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R Zwarich: Commentary on 'Do Spies Run the World?' by Israel Shamir

These comments are followed by Glogoczowski's remarks and then Shamir's article -RT

Many thanks to Marek Glogoczowski for sending this interesting piecefrom Mr. Shamir. Mr. Shamir’s thoughts are always illuminating, and I agreethat his analysis here cuts deep toward the heart of things, and can help usunderstand the world we live in. 

A fulsomeresponse to Mr. Shamir's thoughts would require a very long paper. Just to lookat a couple of aspects, Mr. Shamir writes:

"You’dask me, were they so stupid that they believed their own propaganda ofinevitable Clinton’s victory? Yes, they were and are stupid. They are no sages,evil or benevolent. My main objection to the conspiracy theorists is that theyusually view the plotters as omniscient and all-powerful. They are too greedyto be all-powerful, and they are too silly to be omniscient."

Well…Though weall have seen many stupid blunders from The Elites who rule over us, a neonbright ‘red flag’ pops up here….Surely we all know that it is never wise tounderestimate one's Enemy..... 

I believe that the exactnature of the form through which the Ruling Elite rule over us will never beclear to us. History may deliver us some bare outlines, but I believe that theMaster Plots are laid in places that even historians will never access.(Historians still argue about the Cataline Conspiracy in ancient Rome….LOL….).

It doesn't matter....People are just wasting our time, when they spend so much of it writing us to believe we must decipher the very bedrock of every 'conspiracy'.

We already know WHO they are. We already know plenty enough about what they are doing that we know that if we want Humanity to survive at all, (let alone prosper), these are the people we must defeat. The time is here to begin to openly discuss HOW we are going to defeat these Elite forces IMMENSE power.

Endlessly ruminating over "gunpowder, treason, and plot", thinking we're ever going to "get to the bottom of it", is foolish. We are likely NEVER going to "get to the bottom of it", and spending time on conspiracy theories does not help us, at ALL, in figuring out HOW we are going to win back the powers of True Democracy for the Common Citizens.  


I certainlyagree whole-heartedly with Mr. Shamir, that these people, The Elites, (and they are just people, and I'm surenone of us would want to follow them in using the bathroom after they've 'donetheir business'), are greatly hampered by their own most basic motivations.Their fatal Greed and terminal Lust for Power are their 'Achilles heel', andwill inevitably be their downfall, (as it always has been, for all Elites, forall these 100 Centuries). 

They dogenerally understand that they must somehow govern themselves, however. The Nobleswill accept having a king, as the king will serve their ends. They know thatevery higher organism needs a head. As long as the head makes decisions thatplease the Nobles, or at least are acceptable, the Nobles are glad to havethese decisions made to bind the actions of their now 'syndicated' power, intothe even greater power of unity.   

Well...Thedays of kings are past....(or so we think, at least)....In my own writing I'vetaken to calling our Ruling Elite here in the US "TheSyndicate".  Surely we all see that the US is now governed very muchlike 'The Mafia' of myth and yore. Where, and how, do the 'Dons' meet toconsider problems and make decisions? History will have to get very lucky toever discover the answer to questions like that. (Here I’d like to post alink to my old (and oft re-written) short piece, ‘Bony Fingers, Old Whiskey’,but I don’t actually have it posted anywhere. I’ll try to get it postedsomewhere and send a link in a follow up). 

Do 'spooks' makeThe Syndicate’s decisions? Well....maybe some of them.

Surely there are topranking bureaucrats that have power over our plethora of spy agencies whothemselves are 'Dons' in their own rights, with full membership rights in TheSyndicate. It's very difficult to imagine, however, that any career bureaucrat,no matter how highly placed, or how powerful, could amass as much power as theworld's richest man, Jeff Bezos. (Just to mention the richest out of theworld’s 2208 current billionaire oligarchs, i.e.: ‘Nobles’).  

When things reacha certain scale, it becomes hard to keep them in any perceivable perspective.Bezos' current fortune is estimated at $183,000 million (183,000,000,000)dollars. (One hundred eighty three thousand million dollars). To struggle to even try to comprehend at all what that means, considerthat Bezos could 'buy' his own personal aircraft carrier strike group,completely outfitted with planes and weaponry, and highly trained crews, and allaccompanying guided missile cruisers, destroyers, etc, and it wouldn't evenbegin to put a dent in his fortune. (The latest model carrier itself can be had, brand spanking new, for about $13 billion). Poor Jeff would have to somehow struggle to make doon...what?....the $150,000 million (150,000,000,000) he'd have left? Andthe $6.5 million daily operating costs of a carrier strike group, (including salariesfor all crew), would be no problem for him. (It would likely comprise a taxshelter, probably a direct tax credit). 

