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Roman Hands, and Russian Fingers, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

It is always staggering to witness people's delusions. (The power of the human mind to deceive itself knows no bounds, and 'the trick' is to see your OWN). But when delusions are expressed with great eloquence, in a voice coming from the center of heartfelt passion itself, it is especially painful, and the pain can tend to assault a warrior with discouragement. 

There is always a lesson to be learned every time we encounter the face of this Bad Spirit that wants to steal our courage. (It wants to dis-courage us). This is a spirit that serves the Enemy. 

Mr. Joe Sanberg, (never heard his name before, but the lad boasts of some impressive 'exploits'), just recently published a deeply heartfelt article, a heartful passionate plea for moral decency from ole Skinny Joe Biden and his Democratic Party Machine (DPM) 'crew'. (As Tony and his boys called themselves).

Beware, lad ... What happens to people who burn so hot, what happens when their passions burn out? The fuel is not inexhaustible. When the tank runs dry, the flame within will wither and quickly die out with an anti-climatic 'poof', and there you'll be, on the edge of the Abyss, alone. ("Drivin' that train, high on cocaine, and you know that notion just crossed my mind. Casey Jones you better watch your speed").

Mr. Sanberg writes:

"Biden's win was delivered by those with the most to lose, namely Black and Brown grassroots leaders who have been working—relentlessly—for years to educate, recruit, and organize their communities.

Those leaders didn't vote for Joe Biden as a favor to Democrats in power. They did it hoping to materially improve their own lives.

Now, the Biden administration must make good on its end of the bargain." ....end quote

Geezus good lord mary and yer own namesake 'joseph', lad ... Yer not even joking, are ye? The only "bargain" Biden made with ANYTHING you propose here, or with ANY 'progressives', was "fuck you!" 

Gee ... When the sun rose on November 2nd, AOC was their darlin' girl. They painted her lips ruby red and put her in a silken white suit, like a kuki doll, and shined the bright-hot klieg lights upon her, and put her on a 'campaign poster'.

Now they're dumping ordure on her head, brown semi-liquid stinky all over that $5000 silken white suit, (which they let her keep, btw, a model's 'tip' when she does a great job). Now they're blaming her for their losses in the House, and their failure to capture the Senate. 

This is VERY bad news for them. Folks haven't yet even realized how bad this is. The 'winners' of this Mass Media Clown Show election are in REAL deep doo-doo now. 

When the Repugs roar back in '22, (as the party out of power usually does), and take the House back, ya think we won't have another fun impeachment circus to dutifully attend? Hey, The laptop is HARD EVIDENCE. Their silly-ass "the Russians did it" alibi has long ago 'jumped the shark'. (Drone on, ye ugly demons .. Drone on). The Repugs will never win 67 seats in the Senate, (to convict), but Skinny Joe's gonna be gettin' sleepier every day by then. He may just resign... gee ... ya think? ... for 'medical reasons', and The Black Woman that nobody liked, (what's her name again?), will be trotted down the hall into the Oval Office to give her 'historic' speech. 

Trumpets will blare from every Mass Media bullhorn. Fireworks will explode and glitter as they shower out from every Black Glass screen. A Black Woman, the ultimate victimhood worshippers' ICON, at the very apex of their official Hierarchy of Victimhood, at the very base root of their warped cult ideology of blatantly fascist, blatantly racist, and blatantly sexist Identitarian Politics and Political Correctness, The Holy Great Victim Black Woman will have been given command for a term. (They couldn't get Oprah, or Whoopee. Them girl's is rich and powerful already, and they AIN'T dumb, fer crissakes. You know how much it would cost them kinda girls to deign to serve as POTUS?)

President Black Woman. Okey doke. This'll be fun ...

And the Bolshevik Marionettes will DEMAND that it be declared Hate Speech to even look at their holy Great Victim ICON with anything but worshipful reverence. Anyone who refuses to bow before her will be declared a dirty scum Nazi racist white SUPREMACIST! 

