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Quite a Weekend, by Ray Zwarich

Dear Common Dreams, I'm glad you had "quite a weekend", good citizen Mr. Queally.... I suppose that sounds like encouraging news. 

(Did you know that what many think was an ancient benediction, "May you live in interesting times", was actually a curse, (or so they say)....It is the times of peace and general prosperity that are boring.......The suns shines to kiss the Earth..... The rains fall just right.....The rice grows well.....Nothing much very "interesting" ever happens. 

It was a curse to wish that someone would live when the sun parches the Earth into barren cracked clay, and then the sky opens in torrents, and one's home goes on down the river, and winter comes with no rice laid up, and tribes stir with anger that some tribes over yon mountains had better times last season....And the drums of war are pounded, guttural snarls are in men's throats, the mask of war on their faces, and blood soon flows.

Those are the "interesting" times......

We got a football coach out here in these parts. Belichick. (I'm tellin' ya....Ya gotta watch out fer them Eastern European men...They are slow to mount up....but when they do....I'm tellin ' ya... we ride VERY fast.)....Nobody is exactly sure just what 'dat dude Belichick does....or how he does it....but by now it is obvious to all that he does it better than anyone else ever did.

His mantra, "Do your job", is so simple that it's hard for folks to understand that within that simplicity lies the WHOLE secret.  

Do your jobs......

What is a young writer's job? Is it not the exact same as ANY writers job, (young or old,. or in between)?

"I'll know my song well before I start singin' ".....B Dylan, (from 'Hard Rain')

Do the research........

The Mexicans resisted when the Yanqui demanded that corn be included in the deal. Corn has always been so essential to these people's lives and culture. Their ancestors were the ones who first cultivated it from wild grasses, after all.

But the Yanqui Devil smiled so kindly, as he promised that riches would spill into Mexico if they signed away control of their nation' life blood staple. 

(And in the heavens all groaned in warning..... Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Chief Joesph, Cochise, Geronimo, Massasoit......The Comanche on the southern plains, and the Iroquois of the old mountains and valleys in the East. They all ground their teeth, forbidden to speak to the living.....but their unspoken words do resound, nonetheless. 

"The Demon Yanqui speaks with forked tongue".....

Slick Willie was so happy when he signed NAFTA into law. And the ink was not yet even dry when 'they' began to dump all that surplus US corn, tens and hundreds of millions of tons, on the heads of those defenseless people....

Soon millions of Mexican farmers were starving. In a nation spilling with excess corn, corn farmers' wives had no corn to eat, and their babies soon had no milk. 

There was no choice to make. They said their sad good-byes.....To dear Old Abuelo, once a fierce warrior himself, now placing a palsied kiss upon these cherished brows. "And as we kissed good-bye and parted.....I knew we'd never meet again"....It was brown eyes, not blue, crying in ole Hank Williams' rain.

People will not sit and starve when an option lies before them. Families tore themselves asunder. The young and strong migrated, to save the weaker.... 

ICE turned its back, eating donuts on a long coffee break, I guess, while the hordes, in millions poured, across the border, like a flood when it first breeches the levy.... 

Within ten years fully 10% of the entire population of Mexico were roofing houses in Kansas City's suburbs, killing pigs and chickens in North Carolina, and ordering a Big Mac in Boston required bi-lingual skills.

'fore these strong and determined, (even in their desperation), Mestizo people came, them roofers in KC were a rough and ready bunch....tough crowd. Their tattooes were grizzled and faded, not like the bright butterfly colors of a 'tramp stamp'. They worked on that hot furnace surface all day long where no morsel of shade ever ventures. Any false move was fatal...... But they were leather tough, and not afraid. They hammered down them tar shingles, then carried home bacon for their wives, who with their female magic, made it into milk for their babies... 

By '01, or so, not a roofer in KC was not a Mexican. not a single one.....A macabre 'joke' was heard on construction sites....(where toiled away in those days, slappin' them nails)....."What did ole Davy Crockett say at the Alamo? Here come the roofers".  

But the laughter died down when those courageous, good-natured, and hard working people, for whom any hardship was only a day's work to be done, began filling carpenters' jobs, and then masons', then even plumbers....and then....,(gasp)....electricians......Seems them craggy faced Mestizos, men tempered by hardship into more than leather, into steel, had all kinds of skills. 

It all worked like a charm.....The back of American Labor was broken.....By '06, the haughty autoworkers', long called "the aristocrats of American Labor", gulped as they sweated bullets, with a six inch barrel so close, and signed away the last vestige of middle class prosperity for the American working class. 

And that roofer in KC, with no job to fill his time, now spent his days languishing in the KC Mafia's titty bars down in the river bottoms, searching for some vestige of the feeling of manhood. His wife seethed, then screamed, then left.....and his children wept.....and then these children grew into the shadow of the needle.

Steinbeck wrote so eloquently about the depths of this tragedy....(It's a tragic story that History has told so many times.....)....of the human suffering that is wrought on EVERY side when the Elites force mass migrations, playing with people's lives like toys, ruthless in their scaled and clawed evil.

Ah....But in America, the 'heroic' Left abandoned its own countrymen and countrywomen, and took up the cry of crocodile pathos only for the brown-skinned victims of this age-old scheme of Dragon Capital.

How could we be so massively stupid? To abandon our own, to cry so carefully only for the brown-skinned victims of the Dragon, even as white skinned babies were eaten alive, like morsel snacks?

