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The Colonels' Huckleberry, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Have any noticed that it's always 'The Colonels' that you hear about as any military coup is executed? Or does it just seem that way?

It is just about the saddest thing when we see good people serve evil. When good people serve evil, they do so without fully understanding themselves, (ole SunTzu's first directive), and certainly without understanding the consequences of their own actions, at the time they do those actions. They can fool people for a while, but they usually end up only fooling themselves. At that point they look like pathetic fools, maybe even in their own mirrors.

When Antony boasted to his trusted aide, during yet another passionate snit with his lover, Cleopatra, "Hanging upside down and naked, queens all look alike". The aide answered, (showing why he was so trusted): "Tell me, General Antony, is it easy to tell apart naked generals hanging upside down?" 

People serve our own deepest motivations, more often than not, (at least it sure seems), without even being aware of what those deepest-held motives are. We so easily delude ourselves as to the meaning/implications of our own actions. (Who among us claims we do not ALL do that? Come cast the first stone).

One sees many bizarre sights, 'on the road to Damascus', such as people who genuinely and sincerely yearn for human freedom, (or so they say, with great conviction, and artful eloquence), avidly serving those who seek to enslave anyone they can.

Any who have been reading Caliban's Gambit since its early 'episodes', (assuming there is anyone), knows that I placed a lot of stock, early on, in the brilliant genius of US Army Colonels-Retired Andrew Bacevich and Lawrence Wilkerson. Both now enjoy comfortably lucrative second careers as celebrity academics, (on top of a colonel's full pension), and also, we now are learning, as very highly placed political/intelligence operatives for the Democratic Party Machine that is The Syndicate's primary political force of outright control over the nation.

Huh ... Well ... yea ... I'm sure someone smarter than ole ape-man Caliban would have seen that coming from way back up the trail, WAYY sooner than I did. "I'll be your Huckleberry" --D Holiday. 

Was Jesus "a sailor when he walked upon the water"? (--L Cohen). Isn't that what every prophet says: "I'll be your huckleberry"? ('Smart' is hewn from disparate timbers, good colonels, and even iron and steel and careless courageous hearts, and leather-tough souls. 'Smart' is a heck of a lot more than mere intellect. As soldiers, one would assume you 'know' that).

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is a busy boy these days, wearing many hats in coordinating the highly organized 'coup' the Democratic Party Machine is now executing. It is already WELL underway. That Train is already coming down THIS track, smak toward us, and Colonel Wilkerson rides, like ole Stonewall Jackson himself, horse rearing and sword slashing at the air overhead, leading the cavalry with his heroic daring, (just like the brave colonel did in a chopper in Viet Nam), to guard the tracks from his paymaster's, (his commanding officer's), enemies. 

Lawrence Wilkerson is "a brave soldier", as the eternal gravedigger sings. The colonel's sense of duty is a deep motivation, as it surely was in Secretary Powell, when they served their commanding officers so loyally, so well, as they, as much as anyone on that diabolical Cheney 'team', sent our hapless nation 'a sailing, full speed ahead, toward the iceberg that so many could always see dead ahead. (Tanks advancing into helpless, spinning, sitting duck muck ... Pick your own metaphor, boys and girls, iceberg or quicksand quagmire).

Colonel Wilkerson is now 'riding point' for The Syndicate's brilliantly conceived plan to take over the US under fascist, (i.e.: military), rule. Only long enough to re-establish the charade of 'democracy', of course. The good colonel, (whom foolish ape-man Caliban, the hapless huckleberry, tried to recruit to a higher moral purpose), might even serve as the Biden Regime's commanding liaison-officer, executing crucial communications between the US Army, gunning down the US working class in the streets of US cities, and Sleepy Joe, 'in command', there in the Oval Office. 

I'm sure they'll be keeping the Black Woman, (what's her name again?), well briefed, until they, the officer's actually exercising power, usher her down the hall to 'take over'.  

