indictment was timed to sabotage the talks. Before the meeting in Helsinki the New York Times retweeted its three weeks old homophobic comic flick that shows Trump and Putin as lovers. It is truly a disgrace for the Grey Lady to publish such trash, but it set the tone others would follow. After the press conference the usual anti-Trump operatives went ballistic: ...

Senator John McCain released a scathing statement:

“No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant. Not only did President Trump fail to speak the truth about an adversary; but speaking for America to the world, our president failed to defend all that makes us who we are—a republic of free people dedicated to the cause of liberty at home and abroad."

These imbeciles do not understand the realism behind Trump's grand policy. Trump knows the heartland theory of Halford John Mackinder. He understands that Russia is the core of the Eurasian landmass. That landmass, when politically united, can rule the world. A naval power, the U.S. now as the UK before it, can never defeat it. Trump's opponents do not get what Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Advisor of President Carter, said in his book The Grant Chessboard (pdf) about a Chinese-Russian alliance. They do not understand why Henry Kissinger advised Trump to let go of Crimea. ...

Brzezinski's view of Russia was always clouded. His family of minor nobles has its roots in Galicia, now in west Ukraine. They were driven from Poland when the Soviets extended their realm into the middle of the European continent. To him Russia will always be the antagonist.

Kissinger's view is more realistic. He sees that the U.S. can not rule alone and must be more balanced in its relations:

[I]n the emerging multipolar order, Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium, not primarily as a threat to the United States.

Kissinger is again working to divide Russia and China. But this time around it is Russia that needs to be elevated, that needs to become a friend.

Trump is following Kissinger's view. He wants good relations with Russia to separate Russia from China. He (rightly) sees China as the bigger long term (economic) danger to the United States. That is the reason why he, immediately after his election, started to beef up the relations with Taiwan and continues to do so. (Listen to Peter Lee for the details). That is the reason why he tries to snatch North Korea from China's hands. That is the reason why he makes nice with Putin. ...

For now Trump's view is winning. But the lunatic reactions to the press conference show that the powers against him are still strong. They will sabotage him wherever possible. The big danger for now is that their view of the world might again raise to power.

Posted by b on July 17, 2018 at 07:41 AM


(10) Henry Kissinger 'advised Donald Trump to accept' Crimea as part of Russia

Henry Kissinger has 'advised Donald Trump to accept' Crimea as part of Russia

The 93-year-old veteran envoy has made several visits to Trump Tower

Andrew Buncombe

Tuesday 27 December 2016 16:34

Is the veteran US diplomat Henry Kissinger working to secure a rapprochement between the US and Moscow by pushing for an end to sanctions in exchange for the removal of Russian troops from eastern Ukraine?

A flurry of reports suggest the 93-year-old diplomat is positioning himself as a intermediary between Vladimir Putin and President-elect Donald Trump. He has publicly praised Mr Trump, and traveled to Trump Tower in New York to offer his counsel built on decades of lobbying and diplomacy.

A report in the German tabloid Der Bild headlined ‘Kissinger to prevent new Cold War’, claimed the former envoy was working towards a new relationship with Russia.

This would involve the US accepting that Crimea, a Ukrainian territory that Russia seized in March 2014, now belongs to Moscow. In exchange, Russia would remove troops and military supplies to rebels in eastern Ukraine which have fighting a war against the Ukrainian government.

The report did not provide details, but claimed that “sources” said that Mr Kissinger was drawing up a “master plan” for Ukraine. ...


(11) The Vlad And Donald Show---A Glorious Blow For Peace! - David Stockman

By David Stockman. Posted On Monday, July 16th, 2018

The Vlad and Donald show in Helsinki Monday was simply brilliant and breathtaking – we’d say even a beautiful thing to behold.

Between them, they left CNN’s nattering nabobs of neocon nonsense sounding like the shrieking monkeys they actually are. And that’s to say nothing of the fools they made out of the newly minted liberal and progressive warmongers on the Dem side of the aisle in Washington or the so-called journalists who fill 90% of the space in the so-called mainstream media with endless pro-war propaganda.

But most of all it was the single greatest blow to the War Party since it turned Imperial Washington into a colossal menace bent on global hegemony when the Soviet Union slithered off the pages of history in 1991.

