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We're the ONLY Left We Have, by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

The essay below is sent as part of a discussion now takingplace on a noted international discussion forum, hosted by internationallyrenowned writer, Israel Shamir.


As a follow up to our recent discussion, (and many thanks toall for your deeply thoughtful contributions), I think that among the mostimportant things for us to ‘take away’ from that discussion, (or discuss further), is that the Left wehave, whether we call it the Marionette Left, or the Faux Left, is the ONLYLeft we have.

This Marionette Left, which is dancing on the ends of ourEnemy’s (the Elites who rule over us) strings, is taking up the space that anauthentic Left must occupy. We cannot mount a credible opposition to the ruleof the Elites because this Marionette Left is aggressively ‘drowning out’ anyefforts of an authentic Left to arise.

I believe this Marionette Left has been devised and‘trained’/engineered to its current behavior, (using some key infiltrationperhaps, but mostly relying on psychological engineering), by the cunningElites themselves. This Marionette Left has already (decades ago) fashioned itself as a‘totalitarian’ entity. This Marionette Left is a rigid ‘Stalinist’ entity. Itcalls party-line Stalinism “political correctness”. It demonizes, and quickly‘purges’, anyone who dares to dissent. 

If our objective is to build an AUTHENTIC Left, thisMarionette Left is “the first dragon we must slay”. An authentic Left cannotarise with this vicious dragon guarding the ‘moral high ground’, the only groundthe Authentic American Left must occupy. The Marionette left does NOT itself occupythat ground, but it guards it with crazed jealousy, with its vicious naked snarlinghatred of anyone who disagrees with it about anything.

But this talk of ‘slaying’ is only figurative imagery. Ourtask is NOT to get rid of one group of people, and get another group of people‘organized’ to take their place. Our task is to awaken people’s hearts andminds from false belief systems.

Our task is to win people over to a clear ‘vision’ of ClassConsciousness. We must UNITE the Common People, of ALL races, against the powerof the Elites.

In our struggle to ‘win people over’, the truth is our mostpowerful potential ally. It is the ONLY ally with the power to lead us tovictory in winning a fair share of political power for the Common People.


If our objective is to build a True Democracy to govern ournation, the truth is the ONLY foundation that True Democracy can be built upon.Democracy is a moral and spiritual commitment between citizens. The formalrules, a ‘constitution’, can never create actual democracy if the moralcommitment between citizens does not exist.

But the truth knows no command. The truth will not serve usuntil and unless we first serve it, FAITHFULLY. The ONLY way to have the truthin one’s own camp is to follow it with faithful diligence, wherever it goes,and to look wherever it shines its light, and to pitch one’s own tent close by.

The Marionette Left spends most of its time in hystericalmob-howling of its own lies/propaganda. This “Faux Left” has abandoned allsemblance of any respect or regard, at ALL, for the truth.

So we, the Common People, are stuck between two very loud loudspeakers,one blaring lies and propaganda in our right ear, and one blaring them in ourleft ear. It appears, (although we can’t be sure), that our Enemy’s hand is onthe amplifier controls of both loudspeakers.


For all the 100 centuries of Humankind’s attempts to becomecivilized, a class of Elites has always quickly evolved in every society, andhas usually (almost always, if not actually literally always), dominated. And, of course, there are always, (literally always), the Common People.

Let’s try to remember that really smart people have beendiscussing all this for a VERY long time. Plato, Aristotle, Socrates,Diogenes, Plutarch, Caesar, Rousseau, Voltaire, Jefferson, Madison, Etc, Etc, adinfinitum, are ALL ‘in the public domain’, and available completely free fordownload, if anyone hasn’t accessed Humanity’s full legacy yet. I sure haven’t.Not NEARLY all of it, not more than a small fraction of it, anyway … Some ‘works’ are always ‘in progress’.

How can a fair share of political power be afforded to theCommon People? The Elites are the elites, after all, because they are elite. They are (theoretically) the smartest, most beautiful, most capable,etc. Why should they not govern?

The answer is obvious, of course. We don’t have to read theentire 10,000 year saga of Humankind’s tragic bloody attempts to rise fromamong the other beasts and become ‘civilized’, to know why the Elites cannot betrusted to govern.

