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Where's Groucho and his brothers when we need 'em? by Ray Zwarich

   Nothing illustrates the total mindless craziness of our times better that the Big Ruse being run using immigration as 'the hook'.

The very same people who caused the massive flood of immigration we have seen in the last 25 years, the US Power Elites, The Super Wealthy Syndicate, whose deliberate policies forced these people to migrate to survive, are now playing all sides against the middle.

The maverick Trump faction is cleverly pretending that it is even possible to remove any significant percentage of people who are here illegally. We're talking about tens of millions of people. What....We're going to round them up in concentration camps, and then ship them out in cattle cars?

This is all "fer show".......These lawsuits are not going to affect more that a few people out of tens of millions.

This is a big song-and-dance, folks....something to keep 'the restless natives' (that’s us) occupied and distracted.....

America has been deliberately transformed into a nation in which Caucasians comprise only about half the population, and are now expected to cower in shame as they are being demonized. And if they complain, at ALL, the Elite-owned mass media paints them as crazed right-wing racist lunatics.

White people are now being demonized in America, as if all the shame of this long sad human tragedy rightfully rests on their shoulders.

There is plenty of shame to go around, folks. No ethnic group has any claim on moral righteousness. Indigenous civilizations, in Africa, the Americas, in Asia, enslaved anyone they could capture under their power.

Many Caucasian people have been enslaved. The people of eastern Europe (my own heritage is Ukrainian) were so often enslaved by the more technologically advanced west and south, or by Ghenghis Khan’s Mongol hordes as they swept across the steppes,  that they became known as ‘Slavs’ .

From Merriam Webster online: “The Slavic people were so common as slaves that writers of the time used the Latin word for "Slav," Sclavus, to mean "a personal slave." The Latin word became sclave in Middle English and then slave in Modern English. “

Folks…..sigh……Poverty does NOT raise people to moral nobility. The ugly evil of multi-generational poverty is that it degrades the human spirit, until people are living more crude and cruel lives, more like animals....

A gang member who murders without conscience is a soldier. Gangs are political organizations that people form, in compliance with our DNA-rooted human tribal instincts, to augment their own chances for survival in a hostile and acutely dangerous environment.

People don't pick up and leave their homes and families and undertake a dangerous, possibly fatal, journey without being VERY highly motivated to do so.

Death squads prowling the countryside for the US-supported right wing military junta/dictatorship in Honduras, can be a VERY powerful motivator.

It was ole Hillary the Assassin, Obama's Henchwoman, who had reveled in celebratory laughter over having contracted out the successful murder of the sitting head of state in Libya, (he was "sodomized with a large knife", and ole Hil', crack assassin that she is, seemed especially pleased about the manner of death), who blessed the military junta in Honduras with her rosy cheeked smirky smile, after it had overthrow the democratically elected government.  

Not having enough to eat can sure be a VERY powerful motivator, like farmers and agricultural industry workers in Mexico, starting right after the other Clinton, ole Slick Willie, gave us NAFTA, (1994), and the US Elites IMMEDIATELY used its terms to flood Mexico with heavily subsidized US corn. (The US was subsidizing corn to make ethanol, to mix with gasoline, to help achieve 'energy independence', as a matter of 'national security'. But wouldn’t ya know…US farmers liked the subsidies so much they grew WAY more corn than could possibly be used to make ethanol).

That deliberate policy, dumping massive quantities of surplus corn on Mexico, forced approximately 10% of the entire population of Mexico, conservatively estimated at 12-15 million people, to migrate to the US by about 2005.

By 2006, this massive wave of deliberately imported excess labor brought American Labor to its knees, where it remains to this day…….They exported all the jobs they could, and then they imported a massive quantity of excess labor to do those jobs they could not export.

In 2006, (I think it was), the UAW, the mighty autoworkers, were forced to swallow a contract that cut wages for new hires in HALF! In HALF!!  

And now we have nice people like our good citizen and Globe owner, billionaire oligarch John Henry, who so kindly entertains us with this dingbat-crazy clown show, where the people who were most victimized by this deliberate policy of importing excess labor are now being used as dupes by one faction of the Elites, (the Trump Faction), while the main faction of oligarch Elites, (the faction that owns ALL our mass media), demonizes the white American working class as “right-wing racists” because they’re tired of watching more excess labor being constantly imported, taking their jobs and keeping wages low….. 

Gee…..Aren’t we lucky?.....Is this a great country or what?....

Racist?..... In Brexit, it was other Caucasians being imported that caused the English working class to ‘react’ in right-wing populist anger. The EU’s open borders forced all of Europe’s workers to compete with the lowest paid, as Polish plumbers moved to Britain, to take British plumbers higher paying wages, which soon, of course, were markedly lower than British plumbers USED to make.

Massive immigration ALWAYS causes this kind of dissension among working people who suddenly must compete for jobs and wages against poorer and often desperately poor, immigrants. (“No Irish need apply”….Gee…what race are them crazy Irish people anyway?)