We have said all along that Putin and Russia have been demonized because the Warfare State desperately needs an "enemy" to justify its $800 billion annual mugging of America’s taxpayers. Yet today’s spontaneous chorus by the two leaders in behalf of détente, dialogue and diplomacy puts the kibosh on that Big Lie more completely than could 100 Ted Talks or a year’s worth of pro-peace op eds in the Washington Post.

So Flyover America will have no trouble seeing the good of the Helsinki Summit. Trump and Putin just killed it on every topic where the War Party and its shills in the press wanted to drive a wedge.

That is to say, cooperation on Syria, arms control, terrorism, North Korea, Ukraine; friendly competition on supplying natural gas to Europe; an invitation to Mueller to send his legal sleuths to Russia to participate in the interrogation of the 12 GRU ham sandwiches named in the indictment; and best of all, a reciprocal notion that Russian prosecutors come here to question Deep State operatives about how they helped one of the greatest scoundrels of modern times, Bill Browder, abscond from Russia with almost $1.5 billion skimmed from its people and on which he and his posse paid zero taxes either there or here.

Indeed, the debunking of the false mainstream narrative about Russia’s nefarious intentions and doings was so complete that the Deep State apparatchiks were reduced to sputtering hysterically. For instance, here is the bile issued by the central architect of the Russian collusion lie, former CIA director John Brennan:

Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???

Then again, when you actually read the transcript of the joint press conference, you will find the very words, phrases and tonalities that harken back to the courageous efforts of liberal democrats like Senators George McGovern and Frank Church and even President Jimmy Carter to promote diplomacy and détente during the height of the Cold War confrontation when each side had 9,000 nuclear warheads on hair-trigger alert.

And exactly what was John Brennan doing circa 1976?

Why, he voted for the communist candidate for President, Gus Hall, because he thought Jimmy Carter was too much of a cold warrior!

In other words, the guy is a demented partisan hack who arose to power during a 25 year career in the CIA that began in 1980, and during which he sold his soul to the Warfare State in pursuit of position, power and pelf.

But beyond our joy in hearing the gaskets popping all over the Imperial City we can say this: In the course of that press conference the Donald threw down the gauntlet to the Deep State in a manner so explicit and unequivocal that there is now no turning back.

Either he will rally the undoubtedly dazed GOP troops on Capitol Hill and his base in behalf of rapprochement with Russia and an end Washington’s arrogant Imperial hegemony – or they will indeed put him on the Dick Nixon Memorial Helicopter for a final ride to Gonesville.

At the point we are at a loss – 50 years of studying the Imperial City notwithstanding – to know which way it will go.

But we have no doubt that the Deep State and its shills, assigns and nomenklatura throughout the Imperial City will now escalate their war against the Donald to red hot intensity. The signal for that was in the very first words that came off Anderson Cooper’s viperous tongue the instant the press conference was finished:

“You have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader, that I have ever seen”.

But just call it fever pitch on steroids. That’s the condition that CNN had already worked itself into after a full weekend of near-hysterical gumming about Robert Mueller’s latest gambit.

We are referring, of course, to his Friday indictment of 12 alleged election meddlers slathered in Russian dressing.

But wasn’t that just another Deep State "insurance policy"?

Wasn’t that a desperate, bald-faced effort to sabotage today’s summit in Helsinki?

After all, why did these indictments come down on Friday afternoon July 13?

Did Mueller and Rosenstein need to hurry-up their indictments and make lightening perp-walk style arrests so that their targets wouldn’t flee the country in the dead of night?

Not at all. The 12 indictees were already long gone. In fact, these particular Russians were never here, if they actually exist at all.

So let’s call a spade a spade. Friday afternoon’s action by his own Justice Department was a brazen shot across Donald Trump’s bow by the Deep State the likes of which we have never before seen; and which after today’s rebuke of its entire false RussiaGate narrative will undoubtedly prove to be a mere token of the pounding attacks yet to come.

Even then, Friday’s bald-faced attempt to sabotage the summit in itself raises deeply troubling questions about whether even the veneer of democratic self-government has much shelf-life left in America.

That’s because Friday’s theatrics amounted to a frontal attempt to nullify the 2016 election. If the Donald said anything about his agenda during the 2016 campaign that was remotely coherent (besides building the Mexican Wall) it was that he would seek a rapprochement deal with Putin.

Needless to say, the War Party is dead set against constructive engagement with Russia because the Fake Enemy represented by its risible demonization of Putin is literally its authorization to continue squandering $800 billion per year on "national security"; and that, in turn, is the very lifeblood of Imperial Washington’s malodorous prosperity.

