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Poor Ole Joe - Somewhere 'Tween the Moments, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all the ships in peril on the sea:

It's no fun being an intellectual. There are other far more useful ways to use an intellect, when yer an odd sort like ole 'nature boy' Caliban. I feel certain that I'm 'on the spectrum' of multiple spectrums. I'm sure I fall somewhere on some spectrum. Not sure it has an exact name. It's an interesting one. Never boring. The lust to understand, the lust to avoid belief to find knowledge, fills up every moment, and even the spaces of whatever exists 'between the moments'. 

'Between the Moments'. Great title or what?

The thing is ... not 'sayin' I'm 'all that', but I could be an intellectual if I wanted to. Buth few intellectuals could be what I am, (whatever that is .. LOL).  

Isn't it at least largely a matter of our chosen audience? 

I felt so bad that my oldest daughter, who graduated from Stanford with honors, and has earned a doctorate from NYU, was compelled to write her papers in "academese". I couldn't read them. There was so much specialized 'terminology'. It's a highly specialized vocabulary. It's not that the ideas themselves would have been hard for me to grasp. I did easily enough when she explained them to me. When a nation's soul 'goes rotten', every institution festers in the rot. 

The whole thing, the whole Grand Hierarchy of The Academy in our nation, is an exercise in who can best 'learn the lingo', and then use it to bring in the most federal and corporate grant dollars, and wealthy alumni donations, to feed the voracious Admin Dept that has swallowed The Academy whole down its Maw of endless Greed and Power.   

It's a way of trying to 'possess' knowledge, giving only a privileged few access, and then selling tbhat access at a ridiculously inflated price.

It's really lust a variation of why they refused to allow the bible to be translated into the local vernacular for so long. The Druids, Caesar tells us, would not allow their religious lore to be written at all. To be a Druid, (a Brujo, a Spirit Man, like a Priest in Golden Robes carrying a cross), you had to memorize every word of their 'bible'.

Anyways ... Sorry ... Part of The Caliban Spectrum ... I gets esaily distracted ...

Anyways ... Poor Ole Joe 

I'll bet you thought I meant Skinny Joe, dintya? Nah ... What's t' say about that slithering sewage scum swamp creature Big Money Bag Man that the Ruling Powers that run the fascist DemoPartyMachine have installed as their blithering idiot figurehead while they try to get the Black Woman, (what's her name again?), you know, the one who slept her way up the ladder back in the Big City, before she decided to 'go national', (look it up folks), ready for her closeup.  

Seems this old girl was quite the dish way on back in her younger days, and like most all 'modern girls', she knew how to use what she got to get what she wants. (Exactly as our 'liberated' new gender culture teaches our young girls to do to do). He was suave, debonair. A Ving Rhames type. Big Bad Wille Brown. Dressed to the nines, festooned with ostentatious gold. Women tried not to embarrass themselves by turning their heads, going weak in the knees, and swooning as he walked by. He was a Big City (ole 'Frisco) Political Machine Gumbah, festooned with dry powder flash and smoke in pans in every 'hood and barrio, (like Blackbeard himself would set his beard 'a smolderin'), with the deadly confidence of every daring Captain Morgan pirate gleaming in his eyes. 

And he built a powerful Political Machine than ran 'his town', Big Bad Willie Brown's town. 'Frisco. (Ya think the Governor didn't give Big Bad Willie a call to clear all major policies?) 

Yea .. well .. No swooning for this ambitiously narrow-eyed girl, Kammy Harris. She spotted Brown immediately .. She saw 'the look'. She looked away. She already knew she had him. This was a full grow'd girl with a ful grow'd girl's wiles. 

She immediately saw her 'ticket'. Her legs in those days? Whoo! You kidding? You see the skirts the lass wore? You think that full grow'd girl hadn't learned when to strategically unbutton the top blouse button, just before a man like Willie Brown approached her?

You think she hadn't heard Big Bad Willie Brown's rep? For him, it was his standard MO. He was 60 when his eyes fell on the still delectable and viciously ambitious 29 year old nobody lawyer, young Kammy Harris. He'd already had a string of 'em. He'd 'date' them for a while, mentoring them tenderly in exchange for tickling his fancy. Then when his eye fell on a new one, he'd promote the old one on up, out of his way. 

There the poor girl would be, walking slowly away, 'broken hearted', as his door clicked shut behind her. Holding a big fat plum of New Found Power in her skillful tickling hands, her sharp stiletto heels clicked out female gloating on the gleaming marble hallway floors. She was already excited by the time she punched the elevator button. Her plan had worked perfectly. 