I do agreethat there is immense power in the spy agencies, and in individual commanderswithin those agencies. And I do believe that the New Praetorian coup that killed Kennedy,which has prevented any genuine leaders from arising in the US since, wasmaster-minded by Allen Dulles, (then head of the CIA). (Kennedy foolishlybelieved that the CIA was under his command).

Every personinclined to take up the mantle of leadership in the US, every person who hasthe wisdom and personal charisma of a true leader of historical stature, has known, since 1963, that they mustface the very real prospect of a ‘trip to Dallas’. 

Dr. Kingclearly knew what was coming, lamenting his realization that “longevity” wouldnot be his to enjoy. “I may not get there with ya’ “, but we’ll get “to themountaintop”. Wasn’t that speech the very day before he was murdered? He feltit coming… When he was killed, the CIA was already infiltrating the ‘black community’,plotting against the yet nascent Black Panthers, (founded in 1966). 

Clandestineintelligence forces are the New Praetorians. The Trump circus spectacle we'veseen in the US has shown us that these New Praetorians have immense power.We've never before seen them so overtly flex their power so openly, and brazenly, aswe've seen them do in the past three years. It's widely rumored, after all,that the chain of command in the US Military has broken, and that subordinateofficers in the field are choosing to not implement the orders of the commanderin chief. (The rumors seem credible, but that does not mean they are true, ofcourse).

Was Trumpelected accidentally, as Mr. Shamir surmises? Well.....sure...probably....(or at least maybe.....)

The Syndicateruns the US like a casino. They just rig the odds in their favor and let themoney flow as it will. With the odds rigged, more money will ALWAYS flow to them thanto anyone else. 

They stillmust play the cards as they fall, however....They lose lots of bets...Theydon’t care. Well, they care, but they know they’re going to lose some. As longas they win considerably more than they lose….as the rigged odds guarantee they will, life is good for them.

Was Trump one of those bets theylost? I said...probably...(or at least maybe.....)

But when I seehow much benefit The Syndicate are deriving from Trump's regime, one wonders if The Elites arenow simply playing out contingency plans that were well in place before the2016 election.

Yea...That sewage scum-covered swamp creature Clinton was "their girl". But do we REALLY think they had no p[lans in place for a Trump victory? 

They got theirtax cut..........THAT was their most crucial domestic agenda item....They arenow guaranteed that their wealth will increase, and their political power alongwith it.

Has TheSyndicate not fashioned a bit of a 'catbird seat' for itself, by skillfullymanipulating events? Can we be sure that they did not anticipate thesebenefits?

Can we be sure that they are not executing a Master Plan to 'finalize'the triumph of Zionism over the Middle East, for example? How many more scores will they settle, to advance their agendas, which they will then handily blame on Trump?

Surely nakedfascism has never been more brazen than in Israel? (As brazen, perhaps,but not more so). Is The Syndicate now ‘settling scores’ that they will laterhandily blame on Trump, as they will then pose as heroes when they take back the WhiteHouse?

Do we reallythink these people are not applying a VERY high order of intelligent cunning,as they try to manipulate the turning of the wheel of History itself?

You know, ithas only been a few months ago, within the past year anyway, that I learnedthat Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative. I am still trying to fully digest the9.5 (maybe 10) Richter Scale magnitude of the enormity of the implications thatreverberate, like a ‘knowledge earthquake’, shaking all perceptions to theirfoundations’ very footings, from learning that the “women’s liberationmovement” could have been mid-wifed by the CIA.

Ms. Magazinehad no visible source of either seed capital, or operating income, for severalyears, (before they started running advertising).....And was started and run by a known CIA operative.....Hmm 

Well....Ithink we all surely have a sense that our Enemy is doing everything 'He' can, (pickinga gender, to carry the metaphor, only because English contains no neutralpronoun), to keep populations divided into constantly quarreling factions in order to rule over them. (It's thesame old, same old..... "Divide et impera" is an actual quote from Caesarhimself). 

