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Deeper Frowns Each Day, by Ray Zwarich

To all 'the really good ones', and to all in peril on the sea,

Caliban is not pleased to be so insistently bothersome these past few days, but each new day seems to bring new levels of astonishment at the portent of the events we are witnessing. 

It seems that each day a new precedent is set, as the social engineering power of our Mass Media is being used, with consummate skill, to drive large masses of our citizens on every side, into ever deeper states of psychotic mass delusion. 

We need to understand that those who are using their control of Mass Media to engineer these phenomena are self-aware in their actions. They are keenly intent upon driving our nation into a state of barely disguised Mob Rule. With the immense power of Mass Media under their control, they seem to assume that they can maintain control of The Mob. (I guess we'll find out).

We plebeians are not privy to know who staffs the 'Goebbels Committee', but more and more each day we can see that they are being very capably advised by the nation's most brilliant minds in mass psychology. 

But we can ALSO see that they are being forced to 'show their hand'. 

They would not be doing what they are doing, they would not be laying down these cards which they have so long preferred to hide, if they were not DESPERATE. Their increasing use of their immense power only exposes their desperate weakness. 

Opportunity and threat often present themselves as one. A desperate foe is a vulnerable foe, but is also at his most exceedingly dangerous.     

To confront this deep level of craziness, which now is dominating our nation, in terms of logic and Reason, is very tedious. It sometimes takes the most words to say the simplest things. (See below).

We are well into a realm of psychotically delusional mass consciousness that can only be fully captured by satire and parody, but all our best satirists and parodists, it seems, are under the influence of the very delusions that most need to be satirized and parodied.

I have not yet encountered the 'Lewis Carroll' of our dangerous new age, but she or he is likely out there, somewhere, already plying her or his trade. (I do see that Aragorn grows restless, still sitting there smoking a church-warden pipe, in the darkest corner of the tavern, under her or his hood, waiting for the 'battle' against Sauron, that she or he knows is coming, to begin). 

Jasmine Ulloa is a brilliant young writer for 'John Henry's BG Rag', (the once venerable 'Boston Globe'). In an article this morning, this brilliant young writer presents herself as a cunning, (even if unwittingly so), propagandist, as she presents the 'conspiracy theory' characterization. 

The thesis of her article is: "Anyone who disagrees with the anti-Trump Hate Faction's psychotically delusional explanation of events in Ukraine is presenting 'conspiracy theories', which are 'crazy', and are therefore, ipso facto, completely discredited". 

That's her argument. Presented with 'straight face'. This brilliant young writer does not even realize how seriously she is discrediting herself, before rational and reasoning people, with her self-deluded 'craziness'. 

I don't believe that this brilliant young woman is a cynical operative, (as many 'journalists' these days are). Quite the opposite. I believe she is entirely sincere in her presentation of her nonsensical self-delusions. (I could be wrong, of course. The nation's alphabet soup Intelligence Agencies recruit people when they are still in college, (those who know what to look for can always see the champions at the gate), before they even land their first jobs.   

It is painful to Caliban when he sees our 'best and brightest' so readily duped to fall under the dominion of the psychotic self-delusion of mass mob hysteria. 

Copied below are comments I posted in The Globe, attached to Ms. Ulloa's article. 

The Red Queen is on the loose, folks. She is stomping around in her exaggerated pomposity, trying to figure out what she wants, so she can shout "off with their heads", should anyone threaten to deny her her Desire.

This is REALLY bad, folks. The danger to us all, and to all those we love, just seems to grow each day. This is DEADLY danger. History has told this tale before, and it never ends well. Tens of millions often die, once "the falcon no longer heeds the falconer". (Apologies to Yeats). 

Caliban, the old silverback, wears a deeply furrowed brow on this cold and clear late November morning, sitting on his branch in favorite tree, narrow eyes searching the horizon, as if the intensity of his will could allow him to see beyond, trying to figure out a way to keep his clan safe from the portentous danger that he knows is rapidly approaching. 

Hope all are well and strong,

R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

My comments responding to Jasmine Ulloa:

Geezus H ... This is just complete craziness ...

We are wayyy 'down the rabbit hole' ... Far past ourencounter with the stoned cat, (who tried to warn us) ...

Behold the Court of the Red Queens, where logic isimpeccably constructed on carefully crafted false premises that support the RedQueens’ every whim and desire ...

That's bad enough, but what is far worse is to see how MANYof us, how MANY good citizens, are so completely blind to their own psychoticallydelusional craziness.

Don't get me wrong ... Trump is BAD. He is VERY bad.

But what we are witnessing, the precedent of Mass Mediainduced Mob Rule being established at the highest levels, as the Law of theLand, is FAR (FAR!!) worse.

