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Who Favors US Race War? Cui bono? by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:

After recently writing a critique of Caitlin Johnstone, I now feel compelled to express my appreciation for her efforts to think her way deeper into our predicament. Her remarkable efforts to be self-aware are exactly what makes her such a brilliant writer. (My faith in her is being rewarded).

It’s certainly a relief to ‘see’, in her article here, that she hasagain engaged her brilliant powers of Reason. She is truly a brilliant writer,and here shows her own courageous struggle to achieve self-awareness. It’s HARDto “see yourself as others see you”, but she tells us, and shows us, that she is trying.

No mention in this article of “racism”. It’s now ThePolice State.

The US has been a fascist state, with designs to rule overthe Earth, since at least WW2. Actually even longer. The American imperialproject, the American intention to project military power in order to enforceeconomic power, actually dates back to the late 19th and early 20thcenturies. We’ll never know if the battleship Maine was a ‘false flag’. Let’sjust say it happened at a very convenient time for those who wanted to startprojecting increased American imperial military aggression.

It was our machine guns against machetes in the Philippines.We slaughtered several hundred thousand Philippine peasants, but we conquered,and ruled, until Japan forced our retreat only about 40 years later, (asimmortalized in the John Wayne classic, ‘They Were Expendable’, a story ofjingo ‘heroism’ which still brings mist to many older Americans’ eyes).

The intention of achieving “full spectrum dominance” overall the Earth has been the openly stated official written policy of the USgovernment for over 20 years. “America uber alles!” is clearly just a variationof “Deutschland uber alles!”

American fascism has been kept ‘invisible’ behind a mask of‘democracy’. It has always been fueled by moral depravity, however, by Greed,Lust, and Power, and by every evil human foible that flows from them. Thismoral depravity has caused the concentration of so much wealth and power intoso few hands at this point, that the mask of democracy is fooling fewer andfewer people, and in fact often drops clean off the naked face of Fascism. 

A well-fed and well-entertained middle class was easy tofool with the mask of feigned democracy. (The power of bread and circus). Butthe Elites cannot control their Greed and Lust for Power. The middle class israpidly being reduced to debt slavery. The Police State is indeed being forced toexert itself, as the social emergency of the lockdown has brought ever-largernumbers of people face to face with survival itself.


It’s likely going to get a LOT worse. The economic effectsof the lockdown are just beginning to assert themselves. Millions of evictionnotices are ‘in the mail’.  

But the police themselves, as individuals wearing a badgeand walking a beat, are not themselves the Police State. The individual policeare only the Police State’s employees. It serves no useful purpose to‘demonize’ the Police State’s employees. Better to try to win them over.

Hearts and minds, Caitlin m’girl. It’s a game of hearts andminds. When ‘the moment’ comes, will the Police State’s employees follow thePolice State’s orders? Lives hang in the balance of the answer to thatquestion.

The most valuable thing to examine closely and understand is‘what just happened’. The Police State itself selected the George Floyd case tosensationalize, and then hyped it into Mass Mob Hysteria, (which is now calmingdown somewhat, but will likely flare up again). The Left was ‘taken in’. It wasa ‘set up’ from the get-go.

They ALWAYS pick a case that causes outrage on BOTH sides.The Trayvon Martin case, (which Black Lives Matter used as a launch platform),was the same. The Left went into hysterical rage over the ‘appearance’, whilethe actual facts, for those who took the time to learn and understand them, showed something FAR different. That way, BOTH sides areself-righteously enraged. Perfect. Self-righteous rage on every side. Absolutely perfect.

Causing enraged tribal emotions on BOTH sides, (or actuallyevery side), is the whole point of the entire Mass Media-induced Mass MobHysteria.

Millions of people are enraged over the “racist murder” ofblack people by white police. But two of the four police facing charges arepeople of color, and police kill TWICE as many white people as black people, andthe videos of the Floyd tragedy seems to show that Floyd violently resisted thepolice, and would not have died had he simply sat down in the patrol car to betaken to jail and ‘booked’. He was already under arrest, and cuffed behind hisback, when he violently resisted simply sitting down in the car.

Now the autopsy shows his underlying heart disease, and thefact that he wasn’t merely drunk on his ass, he was ‘flying’ on crystal methand fenatyl, and also had cannabis in his system. He was high as a kite, andthe adrenaline from the fight HE initiated, probably triggered an emergencyheart arrhythmia, or some other form of cardiac emergency. That was the likelyreason for his emergency “I can’t breathe”, shortness of breath.

