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The First Dragon We Must 'Slay,' by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on land or sea:

A friend of mine, who now lives in Russia, (last I heard from him he was on a camping trip in Siberia, but was soon headed back to Moscow, which made me wonder if he encountered the old 'Gol, Dersu Uzala, while he was out in the East Wilderness), wrote in response to my thoughts about Professor Chomsky's foolish endorsement of an old political lizard-hack (from 'wayy back') for POTUS. 

"Chomsky is not as powerful as the Washington Post", my friend replied. "Read its endorsement of the uprising". Remarking on the similarity between Russian and recent American History, my friend closed with these comments: " That's how Lenin and the Bolsheviks established a minority dictatorship over the Russian Empire--with the help of the liberals. "

Here is my reply to my friend, Dr. Vladislav Krasnov: 

A big difference, good friend, is that there is no 'Lenin' on the American Left. Why? Why is there not? How could such an immensely powerful sucking leadership-vacuum even exist, at ALL, 'in nature'?

It does not. This leadership vacuum does NOT exist 'in nature'. It has rather been carefully and cunningly 'engineered'. 

Of course, if there were a 'Lenin' to lead this Bolshevik Mob, the CIA, and its asset, the Washington Post, (I'm sure you must know that Post owner Jeff Bezos is business partners with the CIA, with a long term contract to manage their cloud computer data storage), wouldn't be promoting 'the uprising'. 

The American Left is so stupid that it can't get its own ideologies out of its own way. If there WERE a 'Lenin' on the scene, trying to forge the Left into a coherent political force, the American Left would not allow or accept her or his guidance or counsel. 

The American Left does not allow 'leaders' as a matter of ideology. On the American Left, every 'Executive Director' of every two-bit Left 501(c) corporation is an autonomous 'power' unto herself or himself. They are so content being big fish in every little pond, that they don't really even question why their master is feeding them. Like all us creatures, however, they do like being fed. 

Mob action is ALL these poor souls are capable of. They are ideologically incapable of organizing themselves into a political force. Their own bizarrely twisted ideology forbids the 'hierarchy' that comprises the framework of 'organization' itself. 

When the American Left does what it calls 'organizing', it does not seek to recruit 'citizen-members' to form democratic ranks. The Left first wants to recruit audiences, which the Left then uses as the framework for recruiting 'soldiers'. (It's no different than what army, or corporate, or what many 'capitalist' recruiters do). 

But soldiers require 'officers', else the army is no more than a mob. And these people's ideology itself pretends that a mob of humans can lead itself perfectly well.

That is why the most famous celebrity Left intellectual in America has no more than this 'motley crew' of 55 random unknown 'progressive activists' to cite to give his words of pathetic counter-revolutionary supplication for the status quo the 'moral force' of numbers. (I think it was Gandhi who is credited with saying, "Something does not become more true simply because more people believe it, nor does something become less true if only one person, or even nobody, believes it". The Truth stands alone).   
This strange 'edifice', the American Left, is a perfect hybridization of the unbridled individualism/egoism of well-trained capitalist 'consumers' who are pretending to want to live in a collectivised 'soviet' society. The ideologies of collectivism are sprinkled around generously to spice up their WAYY over-the-top individualistic thinking with a leftist/collectivist flavor.  

They like to quote Eugene Debs' famous statement:

"I am not a Labor Leader; I do not want you to follow me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, some one else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition; as it is now the capitalists use your heads and your hands."

Of course there is some merit in Debs' thoughts. "Blindly following leaders is bad", the brilliant thinking on the dunce-hat Left goes, "therefore we won't allow there to be any 'leaders' at all." This is typical of the kind of 'logic' that guides this bizarre social construct, this tragi-comedic 'gang that can't shoot straight', the glorious dancing elephant, the American Marionette Left. 

The tragically dangerous clown-show Left is 'crawling' with CIA-type operatives. Believe me, they have every email list-serve/discussion group 'covered'. (They're probably 'covered' with Russian and Israeli operatives as well, LOL). These operatives don't necessarily overtly 'control' the Left. They don 't try to. They don't want to. They just strategically 'guide' people's thinking. And they just are VERY skilled at 'shaking the Left's cage' at just the right times, and then setting it loose, like a stupid unthinking attack dog, whenever it's useful to do so.

But these 'operatives', who keep their heads down but control the Left, KNOW how to wield power with quiet efficiency. Just as an example, I ran into two such dime-a-dozen operatives just recently. United for Peace and Justice, the Boston chapter. I was expelled from this discussion group by its 'moderators' because I dared to suggest that a group advocating for peace should question the Democratic Party's dangerous and overt belligerence toward Russia.

I can report, first hand, (as just another typical example of my experience spanning over five decades as an American Leftist), that on the discussion forum of the Boston Chapter of United for Peace and Justice, (a national leftist outfit), it is VERBOTEN! to even suggest that there is no good basis for the Democratic Party's over-the-top bellicosity toward Russia.

No! No! No! That's a line one does NOT cross on the American Left. I have a complete archive of several such incidents, of being 'banned' for daring to challenge the American Left's 'party-line'. (I told David Asher, the bull-goose Stalinist moderator of UFP&J's discussion forum, (no doubt posing in his bedroom mirror, trimmed in leather), that I would 'make him famous', so here's a shout-out to you, Mr. David Asher of Boston UFP&J).       