So what happened even before today’s press conference demarche was a profoundly anti-democratic and unconstitutional attempt by the permanent government to thwart Trump’s effort to pursue his self-evident mandate from the US electorate.

But for crying out loud. Friday’s indictment of 12 ham sandwiches from the GRU (Russian military security agency) had nothing to do with justice or Mueller’s mandate; and even less so with genuine national security.

As to the former, there will never be any arrests, let alone a trial or conviction. That’s because the source of the purported "evidence", memorialized in the indictment’s 29 pages of spurious exactitude, is presumably classified and would never be presented in open court.

Indeed, the CNN bobbleheads are always remonstrating about the sanctity of the rule of law, but exactly what do they think Mueller’s grandstanding stunt was other than an insult to exactly that?

They surely can’t claim that Mueller’s hired political assassins were faithfully administering regular-way justice when the guilt or innocence of the charged cannot possibly ever be adjudicated. How could it be when there can never be a legitimate trial with empty defendants’ chairs and no admissible evidence that the government is willing to present in a public proceeding?

In fact, the despicable Rod Rosenstein made absolutely clear that the indictment is going directly into the dead letter file, with nary a passing swipe by Robert Mueller’s vaunted prosecutors:

“The special counsel’s investigation is ongoing and there will be no comments by the special counsel at this time … we intend to transition responsibility for this indictment to the Justice Department’s National Security Division (NSD) while we await the apprehension of the defendants.”


Either the DOJ is fixing to send Seal Team Six into Moscow to snatch the 12 GRU operatives or it expects the Kremlin to dispatch them to Washington handcuffed to their seats on a Russian air force jet at the very next opportunity.

As it happened at the press conference, both the Donald and Vlad put the fork in even that absurdly improbable prospect.

That is, Putin referenced a 1999 cooperation agreement between the two countries on criminal matters and welcomed Mueller’s grand inquisitors to come to Moscow to participate in an interrogation of the defendants; and the Donald welcomed it as a creative approach on the matter.

Likewise, the timing of Friday’s action had no national security purpose whatsoever. If the Deep State apparatchiks really wanted Putin confronted on the matter – then in any rational universe they would have armed the Donald with the indictment’s particulars and sent him into the meeting to confront Putin before it became public.

Either that, or the Donald was briefed but un-persuaded and therefore refused to do their bidding. So Mueller and the DOJ simply "leaked" the charges via the clownish device of an un-implementable indictment in order to blowup the summit.

That is, their purpose was to countermand the decision of the US president to pursue the very objectives he promised the American electorate. And since Brennan and his Deep State ilk have brought up the "treason" word, we leave it to Justin Raimondo to appropriately turn the tables:

Yet the brazenness of this borderline treason is what makes it so ineffective. The American people aren’t stupid: to the extent that they’re paying attention to this Beltway comic opera they can figure out the motives and meaning of Mueller’s accusations without too much difficulty.

The indictment reads like a fourth-rate spy thriller: we are treated to alleged “real time” transcripts of Boris and Natasha in action, draining the DNC’s email system as well as our precious bodily fluids. This material, perhaps supplied by the National Security Agency, contains no evidence that links either Russia or the named individuals to the actions depicted in the transcripts. We just have to take Mueller’s word for it.

After today’s post-press conference hail of calumny at the Donald by a endless line of Dem pols it is perfectly clear that the alleged Russian election meddling is a sideshow. In fact, the Dems are so distraught and un-reconciled to their loss to surely the weakest presidential candidate ever fielded by the GOP (including Alf Landon and Barry Goldwater) that they have subordinated rationality itself to their pursuit of vendetta.

So doing, they have made the Democratic party the new handmaids of the Warfare State, as Justin Raimondo further aptly observed:

The disgusting – and depressing – response of the Democrats to the Helsinki summit has been a concerted campaign to … cancel it. Yes, that’s how myopic and in thrall to the Deep State these flunkies are: world peace, who cares? Never mind that we’re still on hair-trigger alert, with our nukes aimed at their cities and their nukes targeting ours. The slightest anomaly could spark a nuclear exchange – the end of the world, the extinction of human life, and probably of most life, for quite some time to come.

And yet – what does the survival of the human race matter next to the question of how and why Hillary Clinton was denied her rightful place in history? I mean, really!