We're lucky Trump and his boys are so stupid. If he was a 'Hitler'caliber 'player', (let alone a Caesar or Napoleon), he'd make short work ofthis.

Like all logic/reasoning, Ms. Ulloa's 'logic' follows frompremises which themselves follow from either simple syllogisms, (called"deductive reasoning"), or else from long term observation, (called"inductive reasoning").

Let's try to imagine the basic syllogism Ms. Ulloa, and thepsychotically self-deluded people of her ‘mindset’, have applied to reach thisconclusion: “Anyone who disagrees with our explanation of the facts is a nutcase conspiracy theorist..

Here’s her syllogism”

-- Conspiracy theories are ‘crazy’, (and crazy is bad/wrong)

--Anything that disagrees with our explanation is aconspiracy theory

--Therefore anything that disagrees with our explanation is‘crazy’ (and bad i.e.: wrong)

Well … (Sigh …) … To people who have formed their perceivedversion of reality from this syllogism’s deduction, this makes perfect sense,and they have therefore elevated it to the status of ‘premise’. A ‘premise’ issomething that is used as the first clause of a syllogism. (It’s been severaldecades since I learned this stuff, folks, so I’m not entirely confident thatmy terminology is entirely correct here, but I sure haven’t forgotten the basicbuilding blocks of Reason).

“Conspiracy theories are crazy/wrong” is the premise of Ms.Ulloa’s ‘deduction’.

But that premise is not merely ‘unproven’, (in terms of‘logic’). It is obviously FALSE.

Conspiracies DO take place. In fact, conspiracies are verycommon.

Whether it’s Tony Soprano and his boys, or people holdinghigh office, or consortiums of Super Wealthy Elites who use their wealth andpower to organize among themselves politically to increase their wealth andpower, people do get together, (con-spire = with-breathe), to lay plans and‘plots’ to further their own shared self-interests.

The citizens are not privy to the meetings and/orcommunications through which high-level conspiracies are born, and areexecuted.

But citizens are often subjected to the consequences ofthese conspiracies, especially those that intentionally exploit their relativeweaknesses, to cause them harm.

By our human nature, citizens naturally speculate about whois harming them, and about the mechanisms of the harm, so they can stopthemselves from being harmed.

When people ‘speculate’, they often make mistakes. Sometimesthey lay blame where it does not belong. Sometimes they imagine ‘plots’ that donot exist.

In this sense, conspiracy theories are analogous to‘hypotheses’ in the scientific process. Hypotheses are possible explanations ofthe known facts.

Evidence is then sought that either proves or disproves thehypotheses.

Most hypotheses are proven false. The object of ‘the game’,(aka: the scientific method; aka: Reason), is to seek the truth by sortingthrough the facts to eliminate those hypotheses that are false, and illuminatethose which are true.

Whatever discovery of ‘truth’ may result from applying this process,(the scientific method, aka: Reason), started out as an unproven hypothesis. Itstarted as a “conspiracy theory”.

Many conspiracy theories are wrong. Many are even crazy. ButSOME of them are TRUE.

So … I hereby challenge Ms. Ulloa’s basic premise.

It is FALSE to say “ALL conspiracy theories are crazy/wrong”.

SOME conspiracy theories turn out to be TRUE, and theconception of the conspiracy, (the development of the hypothesis), provides anessential theoretical framework that is instrumental in finding evidence that‘proves’ them true.

Ms. Ulloa’s basic logical syllogism is false, because it isbased on a false premise. She very cunningly however, presents her obviouslyfalse premise in a deceptive form. She does not use either of the criticalqualifiers: ‘some’ or ‘all’.

Using the qualifier “ALL conspiracy theories are crazy” is afalse premise that does NOT lead to the false deduction she wants us to believeis true.

‘SOME conspiracy theories are crazy” is a true premise, butit does NOT lead to the deduction Ms Ulloa, and self-delusional people of herilk, want to foist on us.

Ms. Ulloa is clearly a very intelligent young woman. She isalso a very capable writer. She knows how to employ her powers of Reason, ofcritical thinking, but like so many of us, she is completely under theinfluence of her passionate hatred, her wild emotions, and has willfully‘disconnected’ her powers of Reason.

(Surely we all know that Reason and Desire are eternalenemies).

Ms. Ulloa is herself in a state of mass mob hysteria. Andshe is promoting the same mass mob hysteria in others.

She is abusing her power, (her social station), to try tofoment her mass mob hysteria, her indulgence of her emotions, her passionatehatred, and her disconnection of her powers of Reason, among as many of herfellow citizens as possible.

She is doing this to accomplish a political end, not justany light political end, but to remove the sitting ELECTED POTUS from office.

She wants our nation to abandon all Reason. She wants us toallow our passions to rule us.

She is promoting Mob Rule.

And she gets paid to do it.