The Human Spirit, every single one, contains ALL spirits.Good and Evil do not dwell in geographical places called Heaven and Hell.Spirits dwell wherever life’s desire to live exists. Human Spirits are bornfrom Human Desire, where Desire lives. Desire permeates our ‘hearts’, our ‘minds’,and our souls. Animal Desire is programmed into the DNA of every cell in ourbodies.

Any who want to find the Devil in that evil Beast’s mostcunningly hidden lair, need only find the closest mirror. “The Devil inside …The Devil inside … Every single one, the Devil inside”.

In that SAME mirror, the Spirit we call God ALSO reveals Itsface.

Evil dwells in every human heart, and Power has a way ofnurturing that Demon. When Elites gain power, they cannot restrain their Greedand Lust, and they thus cannot govern justly.

Marx implored the Common People to believe that they mustseize ALL power. The Elites must be kept from arising to power at ALL. But thesmartest, the most capable, the most beautiful, (etc) still rise in Marxiststates.

The power intrigues of the Bureaucracy of the State simplybecomes the Elites’ milieu. They get the best jobs. They garner power. And nomatter how ‘egalitarian’ in wealth distribution any communist/socialist societymay be, somehow the Elites still end up living where the views of the shore,and/or the mountains, are best. Their lawns are greenest. They are ‘richer’ inoptions. And that ALL makes each more attractive to a potential mate.

Humans can never become like bees, or ants. Competition isdeeply coded into our DNA. We CANNOT control our essential biological humannature. “It’s still the same old story. A fight for love and glory”. THAT isour Human Condition. It is coded in molecules of adenine, guanine, cytocine,and thymine, in the juices of every cell in our bodies that has a nucleus. Menwill always vie for the smile of the most beautiful women, and women for thatof the ‘strongest’, (economically speaking), men.

Any system that tries to quash human desire and incentivemust very quickly become totalitarian to survive. Human Desire does not takeeasily to being restrained. “FROM each according to her or his ability. TO eachaccording to her or his need.” Marx’s famous dictum tries to fundamentallyalter biologically rooted, (in our DNA), Human Nature. If you let people vote,they will vote for what they WANT, not for what they ‘need’.

So … If Marxist societies can’t let the Common People votefor their desires, for their own self-interests, who makes the decision? TheElites. (Duh?).    

A class of Elites just ‘naturally’ arises in every humansociety. And there are always the Common People. An ‘equitable’ distribution ofwealth and power must exist between them for human society to be harmonious.

Humans have the capacity to Reason, but we are irrationalcreatures ruled by our Desire. That is our immutable Human Condition.

In such a condition, what political system can serve toapportion a fair share of wealth and political power, (the two are differentterms that refer to different aspects of the same thing), between the Elites,and the Common People?   

The very meanings of the terms we use have been obliterated.The terms ‘The Left’, and ‘The Right’ have been fashioned into ‘artificialconstructs’, carefully designed to create social ‘tribal’ type divisions amongthe Common People, that obscure the basic opposition of the interests of theElites against those of the Common People . Highly emotionalized ‘wedge issues’have been used to divide the Common People between competing systems of falsebeliefs.

The two natural political ‘poles’ of every human ‘civilized’society, for some 10,000 years, have been The Elites, and the Common People.THAT is the NATURAL ‘political spectrum’.

One pole, the Left, represents the interests of the CommonPeople. The other, the Right, those of the Elites.

Currently, the Common People in the US have NO effectivepolitical power at ALL. The interests of the Common People are NOT representedanywhere, by anybody, in our entire political system.

It’s clearly “taxation without representation”.

THAT is the ‘revolutionary’ issue.

All other issues that we, the Common People complain aboutflow from that ONE issue.

The Elites forcibly take our money, under threat ofimprisonment, but our interests are NOT represented in how our money is spent.As we ALL can ‘see’, VERY clearly, our predicament of social disgrace, ascitizens, has become SO bad that our hard-earned money is being forcibly takenfrom us, and is being just outright GIVEN to the Elites.

