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Uncle Joe, by Ray Zwarich

"Bony fingers stirring the ice in very old whiskey" is an image that I have promoted, trying to get people to 'see' the full reality of our predicament more graphically. Many people who are aware that US democracy has been reduced to giant system of legalized bribery,  and that a Cabal of the Super Wealthy Elite has captured ruling power over America, are often nonetheless not yet fully aware of how dire our predicament is. 

The full ranks of the Ruling Elites include several thousands of the wealthiest Americans. These thousands of people enjoy the support and cooperation of tens, possibly a few hundreds of thousands of their hired help, in the various levels of government, and in the strata of upper corporate management. 

But it has recently been reported ( ) that 3 individual US citizens, 3 people who coul sit in he back seat of one limousine, (Amazon Oligarch Jeff Bezos, who is business partners with the CIA, (and also is sole owner of the Washington Post), mega oligarch investor Warren Buffet, and Microsoft oligarch Bill Gates), now own more wealth, between them, than over 160 MILLION of their fellow American citizens COMBINED. 

The 400 wealthiest Americans own more wealth than 204 million of their fellow citizens, about $2.8 TRILLION dollars total, more than the entire GDP of the UK. (400 people).  

Many of us do not yet fully realize that a VERY small Cabal, a mere handful, of VERY powerful people rule over us.

It was recently widely reported that a number of US Senators admitted that they had to vote for the bill to cut taxes on the Super Wealthy, and raise them on middle and lower income people, if they wanted to keep their jobs. If they want to keep the bribes...(er...'donations') from wealthy 'donors' coming in, (on which keeping their jobs depends), these US Senators admitted, out loud and in public, that they would have no choice but to vote for this morally obscene tax bill. 

The already Super Wealthy would (and will) get wealthier anyway, (whether the tax bill passes or not), but they are now using their raw power to get FAR wealthier MUCH faster. With more wealth comes more power. And how do we all think they will use that increased power? (If the abolishment of the tax on inheritance is passed, as it likely will be, and these massive fortunes can be passed in whole from one generation of pirate parasites to the next, the transformation of the US into a neo-feudal society, with an Aristocracy ruling over a population of desperately impoverished peons, will be complete).

These people, this small Cabal of the Super Wealthy Elite, own and control ALL our mass media. 90% of ALL US media outlets, all TV Networks, all local TV stations, all radio networks and stations, all newspapers, all magazines, all movie production studios, all music production and recording companies, all book publishers, and all mass public web sites, etc etc, (ALL mass media outlets), are now owned by just 5 corporations. 

The controlling blocks of stock in those 5 corporations are in the hands of a very small handful of people. The 10% of mass media outlets not owned by those 5 corporations are owned by individual billionaire oligarchs. 

Many people, even those who are generally aware that the Super Wealthy have captured ruling power over us, just don't fully understand in just how few hands this ruling power over us is held. 

Advised by experts in mass psychology, these people are using their control of our mass media to keep people hopelessly confused about all issues. They are being used with consummate skill, informed and advised by the most brilliant minds in mass psychology, to keep every ethnic, political, social and gender group at every other groups' throats.

Divide and rule. How much more perfectly could this ancient and devastatingly effective strategy possibly be better administered? 

In gilded palaces bony old fingers stir the ice in very old whiskey, and chuckle demonically over their brilliant exercise of their power.

There is no way ANY of us can ever know 'the truth'. We can never be privy to what is REALLY happening. Buy we CAN know that whatever it is, 'the shots' are being called by a small Cabal of evil people. 

I have suspected all along that the whole Trump phenomenon is a giant ruse. The anti-establishment working class hero billionaire? Who is doing exactly and everything the ruling Elite want him to do, now that he is in office? And all the establishment controlled mass media vehemently against him? And the Left now completely bamboozled into thinking that the Elite owned media is on our side? And the bamboozled Left fully supporting a Deep Sate coup against the US Presidency?   LOL... How does that all even make sense? 

The Super wealthy Elite's PRIMARY agenda is the tax cut. Everything else is secondary. They desperately need to garner even more power, absolute power, FAST, to meet the challenges facing them, and their dominance, all over the world. Mere controlling power no longer suffices. They must have absolute power. 

This Trump Ruse, (if that's what it is), has successfully completely neutralized the progressive Left, who are now acting in complete unison to support the agenda of their own oppressors. Identity Politics is the magic key. The Left is constantly at the throats of the American working class, over such momentous issues as where transgender people go potty.

This would be a stunningly brilliant ruse, if ruse it is. Do we think that if I can think this up, 'they' can't? 