The autopsyspecifically stated that there were “no signs of strangulation orasphyxiation”. Chauvin’s knee did not strangle him. Having a large man sit onyour back with his knee on your neck while you’re having a cardiac emergencysure didn’t do him any good. But Chauvin very likely had no idea that hisprisoner might be suffering a cardiac emergency, or that his prisoner might diefrom the force being applied to him.

The knee on his neck did not “strangle” George Floyd.  

Chauvin should have been better trained to recognize thesymptoms of cardiac emergency when a violent person is being brought undercontrol. The extreme shortness of breath was a VERY obvious symptom. If heviolated his training, he should be held responsible. He should be punished. Hewas not administering a “choke hold” however. Having brought a violent personunder control, Chauvin appears to be simply waiting for other authorities toarrive to take Floyd into custody.

But the video seems to show that Chauvin had no idea hisprisoner might die. One police, (one of the two officers of color facingcriminal charges), can be heard to clearly say, “if he can talk then he’s OK”.Chauvin presents a reasonably (given the circumstances) calm demeanor.

There is simply nothing in the video that resembles “racistmurder”. There is, as yet, no evidence, at ALL, that any of the police involvedhad any racist motivations.

Yet millions are rioting and protesting George Floyd’s“racist murder”. Millions more are taking the time to actually watch andcarefully analyze the damn video evidence, and the autopsy. And those peopleare enraged against the people shrieking “racist murder”.

Like the Trayvon Martin case, the George Floyd case isPERFECT because it enrages BOTH sides.

THAT is the lesson that this recent slice of History istrying to teach us. We need to ‘see’ that this is how 'they', (the "Police State",if that’s what we prefer calling it), ‘do’. They pick a carefully flawed casethat will have maximum ‘rage’ effect on both/every side, and they use their complete control of Mass Media to sensationalize it into Mass Mob Hysteria.

It’s good to see that Ms. Johnstone does not once even mention‘racism’. But the completely ridiculous posture of white people physicallybowing before black people is having its 'raging' emotionalized effect on white people who know that actual facts of the case, (that are known so far).

Race War, distracting us from the raging Class War, is notjust a bad idea. It’s possibly the WORST idea. It’s very possibly the worstthing the American Left could possibly advocate.

Among the loudest voices among the Left’s ‘invisibleleadership’, now so hysterically advocating for Race War, are old Jewishcommunists and socialists from the 60s. They’ve actually planned and advocatedthis Race War for at least 25 years, since they betrayed the American workingclass, (people of ALL races), in favor of foreign immigrants ‘of color’,advocating for open borders after NAFTA, and not giving a shit that the livesof American working people were being devastated by tens upon tens of millionsof desperately poor foreign excess labor being imported into the US.  

Black Lives Matter is funded by an old Jewish internationalbillionaire oligarch who is noted for trying to shape world events.

Alicia Garza, the glisteningly glamorous co-founder of BlackLives Matter, is only half black. Her father was Jewish.

Jewish people comprise about 2% of the US population. ButJewish people hold an estimated 35% (possibly more) of the decision makingpower in American Mass Media. It was American Mass Media that selected theFloyd case to sensationalize into Mob Hysteria.

The Israel Lobby controls our government. It controls theWhite House, (as it did under Obama), and it controls both houses of Congress.

America and Israel are standing together, with their backsincreasingly to the wall, against most of the world. Ironically, Soudi Arabia has been the third leg of this strange triumvirate. Saudi Arabs, and Zionist Jews, and American Oligarchs, against the world. Even our European allies are 'hedging their bets'. The New Silk Road sounds as exciting to many Europeans as it does threatening to American Empire. Even the British, and their kin, (Australia, New Zealand, and Canada), have joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). When the King is looking wobbly, even allies hedge their bets.  

If you were a Zionist, would you rather that the AmericanCommon people unite to overthrow the Elite Power Structure that supportsIsrael, (and without which Israel could not exist), or would you rather theydivide themselves against each other in Race War?  

Do two plus two equal seven

Too many of us are playing checkers. The game is three-dimensional chess. I don't like this game. It makes my head hurt. I'd rather go cut the grass and weed the garden. Are the fish biting in South Pond?

But my children's and grandchildren's lives are in danger, and this ole silverback feels the hair on the back of his neck aroused.

Danger, (for us ALL!), is VERY close by.

Caliban (R Zwarich)