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Humpty Has Fallen, by R Zwarich

(a response to an article in by Richard North Patterson in today's Boston Globe)

Richard North Patterson is an accomplished writer
of best selling fiction who has apparently decided to apply his writing skills,
in his old age, as a propagandist for the US Ruling Elites. 

He has long shown his compliant willingness to
use his considerable language skills to propagate the constant lies on which US
foreign policy is built, and has been duly rewarded with a seat on the
prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, which Hillary Clinton called, (while
Secretary of State), “the mother ship” where people like her, (people like the
US Secretary of State), are “told what we should be doing and how we should
think about the future”.

Mr. North Patterson was educated as a lawyer,
and has nothing on his curriculum vitae that indicates any education or expertise in foreign
affairs, yet this pop-fiction writer enjoys a seat on the council that tells
the US Secretary of State what the US “should be doing”. (Hmmm...)

In this particular article, Mr. North Patterson
at least does not propagate any outright lies, as is his usual habit. He does,
however, fully expose himself as an advocate and apologist for US world
dominance and world rule. 

He writes:

“Trump has yet to grasp that China, like Russia,
is our strategic adversary. This is the classic case of a rising power
challenging a dominant one - economically, militarily, and ideologically —
starting with Asia. That mandates a China policy that is comprehensive,
farsighted, and clear”.

Indeed, Mr. North Patterson here expresses the
concerns of those who intensely believe that the US must dominate, (i.e.: rule
over), the entire world. We, as American citizens, are so dominated ourselves
by this prevailing culture of propaganda that few of us ever stop to think that
'absolute world dominance' is an odd position for a nation that pretends to
advocate for ‘democracy’. 

Few of us ever stop to think about the implications
contained in the stark reality that achieving and maintaining “full spectrum
dominance” over the entire Earth is the officially stated policy of the US.

How is this ‘America uber alles!’ policy any
different than the “Deutschland uber alles!” policy that our parents and
grandparents fought and sacrificed to defeat? 

Mr. North Patterson does not say, but rather
just assumes that all Americans should agree that the US must rule the world,
and any nations that challenge our absolute dominance must be regarded as
enemies because they are rivals for our power.

The US mass media has, to my knowledge, not
reported even the existence of a recently issued report from the Army War
College’s Strategic Studies Institute that posits that the US already is
contending with what it calls a “post primacy environment”. This remarkable
report asserts that US world dominance has not merely eroded, but is rapidly
collapsing entirely. People can access and read this report here:

The US public is being prevented from knowing
what is very obvious to most of the world’s teeming billions of people: that
the US Empire, US dominance over the entire Earth, has already failed. Indeed,
Russian and China have successfully challenged US ‘unipolar’ world rule, and
have created the “facts on the ground” of a multi-polar world in which the many
major powers must negotiate policies between their respective interests. 

It is very clear to many, however, that the US
is on the verge of bankruptcy, with a debt burden that has topped 106% of GDP,
(compared to Russia’s 17%, and China’s 46%), which we ‘finance’ through our
exertion of raw power, which has forced other nations to use US dollars to buy
and sell oil. It is the US “petro-dollar” that allows us to finance our massive
debt by simply printing money, without hyper-inflation of our currency. Other
nations must acquire these paper dollars in order to buy oil. When/if they no
longer need these petro-dollars, this ‘jig’ will be ‘up’. 

The jig is already rising on this mega
petro-dollar scheme. Russia has surpassed the Saudis as the world’s largest oil
producer, and is trading oil in its customers’ own currencies. 

The US Elite is in a panic over this, and for
good reason.

Represented by highly skilled propagandists,
like Mr. North Patterson, the US Elites are trying to act calm, even as their
panic becomes ever more evident as each day passes, and the bullets of sweat
begin to fall from their chins. 

Mr. Patterson writes:

“A centerpiece of China’s geopolitical strategy
is the “Belt and Road” initiative, an ambitious plan to finance and develop
infrastructure and connectivity linking all of Asia to Europe and the Middle
East — including an infrastructure bank intended to cement China’s economic
leadership throughout the region. Its goal is to supplant the world’s existing
economic order with one that serves Chinese prosperity and power”.

Although few Americans are even aware of this
major international initiative, more widely known as the “One Belt One Road”
(OBOR), or the “New Silk Road” initiative, it appears to be an unstoppable
development that has been signed onto by even our staunchest and oldest allies.
The AIIB, (the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the “infrastructure bank”
Mr. North Patterson mentions), has already included many European nations in
its membership, even Britain.

The promise of this “New Silk Road” initiative
is being so universally and enthusiastically accepted because it promises to build
and serve the prosperity of all nations it touches, from all of Asia, across
the Middle East, through Russia, and across Europe. 

The AIIB is a direct challenge to the
International Monetary Fund, in existence since the Bretton Woods Agreement in
1944, which established the dominance of the US dollar over the world’s

As propaganda warriors like Mr. North Patterson
plead with us, in ever more plaintive voices, to ignore the writing, writ VERY
large, upon EVERY wall, the ineluctable realities of the multi-polar world
continue to assert themselves. 

Russia and China continue to build a new world
economy, which they advocate must benefit the interests of all nations it
touches. When compared to the US Empire, which cruelly exploits most of the
nations it dominates, it is very easy to see why and how this New Silk Road
Initiative is dominating the attention of so many nations, (even as so many
Americans remain completely ignorant of its very existence). 

Even as Mr. North Patterson has turned his
consideration skills with the language from pop-fiction to propaganda, he is
fighting a losing battle. Humpty Dumpty has already fallen from his perch upon
the wall. All horses and men, even highly skilled language-prostitutes like Mr.
North Patterson, will never put poor Humpty back up on that wall.