We are NOT smarter than 'they' are. (Thinking we are is not only very foolish, it is a fatal mistake). To understand what 'they' might be doing, just ask your self what YOU would do. If you were in complete effective control of the entire apparatus of the US government, including the Deep State and military, and still had millions upon millions of your subjects bamboozled into believing that the US is a 'democracy', and if you had complete and total control of ALL mass media, what would would YOU do with all that power? 

If YOU had that degree of power, what would YOU do? Specifically....How would you use your control of mass consciousness to spin people around in circles of confusion to perpetuate your own power?

Well....For 'them', this is not a hypothetical. 'They' DO have that power! 

Divide and rule. It's worked like a charm for thousands of years. It's working very effectively today, before our very eyes. 

Running Trump as a ruse, and allowing him to be elected, while pretending to hate him, so that all the anti-Trump 'resistance' is fooled into thinking their oppressors' mass media is on their side, would be a very effective stratagem. Would it not? People on the progressive Left are being played like proverbial fiddles, as they think their media fueled 'resistance' successes, mostly in defense of identity groups, fighting against other identity groups, are their own doing. The Left is so 'spun around' that they will support ANYONE the Elites vomit up in 2020. 

In my own lifetime, (and I've been an observant 'activist' since the 60s), I've never seen the nation, and every faction on every side, in such a state of disorganized confusion. These are PERFECT conditions for the Ruling Elite. As they face SERIOUS (existential) issues on the international front, with their plans for world domination crumbling on every side, domestic conditions could not possibly be better for them.

Do we REALLY think these conditions came about by accident, merely because a clownish reality TV star of mediocre intelligence decided to run for president? 

Well....Maybe.....What the heck do I know?

The piece copied below, entitled 'Uncle Joe', is responding to the 'Joe Biden for President' trial balloon currently being floated in the Elite controlled mass media. An AP article has run in this morning's Washington Post, (whose owner is business partners with the CIA, let's not forget), and the Boston Globe, (wholly owned by a billionaire oligarch), and probably across the country in hundreds of local papers that are centrally owned by a few corporations.

As I try to show in my piece below, if we consider the possibility that the Trump presidency is a brilliantly deliberate ruse, nothing could serve the Ruling Elite better than a Biden run. Uncle Joe's heavy baggage is custom made for Trump to hijack and ride roughshod over. It would be hard to find a WORSE candidate than Biden, to run against Trump, if they truly want to defeat Trump, (well.....I suppose they could run Hillary again). 

So.....Why are they doing it?

For any interested, here are my remarks in response, (and as always, anyone can feel free to repost them anywhere you think might be useful, if you find any merit in them):

Uncle Joe and Bony Fingers

Ole ‘Uncle Joe’ Biden, on whose behalf a trial balloon, to run against Trump in ’20, is being floated, has a ‘small’ problem that few people seem to be aware of, (because the owners of our mass media do not want us to know about it). But if he were actually to run against ole Gutter-Mouth Trump, you can sure bet it would be brought front and center into our attention.

How many of us know that Biden’s son, Hunter, erstwhile a Naval officer, was kicked out of the Navy for his cocaine addiction? Enlisted sailors have long been court-martialed and sentenced to years in military prison for testing positive for cocaine, but when your daddy is Vice President, you merely get an administrative discharge. (So much for the blindfold worn by the Lady of American Justice, I guess).

When his wife of 24 years sued him for divorce, accusing him of “spending extravagantly on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and expensive gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations”, Uncle Joe’s scion, young Hunter, counter-sued with an accusation that she had cuckolded him. (No actual evidence of any infidelity on her part was ever presented, however).

His divorce was not yet final, (though he was separated), when Hunter then took up a torrid romance with his older brother Beau’s widow, (Beau had tragically died of brain cancer). I couldn’t find any reports that he and his brother’s widow have married, however.

(But wait….there’s more…..We haven’t even gotten to ‘the good part’ yet)

After the disgrace of his discharge from the Navy, Hunter’s powerful daddy, America’s good ole ‘Uncle Joe’, (then sitting VPOTUS), got him a lucrative job working as consigliere (Chief Legal Officer) for one of the most powerful billionaire oligarchs in Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky.

Young Hunter was named to the Board of Directors, (as Chief Legal Officer), of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest energy company. Burisma’s ostensible ‘owner’ was Mykola Zlochevsky, widely recognized as one of the most corrupt billionaire oligarchs in Ukraine.

But the REAL power behind Burisma (and Zlochevsky) is the always charming Mr. Kolomoisky, not only a billionaire oligarch, but also a warlord who maintains his own private army of thousands of well-armed troops, (well equipped with tanks and heavy artillery). Kolomoisly’s Azov Battalion soldiers are mostly neo-Nazis, many of whom proudly sport swastika tattoos, and other prominent Nazi accouterments. (Ironically, Kolomoisky is a Jew, employing Nazis as his power base).  