Can we fathomthe implications of the possibility that the entire "women's liberationmovement" was a contrived plan carried out through the CIA? The CIA isknown to have been operating domestically at that time, and of course it was only afew years later that the CIA was implicated, by journalist Gary Webb, who uncovered convincing evidencethat the CIA introduced crack cocaine into the black inner city ghettos, andthen stood back and watched their handiwork as the Black Panthers morphed intothe Crips and Bloods. (Huey Newton was a pitiful crack-head when he died).

Mr. Webb wasgiven an autopsy, which showed he died of TWO gunshot wounds directly to theside of his head. (You can actually see the actual autopsy photos online). Twogunshot wounds directly into his brain, and his death was “officially ruled” tobe a suicide. (Look it up, folks).

Look what theystood to gain from making women dissatisfied with their lives and culturalroles. Start with nearly doubling the work force, as they convinced women thatdressing in fancy (i.e.: sexy) clothes and sitting at a computer terminal doingmindless data entry, an illustrious “career”, was a lot better than being stuckat home with the kids.

Are youkidding? With all the ‘action’ at the office? All those cute guys with good jobs? A girl's gotta keep her options open. Stop depending on men. (Was it CIA operative Steinem herself who coined the witty saying, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", which I remember well from the 60s?

Did Don Draper, Hugh Hefner, andall 'the boys' think 'the girls' were just gonna sit at home, barefoot andpregnant, while they tom-catted around with those ‘playmates’, once “the girlnext door” decided it was a great idea to take off all her clothes and flaunt her naked body before the entire nation?

Was Hefner's groundbreaking mainstreaming of porn also somehow assisted by the CIA? (LOL.....If it was, don't count on ever finding it out)

Let’ssee…Being in that cubicle dressed in sexy clothes….or sitting home up to theirelbows in baby poop, while their husbands call to tell them they won’t be homefor dinner because they have to “work late” (again)...…Hmm…Baby poop, bare feet, and laundry…or sexydry-cleaned clothes, fancy leather boots that make their heels ring out wit imagined power as they walk across any floor, with the appreciative gazes of ‘cute guys’ at theoffice riveted on them…..Tough choice?  

Think of thecunning it took to induce women to come to despise being women, to reject their maternal role in favor of joining men in pursuit of ego-gratification in their now-prioritized 'careers'. This is an application of expertise that suggests that TheSyndicate avails itself avidly of the most brilliant minds our nation produces, in the study of understanding and manipulating culture and mass psychology.

Gloria Steinemwas a CIA operative. No shit, sherlock.....She REALLY was....You can hear her yourself, talking about her CIA career.You can hear her tell an interviewer that “the CIA is a liberal and honorableorganization”. (I assume we all know how to use our search engines, if this isnew information to you).  

So….When Mr.Shamir writes, ”They are no sages, evil or benevolent”…that may likely be true.But ‘sagacity’ is a synonym to ‘wisdom’. Surely no one would accuse an ‘evilgenius’ of being wise, but genius is genius, and is always capable of amassing greatpower.

Our good Mr.Shamir also writes:

“The pen can counter the sword. When the two are integrated, as in theunion of spooks and scribes, it is too dangerous tool to leave intact.”

There it is….Exactly…”The union of spooks and scribes”. At that juncture,of that union, sits our Enemy. That ‘union’ (which I am calling The Syndicate),IS our Enemy. The “spooks and scribes” are merely His ‘troops’.

The means of communication are the means of power. The US has come underthe full power of The Syndicate because The Syndicate conceived of, and thenexecuted, a long-range plan, spanning decades, to gain complete control of ALLmass media.

My knowledge of the ‘media landscape’ in other countries is limited, butif I were to study it, I would expect to learn (my hypothesis would be) that inevery nominally ‘democratic’ nation in which  political power has been highly centralized into the hands ofThe Elites, The Elites accomplished this by first gaining complete control ofthat nation’s means of mass communications.

That is certainly true in the US.

We are living now in the later 'mop-up' stages of The Elites’ now-accomplished counter-revolutionagainst the small measure of democracy the citizens managed to enjoy, roughlyfrom FDR in the 1930s, to LBJ in the mid to late 60s.

Nixon was their first 'counter' to democracy itself. (And he was the mastermind that figured out how Republicans could use racism to "flip the South"). But it was Reagan, of course, that beganthe Elite Counter-Revolution in earnest. He was the master-of-masters among allof History’s master Snake Oil salesmen. He actually ‘sold’ this ‘pitch’: “If welet The Rich get as rich as they want, the benefits will trickle down toALL of us”…..LOL…..The citizens ‘bought’ that Snake Oil by the case and truckload.  