Colonel Wilkerson is VERY 'slick', and it's just very sad that 'slick' is the most appropriate word that comes to mind.  He talks about The Enemy, (Blackrock, anyone?) with true insight, and remarkable eloquence, pretending (?) to be a 'reformed insider'. 

This is the man, after all, who helped Colin Powell 'sell' THE most disastrous policy decision, (by an order of magnitude), in US History. He was General and Secretary Powell's primary Commanding Operative, (as 'chief of staff'), when Secretary Powell 'sold' bald-faced lies to the American People like any Snake Oil Peddler sells another little bottle of stinky snake shit.  

Colonel/Professor Wilkerson has got himself into an 'interesting' position now, hasn't he though? Was he lured? Duped? He so cleverly has made us believe that he clearly 'sees' that his own paymasters are The Enemy, that these people are running a Big Scam, spreading misery and death to serve their own Demon Greed. The good colonel made us believe that after doing penance for his own former actions, which so obviously, and so stupidly, served evil so well, he made us believe that he had fallen as Saul, and then risen as Paul, to follow a new moral purpose. 

Now, the good Colonel Wilkerson deposits The Enemy's checks into his own bank accounts, and seems to feel fully 'rehabilitated', in his own mind, from his key role in helping to set our nation on a path to our own destruction. He seems to have recovered very nicely from whatever shame he pretended to grovel in, before rising from the dusty dirty Damascene roadbed. 

Now, the swashbuckling cavalry commander 'rides point' to prepare the nation for the possible eventuality that the US Army will have to confront armed American working people, the nation's yeoman folk, 'in the streets', and gun them down, if necessary, ATE (after the election). 

No shit, folks. This yokel is saying this OUT LOUD. He is saying it often. He is saying it to anyone he can. And VERY powerful people, not just the underling lackeys, not just the Democratic Party Machine itself, are buying him bigger and bigger megaphones. 

Always the clever boy, the good colonel prepares the listener with some sweet sounding bullshit, (I think they surely must have called it that, even back in Gaffney, eh, good colonel?). The colonel rides his stallion across the land, warning all that although in the initial hours he will have the US Army "stay in barracks", if need be, if armed working people make a stand, in the streets, he will have the US Army take the field in battle order, fully armed, locked and loaded, to oppose the "60% to 70% of 300 million to 400 million guns" that he thinks "Trump's forces" will bring into the streets, (that's 180 million (300 x .6), to 280 million (400 x .7) guns).

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is traveling around the nation spreading raw fear, preparing us for the US Army opposing as many as 280 million guns, by his own calculations. (To repeat my own previous calculation, if every gun owner has two 50 packs of ammo cached for every gun, that's 28 BILLION rounds in the hands of "Trump's forces", the demonized orc-like 'deplorables', the demonized 'enemy' that the military always wants to build in every soldier's mind, that the good colonel now promises to gun down for us if need be. 

They are the nation's yeoman folk, and their sense of their own rights are justly outraged. And the man who promises to gun them down for us is a man who is well practiced at serving an evil and disastrous purpose. 

The yeoman folk have a grievance to present. They comprise over half the nation. They are telling us that they petition for redress of their just grievances. They exercise their constitutional right to bear arms to protect themselves, and their rights as citizens, from tyranny. 

It is obvious to all reasoning and reasonable people, that canvas sacks of paper ballots, arriving by mail, by the tens and hundreds of millions, hundreds of thousands of sacks full of paper, being moved around here and there, off one truck and onto another, to be stored somewhere under someone's authority and supervision, until it's time to count them, canNOT possibly comprise a credible, 'on the level' election.

Can the good Colonel Wilkerson explain how it possibly could? Is our duty now, as American citizens, to make complete deaf and dumb idiots of ourselves?

What unbiased authority exists ANYWHERE in our nation that could POSSIBLY even pretend to serve as suitable unbiased authority to safeguard the 'authenticity' of all those teeming thousands of sacks full of teeming millions of pieces of US Paper Democracy?