After the announcement on Friday, John Podesta smirked "they caught the witches". But as George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley observed,

In other words, if there were a real hunt for election witches, we (the US and its intelligence apparatus) would find ourselves at the head of the line to the pillory.

At the end of the day, this is not about a national security threat at all because Russia isn’t one. Let us again observe that even in its current state of alleged disrepair and under-spending that the NATO-29 (including the US) have a combined GDP of $36 trillion and military budget of $1 trillion.

Those figures are 24X Russia’s GDP of $1.4 trillion and 16X its military budget of $61 billion. Accordingly, there us not a snow balls’ chance in the hot place that the perfectly rational leader of what is actually a pint-sized nation who stood alongside the Donald at today’s press conference has any illusions whatsoever about military aggression.

But now that he has thrown the gauntlet at the Deep State, we can hope that the Donald will reclaim his powers as the dully elected President of the United States and order an examination of the DNC computer that has been AWOL during this entire witch hunt; and, even more to the point, declassify every single NSA intercept on which Mueller’s comic book indictment was based.

We are perfectly willing to believe that operatives in the GRU went spearfishing at the DNCC and DNC, and that like millions of everyday folks who fall for these gambits everyday on the global internet that some naïve or stupid DNC staffers, as the case may be, opened their digital kimono’s to the intruders.

But so what?

None of the shenanigans and skullduggery inside the Dem apparatus that were revealed to the American electorate were untrue. So how did the truth of the matter undermine America’s democratic process of selecting a leader?

The only thing the indictment proves – even if it is accurate to the chapter and verse cited – is that if you live in a glass house, don’t start throwing stones.

The US spends $75 billion per year on a colossal globe-spanning surveillance, hacking and Internet intruding operation that makes the indictment’s alleged GRU tom foolery look trite by comparison.

The recently renamed TAO (tailored access operations) alone consists of a dozen sprawling buildings in Maryland, Texas, Hawaii, Georgia and Colorado chock-a-block with a veritable army of military and civilian computer hackers, intelligence analysts, targeting specialists, computer hardware and software designers, and electrical engineers. And there job is to do a thousand times over to foreign governments, elections and political processes exactly what the Mueller indictment charges against the GRU.

Indeed, TAO is the Typhoid Mary of the global Internet, infecting systems of friend and foe alike with a continuous tsunami of implanted malware. While originally chartered as an eavesdropping agency, the N.S.A. has embraced hacking as an especially nifty way to spy on foreign targets.

The intelligence collection is often automated, with malware implants – computer code designed to find material of interest – left sitting on the targeted system for months or even years, sending files back to the N.S.A.

According to the diligent 2013 investigation published by a leading German news site, Hamburg based Spiegel ONLINE, and based on leaked NASA documents, the US engages in massive malware implanting activities which are far more menacing than the primitive "phishing" operations described by Mueller’s latest comic book:

One of the hackers’ key tasks is the offensive infiltration of target computers with so-called implants or with large numbers of Trojans. They’ve bestowed their spying tools with illustrious monikers like "ANGRY NEIGHBOR," "HOWLERMONKEY" or "WATERWITCH." These names may sound cute, but the tools they describe are both aggressive and effective.

According to details in Washington’s current budget plan for the US intelligence services, around 85,000 computers worldwide are projected to be infiltrated by the NSA specialists by the end of this year. By far the majority of these "implants" are conducted by TAO teams via the Internet.

Nevertheless, TAO has dramatically improved the tools at its disposal. It maintains a sophisticated toolbox known internally by the name "QUANTUMTHEORY." "Certain QUANTUM missions have a success rate of as high as 80%, where spam is less than 1%," one internal NSA presentation states.

A comprehensive internal presentation titled "QUANTUM CAPABILITIES," which SPIEGEL has viewed, lists virtually every popular Internet service provider as a target, including Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and YouTube.

Finally, why do we think this was an utterly desperate move by Mueller?

Because the indictments go out of their way to preclude any Americans having any involvement in these ‘hacking events’ at all.

As Tom Luongo cogently observed:

Now with Trump prepared to sit down with Putin and potentially hammer out a major agreement on many outstanding issues like Syria, arms control, NATO’s purpose, energy policy and terrorism the Deep State/Globalist/Davos Crowd needed something to saddle him with to prevent this from happening.

The reasoning will be (if not already out there as I write this) that Trump would be a traitor for sitting down with Putin after these indictments.

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