And THEY must be silenced and dis-armed. We must censor to guard the truth. And WE must control all the guns. This is the Bolshevik Marionette credo. They preach 'democracy', but they will gut you quickly and kick you into the alley muck, if you don't kiss a foot and fully embrace the Party Line.

And she's a Tough Cop. That's how she made her chops. The Big Bad Bolshevik Marionettes who DEMAND that we must "defund the police" now bow to The Black Woman. (Hey ... You couldn't make this shit up, folks. Nobody would believe rhese Boilshevik Marionettes are as plumb STUPID as they actually ARE.  

It was a philosophy that prevailed for awhile, an ole what's her name (Camo?) jumped fully on board that as her gravy train. "We're the toughest gang", the Bluer Boys declared. You Crip and Blood boys wanna play? We'll be yer huckleberry. The Blue Gang is the meanest toughest motherfucking gang there IS!! See? Ya wanna argue 'bout it? 

And that's the coattail the Holy Icon Black Woman rode up the power escalator. That, and 'dating' a local power broker who had a serial 'thing' for helping sexy young gals advance their careers. When he showed them the door, his hand was gentle on their elbow. When the door shut behind them, they realized that the Power Office they had gained could warm a poor girl's broken heart somehow.  

Hey ... I don't care if it insults the ladies or not. Women take advantage of their sexuality in their careers, most ANY which-way they can. Don't bat those lashes at me like innocent angels, girls. Caliban changed too many female diapers. (A father of daughters three is he, and that's a heckuva thing t' be).  

And don't glare at me in hatred that way, girls. Ya think I don't know that the very reason yer so angry is 'cause ole Caliban is tellin' ya the truth?

Women DO "sleep their way up" any dang which-way they fracking CAN. The little darlins. 'See' their pretty lashes batting like Bambi. Will she cry now? Awe, poor thing.

Maybe if she stomps her foot and throws a temper tantrum, she thinks she can get her way? She thinks she can make us all pretend that the naked emperors clothes are beautiful? Ya can't stand naked before us girl, and think we'll compliment yer 'outift'.

Look it up, folks. History is so hard to erase. This woman who will be POTUS, (whom nobody liked, and who was the first to drop out of the primaries because nobody liked her), when she was a sexy young thing, (days now long gone by), she traded sexual favors to secure career advantages. Did she not know what everybody was whispering? Did she not know the man's reputation?

Hey ... I'm not sayin' what's good or bad. I'm just sayin' what's TRUE.  

So now we'll have a Black Woman to stand up and be head Carnival Barker, and the calliopes will play, and children will shout, and laugh, and lovers will kiss in the shadows, and every ten feet another Carnival Hound will bark at us, to beckon we come chase our desire .......

....................and the screams of pain, despair, and death will again be perpetually drowned out in the carefully cultivated cacophony.  

It's just gonna be more of the same circus, good folks, yet again and again and again. Bernie'll be too old, but they'll find another loyal Sheepdog to trot out in '24. Bernie'll be a tough act to follow. Do politicians award their own 'oscars'? Bernie'd win 'all time' in the 'Best Judas Goat Candidate" category. Hands down. Central casting can scour the land, but they'll never find another Sheepdog quite like The Bern'. Geez ... How that man could stab the air with a passionate finger. (Yea..well...maybe he stole it from Jack and Bobby, but still, he didn it SO well).

C'mon, folks ... Only Self-Awareness can save us. Only when we can see ourselves, and our own lives, as if we were space creatures observing us from a nearby asteroid, only then can we throw off our delusions and begin to 'see' our predicament. 

Ya want t' find the Enemy, ya say? Go to the bathroom. Or the bedroom. There's one in most every secret place where we can spend time with ourselves, in every secret place where we can coddle every secret desire. Yea ... Surely we all know ... There's a Travis Bickle in EACH of us, boys and girls. Bad Spirits are ALL very cunning. They lurk. They wait. They find their chance. And they never pass-by an opportunity without striking with lightning fangs.