I don't know....I just don't.....Wherefore came such massive stupidity?.....It became obvious that there are devious plots on MANY sides...It was not an accident....That much is VERY obvious.....It was far too deep into the realm of jabbwerwock nonsense, too much an insult of even a modicum of Left intelligence, to have been accidental. 

Somewhere, well out of sight, and ALMOST out of living memory, the Bolshevik Elitists clearly still think they must (or can) rule over us. 

But anyway.... for whatever reason, the stupidity poured forth freely.....And the American Left only cried its bizarro crocodile tears for the Brown-skinned victims of The Dragon, while demonizing the other victims as "racists".

Funny thing was, it was NOT just white people who were "racists". The hammer blows of this massive immigration hit VERY hard on the yeomen black men holding down the $12 warehouse jobs. Soon those jobs were paying $9, and were hard to come by, because the brown Mestizos, their brave hungry spirits so eager to care for their families, lined up at 5:00AM, every gold'dang morning, in every Home Depot parking lot, tool belts in hand, ready to jump in the back of any pickup truck that promised to carry them 'to work'. 

How ya gonna compete with that?

The Dragon Syndicate is more cunning than MANY have yet begun to even imagine. Look where we are. With the clawed cunning of dripping snake oil, the Big Orange Buffoon did not fail to take advantage of the bolshevik stupidity. 

When populism is allowed to rise on the Right, it only points to the shameful abject failure of the Left.


And now we have even our best and brightest so thoroughly bamboozled......The hero-children of elite privilege...Even the 'dreaded' Antifa....LOL...What clowns... is led by pencil necked intellectual bolsheviks, too busy in their excited masturbatory stupidity to to even care why these "racists" might have some valid reason to cry out in their own pain.   

This massive stupidity is a form of mass psychosis. Such is the social engineering power of modern mass media. The "corporate media"?....LOL...What is meant as a curse sounds instead like a kin d benediction....the "corporate media"... 

This is the Blue Dragon's tool that Goebbels and Mengele bequeathed to them. It did not take long for them to learn.

It was only 8 years on, in '53, when the CIA overthrew Democracy to get at the Persian oil, our good American boys and girls in the CIA modeled the Shah's dreaded Savak directly on The Gestapo. 

Now they own ALL the means of communication. They control the images that constantly assault our consciousness. They decide which movies get made, which TV programs we watch, which songs we crave to hear. Women dressed like prostitutes, men in ridiculous cowboy hats, preening and strutting like stupid peacocks...That is what our children learn to want to dream of becoming...Taylor Swift is SOO kewl, as she writes and sings, and writhes her body, with such depth of passion about her excited rutting couplings with all the randy handsome peacocks...

And the best and brightest dance their reliable dance, no more than chirping marionettes on the ends of their own Adversary's strings.

"Interesting times" are times of great human suffering....what can an "interesting weekend" beget?

Are you 'journalists', or are you entertainers, shuckin' and jivin' t' make a buck? 

The insult is deliberate....intended try to make you "see yourselves" as some others may see you.  

If you are journalists, then it's time for noses to meet grindstones....It is NOT time for singing until noses are ground raw with research....Do your homework.....Do the research....DO YOUR (effin') JOB!

Quit parroting out EXACTLY what the Great Puppetmaster most wants to hear from you.

Do you know how you sound, so obviously and so smugly satisfied, and so happily babbling out the trite sound of ignorance?

"YOU will NOT replace us"....That is the determination of a proud people....And all the effete children of Elite privilege, witnessing this tragic human spectacle, with so many suffering on EVERY side, can think of, in all the brilliance of our best-and-brightests' bleeding hearts, is to call these courageous people, suffering in their own twisted ignorance,  "racists" and "Nazis"? 

And ole Bubba is tryin' t' tell you......."I'm NOT racist, but I'm goddam fuckin' proud of my own goddam fuckin' heritage." (Virgil Kane is m' name....and I rode the Danville train...'til all them cavalry boys tore up the tracks again. It was after the winter of '65, we was hungry, just barely alive, by May 10th, Richmond had was a time I remember o so well......."  

What is it you think that Sherman's boys did, as they followed the river valleys down to the sea, burning, raping, killing any living thing.....babies skewered on sabres...and the cruel laughter of The Demon reverberating from men's throats..... 

"Pillaging", Caesar had called it, ("rapinas" in Latin).....and of course the young Sherman had studied Caesar's book so well.....

Are you 'journalists'...young citizen Mr. Queally, or are you buskers jes' tryin' t' get laid and make a buck?....

Aye, the insult is deliberate, intended for a keen purpose.

You are journalists, you say? (Geezus God....I HOPE you say, else there is no hope at ALL for us)

Then do what journalists do.....Know your song well before you start singing.... 

Do the research...

Gotta go....Them damn chickens start squawking loudly when their human is slow opening the coops.... Geez.....almost 8:30 already....I usually open 'em up by 5...(but when duty calls, and all that).....them girls are gettin' downright mad now....Don't blame 'em.....Almost half the dang day already gone....When 400 'girls' start in with angry nagging, I'm tellin ' ya makes a man jump into action....LOL...  

Yea, but you folks are young....Wait'll you hear how the sound of a baby's cry will command you... 

Bent Birch Farm

PS: The 'invite' was not a "literary device", Wait'll ya taste them sourdough pancakes, and how some good strong black coffee washes down that sweet sap from all these maple trees we gots out here in these parts......