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Help with Hoarders, by Clancy Sigal

It’s estimated that over 3 million Americans are hoarders, which is recognized as an actual psychological 
disorder. There are companies, like Clutter Cleaner, that are expert in dealing not only with the effects of the 
disorder, but also with the people who suffer from it. “Homes inhabited by hoarders can be dangerous, unhealthy, 
or both,” warns Clutter Cleaner, “and dramatic action is required to address the problem and start the hoarder 
on the road to recovery.”
Can we hire Clutter Cleaner to get rid of our political rubbish?
What have we hidden away that we don’t want to look at? Stuff that reeks and is unsightly and has strange 
bugs crawling all over it.
We start with the obvious. Junk we don’t need any more if we ever did.
Out go the Democratic party hacks Hillary and Bill and their many hackettes among pollsters, experts,
advisors, close friends and celebrity supporters (Madonna, the Clooneys, etc). Out, out, out! No mercy for crapola.
Next buy for $175 a Honeywell air purifier to get rid of the static interfering with clear thinking, whoosh whoosh, 
away you go! Putin’s hacks threw the election to Trump…”faithless electors” of the Electoral College will save us…
Hillary won the popular vote…a black Muslim former Farrakhanite will lead us to victory…white voters will wake 
up tomorrow to Trump’s absurdities and their betrayed self interest…
That’s for starters.  It's an emotional trauma, I know.  

The hard stuff comes when we examine ourselves for hoarded schmootz, the stuff we really, really 
don’t want to think about.
Which is, our deepest darkest dustiest secret. That we educated liberals are a conjoined twin of the One Percent, 
the wealthy (Koch Bros etc) who oppress and exploit American workers and middle class into voting for Trump 
because our professional class is seen as MORE oppressive than the vulgar rich. (Trump’s money-shot line: 
“I love the poorly educated.”)
Face it: we educated liberals are seen as part of the conspiracy that keeps so many less educated Americans 
down in the dumps.

Proof: Hillary’s campaign. Tin ears and blind eyes all the way. Not a clue. With her every word an insult 
to working people that threatens their jobs, if they have them, and their way of life. All the prattle about 
“minority rights” and “celebrate diversity” and “ecological survival” sounded wonderful in our tin ears 
but came across to the poor in income and spirit as a big Fuck You.
Once we clean up and de-clutter what’s left? An empty space, thank heaven. We can breathe and move freely 
again unencumbered by the dregs of yesteryear.
Now, then…!