But it was ole Slick Willie Clinton that administered the final ‘coup degrace’ to what little was left of democracy in the US by the time the 1990srolled around. NAFTA was a masterstroke. Within 11 to 12 years, by about 2005,(Nafta was signed late in 1993), The Syndicate managed to force 10% of theentire population of Mexico to migrate to the US by dumping massive quantitiesof the corn the US government had subsidized to make ethanol, (as a matter of‘national security, of course), on Mexico.

Millions upon millions of tons of subsidized corn were dumped on this relatively poornation. America’s mega-farm corporations loved those subsidies so much thatthey kept growing WAY more corn than was needed for ethanol, or for ‘nationalsecurity. By December of 1993, (when Slick Willie signed NAFTA into law), everysilo and corn crib in the nation was stuffed full to overflowing. When this massive flood of corn inundated Mexico, Mexican farmers, bythe millions, suddenly couldn’t even afford to plant a crop. As the effects of thisexcess corn disrupted every food industry market, millions of food industryworkers, as well as poor farmers, were delivered to the brink of actualstarvation, and were forced to migrate north to survive.

By 2006, America’s most powerful union, the UAW, the mighty, mightyautoworkers, were forced to bow and kiss the ring of power. They signed acontract that cut wages for new hires in HALF. (In HALF!).

The Syndicate first exported every American job they could, then theyimported massive quantities of excess labor to do those jobs that by their verynature, (service jobs, mostly), could not be exported.

They broke the back of American Organized Labor, which gave back thepower that had been won through so much blood and sacrifice.

And it was, indeed, (as only a few Americans even know), through bloodand sacrifice that Americans had won that fleeting period of actual democracy,from FDR to LBJ.

The Elites greatly feared an actual armed revolution in America in thelate 19th Century, and on into the 1920s. The "Palmer Raids", (use google) were in 1919 and 1920. I had conversation with my own grandfather about the rally he attended for Sacco and Vanzetti.

By the 1930s, Capitalism hadself-destructed (as it always does, which points to the fatal greed and lustfor power that lies at Capitalism’s base), and for three to four decades, weactually had a government that actually cared, (at least a little), about the “general welfare” of“the people”.

Social Security was passed. Heck Medicare, and then Medicaid, werepassed in the 1960s, just before the Elites’ Counter-Revolution began in '68.

And here we are today…with one clever billionaire oligarch leading a faction of The Elites into manipulating the bitter resentments of ‘the people’, the yeomen working class folk of the nation, into his primary power base, while the mainstream Syndicate faction of The Elites, after having suddenly and deliberately transformed our nation into a nationthat champions the plight or these hapless immigrants, (now being made tosuffer yet again, again while being used for evil political purpose), now demonizes anyone who complains about the horribledeleterious effect that this sudden and massive tsunami of immigrants has hadon the fortunes of America’s working people, and poses as the 'liberal' champions of these poor immigrants' lives and interests.

Can we really be sure that this is not a good cop bad cop routine? It obviously seems to be exactly that. The only real question is: "Is Trump a buffoonish clown of  dupe, as he appears to be, or is he 'in' on 'the con'.

He is SO narcissistic that it's hard to imagine him agreeing to be demonized. On the other hand, he sure did enjoy being the 'bad guy', relishing his privileged bellowing out "You're fired!"

Could a deal have been struck? Does Trump think that History will not merely exonerate him, but will elevate him to 'hero' status? Is he such a dingbat that he imagines himself exalted as a great American hero? Does he think a temple will be built to honor him, with  great statue, eternally presiding over it, (as Lincoln's presides over his monument)?

Is Trump a hapless stupid dupe? Or is he 'in' on the 'big con'? I don't think we'll ever know. What we need to realize is that IT DOES NOT MATTER.

It does not affect our most urgent necessity to begin to lay realistic and concrete plans for defeating these evil people and creating a True Democracy, in America.

What we need to 'see', to understand, is 'the con', whether Grump is in on it, or is being used as a dupe.   

America is so confused and bamboozled by the cunning of The Elites thateven the far Left has denounced and demonized the American working class forbeing resentful.....Gee... just because their kids are now opioid addicts, and the yearsof life expectancy of America’s working people is now rapidly declining, that doesn't mean they should 'scapegoat' the immigrants that came and took their jobs.

Well...Yea...This kind of scapegoating is tragic, not merely because the people being victimized, the immigrants, are innocent of anything but wanting to survive, but even more because it delivers the working class into the control of The Elites. 

