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They Got Us Exactly Where They Want Us, by R Zwarich

"O hear us when we cry to thee, for those in peril on the sea"

To all the "really good ones", and to all in peril on the sea:

Of all the genuinely deadly dangers that immediately confront us, (world war, climate change, etc), it seems clear at this point that most of them will be primarily ignored, as the highly emotionalized issue of forced mass migrations serves as the crux of the 2020 US election.

Trump clearly knows that this issue of immigration, the same issue that elected him in '16, remains the key to his chances to be re-elected. 

Unfortunately for Trump's opponents, they do not seem able to address this issue with anything resembling objective reason. Instead, in their own passionately mindless reactionism, they continue to become ensnared in the sticky strands of Trump's cleverly designed web. 

Thus the hapless and bamboozled American Left is acting out its assigned role in Trump's re-election plans, quite as reliably as the hapless and bamboozled masses of American working people on the Right.

It's very hard to stop a 'stampede' once it is at full frenzied gallop. When we were kids, do we remember how 'the hero' would ride up and jump on the back of the lead steer, grab it by the horns, and turn it aside, and the entire herd would follow, and calm down? 

Well....yea....but in real life things are always harder than in the movies....sheesh....

This morning's Boston Globe blared out Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley's teary-eyed statement of aggrieved self-serving self-righteousness, which was her best, (apparently), and entirely predictable, 'reaction' to Trump's blowing his Twitter dog whistle. 

Congresswoman Pressley is one of "The Squad" of "women of color" recently elected to the US House, who were the target of Trump's recent dog whistle Twitter-storm, which immediately set the hysterical mobs on BOTH sides to barking and howling and snarling. 


Is there ANY hope for us? 

Yea....well....When the going gets tough, the tough get going...But how many keep going when 'tough going' becomes abject hopelessness? THOSE are the people whom we need most now. 

When ALL hope is gone, who will grit their teeth and march on?  

Copied below are the comments I posted in the Globe, in response to the Globe's amplification of Trump's dog whistle. 

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My comments in today's Boston Globe:

It certainly is 'interesting', like watching the proverbial slowmotion train wreck, to witness the two 'packs' barking, howling, and snarlingat each other, each feeling passionately self-righteous, each demonizing 'theother'.

And those who own and control ALL our mass media, who are the same people whocontrol our government, (the Super Wealthy Elites), could not possibly behappier with the behavior on BOTH sides.

They got us EXACTLY where they want us. 

Immigration is the PERFECT bludgeon tool for them.

If anyone would bother to do the research, (apparently crack 'journalist'Adrian Walker is too busy doing more important things that uncovering the merefacts), they could read about how NAFTA was ‘negotiated’ to specificallyinclude terms that gave US Elites the ability to manipulate Mexico’s economythrough its basic food supply. Mexico pushed back against these terms, but justdidn‘t have the leverage.

The ink was hardly dry on NAFTA before the Elites used those terms to startflooding Mexico with heavily subsidized US corn. (The US was subsidizing cornto make ethanol, for ‘energy independence’, and US agribusiness liked thosesubsidies so much they grew way too much corn, and the subsidies went on, ofcourse, despite the glut of corn).

As the millions upon tens of millions of tons of US corn flooded Mexico,millions of Mexican farmers and food industry workers were driven to the brinkof actual starvation, just as US Elites knew they would be. 

It was entirely predictable that those millions of Mexican people chose tomigrate to survive. Ole Slick Willie signed NAFTA in December 1993, and it tookeffect in January 1994. By about 2005, approximately 10% of the entirepopulation of Mexico had migrated to the US, as many as 15 million people. 

From their gilded towers the Elites watched as this massive tsunami ofimmigration had its predictable effects. The Elites had already exported allthe US jobs they could. They then imported this massive quantity of ‘excesslabor’ to do those jobs that could not be exported.

This was the clever bludgeon that the Elites used to break the back of AmericanOrganized Labor. By 2006, the United Auto Workers, the most powerful Americanunion, was forced to sign a 'gun to its head' contract that cut wages fornew-hires in HALF! 

US Elites are still milking the benefits of their master-stroke genius, (evilgenius is still ‘genius’), of deliberately engineering this massive degree ofimmigration, which had its predictable DEVASTATING effects on the lives of USworking people. 

Now….Here we are….divided into barking, snarling, howling mobs of mindlesshuman passion, each side feeling self-righteously aggrieved, and neither sidewilling to understand the other’s just sense of aggrievement. 

So the Elites have us, the Common Citizens, EXACTLY where they want us. Dividedinto hateful snarling mobs, vicious fangs at each other’s throats. 

Elites have been doing this same thing to the Common People for many thousandsof years. “Divide and rule” is still the most reliable means for The Few torule over The Many.


Trump may be a buffoonish clown in many ways, (I consider him assuch), but he knows how to blow his dog whistle and get his own 'pack' tohowling, barking, and snarling. 

As a ‘leftist’ myself, (a person who thinks the primary role of government isto protect the general welfare of The People against all threats, includingthose from amalgamated capital), it is especially painful to see the AmericanLeft reduced to a mindless marionette dancing on the ends of the Elites’strings. 

'The Squad' responds reliably to Trump’s dog whistle EXACTLY as Trump hopesthey will, too blinded by their own mindless passions to engage their powers ofreason, and to then talk to the American people in reasoned terms. 

Trump blows the dog whistle, (the SAME dog whistle to which the bamboozledright-wing responds), and 'The Squad' starts barking and howling and snarlingback in its own entirely predictable passions and hatreds.

If ‘The Squad’ could gain some ‘perspective’, a viewpoint from which they couldsee themselves as well as they see their adversaries, it might occur to themthat it is not good to allow your adversary to control your own behavior. 

‘The Squad’ could use its obviously high degree of intelligence to look deeperinto the issue of immigration, past their heretofore myopic concern only forthe tragedies that befall immigrants, and understand that immigration haswrought a deadly degree of devastation in the lives of tens upon tens ofmillions of American working people. 

If ‘The Squad’ could only develop that ‘perspective’, (aka: self-awareness),they would then perceive the opportunity to fashion a more enlightened messageto present to the nation’s great mass of fearful and angry working people, whonow have nowhere to turn, other than to Trump, to address their own fears andconcerns. (When populism is allowed to rise on the Right, it only pointsdirectly to the abject failure of the Left).

Such an ‘enlightened’ message would begin to explain the TRUTH to Americanworking people, (which is what the Left MUST do in order to gain power), of howimmigration has been deliberately used as a bludgeon, against American workingpeople, by the Elites. 

If The Squad did that, rather than just predictably barking, howling, andsnarling whenever Trump blows his dog whistle, the Left could then begin thelong arduous process of raising the consciousness of now-bamboozled workingpeople, so that THEY will no longer respond to Trump’s dog whistle either. 

The Left could develop a strategy to erode Trump’s ‘base’, and to short circuitthe Elites' “divide and rule” strategy.

But Noooooo……’The Squad’ is having WAYY too much teary-eyed ‘fun’ barking andhowling and snarling back at Trump, to be bothered to use its powers of reasonto develop and promulgate an ‘enlightened’ message concerning immigration. 

If Trump is re-elected, it will be because the Left responds to his dog whistleas reliably and predictably as does the Right.