We’re being ruled over by a ‘mafia’-type Syndicate of theElites. It’s a bald-faced CRIMINAL Syndicate. The Snake-Oil crooks havecaptured complete effective power over our nation. The Elites who rule over usare, quite LITERALLY, strong-arming the Common People to steal our money toenrich themselves. Money is power. They have stolen enough money already thatthey have effectively stolen ALL the Common People’s power within ourpolitical/economic system.

The American Left, whether by infiltration, or bypsychological factors, (or likely through some combination of both), hasdeliberately completely obfuscated ‘The Issue’. The ‘revolutionary issue’ isthe same as it was last time, (in the first American Revolution, we HAVE donethis before, folks).

Taxation Without Representation, (i.e.: True Democracy, or ratherlack thereof), is ‘The Issue’ that contains all other issues.

Racism exists. Racism is a human tribal emotion. The bestway to calm human tribal emotions is to create harmonious societies whichprovide an equitable distribution of wealth and power among ALL the citizens,(of EVERY race). As long as social disharmony exists, tribal emotions willremain aroused among and between ALL races. We can’t ‘solve’ racism until AFTERwe solve the ‘democracy’ thing. Citizens of ALL races must have a fair and equitableshare of wealth and political power. The Common People, of every race, mustUNITE behind our Common Interests, in order to accomplish that.

The Marionette Left is the FIRST dragon we must ‘slay’. Wecannot even approach our Enemy, the Elites, in the field, with this “Faux Left”in our way.

Surely none envision a ‘revolution’ as in 18thcentury France, or in 20th century Cambodia, (or a thousand placeswe could name). Guillotines? Killing Fields? Mass Murder? The street guttersand storm sewers running red?

“You say you want a revolution? Well … You know … We’d alllove to see the plan.” –J Lennon

“But if you want money for people with minds that hate, allI can tell ya is brother you’re gonna hafta wait”.

The Elites we have are the ONLY Elites we have. (The Devilya know, and all that).The Marionette Left is the ONLY Left we have. Our taskis NOT to ‘get rid’ of anyone. Our task is to awaken people from false beliefsand moral depravities.

By the power of the truth, so far as we can diligently andhumbly discover it, we can ‘awaken’ people.

Yea … I know … Caliban knows how that sounds. (LOL). Yea …Caliban is just a crazy ole ape-man, dreaming misty dreams while sitting on hisfavorite branch eating his banana.

But we MUST imagine, in REAL concrete terms,  what ‘victory’ lookslike, folks.

The Magna Charta WAS forged. History HAS unfolded, and mustcontinue to ‘unfold’. In 1215 the Nobles challenged the power of the King, andforced ‘democratic’ concessions with the threat of their broadswords.

“No Taxation Without Representation”, (True Democracy), isTHE issue we must draw our swords to defend. When we UNITE our power, theCommon People easily have plenty enough power to force the Elites intoanother “sit-down”. 

We cannot address issues like ‘racism’ and ‘policebrutality’ until the Common People, of ALL races, draw our swords, together, in‘unison’, and force these Elites ‘to the table’ for a formal ‘sit-down’, for abasic re-negotiation of the Basic Social Contract

This is 'big deal´ historical 'stuff'. If Humanity is going to survive, THIS is the scale we MUST think in.

We cannot “fight racism”, or “fight police brutality”,without creating a True Democracy in which government is the social agency ofALL the citizens, to guard and protect the interests of ALL the citizensagainst the Greed and Lust for Power of Amalgamated Capital.  

Eight Centuries is long enough between. Time for another‘sit-down with the king’, to get some REALLY basic stuff CLEARLY (at the pointof our ‘swords’) understood.

The Elites and the Common People will ALWAYS exist. The CommonPeople must have our OWN fair share of wealth and power, (which are twoversions of one thing).

Is the pen mightier than the sword? I don’t know … I’venever wielded a sword. Both no doubt come in handy, at certain times, in theirown way.

What I do know is that it is the truth that offers itself up, freely, to be our most powerful ally, plenty powerful enough to vanquish our foe, if we will only "bend the knee" to it, (and to IT alone). 

I'm not inclined to "bend the knee" to any of the lies/propaganda being blared out of these mutually as hateful left-wing right-wing loudspeakers.