And all the Left has to say is how DARE these suffering working people resent these fine Hispanic people who came to America,took their jobs, and lowered wages, across the board, dramatically?

The American Left, in all its energetic and completely idiotic‘brilliance’, has officially decided that the American working class is just abunch of evil racist Nazis.

And the American Left is so abjectly bamboozled by The Elites masterful cunning that they actually seem to think that they are going to win power with the nation's yeomen folk hating them. What are they going to do if they DO win power. will they then revel in having the water cannons and tear gas and police batons under THEIR control? Are they planning to win power over the nation's white working people and then ruling over them through brute force? LOL...The abject absurdity of the American Left knows few bounds these days.

"I can hire half the working class to kill the other half", boated 19th century American oligarch Jay Gould. With The Elites in FULL control of ALL mass media, Gould's evil boast  even much more true today.

Do we really think that this eminently ignorant, confused,and just comp[lately bamboozled state of consciousness, to which an entirenation has been reduced, just developed accidentally? 

Or....Isn't there a possibility that this all came about as a result of he execution of a brilliantly conceived plan? 

I feel like I’m beginning to ramble a bit, so I’ll try to wrap this up.I always watch for Mr. Shamir’s by-line. Seldom do I ever read anything fromhim that does not teach me something valuable. The article under discussionhere is no exception.

But I think perhaps Mr. Shamir has over-broadened his thesis a bit, (aswe are all prone to do at times….I sure the heck am…LOL…). I think that in these past three years, our intelligenceforces, the New Praetorians, have established that no one can rule in the USwithout their consent, (just as the Praetorian Guard did in Rome).

And certainly the commanders among these New Praetorians, have GREAT power.

But I think an even greater locus of power exists, and I think we willbe well-advised to NEVER underestimate this Enemy’s intelligence, courage, anddetermination.

And surely we all fully well realize that Jeff Bezos, and all hisbillionaire oligarch buddies, obviously have designs to rule over the entire world.

In the midst of a discussion of the Ruling Elite, the CIA, (and othersuch clandestine powers), and the power of mass media, surely we are compelledto mention, and fully consider the implications, that Bezos bought theWashington Post, for less than $250 million, within days of signing a $600 millioncontract with the CIA.

Jeff Bezos is the owner of the repository of some 40% of ALL the datathat ALL of Humankind has amassed and recorded. Cash flow from Amazon WebServices is predicted to soon dwarf that from his other little operation,

Jeff Bezos takes care of the CIA’s computer systems for them. (That’swhat the $600 mil was for). Is Bezos the CIA’s attack dog? Or vice versa?Or….Isn' this a ‘syndicated’ relationship?

It was the Washington Post that kicked off Russia-gate….and Wapo has enthusiastically kept this exercise in complete social insanity going fornearly three years now….Geez….how much power are we going to let one personhave? As much as they can grab….obviously…(And, by the immutable rules ofnature, the richer they get, the faster they get richer still….)

Ain’t that America today? The flow of money to the top is stillaccelerating rapidly. We are well on our way to neo-Feudalism, with The Rich, The Few, The Nobility, ruling over a nation of impoverished 'peons'. 

"USA! USA!! We’re the BEST country in the world! (Cue chest beating).People better do what we say or else we’ll kill ‘em……"

America uber alles?....yea…well…..this is REAL, folks…..This is reallyhappening……And THIS is the very seed of The Syndicate’s utter destruction. Didthe Thousand Year Reich even last a decade? Tens of millions dead. Wholecontinents buried in piles of rubble.

The question is, when The Syndicate falls, will they take us ALL with them, just out of pure evil spite?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, you say? What better empirical evidencethan to observe the foul stinking moral pus that is swelling like an angry boilin these evil people’s hearts?   

And Americans are mostly just concerned about what time the ball game’son, and/or who some vapid Hollywood bimbo is having sex with these days. We allsurely know that “bread and circuses” has always been an ancillary to the “divideand rule” maxim. (Caesar himself maintained a gladiatorial school at Capua).

Such is the immensity of the power of mass media. Most of us, (speaking of my fellow Americans), have no idea how immediately serious and threatening our predicament is.  

Thank you again to Marek Glogoczowski for sending along Mr. Shamir’sexcellent article. I do read the ‘Unz Review’ on occasion, but probably not asmuch as I should. I do think I somehow manage to encounter a lot of whatappears there in other ways, (like through email networks), but I’m sure I miss a lot as well. I hope Mr. (Ms.?) Glogoczowski will stay in touch.

