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The Enemy in the Mirror, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

Surely we all must feel, at least to some degree, as does Caliban. 'Things' cannot be this crazed, with so much Bad Spirit flying so strongly on every side, without an atmosphere of portending danger beginning to spread like a poisonous fog.

ONLY Self-Awareness can save us. We cannot even face the Enemy in the field, until we come to terms with the Enemy in the Mirror.

These poor folks are willfully blind to the obvious. Poor Trumpty-Dumpty thought he was going to stop a tank simply by standing in front of it. (Geez …the guy is just a complete clown idiot. What a PERFECT patsy he made.... Walked right into their trap while he thought he was out-foxing them. All the free media time, and all.. Geez). 

Calling the absurd clown show spectacle we just saw an ‘election’ is like calling WW2 a ‘negotiation’. Anybody who is not still in the throes of this dingbat craziness can easily ‘see’ what is as obvious as the proverbial big pink elephant tromping around a ‘dysfunctional’ living room.

It’s an old ruse …. They shrieked about Trump was gonna steal the election, while they laid their cunning plans to do just that, and then they DID just that. 

They learned this from the Jewish culture that exerts so much power in The Syndicate. It's what the Israeli's have done as 'cover' for their genocidal viciousness since the Jewish terrorists from Europe first came to Palestine after WW2. Goebbels had taught this. Whatever you do you just use every megaphone to blare out that your victims are doing what YOU are doing. These people have perpetrated SEVERAL genocidal slaughters, men, women and children, by the thousands at a time, rendered to bloody meat, and they just claim 'self defense'.

They discovered that they can do things right before our very eyes, and then turn to us with hands still dripping red, and say, "we did not just do that", and that by just saying "we did not just do" over and over, in Mass Media, with no one able to say anything back in Mass Media, they could actually get people to believe that what they had seen was not true.

We're just lucky Bibi Joffrey (Nutty-yahoo) wasn't an Aryan German in 1925. Hitler would not have stood a CHANCE. It woulda' been Bibi Joffrey reviewing his goose-stepping evil juggernaut.

C'mon .... folks ... reality ain't all that bad. In fact, it's actually BETTER than The Matrix. Well ... Not tryin' t' snow ya, reality ain't no cakewalk, but it's better that being useless idiot protoplasm serving the needs of evil people while you watch your own children die of hopelessness.

We just witnessed an actual Mass Media Coup. They canceled freedom of speech. They canceled freedom of the press. Where’s the laptop? Did it vanish? (like the Skripals?) Ahh…maybe Putin came and got it?

Let’s ask Noam Chomsky what he thinks. He’s a REAL smart fella. Where does ole Noam think the laptop went?

And progressives (so-called) are so helpless under their own Enemy’s cunning ‘spell’, (what better to call it?), that the Biden family’s secret offshore accounts could have been uncovered completely, and all the cunning Enemy would have had to have done would have been to say, “the Russians did it”. LOL … It’s staggering … It’s like whoa …can this REALLY be true? Can these people REALLY be THIS fracking stupid?

Well.. The answer is obviously yes. Even fracking ole Noam Chomsky got into the “I’m a completely hysterical fracking idiot” act. Even the VERY smartest people can be THIS stupid when they forsake Reason to pursue Desire.

Once the Enemy knows their Desire, he can lead them wherever he wants. But THIS Enemy is not nearly content to merely ‘know’ their Desire, this Enemy tells them WHAT they should want.

Let’s review, boys and girls:

We just ‘defeated’ an inept lone wolf clown whose own officers snickered into their palms when he walked by, who advocated for extricating the US COMPLETELY from all these “forever wars”.

We elected an IMMENSELY powerful, HIGHLY organized, and highly disciplined Political Machine that is run by the SAME people who got us INTO all those “forever wars”, and sure enough, they’re ALREADY planning new wars to help those 6 million Jews steal more Muslim people’s land.

And these people who pretend they ‘oppose war’, and so proudly call themselves ‘progressives’, as if they were superior beings to the unwashed “deplorables”, are so fracking drunk on the snake-juice kool-aid of their twisted and hateful belief systems that they are CELEBRATING this horrific development.

They just got tricked, by their OWN cunning Enemy, into ‘electing’ their OWN Enemy’s powerful Political Machine back into FULL power, and they’re so stupid that they’re actually celebrating.

It’s truly a staggering thing to witness. All who are ‘awake’ are wide-eyed in wonder, and some considerable degree of fear as well.

GeorgieBoy told us about all this in ’48. Now it’s unfolding before our very eyes in real time.

But ‘progressives’ are out dancing and celebrating, like stupid marionettes.

In an Idaho aerie, with a golden ripe meadow falling gently to a clear trout stream, with a mountain brushed with yellowing aspens hovering majestically overhead, past the landing pad, with the sleek black turbo helicopter parked like a waiting viper, just outside the three story crystal wall, in front of a native stone fireplace 15 feet tall, sits a wizened old man, stirring very old whiskey with his bony finger. His eyes gleam with pleasure. Just a slight smile knots his flaky-scaly danderous cheeks. And his soft chuckle begins to fill the air, and gains volume as it reverberates down the hallway, to the kitchen, where the servants all huddle in utter terror.

THAT is the only genuine ‘celebration’ happening now.