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Nota Design: Voce ermafrodita, by Come Carpentier

An American friend living in italy sent as his weekly chronicle a comment on the campaign to replace the currently mostly female voices used by Alexa, GPS apps and other AI systems by a gender-free voice "for those who don't belong to any gender'. The promotion talks wishfully about a future in which people will chosse what sex they want to belong to or whether they don't want to have any at all. It seems more and more like 'advanced' societies in the west are preparing to turn many of their citizens (or rather subject-consumers) into eunuchs who can readily be enslaved by the elites and the rising powers in the Middle and Far Easr as well as by 'macho' Muslim societies. We are thus going back to slave-owning tribal states in which neutered beings will serve the masters, You can click on the link to hear the hermaphrodite voice below the picture.



Voce ermafrodita


Listen to the 'sex neutral' voice qui.