Best to all,


R Zwarich

Bent Birch Farm

On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 1:09 AM Marek Glogoczowski <> wrote:
An excellent analysis, worth to be read and re-read. I quote:
// In late 1980s-early 1990s, the KGB, originally the guarding dog of the Russian working class, had betrayed its Communist masters and switched to work for the Network. But for their betrayal, Gorbachev would not be able to destroy his country so fast: the KGB neutralised or misinformed the Communist leadership.
They allowed Chernobyl to explode; they permitted a German pilot to land on the Red Square – this was used by Gorbachev as an excuse to sack the whole lot of patriotic generals. The KGB people were active in subverting other socialist states, too. They executed the Romanian leader Ceausescu and his wife; they brought down the GDR, the socialist Germany; they plotted with Yeltsin against Gorbachev and with Gorbachev against Romanov. As the result of their plotting, the USSR fell apart.
The KGB plotters of 1991 had thought that post-Communist Russia would be treated by the West like the prodigal son, with a fattened calf being slaughtered for the welcome feast. To their disappointment, the stupid bastards discovered that their country was to play the part of the fattened calf at the feast, and they were turned from unseen rulers into billionaires’ bodyguards. //
These integrated to an unbelievable extent “alphabet agencies”, from NSA to CIA to FBI, to GCHQ to MI6. etc., I call collectively withe the GENITALIA(NS in Poland) FRIENDLY termCI/P/A = Central Intelligence (& Propaganda) Agency, this Cecil Rhodes invented Monster actually prepares itself to rule the Planet Earth (it should be thus called G-CI/P/A, it means Gigantic CI/P/A).

Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 3:31 PM
To: readers
Subject: [shamireaders] Do Spies Run the World?

Do Spies Run the World?

Jeeves, the excellent valet of Mr Wooster, had an ace up his sleeve: if going was tough, he had used his access to the records of the Junior Ganymede club, and there he could find embarrassing stuff against anybody who had ever employed a valet or a butler, for these gentleman’s gentlemen were obliged to inscribe in the club’s book all imprudent exploits of their masters. Thanks to this inside knowledge, Jeeves had saved his meek master, Mr Bertie Wooster from the bully.

Jeeves was a modest man, and feudally loyal to his hare-brained master; so were other members of the Junior Ganymede. They didn’t try to turn the club book into a tool to wrench control over England from the Buckingham Palace. However, we live in the age of great ambitions, unhindered by excessive loyalty. The valets, butlers, and bodyguards pooled their forces and decided to run the world.

Conspiratorially-minded writers envisaged the Shadow World Government as a board of evil sages surrounded by the financiers and cinema moguls. That would be bad enough; in infinitely worse reality, our world is run by the Junior Ganymede that went berserk. It is not a government, but a network, like freemasonry of old, and it consists chiefly of treacherous spies and pens-for-hire, two kinds of service personnel, that collected a lot of data and tools of influence, and instead of serving their masters loyally, had decided to lead the world in the direction they prefer.

German Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, the last head of the Abwehr, Hitler’s Military Intelligence, had been such a spy with political ambitions. He supported Hitler as the mighty enemy of Communism; on a certain stage he came to conclusion that the US will do the job better and switched to the Anglo-American side. He was uncovered and executed for treason. His colleague General Reinhard Gehlen also betrayed his Führer and had switched to the American side. After the war, he continued his war against Soviet Russia, this time for CIA instead of Abwehr.

The spies are treacherous by their nature. They contact people who betrayed their countries; they work under cover, pretending to be somebody else; for them the switch of loyalty is as usual and normal as the gender change operation for a Moroccan doctor who is doing that 8 to 5 every day. They mix with foreign spies, they kill people with impunity; they break every law, human or divine. They are extremely dangerous if they do it for their own country. They are infinitely more dangerous if they work for themselves and still keep their institutional capabilities and international network.

Recently we had a painful reminding of their treacherous nature. Venezuela’s top spy, the former director of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), Manuel Cristopher Figuera , had switched sides during the last coup attempt and escaped abroad as the coup failed. He discovered that his membership on the Junior Ganymede of the spooks is more important for him than his duty to his country and its constitution.