Trumpty-Dumpty is greatly hampered by his Vanity, but he is not a 'dummy'. You think he can't read the writing on the wall? If he loses, will he end up in a cold dungeon cell? If he wins, will they murder him? What do we think he thinks?

Interestingly, it was exactly that choice that forced Caesar's hand, as he looked across the Rubicon, into Italy proper, toward Rome, with still time to change his decision. 

What do they expect Trump to do? What would any do if cornered into Trump's hopeless position? If he loses he loses, and a cold dank dungeon cell be his home for the rest of his life. If he wins, he still loses. Only worse. How easy to set up an Antifa goon patsy, from the Marionette Left, to take the fall?A dungeon cell, or hanging upside down, like Mussolini? 

This is the 'New America', in which the New Praetorians, decked out in golden armor, lined with soft black silk, and trimmed in heavy black carved-leather, have full veto power, should the citizens ever again vote in an unapproved candidate, in our pretend democracy.  

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, he who so skillfully 'sold' us our quicksand quagmire into which our nation is currently sinking, is now trying his best to make us fear and hate our own fellow citizens, so we won't mind too much when his US Army pals gun down US citizens in the streets of US cities. 

Caliban now thinks that it is now a new 'contingent assumption', (pending further information/explanation), that Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has always worn the black of the New Praetorians, though he kept 'the colors' cleverly hidden, as he traveled over hill and valley to dupe trusting people, like foolish apish Caliban, (who met him in a New Hampshire town), with a 'heroic' Damascene Tale. 

One cannot help but notice that ole Larry Wilkerson always seems to be The Dashing Hero, as he tells his own tale. 

The man who lent his whole spirit and soul to a disastrously evil purpose, (that yet may bring our nation's very demise), the SAME man now 'prepares us', as a newly appointed ranking member of the Goebbels Committee, for the possibility that the US Army may be called to 'do its duty' by gunning down US citizens exercising their rights to present their petition for redress of just grievances. 

Hmm ... Just as 'good soldiers', General Powell and Colonel Wilkerson both, did for the brutal Cheney Thugs, which has led to massive human death, spiritual pestilence, and ongoing and increasing misery, both among millions of people in our own nation, and among the long suffering billions of people of the entire world who want the US Syndicate to remove its hob-nailed Iron Heel from their necks.

I'll be your huckleberry, Colonel Wilkerson ... You're the type they would pick. Perfect self-righteous 'hero' mentality. Caliban is just a dumb ape, but I shoulda' known. 

WTF, man? Who exactly IS Larry Wilkerson? Will he be The One to wear The Syndicate's hob-nailed Iron Heel jackboot for them? What is the colonel's ambition, as he wears all those breathless heady hats? (He ever go fishing down in Gaffney? Does the concept of 'bait' mean anything to such a clever lad?)

No shit, folks. I kid you not. Look it up.This man's current 'mission', wearing multiple hats, and working for the Obama/Clinton Democratic Party Machine, fully financed by The Syndicate, is to prepare the nation for the US Army gunning down any armed militia forces that oppose The Coup.

It's happening now, folks. That Train is rolling down THIS track, smak at us, and Larry Wilkerson's cavalry mission is to keep the track clear, and make sure everyone understands that like ole Jay Gould, the Syndicate of the Elites can still hire half the working class to kill the other half.

Larry Wilkerson, of Gaffney, SC, is fully on the record that should the nation's yeoman folk make any attempt to resist, to stand for their own just rights as free citizens, against the tyranny of this New Praetorian Coup, that the order for the US Army to "stay in barracks" will have to be rescinded, and the US Army will, and should, in Colonel Wilkerson's opinion, march into the streets, fully armed, and fully ready to oppose large numbers of fully armed citizens making a stand for their just democratic rights. 

Good luck with that, Larry. I'll be your huckleberry, buddy boy ... 

13 days ... tick..tock ... 

As just a ole ape-man chicken farmer, Caliban asks the celebrity professor/colonels again. (I posed this question once before). In their opinion, is the pen mightier than the sword? (I wouldn't know ... I've never wielded a sword). 


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