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Israeli occupied USA, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

I spent 40 hours on grueling travel between Palestine and the USA and mydocuments (and luggage) were checked 15-20 times along the way. The Israelioccupied United States is not much different from Israeli occupiedPalestine. I will not bore you with details of going from Bethlehem toJordan. I do want to tell you that US security agents were at the exit fromthe Amman-Chicago flight waiting for me checking IDs and when the onechecking my ID announced “we got him” loud enough for the other passengerto hear, four of them escorted me to get my checked-in luggage and then toa special security area where agents went through everything I hadthoroughly. They looked through my note book/diary and also copied myspeaking schedule. When I got my boarding pass for Chicago to Denver Inoted with dread the SSSSS marked on it for extra checks and so betweenthat special examination and the gate I had to undergo two moreexaminations and rifling through my luggage beyond the already tightsecurity checks of all other passengers. I took it as an opportunity tolecture the agents about how they are being used not in the service of theUS but in the service of a foreign country (Israel). I told them that itseems I have left one Israeli occupied territory to arrive at another one.US interests are not served by obeying dictates of Zionists who do not wanta professor (who happens to be a US citizen) from speaking the truth.Trying to shoot the messenger will not kill the message!This harassment happened to me repeatedly even after I was told by the USgovernment in 2002 it would not happen again (see  ). It happened to me again in 2011and 2013. I do have more flights in the US coming up.  I am a US citizenand I would appreciate it if anyone on this list has advise how to sue orgo after the US government (e.g. freedom of information act) for harassmentto stop them from doing this. In the meantime such harassment only adds tomy determination to work even harder for human rights, peace, and justice.By comparison, the last 17 hours in Denver area so far were very pleasantas I recovered from the ordeal (though not the jet lag) and reveals thedisconnect between the government of the US and the people of the US. I sawthe good people of Colorado who are lighting candles instead of cursing thedarkness or as the Israeli controlled US agents trying to snuff out thecandles. I already gave two talks; one at Longmont library and one atPosner Center. The latter was shared with Joseph Medicine Robe who spoke onEnvironmental and Justice matters from Native American perspectives. Weboth connected the dots as to how wars, conflict, militarization of societyand corporate profit are connected at the expense of native people fromNorth Dakota to Palestine. We both agreed that weapons were manufactured tobe used in wars before but now wars are manufactured and not just to sellweapons to make money in other ways (pipelines etc.). We also agree thatthe governments use false flags, lies and distortions and capitalize onthese key areas to push their anti-nature, anti-people agenda: fear,distraction, racism (divide and conquer), and consumerism.Two weeks ago I wrote about looking for goodness & emphasizing the positiverather than focusing on opposing the negative energy. This was emphasizedto me also by a fellow panelist Iman Jodeh, spokeswoman of the Muslimcommunity who spoke of leading groups to Palestine to learn objectivelyabout what is going on. It was emphasized to me last night by my host inDenver Joann and tonight by the other host in Lafayette Richard Forer. Richincidentally published a remarkable book called “Breakthrough: Transformingfear into compassion” describing his own transformation from a Zionist to acompassionate caring human being (see ).The only other reading I want to list for this message is for those of youwho did not read it is a chapter in my book that deals with violence: please look at my schedule posted here: and do contact people you know in thosecities, ask them to attend and help. Those who cannot help in this tour,can donate and/or support our efforts via our website:http://palestinenature.orgStay HumanMazin QumsiyehA bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at homeProfessor and (volunteer) DirectorPalestine Museum of Natural HistoryPalestine Institute of Biodiversity and SustainabilityBethlehem UniversityOccupied Palestinehttp://qumsiyeh.orghttp://palestinenature.orgJoin me on facebook