Within America, the alphabet agencies from NSA to CIA to FBI had betrayed their country as obviously as Figuera did, though they didn’t run away, yet. Our colleagues Mike Whitney and Philip Giraldi described the conspiracy organised by John Brennan of CIA with active participation of FBI’s James Comey, to regime-change the US. In the conspiracy, foreign intelligence agencies, primarily the British GCHQ, played an important role. As by law, these spies aren’t allowed to operate on their home ground, they go into you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-your-back routine. The CIA spies in England and passes the results to the British Intelligence. MI6 spies in the US and passes the results to CIA. They became integrated to unbelievable extent in the worldwide network of spies.

It is not the Deep State anymore; it is world spooks who had united against their legitimate masters. Instead of staying loyal to their country, the spooks betrayed their countries. They are not only strictly-for-cash – they think they know better what is good for you. In a way, they are a new incarnation of the Cecil Rhodes Society. Democratically-elected politicians and statesmen have to obey them or meet their displeasure, as Corbyn and Trump did.

Everywhere, in the US, the UK, and Russia, the spooks became too powerful to handle. The CIA stood behind assassination of JFK and tried to take down Trump. The British Intelligence undermined Jeremy Corbyn, after assisting the CIA in pushing for the Iraq war. They created the Steele Dossier, invented the Skripal hoax and had brought Russia and the West to the brink of nuclear war.

Russian spooks are in a special relations mode with the global network – for many years. In Russia, persistent rumours claim the perilous Perestroika of Mikhail Gorbachev had been designed and initiated by the KGB chief (1967 – 1982) Yuri Andropov. He and his appointees dismantled the socialist state and prepared the takeover of 1991 in the interests of the One World project.

Andropov (who had stepped into Brezhnev’s shoes in 1982 and died in 1984) had advanced Gorbachev and his architect of glasnost, Alexander Yakovlev. Andropov also promoted the arch-traitor KGB General Oleg Kalugin to head its counter-intelligence. Later, Kalugin betrayed his country, escaped to the US and delivered all Russian spies he knew of to the FBI hands.

In late 1980s-early 1990s, the KGB, originally the guarding dog of the Russian working class, had betrayed its Communist masters and switched to work for the Network. But for their betrayal, Gorbachev would not be able to destroy his country so fast: the KGB neutralised or misinformed the Communist leadership.

They allowed Chernobyl to explode; they permitted a German pilot to land on the Red Square – this was used by Gorbachev as an excuse to sack the whole lot of patriotic generals. The KGB people were active in subverting other socialist states, too. They executed the Romanian leader Ceausescu and his wife; they brought down the GDR, the socialist Germany; they plotted with Yeltsin against Gorbachev and with Gorbachev against Romanov. As the result of their plotting, the USSR fell apart.

The KGB plotters of 1991 had thought that post-Communist Russia would be treated by the West like the prodigal son, with a fattened calf being slaughtered for the welcome feast. To their disappointment, the stupid bastards discovered that their country was to play the part of the fattened calf at the feast, and they were turned from unseen rulers into billionaires’ bodyguards. Years later, Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia with the blessing of the world spooks and bankers, but being too independent a man to submit, he took his country into its present nationalist course, trying to regain some lost ground. The dissatisfied spooks supported him.

Only recently Putin began to trim the wild growth of his own intelligence service, the FSB. It is possible the cautious president had been alerted by the surprising insistence of the Western media that the alleged attempt on Skripal and other visible cases had been attributed to the GRU, the relatively small Russian Military Intelligence, while the much bigger FSB had been forgotten. The head of FSB cybercrime department had been arrested and sentenced for lengthy term of imprisonment, and two FSB colonels had been arrested as the search of their premises revealed immense amounts of cash, both Russian and foreign currency. Such piles of roubles and dollars could be assembled only for an attempt to change the regime, as it was demanded by the Network.

In the Ukraine, the heads of their state security, SBU had plotted against the last legitimate president Mr Victor Yanukovych. They helped to organise and run the Maidan 2014 manifestations and misled their President, until he was forced to escape abroad. The Maidan manifestations could be compared with the Yellow Vests movement; however, Macron, an appointee of the Network, had support of his spies, and stayed in power, while Yanukovych had been betrayed and overthrown.

In the US, the spooks allowed Donald Trump to become the leading Republican candidate, for they thought he would certainly lose to Mme Clinton. Surprisingly, he had won, and since then, this man who was advanced as an easy prey, as a buffoon, had been hunted by the spooks-and-scribes freemasonry.