You think the blushing young Kammy never thought of 'all that' when she first laid eyes on Big Bad Wille Brown? LOL ... What? ... All you liberated females think us men's jobs is to be too stupid to see what conniving females do right in front of us? 

Anyway ... young Kammy was soon 'swept off her feet', and next ya know'd she was cutting around Frisco town as Big Bad Willie Brown's flashy eye-candy moll, in the brand new BMW, (convertible was it, for romantic drives out to Stinson?), Willie bought her. I wonder if the naughty girl ever got any new jewelry? Ya think? New clothes? Lingerie, (wink, elbow the bloke next t' ya). Tell the truth girlfriend. You still got some 'a them wispy things 'put away' somewheres, doncha, just to remember those glory days when your bloom was still in flower?

She tickled Willie Brown's fancy for a time, and in the end she got what any smart 'modern girl' uses her stuff to get. She got what she WANTED. 

While we poor rutting beasts, we stupid men, are tortured by our sexual compulsions, women are free to pursue their precious darling little hearts' raw Desire. 

Noted American historians, Ariel and Will Durant, put it this way, in their essay summarizing their lives' work together, as a married couple for 60 some years: "The greater sexual urgency in the male will always give women a large share of power in every society, regardless of how or by whom a society's laws are made". 

Anyway .... Seems young Kammy Harris was a young nobody lawyer who knew how to wear skirts that highlighted her 'best features'. (C'mon, girls. You ALL know you talk like this. Didja know Caliban is a father of daughters? Yea .... Changed a couple-few poopy female diapers. I sure did). The sexy young 'nobody girl' was 'broken hearted', and on her way to being POTUS, thanks to the gratitude of Big Bad Willie Brown for the favors she did him. 

She must be still doing someone SOME kind of favors, (though her 'sexy' days are now a good ways behind her). The Mass Media Barons who run our elections tortured us for two full fracking YEARS with the election clown circus Reality TV Show, 'Election 2020'. How many candidates were there for DemoPartyMachine figurehead? 67? (I'm old. I forget). 23? 

How'd Kammy do? Say what? She was the FIRST fracking candidate to drop out? Nah .. fer real? Nobody liked her. The Big Money guys saws that right away, so tghey stopped giving her money. That's how our system works.

But the Big Money guys STILL chose her to be POTUS. That is even MORE how our system works. 

Ah ... But SHE's the one is gonna be POTUS sure enough! After two fracking years of the clown show circus, the FIRST one that dropped out is going to be the 'winner'. Hmm..LOL ... Interesting 'game' they're playin' here. Where's the rulebook? That girl gotta be doin' SOME kind of favors fer SOMEone. I think she's still ticklin g the fancy of powerful people to win more power for herself. 

Ya think alla us folks was born yesterday, girlfriend? 

Anyways ... Sorry ... I get sidetracked. Back to Poor Ole Joe ... No I didn't mean Skinny Joe at all. I meant Poor Ole Joe Lauria, who took over Consortium News from its founder, legendary journalist, the late Robert Parry. (The latter as fine a journalist as any who ever plied this dangerous trade, so fraught with so much peril). 

Poor Ole Joe. I don't feel good about this. But I gotta do it. I touted this man's reputation, then he bit me in me tender sitter, as I walked away trusting him. (I used to work in people's backyards a lot. Chihuahuas were worst. They'd bite at your heels. Run away with tucked tails when your turn and face.. LOL). 

Well .. PoorOleJoe don't pack much bite ... wasn't nuthin' .... If that was all, I'd forget it. I think it's dumb to 'hold grudges'. But it's the fact that I touted him that now forces me to publish a FULL retraction.

Let me first admit to me own rascally 'playin' fun' with PoorOleJoe. He's a grown man. He's the one who chose to step onto the Arena's hot sand, where the heavy blades swing every which way on every side. Ya see? How can I explain? There's a method to me madness, folks. Guerilla Theater anyone? (Din't I TELL ya? The "takin' names" thing?)

Well .. PoorOleJoe didn't do so well. We got crossways over political opinions being expressed by a Jewish comedian named Lee Camp that I had never heard of before. I posted a comment, (which I'll copy below for any even interested), to an 'article' by this Jewish comedian, which is basically just a regurgitation of the Marionette Left's Identitarian Politics that is serving the Ruling Elites by keeping the Common People divided, and therefore politically impotent.

I had just written to Mr Joe Lauria, the Editor-In-Chief of Consortium News, to inquire and discuss his site's policies of moderation and censorship, just before posting my comment. PoorOleJoe, who I now realize isn't quite the sharpest tool in the shed, wrote back to tell me that "I trashed what you wrote because you're fulla crap", (Or some such, I can forward PoorJoe's email, should any want).