Ya wanna see the Enemy's face? Find the closest mirror. Ya gotta look deep. I guaran-dang-tee ya, that Demon is there lookin' back at ya. If you cannot 'see' her or him, then you are NOT 'self-aware', and you are, right now, a big BIG part of the problem, and not ANY part of the solution.   

Hey ...c'mon, guys ... You know like in cops shows, like 'The Wire', (or any number of shows we could name), you know how they 'chart' their 'adversary'? They pin pictures up on the wall.  

We could say this is "basic Sun-Tzu", (know your Enemy), but he just wrote it down. It's very basic shit, boys and girls. When ya go off into the forest t' find dinner, you must 'see' through the eyes of your quarry. Me own Grampa was a country boy. He took me in the woods. He taught what he could. "You want rabbit stew for supper, Ramone, well ye'd best think like a rabbit. Where would ya be, right now, lad, if you was a rabbit?"

Folks can read fancy pants Mr. Tzu if they want, but every 'country boy' from down the way, who ain't a complete offay fool, knows those things. You think Avon Barksdale and ole Stringer Bell didn't know that shit? C'mon, fewl, wake up ...

"Come 1814 we took a little trip
'Long with Col. Jackson down the mighty Mississip
We packed a hunk a bacon, and toted us some beans
And we met the Bloody British at the town 'a New Orleans

Yea .. we looked down the river and we see'd them British come
Musta' been a hunnert of 'em beatin' on a drum
Well ... They looked so pretty and they made them bugles sing
We strood behind them cotton bales and didn't say a thing"

Them country boys sure show'd them British what fer. Didn't they though? They didn't need to read Sun Tzu. Their own pappys taught 'em all Sun Tzu's lessons. And if they wanted meat for supper, (did ya ever eat just beans every dang day, geez, imagine the farts that season the cabin), they BETTER pay attention and learn well.

Yea Well ... This is a riddle folks. I'm tryin' me best t' solve it. (Folks can help if they want). It is VERY hard to share a 'vision'. The ONLY way is to have people themselves 'see'. (I know I go places, and then have a hard time gettin' back t' what I was tryin' t' say)

Anyway ... This poor good citizen, young Mr. Joe Sandberg very obviously does not 'know his Enemy', and it does not appear that he knows all that much about himself either, (although his Ego sure writes a 'dazzling' bio).

Oh...Yea .... The chart of pictures on the wall in the cop shows? Obviously someone knew their 'sun tzu' shit whether they'd ever read a book or not.

What picture is at the top in our minds when we 'see' our Enemy? 

'See' Medusa, with writhing deadly venomous serpents growing from her scalp rather than hair. Each serpent has two eyes. A brain. A Mind of its own. Each one. And they grow like hair from Medusa's head. They all grow from this primeval, and VERY evil, spirit. (In Greek mythology, to even look on Medusa would turn a mortal to cold dead stone).

The Hydra is another good metaphorical image. Many heads. But ALL feeding ONE belly. 

The thugs fought wars among themselves in the 30s. The Police themselves were afraid of their Thompsons' short staccato death stings. Capone prevailed for a time. But not long. It was constant warfare. One tribe, one gang, would prevail, then they would grow soft in their wealth and power, as a hungry lion below them formed a tribe of his own. For every Avon Barksdale, there will ALWAYS be a Marlow. (It's a VERY ancient story, told so many times over). 

But by the late 30s and into the 1940s, they were starting to learn. They began to see that things would be better for ALL of them, if they 'syndicated'. The Heads of the Five Families sat down, and forged an alliance.

(This is CLASSIC 'Marxism' folks. Ole Karl wrote about all this. It's the Paradox of the Free Market. EVERY 'free market' will inevitably evolve into monopoly).