You’d ask me, were they so stupid that they believed their own propaganda of inevitable Clinton’s victory? Yes, they were and are stupid. They are no sages, evil or benevolent. My main objection to the conspiracy theorists is that they usually view the plotters as omniscient and all-powerful. They are too greedy to be all-powerful, and they are too silly to be omniscient.

Their knowledge of official leaders’ faults gives them their feeling of power, but this knowledge can be translated into actual control only for weak-minded men. Strong leaders do not submit easily. Putin has had his quota of imprudent or outright criminal acts in his past, but he never allowed the blackmailers to dictate him their agenda. Netanyahu, another strong man of modern politics, also had managed to survive blackmail. Meanwhile, Trump defeated all attempts to unseat him, though his enemies had used his alleged lack of delicacy in relation to women, blacks and Jews to its utmost. He waded through the deep pond of Russiagate like Gulliver. But he has to purge the alphabet agencies to reach safety.

In Russia, the problem is acute. Many Russian spooks and ex-spooks feel more proximity to their enemies and colleagues in other countries than to their fellow citizens. There is a freemasonic quality in their camaraderie. Such a quality could be commendable in soldiers after the war is over, but here the war is going on. Russian spooks are particularly besotted with their declared enemies; apparently it is the Christian quality of the Russian soul, but a very annoying one.

When Snowden reached Moscow after his daring escape from Hong Kong, the Russian TV screened a discussion that I participated in, among journalists, members of parliament and ex-spies. The Russian spooks said that Snowden is a traitor; a person who betrayed his agency can’t be trusted and should be sent to the US in shackles. They felt they belong to the Spy World, with its inner bond, while their loyalty to Russia was a distant second.

During recent visit of Mike Pompeo to Sochi, the head of SVR, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Mr Sergey Naryshkin proposed the State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the ex-CIA director, to expand contacts between Russian and US special services at a higher level. He clarified that he actively interacted with Pompeo during the period when he was the head of the CIA. Why would he need contacts with his adversary? It would be much better to avoid contacts altogether.

Even president Putin, who is first of all a Russian nationalist (or a patriot, as they say), who has granted Snowden asylum in Moscow at a high price of seriously worsening relations with Obama’s administration, even Putin has told Stone that Snowden shouldn’t have leaked the documents the way he did. “If he didn’t like anything at his work he should have simply resigned, but he went further”, a response proving he didn’t completely freed himself from the spooks’ freemasonry.

While the spooks plot, the scribes justify their plots. Media is also a weapon, and a mighty one. In Richard Wagner’s opera Lohengrin, the protagonist is defeated by the smear campaign in the media. Despite his miraculous arrival, despite his glorious victory, the evil witch succeeds to poison minds of the hero’s wife and of the court. The pen can counter the sword. When the two are integrated, as in the union of spooks and scribes, it is too dangerous tool to leave intact.

In many countries of Europe, editorial international policies had been outsourced to the spooky Atlantic Council, the Washington-based think tank. The Atlantic Council is strongly connected with NATO alliance and with Brussels bureaucracy, the tools of control over Europe. Another tool is The Integrity Initiative, where the difference between spies and journalists is blurred. And so is the difference between the left and the right. The left and the right-wing media use different arguments, surprisingly leading to the same bottom line, because both are tools of warfare for the same Network.

In 1930s, they were divided. The German and the British agents pulled and pushed in the opposite directions. The Russian military became so friendly with the Germans, that at a certain time, Hitler believed the Russian generals would side with him against their own leader. The Russian spooks were befriended by the Brits, and had tried to push Russia to confront Hitler. The cautious Marshal Stalin had purged the Red Army’s pro-German Generals, and the NKVD’s pro-British spooks, and delayed the outbreak of hostilities as much as he could. Now, however, the secret services’ cohesion and integration increased to the next level, making it difficult to deal with them.

If they are so powerful, integrated and united, shouldn’t we throw a towel in the ring and surrender? Hell, no! Their success is their undoing. They plot, but Allah is the best plotter, – our Muslim friends say. Indeed, when they succeed to suborn a party, the people vote with their feet. The Brexit is the case to consider. The Network wanted to undermine the Brexit; so they neutralised Corbyn by the antisemitism pursuit while May had made all she could to sabotage the Brexit while calling for it in public. Awfully clever of them – but the British voter responded with dropping both established parties. So their clever plot misfired.

People are fickle and not always know what is good for them; there are many demagogues to mislead the crowd. And still, elected legitimate officials should have precedence in governing, while non-elected ones should obey – and it means the Network spooks and media men should know their place.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.