When the junta that the US had installed in Ukraine, (after the US coup that overthrew Ukraine’s legally elected democratic government), made a showy display of its intentions to crack down on the corruption that was running rampant in Ukraine (since the US coup), Kolomosiky, at the head of his private army of openly (and proudly) declared Nazis, marched on Kiev, ransacked the offices of an energy company that was one of Burisma’s competitors, and dared the US backed junta to do anything to stop him. (They didn’t).

(You couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. One wonders if his consigliere, young Hunter Biden,  son of the sitting US Vice President at the time, advised Kolomoisky to march on Kiev with his private army?)

Here’s a rare article in which the US mass media actually reported on at least some of these events:

The NY Times reports the absurdity of a grandstanding trip to Ukraine by Vice President Biden, supposedly to encourage their fight against that ruined nation’s rampant corruption. Since the US engineered coup in February of 2014, (only a few months after Biden’s sons  dishonorable discharge from the Navy), Ukraine’s economy was ruthlessly raped by oligarchs and warlords, like Biden’s son’s boss, Kolomoisky.

How could Biden think his advocacy for fighting corruption in Ukraine would be taken seriously by anyone?, the NY Times asks, when his own son’s paychecks were signed by the most corrupt oligarchs of all, especially since the VP’s scion, his own son, young Hunter, had gotten his job as consigliere to these oligarch mobsters because his daddy had lined it up for him with his old buddies, Ihor and Mykola?

And now we have the utterly over-the-moon dingbat Orwellian absurdity of one US citizen, Paul Manafort, under indictment, (by Special Prosecutor Mueller’s contrived witch hunt), for corrupt dealings with Ukrainians and Russians, while another US citizen, ole Uncle Joe Biden, who also had close relations with the most corrupt of all Ukrainian oligarchs, is being touted for a run at the US Presidency. With his own son in a key position, (as Legal Advisor), working for Ukraine’s worst mobster war lords, (whose men are armed with tanks and artillery), in a job his daddy got him, why is Uncle Joe being so touted, rather than also being under indictment?

Go figure…You just couldn’t make this stuff up, folks. If this were a movie, we’d all be rolling our eyes because it’s so implausible. It just happens to be true, however. Unfortunately, this is REAL!

Our mass media, all under the control of the same Elite that controls our government, can deliberately ignore Biden’s glaring ‘sins’ if they want to. They can fly a trial balloon touting Uncle Joe for president, in spite of his intimate family associations with Ukrainian oligarchs and warlords, even as they sensationalize the indictments of others for the same. ('They' can do whatever the heck they want, because they own and control ALL our mass media).

But these, as briefly reported above, are all well-established facts. It’s actually far worse the deeper you get into it. John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz, is also involved, as a possible ‘silent investor’ in the Ukrainian energy ‘bidness’, while his step-father was Secretary of State, and overseeing events in Ukraine. (Clearly no "collusion" possibly involved there, eh?)   

Our mass media, under the rigid control of our Cabal of the Super Wealthy Elite, can bury all these well-established facts, but do we think that if Biden ran for president against Trump, they would not all come to light?

Ole Bozo gutter-mouth Trump would have a field day with this. After he’s been tortured all day every day for months now, with all these phony ‘trumped’ up accusations of “foreign collusion”, you think he’s not salivating over the prospect of running against Uncle Joe, and his intimate connections in the Ukrainian energy business?

Running Ole Uncle Joe against Trump would be about the stupidest possible thing anyone could do. Yet it’s being proposed?

Hmmm…….Do we think ‘they’, (the Ruling Elites that have captured our nation under their control), are stupid? I sure don’t. You don’t capture that much power by being stupid.

Is the whole Trump Comedy no more than a Grand Ruse? Will historians be examining this bold ‘grand strategy’, this grandiose Trump Ruse, centuries hence? (Assuming Humankind survives).

Cutting their taxes, allowing The Rich to not merely get richer, (that would happen anyway), but to get richer FASTER, and therefore to have even MORE power sooner, is the Elites’ TOP priority.

The US Elites' agenda of world domination is being seriously challenged on multiple fronts. 'They' are desperate to solidify their absolute domestic power, before they are forced to whatever extreme measures they may have in mind to re-exert their world rule.

Trump is certainly behind THAT, ain’t he though? He's helping The Rich get richer faster, and he's advancing the agenda of US world domination on various fronts. 

I'm surely just a crazy old man, but I can hear demonic chuckling in the breeze. 

In gilded palaces, in walnut lined dens, sitting before roaring fires on majestic hearths, bony fingers stir the ice in very old whiskey, as demonic laughter reverberate down statue-lined hallways, to the kitchen, where the staff huddles and shivers in terror, and then out into the cold night, where the wind carries it here and there.