This is the heartbeat, the form factor, of raw fascism. It is a Syndicate of Powers, with a Strong Man at the top. They all agreed that the Big Boss's word was FINAL. But a wise Capo must take care of ALL equally well, if he wants to keep HIS job, (or his life either, this was a 'blood oath' these people took). 

When the Five Families began to meet, they always did best when they were well led by a dominant and wise personality. Wars still broke out when leadership fell to temptation. The boil was lanced, the fever receded. And the Five Families would eventually AGAIN realize that it was better for ALL, because it was better for EACH, to syndicate, to re-from The Syndicate. 

And THAT's where we are now. We are ruled by syndicated power. The Syndicate has many heads, and each one has a serpent's deadly brain, a serpent's deadly desire, and a serpent's deadly poisonous fangs.

So ...(Let's try to 'jump back' here) ... if young Mr. Sandberg wants to 'wake up and smell the coffee', the first thing he should do is "know his Enemy, and know his own Self", jes' like ole Mr. Tzu sez. 

A "policy maker" is he? Oo.. "Power is ALWAYS so 'sexy', ain't it?". Methinks I hear young Joe's ego 'a talkin' (He's a nice looking lad, ladies, and he even provides a picture so we'll all know. Can't say if he's 'available', but if ole Caliban knows the way a lad's gears grind and churn, and the lad surely does behave like he's got his eye out.

And he strikes a heroic figure, doesn't he, DEMANDING, ( forceful, she says, then looks down at her nails).. 'demanding' that the Democratic Party do what the Democratic Party's Big Boss, The Syndicate, would NEVER allow the underling Sewage Scum Swamp creatures, the Pelosis, and McConnells, and their whole crews of sewage scum swamp creatures, to EVER do what good citizen Mr. Sandberg so adorably "demands" they do. 

"I'm TELLING you once and for ALL, Soprano", brave young Joe Sandberg says, "you better listen to our DEMANDS, or ELSE!" 

Big Tony smiles that funny smile he gets, when he can't wait to tell the boys back at the Bing what this silly monkey said to him. Tony knows they'll be rolling... with tears streaming...). "Or else What?", is all ole Tone sez back, glaring at young Joe like a viper about to strike. Ole Tony is doing his best to suppress his smirk, to keep his poker face on.

Or else WHAT? Young Mr. Sandberg? (Don't make a fool 'a yerself, lad. When the Big Guy says "fuck you" ya don't go up and grab his arm ands say "Now you listen HERE!". Plutarch tells us about many times when Caesar could have died. His 'close scrapes'. At Pharsalus his bodyguard loped off a sword, arm and all, just an instant before it would have struck a fatal blow, and all of History would have been different, and not ONE of us would be alive now. Other people would be alive, instead. (Isn't the texture and fabric of the Human Tapestry an awesome thing to behold?)

Yea ... Well ... Anyway ... Yer a Good One, Young Sandberg. Yer a Really Good One. I'm bettin' yer gonna be a quick study.

 (And I'm tellin' ya girls. He looks like a 'catch' t' me. He looks real good when he's giving his passions flight on his extraordinary eloquence. Ehhh? ... Young lads make their mistakes. All Roman hands and Russian fingers, ehh? Ahh ... but 'see' ... "His clothes are dirty, but his hands are clean". We ALL stumble down many dark alleys as we search for our WAY. Don't we?

Anyway ... This lad is obviously a Really Good One. He came up through some shit. The lad was loved by a courageous woman. She obviously loved him well. This is HER spirit that stands so strong before us. And I've no doubt at ALL, that she's 'a beaming proud, wherever she may be.

yea ...There is potential for 'high rank' in this young Sanberg lad. Let's watch and see how the lad does. (If ya ever need help, don't hesitate to call).

But first ya gotta quit being such a FOOL!


Bent Birch Farm
17 November 

774 449-8030 (if any good lads should want to call, or any angry ladies).