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Seven Hammers Swinging - Same Money, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Big News this morning, (there's some every dang morning, ain't there?), is that Glenn Greenwald has (gasp!) resigned from The Intercept. (If you don't know what The Intercept is, that pretty much 'says things') ... Lotsa lawyers sure must be busy this morning, eh? Whew! (Kaching! How much per hour? Kaching! It's WAYY worse than a NY taxi, even).

It actually IS a crucially important story, of course. One hopes that Mr. Greenwald will realize that the story is not about him. He's just a character in it. The part he will play is yet to be determined. He seems to still be writing it. 

The centrally owned American Mass Media are being nakedly used to affect what amounts to a 'coup' over our nation. They have tried to forbid the Truth from being known, so that their favored criminal DPM, the Obama-Clintonista Regime, the Democratic Party Machine, can seize power.

DPM spokespeople have publicly declared that the DPM's forces have "gamed out various scenarios", and have openly threatened, in public statements, that if people the DPM regards as "Trumps forces" rise against the DPM's seizure of power, if they rise bearing arms, the new DPM Regime will use the US Military against them. The Democratic Party Machine has already ruthlessly declared that it will use the US Military in armed conflict against US citizens, on US soil.

They have already nakedly seized the power to control people's access to the Truth. Their next priority, of course, is their fear of the 280 million guns, and doubtless tens of billions of rounds of ammo, that the people who might rise against them are known, or at least feared, to have.

They've already repealed the First Amendment. (The means of communication are the means of power). Their next priority is repealing the Second, even if it requires a bloodbath. They said that OUT LOUD, (fer crissakes!). 

"If it takes a bloodbath, then let the people's blood flow". So saith the Democratic Party Regime, that is desperate to seize power, lest Trump's pitbull, Giuliani, be set loose on them.

Their crimes are obvious, and these are just the first rivulets finding their way through the fatal faults in the dam. Can these 'leaks in the Matrix' be patched up before the dam erodes enough to give way?

The only 'freedom' now is in rebellion. Honor demands. We cannot do otherwise and call ourselves full grown women and men who believe we live 'free'. 

Honor can demand whatever it wants. What does Courage allow?

Glenn Greenwald may have an oversized opinion of the scope of his own personal drama, but what is happening to him will happen to all. (All who refuse to submit). This is naked totalitarian control. THAT is 'THE STORY' ... (duh!?)

Are we, the American people, not worthy of our ancestors' travails? Did they struggle and suffer so, just to bring us to this vicious viper's pit, where first blood has already been drawn, (and each side thinks the other drew it)?

Are we lesser in spirit than those who suffered their own lives so that we could live free?

Anyway ... sorry. Us old fellas sometimes get t' goin', don't we?

Copied below are the comments I attached to Glenn Greenwald's dramatic (dramatizing?) public statement, which I encountered here.


R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030

A 200 word bio? … Wait … What? … The author boasts of The Intercept “exploiting my name”, but then feels compelled to tell people ‘who he is’ by attaching a 200 word bio? …

Uhh … Okey doke, then …

In a cavern shrouded in draped cloth, with mysterious lights dancing on ancient brick walls, and tribal rhythm keeping perfect time to dancing flames, (or maybe vice-versa, this is a true story), a wise soul taught me that we can best read any person’s true character from their smallest actions, especially from things they do when none are watching, or when they think none see.

There is documentation, (a tax return I have seen, that looked genuine, but I have no means to verify), that Glenn Greenwald has been earning north of $500k per year, in total compensation from The Intercept.

Now THAT sure sounds like a tragic case of ‘exploitation’ to me. Of whom, and by whom, certainly might be an interesting discussion.

C’mon folks. What’s that yokel’s name? (Risen? .. James Risen, from the NY Times?) C’mon, Mr Greenwald. You take in vipers and liars, sooner or later they’ll show you their fangs. No one taught you that? You sound a bit like yer crying to yer mama cause that mean boy said he’d love you forever last night, and then was long gone this morning, and you feel dirty, and want to take a shower. Boo-hoo.

It was months ago, (a year even?), that Risen concocted a phantasmagoric story about what he had really meant when he had written a ‘smoking gun’ article in The Times which pretty much nailed the carelessly arrogant Biden ‘to the wall’. What Risen had really meant, Jimmy Boy had the friggin’ GALL to shovel at us, was that Biden fired the Attorney General of Ukraine because he was not being aggressive enough in investigating Burisma, and its dealings with his (ole Skinny Joe's) poor shaky cocaine-addled boy, Hunter.

Risen, James Risen, (and make that shaken, not stirred), with a straight face, and from ‘the pages’ of The Intercept, told us that what he really meant in the article was that Skinny Joe wanted that guy to investigate his son’s shady dealings harder … but he wouldn’t. So Uncle Joe wanted him fired so’s we could get someone in there that would more aggressively investigate his poor addict son’s nakedly obvious influence peddling.

LOL … No Shit, Sherlock Greenwald … From the pages, the very pages, of The Intercept, exploiting the power/value of the GG (Greenwald) ‘brand’.

Gee … Mr. Greenwald didn’t resign his $500k gravy train gig over THAT, did he? Did he threaten to? Did he say anything when Risen used The Intercept as his own propaganda rag, to wipe his own stinky backside?

I don’t really know, because I don’t waste my time reading The Intercept. (I do read the headlines, every day, as I do many publications, just to keep track of the general drift). I’ve tried. The Intercept is a propaganda rag. Read any article, and the dripping stinky bias will smack you in the face before you finish even one paragraph, (certainly two).

Caliban is here, in the house of Robert Scheer, because I remember him from the Rampart days, when he went to bat for the Black Panthers, after giving ole Eldridge Cleaver space to let his self-serving ego fly free. (I had a rather ‘personal’ encounter with Kathleen, once, right before an earthquake in LA).

I’m not really familiar with the good Mr. Scheer’s work over all these intervening years, but good lads do sometimes become wise old men.

Glenn Greenwald certainly has a high regard for his own importance in the Larger Scheme. Does Robert Scheer ‘see’ that? (I can only wonder).

As heartening as it is to see how brave and strong Mr. Greenwald is now, his courage could have revealed itself on other occasions, but didn’t, so perhaps Mr. Greenwald could temper his exalted self-regard now, at least a ‘tad’?

It’s a funny thing, ain’t it, how when you ‘stand on principle’, you can’t do so only when convenient. “When somebody loves you, it’s no good unless they love you, ALL THE WAY”. (No one could sing it like the Skinny Guinea, ole Frank:

When we serve the Truth, it will NOT serve us, unless we serve it “all the way”. The Truth knows. That’s why it can be so powerful. It knows when people are faking it.

If the good (and wealthy) Mr. Greenwald is now publicly pledging himself that he will go “all the way” in his dogged service to Truth, and to Truth alone, even when his $500k gravy train is threatened, (such raw courage, eh?), well … Okey doke … Good to know …

But don ‘t ask poor old Caliban to help pay $500k in salary to one person.

I’d rather get 5 good honest journalists, who would sooner die that compromise their commitment to Truth alone, for $100k each. Or 7, seven hard working committed people, for just under $75k. What’s the going rate for an ‘honest journalist’ these days? How many come out of J-school each year?

There’s no jobs in Mass Media that allow ANY commitment to Truth, at ALL. None. Zilch. So… Where do these dewy eyed children go?

Well … I’m sure this Greenwald fella can swing his hammer good enough, but I’d take five, or seven hammers swinging, for the same money.