There is not a SINGLE public forum on the American Left, the Bolshevik Marionette Left, where freedom of speech exists. I challenge anyone to link me to one. A SINGLE one.

The Marionette Left, the stupidest people, politically speaking, in America, will viciously punish anyone who dares not toe the Stalinst Party-Line. 

Joe Lauria is a good man. He has a good heart. He doesn't seem to have much to add. His own commentaries are most rote 'preaching to the choir' regurgitations. He does run some interesting content on CN, interspersed with clownish Marionette Left propaganda. I do fully believe he is a sincere man who wants to help build a better world.

I jotted in his personnel file, (after he had flunked the Malone Test). Definitely part of the problem, but has potential to be part of the solution. 

I like him. I like Joe Lauria a lot. Just as I do so many of these crazed racist Identitarian Politics Cult-members I am trying to 'de-program'.

I don't let other people control me. At least I try not to. I don't let how people feel, or what they think about me shape what I think and/or feel, about them.

The American Marionette Left has fully exposed itself. The wisest commentary Caliban hears came just yesterday from an unexpected direction. Just yesterday I read a short article by our good citizen Mr. Gregory Hood. I don't know anything else about the man. Nothing at all. Just that one article. I'm sure not saying I agree with this man about every conclusion he's come to. But I can 'see' that he is clear headed enough to be trying, apparently sincerely, to set emotion aside to engage the considerable gifts of Reason with which he is clearly endowed. He's talking good sense, at least in this one article.

I do NOT 'know' him. Just an old ape's first sniffing impressions. I'm NOT 'endorsing' him. Our good citizen Mr. Gregory Hood simply seems, to this dumb ole silverback, to be projecting an honest and reasoning voice. I'm sure going to take all the attention I can spare to learn more about him. 'At's all I'm 'a sayin'. 

Anyways ... That's what good citizen Mr. Hood was saying. That the Enemy, the forces that think they can use Mass Media engendered Mass Mob Hysteria to rule over our nation, have been forced to drop their masks and show their naked evil fascist faces to the entire nation.

MANY were stunned. Many, (like Caliban), were not at all. The expansion of our public consciousness that has taken place over the last (what?) 70 days or so, is exponentially greater than the sum total of that of the last 50 years. 

The Marionette Left, holding some bizarro cartoon clown version of Karl Marx out before them as a holy sceptre, is clearly being 'operated' by people who are MUCH smarter, and MUCH more .. uhh.. 'sophisticated' than the idiotic racist Identitarian Cult followers of the Bolshevik Marionette Left. 

These people are, politically speaking, the STUPIDEST people in America. They were instrumental in their own Enemy's seizure of power through an obvious Mass Media Coup. These are perfectly intelligent human people. People are not THIS stupid naturally. These people are having their desperate egos massaged. (Should they have taken that fellowship, way back, instead of being a thankless nobody political activist?). Donated funds sustain the Marionette Left's Corporate Activism Industry. Those funds flow to the people who think a certain way. Don't they though? How else did they ALL come to 'think a certain way'?

It most certainly was NOT through anything resembling a democratic process. The American Marionette Left is the most blatantly and brazenly anti-dempcratic entity in America. 

And PoorOleJoe would know True Democracy if he tripped over it, fell down the stairs, and landed in a pile of it.

If you don't believe in TRUE democracy, then DON'T call yerself a True Democrat. 

C'mon, Joe. I have faith in you.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm (The Old Webber Place)
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

Oh ... Almost forgot. The cutting of bait I posted that OleJoe trashed, the verboten opinion that cannot be spoken of the crazed Marionette Left. White people are NOT all white supremacist demons. 

Joe Lauria thinks the very idea that white people are all demons is "a lotta crap". Don't try to post it on his site, where nobody sez nuthin' that Big Joe Lauria Don't like. 'Schee'? 

My trash that Big Joe trashed:

Mr. Lauria:

Mr grandfather on my father's side spoke only pid'gin English his entire life. Setting pins in a ten-pin bowling alley in Boston was his first job. My grandmother, who also barely spoke English, actually scrubbed floors for rich folks, until they found out what a marvelous cook she was. Then she cooked for rich folks, mostly rich Jews. ('Slavs' had a reputation since ancient times as the best 'slaves').

