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East and West: Not One, Not Two

Let’s not mince words..
  It is as if time has wound back on itself, and we are once again living in the biblical age, reliving the birth pangs of the Abrahamic cult, with raging battles on high reflected in the mundane affairs of mere mortals down below, Father Jehovah, the Sky God, doing battle with the demigods who challenge His Parental Authority, whilst his first born, his proxies on Earth, the Hebrew tribe, smite the ungodly (i.e., their neighbors), laying them utterly to waste, killing the men, enslaving the women and children. That pagan screed, Revelations, once again dominates weak, credulous minds. The Reverend Hagee eagerly charting the progress of the coming Apocolypse, rallying his cohort of righteous simpletons (millions of them), whilst St. George (Dubbya), the malevolent moron, gets his marching orders directly from the mouth of the Almighty, then proceeds to wipe out the very birthplace of Western civilization, spawning ISIS in the process. And in the next frame, an African American hybrid, one Barack Hussein Obama, growing a spine seemingly out of nowhere, takes the field against Gog and Magog, readying to wield his presidential veto like David’s proverbial slingshot. How can one not but look on in awe and trepidation as the center disintegrates and the continuing existence of life on earth is held hostage. Yes, it is that dramatic – we do indeed live in interesting times.
  The 21st Century CE, the time when push comes to shove, the Western Empire clinging to its fading glory and omnipotence, raging against the dimming of the light, its grip loosening, laying waste to one “enemy” after another – those nations unwilling to genuflect at the feet of the Empire - readying to wage nuclear war against its chosen nemesis, Russia, which is the bridge between East and West, the past and the future. Then what, after nuking Russia? we’ll eat the radioactive Chinese! We’ll have to, there won’t be anything else left to eat. They could still call it KFC. Well, sure, why not? As long as it’s good for business.
  It is a time when the Empire embraces a new syncretic political ideology – Zivism: Zionism cum Imperialism cum Vulture Capitalism - marching in tandem with its recently minted religion, the Holycause. All this is solemnly declared kosher by rabbis with blood-shot eyes staring out from their hilltops bristling with weapons – protected by the IDF (as well as the quisling PA) - at the helpless Palestinians. And meanwhile the military-industrial complex counts the loot and glories in its power to maim and kill. And the Zionist owned mainstream media continues to lie, distort, spin, deceive, whilst feverishly selling mountains of crap to a complacent, addicted, sedated, increasingly obese, rapidly going bankrupt public.
  The political offensive is led by a cohort of fanatical “exceptionalists” (fascists, properly defined), conscienceless, Machiavellian opportunists styled neocons and neolibs, which includes the great majority of the Republican and Democratic politicians, dancing to the tune of their vampire overlords, who are sitting comfortably, albeit somewhat uneasily, in their boardrooms and counting-houses (they know that their massive Ponzi scheme is hanging by a thread). The rest of the world gapes in fear and wonder as this mindless juggernaut, this blinded Cyclops, armed to the teeth, drones ever closer, leaving mounds of incinerated corpses in its wake.
  Meanwhile, vast numbers of impoverished, desperate refugees, tens of millions of them, internally displaced or clamoring at the borders of the European colonial powers that made them so. The proverbial chickens coming home to roost. More horrific even than the invasions of the Mongol hordes – they were barbaric, ruthless, yes, but not as criminally insane as the current powers that be, the ones who populate the stink tanks, the Lobby, and the governments of Israel, the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, with the rest of NATO cravenly cheering them on. Maybe Hagee and his addled ilk have got it right! Except on one point – they’re far more likely to get flushed down the toilet than get “raptured up.”
  So what’s to be done – what can be done? For starters, join the movement for One Democratic State in historical Palestine. The West and the compliant dictatorships of the Middle East are in thrall to Israel, that recently conceived stain on the map of the world. Instead of the Jewish State - a fascist, racist, colonial-settler, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, genocidal, scofflaw criminal collective - embodying everything utterly detestable in human affairs; instead of the malignant tumor that it truly is, threatening the very life of its host – humanity and the biosphere itself – the ancient land of Palestine could become in short order the site of what most of the world holds up, at least notionally, as the gold standard of nation states – democratic, secular, multi-ethnic, religiously diverse, a state for all its citizens. As such, it could transform the Middle East, and the world. Pay no mind to the weaselly, deceptive arguments against it, which serve only to ensure the continued existence of the Jewish State in some form or another.
  And there is something else we could do. We could – must - grow up, become spiritually awake. It means recognizing what the wise have always told us – that all things and all beings are inextricably connected. Nothing and no one stands on their own – everything exists only in relation to everything else, like the clouds in the sky. The West, in its ego-centered, childish, materialistic frenzy, has ignored this simple, sublime truth - and its corollary, that what goes around comes around. It is encapsulated in the Golden Rule, the keystone of every genuine religion and wisdom tradition. It is not a paternalistic moral prescription from on high, like the primitive Judaic commandments – it is a recognition of how things actually are, how it works, and that we ignore at our great peril.
  This world is too precious to lose – not to mention that it’s the only one we’ve got. It is sacred, as are the human beings inhabiting it, all of them. Let’s rise to the occasion. We can do it. We could even create a sane society, leaving this lunatic horror and chaos behind us. It’s actually possible. But we don’t have all that much time..