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Ever Further Into Fatal Hysteria, by Ray Zwarich

I am hoping that the short essay copied below might be of interest to some of you. It is a response to a NY Times article as it appeared in today's Boston Globe:
Lawmakers in Russia call for retaliation against new US sanctions My essay is addressed to the consciousness of average US citizens, and, as such, the essay was 'published' in the article's comments section in the Globe. ~ R Zwarich

The US Deep State/Mass Media Alliance, (both firmly under the control of the US Super
Wealthy Elite), has beaten the US Congress into complete submission.

In the atmosphere of McCarthyite hysteria that our Elite-controlled mass media have
created, (with the full participation of the Boston Globe, fully owned by billionaire oligarch
John Henry), US Congressional representatives are too fearful for their jobs to bring
simple common sense to bear.

This is going to end VERY badly for us, folks.

It is such a massively stupid move that it only points to the desperation and weakness of
the Elites’ position. The lies and propaganda on which US foreign policy is constructed are
steadily crumbling. The truth is a powerful force, and, as it always does, it is finding its way
into the light.

The Elites would not be taking this degree of risk if their position were not extremely
desperate, (after our humiliating defeat in Syria, and the coming to light of the truth in
Ukraine, which most of the entire world can see was an act of naked US aggression
against Russia, with Russia acting defensively merely to protect its most vital strategic

Every single day more millions of people all over the world are coming to clearly see that
the US is not the ‘good guy’ in world affairs.

As this article itself reports, these new sanctions are only driving a major wedge between
the US and our oldest and staunchest European allies. The US Elite are so desperate that
they have now resorted to trying to bully our own friends.

European nations, like Germany, have already issued statements declaring that they will
not cooperate with these sanctions. Germany has already declared that it is seriously re-
examining its entire relationship with the US.

What clearer statement could there possibly be of erosion of our oldest alliances?

Similar wheels are turning throughout Europe, as Europeans can clearly see that the US is
trying to bully them into actions that directly damage European interests, solely to benefit
the US Elite. The US is now trying to beat Europe into submission, to serve US interests at
the direct expense of European interests.

Gee…..How do we think that makes them feel?

These new sanctions, based on nothing but a thin veil of mass media driven hysteria, (to
this very moment there is STILL not one single iota of evidence that Russia interfered in
the 2016 election, in any way at all), are an act of such desperation that they make many
people fearful of what the obviously very desperate US Elites ‘end game’ here might be.

These people are in a losing position, (and their defeat is inevitable), but they are very far
from stupid. They no doubt have a very clear plan to try to preserve their position from
these depths of depraved desperation.

What are they planning?

Full scale war? Precipitated by another major false flag operation, (on the Pearl Harbor/
9-11 scale/”Remember the Maine” scale)?

Full scale war against Iran, just to kick things off?

Most Americans simply do not seem to understand that we have fashioned the world into
a large warehouse full of leaking drums of gasoline, through which we are tip-toeing while
we whistle casually, between nervous drags on our cigarettes, (flicking our ashes into the
spreading pools of volatility).

Think them Pats can win another Super Bowl? Who is the latest Khardashian bimbo having
sex with these days? For how many of us are these our greatest concerns, as we willfully
ignore the growing stench of the gasoline fumes?

The US Elite controlled Mass Media/Deep State Alliance have reduced our nation into a
tribe of hysterical monkeys, shrieking deafeningly about ‘Russia-gate’, for which not so
much as one shred of evidence exists, as we jump up and down and beat our chests.

The entire world is very worried as they see us act out this rank insanity. And now we are
taking our insanity out onto the Big Stage. We want to beat Europe into submission with
these sanctions, when the Europeans do not share our McCarthyite hysteria, and can
clearly see that there is no evidence of Russian interference in US elections.

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