My grandfather worked 50 years for the old Boston MTA. Got an actual gold watch. He was a master mechanic. He repaired giant machines. (The actual trains). His name was Grigori, but because of his thick Slavic accent it came out sounding like "hrehory". For 50 years everyone at work called him Harry, not as an affectionate nickname, but because they actually thought his name was Harry.

He didn't care. He was such a kind and unassuming person.

He was a great natural comedian. He had the timing of George Burns. So impeccable was his timing that just as the last spasms of laughter died out, but just BEFORE they did, he'd raise his right index finger, and say, "'Nodda one". (That meant "another one").

Anyway ... 'Nodda one.

I posted another comment on your distinctly unfriendly site. That is completely friendly feedback. The way your system works is just not user friendly. I have to keep checking back to see if my posts are posting? I don't enjoy spending my time writing on places where it is going to be censored.

I'm more oriented to a public forum that is Truly Democratic. If yours is not, can you recommend one?

Moderation is one thing. Censorship is quite another. Few unmoderated forums are worth the time. Moderation must be objective. An algorithm is only as objective as the engineer(s) who created it.

Anyway ... Your comments site is not 'friendly' to any writer that takes his work seriously. What? Is it our jobs as the riff-raff commenters to be 'the rubes"? Aren't we the customers?

Does your software, Akismet, not have the ability, and/or just the decent courtesy, to send a notice to a writer as to whether his submission posted, or was rejected, and if the latter, why?

Does your software just assume that writers' time is so unimportant that it's OK to force us to keep checking back?

Joe, being frank, the specter of censorship glooms over your site. It's an inherent contradiction to what you seem to want to say you 'stand for'. No writer wants to write where she or he can't openly and honestly express herself or himself.

Anyway ... Don't mean to sound 'browbeating', (or whatever), but if we hope to build democracy in our nation, we MUST start conducting our own affairs democratically.


Lee Camp. Really? Geez ... a well programmed liberal 'bot' could have written his article. My response, (awaiting moderation).

This is JUST what our nation needs, an elite-educated stand-up comedian giving us his bigoted political analyses. Hmm … Is this the usual quality of CN’s material? (I’m a relatively new reader here).

At the TOP of this comedian’s list of concerns is the plight of people born in foreign countries (almost 50 MILLION now living in our nation). He’s just more worried about them foreign born people more than any ‘a us other folks born here.

Huh … Why, do ya s’pose?

Does he know that we have over 40 million native born Americans who go to bed hungry several nights a week? 13 million are children. Is the good citizen Mr Camp in favor of open borders? Does he want even more teeming millions of destitute foreigners to come here to compete in growing squalor with our OWN already destitute? Why? How does that somehow make sense in a haughty comedian’s mind? When will be enough? How many BILLION people live on less than $1.90 per day?

When all our own cities are as surrounded by shantytown slums, where people are forced to live in human filth, as in Mumbai, or Mexico City? Will that be enough?

Gee … That might actually be better for clever comedians, eh? More to joke about? Hey … pss’t … just between you and me .. how much you pullin’ down just by tellin’ jokes, makin’ people laugh, to entertain them, while the very souls your own heart bleeds for suffer so nearby? How many gigs are there doin’ that? Make ’em laugh while others suffer. That’s sure an interesting angle. Gee … I never thought of that meself.

This is the BIG problem with “liberals”, (a word spat out vehemently when spoken by most working people). They are blind to how completely bozo ridiculous they look to working people, to people who have to do shitty stuff every day to make a living.

This ‘ethic’ comedian, Jewish himself, who has never had a callous on his lily-soft hands, nor has ever gotten his soft stylishly hip clothes dirty while he works, is also concerned about poor people. Well bless his heart, anyway! What a guy! A true prince! Oh, and minimum wage workers, too. This middle class comedian, a graduate of an Elite University, (me own middle daughter is a record holding alumnus of the self-same school.), is a prosperous self-styled professional “hero of the downtrodden”. Hooray for Lee Camp! Hip! Hip!

Is there a Gandhi-Ji Nobel Prize for pure-heartedness we could immediately award this man?

One tiny ‘constituency’ that is entirely absent from good citizen Mr. Camp’s concerns, (at least not in this Jewish comedian’s top ten), is the plight of American white working people, the sons and daughters of immigrants themselves, whose children are dying of hopeless in filthy allies, and moldy abandoned houses, with needles still suck in their arms. This Jewish funny man in the soft hipster clothes doesn’t care about those people enough to mention them in his top 10?

Okey doke, then. Good to know.

Why, do ya s’pose? Why doesn’t this Jewish person, whose heart bleeds for every other ethnic group, not care about these tens of millions of suffering white people?

Racism anyone?