This is the basic form-factor of the ruse being played all over the world by the Clintonista neo-liberals, including, of course, within the US itself. They promote 'human rights'-based Identity Politics as a cover to steal people's national resources and rule over them. They don't stamp out 'the opposition' with a totalitarian 'iron heel'. They've become much more cunning than that. They rather use this ruse of 'human rights'/Identity Politics to control the opposition, often primarily by funding it, (to gain control of it). 

From Maidan to Milwaukee, it's the same basic 'ZZZscript'.

How conscious and callous are these nefarious plots? Hard to say. I can 'feel' the presence of the Goebbels Committee managing the entire centralized Mass Media propaganda network. But we don't even know these people's specific identities, or where, or how, they 'meet'. What we DO know is that these people are VERY powerful, and VERY cunning, and HIGHLY skilled at what they do.

The Enemy is a hydra-like 'syndicate' of diverse powers. Like the Hydra, it has many heads, which vie among themselves for control, but are able to act in their own collective (syndicated) interests. This most basic human structure of 'syndicated' power, (which so fascinated Machiavelli), mirrors marxist-leninist 'democratic centralism'. Under constant and universal threat of immediate violent retribution, every Mafia-Don, every Kolomoisky-type War Lord, respects the 'democratic rights' of every other Don/War Lord, (except those, of course, that she or he intends to murder sometime soon). The Dons do not 'come heavy' when they meet, but every one understands the power wielded by every other.

If I can switch popular legends for a moment, the closing scenes of Game of Thrones saw The Nobles democratically select, by consensus, Bran the Broken, as their 'king'. 

The epic drama closes on their raucous laughter when one of their number suggests that the voice of the Common People maybe should be heard. They first look at one another in a silent dramatic caesura of puzzlement. ("Is he serious?", they each ask themselves) ... Then the guffaws of raucous laughter ... (Close scene. Finis. Run Credits ) 

C'mon, folks. It's been eight centuries (and five years to boot). Friend of mine, up in Michigan, Haber, is a finely skilled carpenter/craftsman, and he gots a table already made for the 'sit down' that is coming.  

No one can see the future. There is no 'Stone of Palantir', (Tolkien's name for the old 'crystal ball' of the most ancient Druidic legends).

Can Humankind cross over this wall, to sit down at The Table? 

We can ALL see that the fatal answer is fast approaching. Time for dickering grows ever shorter........ If the Magna Sit-Down does not come, Father Meggido, (my affectionate nick-name for my friend in Michigan), can tell us what Armageddon will be like. 

From the outset of Caliban's foolish (and ongoing) 'gambit', he has averred that this dangerous and vicious attack-animal that our Enemy, the Elites, have trained so well, this strange hybrid creature that (as far as I know) has never before existed, this American Marionette Left, with its avowed alignment with the priorities of its own Enemy, (the Elites who created this frankensteinian monster), is "the First Dragon we must slay". 

We MUST remember that these are VERY 'good folks'. These are people with the highest and most noble motivations. They have gotten 'mixed up'. They have become SO dangerously confused that they now comprise a threat to our families' safety. 

But we MUST remember, it's The Dragon that rules their hearts we must 'slay'. 
The people themselves must be 'saved'. 

Every dang prophet that ever stepped foot inside Human History has tried to teach us the exact same effin' thing, folks. We may hate the sin. but we must love the sinner. Let she or he whose heart is 'pure' cast the first stone.

Yea ... verily I say unto thee ... LOL ... Believe me, folks, Caliban KNOWS how this sounds. But it is TRUE. This is SPIRITUAL, NOT 'religious', battle, but the same moral principles apply, (deriving from the same root of human instinct.) 

Folks is just folks. Always have been. Always will be. Good and Evil spirits inhabit EVERY human heart, ALWAYS vying jealously, desperately, even sometimes viciously, for power and control. 

Are you familiar with the Tolkien Legend, good friend? Each of us will be Frodo, alone, at the Edge, in the orange glow of the Fire of Doom, with a decision to make. No Gandalf will be there to comfort or counsel us. In the Legend it was Sauron's own pathetically hewn creature, Smeagol, (once a man, but fallen to be Gollum), that in the end betrayed his master. Would Frodo have been strong enough, had Gollum not 'made the decision' for him?

Is Evil fatally flawed by its own nature? Does Good Spirit not have a natural advantage that we (Humanity) need only exploit?

'Things' have gotten just about as 'elemental' as 'things' can get. (The next step will be Red Sewers). Humankind was ALWAYS destined to arrive at THIS point, with every precious human face, (every one some mother's sweet darlin'), lit in the orange glow of doom's fire.  

It's over THIS wall, or ELSE, for Humankind! We've run clean out of 'walkarounds'. 

"Well ... Well ... Well ... Who's that callin'? ... Well ... well ... well ... Hold my hand ... Well ... well ... well ... night is 'a fallin' ... Spirit is a movin' all over this land". ("God said fire not a flood next time")

Hope you are well.
RZ (Caliban)