Don't Dominate the Rap, Jack, by R Zwarich

"Please don't dominate the rap, jack, if ya gots nothin' new t' say".... 

'New Speedway Boogie' ... Jerome Garcia and Robert Hunter ... (Mr Hunter was christened Robert 'Burns', after his great great (great?) grandfather, the Scottish poet who wrote the famous lines "O would some God the power give us, to see ourselves as others see us". 'Hunter' is his chosen 'stage name')

To all the "really good ones", and to those in peril on the sea: 

I beg your forgiveness, folks.....If this matter were not of such absolutely IMPERATIVE and IMMEDIATE importance, I would not presume to bother busy and distinguished people so persistently.

I just don't hear anyone else, anywhere, saying what I am trying to get across, and I believe that this is a message that is of 'mission critical' importance. I'm hoping that the prominent military officers receiving this will understand that term, ('mission critical'), and that prominent academics will at least indulge me. If I am a hapless fool, perhaps you can forgive me for my earnest sincerity. 

I sure do wish all the prominent writers out there would take this up, and give an old man retired carpenter a break.

I believe we are at crucial moment in our nation's history, and that if we cannot stop the raging stampede toward identity group social warfare that now seems to be fast approaching, not only will Trump be re-elected, but widespread and often deadly (deadly) consequences will befall our nation. 

Believe me.....I get very tired of my own voice....and would treasure the opportunity to kick back and listen to others do their own bit to take these stampeding steers by the horns and turn this raging hateful stampeding herd on a better course.

Jenee Osterheldt is a brilliant young writer for the Boston Globe, whose mind is infected with the ugly, hatefully self-righteous, and self-defeating ideology of victimhood, Identity Politics, and 'stalinist' Political Correctness, which might very well hand Trump a second term. 

Woe to us if that narcissistic ego-maniacal clown has another full term with no worries about re-election. WW3, anyone? Armageddon on the lawn, at 2? (Tea service included).

Copied below is the response I posted in reply to Ms. Osterheldt's knee-jerk paean to Identity Group-based social warfare in today's Boston Globe.

C'mon, folks....I'm obviously stupid enough to try, but I can't do this by myself.....It's just me, sitting alone on my little farmstead out here in the boondocks of Massachusetts. (I know....I know...many are already working hard.....sorry.....) 

I'd a LOT rather be out on the clear waters of South Pond, drinking a beer, and watching for my line to twitch..... 

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My response to the brilliant but misguided young Ms. Osterheldt. (1800 words):

Sigh……I have long read our good citizen Ms. Osterheldt’swork with great interest, and with considerable admiration.

Ms. Osterheldt, (a European name….Dutch?...), is a verythoughtful young woman, and a VERY good writer, but clearly she is not yet ableto break free from the rigid confines of her self-defeating ‘reactionism’,which has led all her brilliant intelligence to adopt an absolutely STUPID “racewar” mentality.

(Ole Charlie Manson was among the first to come up with thisSTUPID idea that “race war”, (which he called “helter-skelter”), would be theperfect solution to all our nation’s problems). 

When we ‘re-act’, good citizen Ms. Osterheldt, we areallowing someone else to control our behavior.

Much better to ‘act’… control our OWN behavior…..(sigh……)…

It is clearly Ms. Osterheldt’s blind ‘reactionism’ that hasundermined her obvious brilliance and led her into stupidity. She is allowingher own adversary to control her, and, with consummate cunning, her adversaryhas used that control to effectively negate her brilliance. 

“Act. Don’t React.” This should be the ‘mantra’ of any andall who want to see progress in our nation towards justice, peace, andprosperity for ALL.

It takes Ms. Osterheldt only one paragraph to define the“race war” that ‘progressives’ (this word seems to have now been hijacked tomean people who mostly hate white people and blame everything on white people),of her compliantly manipulated ilk, seem to think will somehow benefit ournation.

She, of course specifically demonizes “white men”,(specifying only Caucasian males), as The Enemy, as if all white malescurrently drawing breath are somehow guilty of ALL the deep and dramatically tragiccurrents of all human history, and all people of color, and ALL females, arevirtuous and without historical sin.

For openers…..Think about the sheer dingbat weirdness ofthis ‘modern feminist’ ideology…..All those white women, for all those dustycenturies, (into the mists of millennia), who goaded their men to seek wealthand glory, (and a new kitchen with granite counters, and a beauty salon downthe street), in the New World, and helped them conquer and settle this newterritory, and bore white children on land the women considered gladly stolen,are absolved of all responsibility for ANY of this simply because they arefemale, and all female humans are, of course, paragons of pure virtue. (Thisweirdly twisted and bizarrely contorted ideology of ‘modern feminism’, shouldNEVER be confused with GENUINE Feminism).

Uhhhh…..Gee….approximately half of all white women voted forTrump. The boogieman ‘patriarchy’ made ‘em do it…right?....

And approximately half of ALL women are pro-life, and almostEXACTLY half the Ruling Elite are females ….but …but… they’re all poor “victims”,right?.... Just like the poor self-righteously suffering daughter of eliteprivilege, Ms. Osterheldt herself …..Right?

Poor things……..

Well…anyway….Our good citizen Ms. Osterheldt seems to thinkshe knows quite a lot about History. 

As far as we know, slavery had existed about as long ashuman ‘civilization’, which goes back many thousands of years.

We might assign some credit that the new ideas that surfacedalong about the 17-18th centuries, (often called the “Age ofReason”), liberty, equality, and shared kinship among and between ALL people,the same ideas that drove the impetus toward ‘democracy’ in America, began thedifficult process of trying to eradicate slavery from the human condition evenas the new American nation was being founded. After all the cascading millenniaof human tragedy, slavery was outlawed in America within 75 years of thenation’s founding.  

Let’s repeat that, just for emphasis….After thousands ofyears of the cruel practice of slavery, it took the nascent nation of theUnited States only about 75 years to officially abolish slavery.  

I am of “Slavic” ethnic heritage, (Ukrainian). I wonder ifHarvard-educated Ms. Osterheldt even knows that our English word “slave”derives from the fact that so many “Slavic” people, (all of them Caucasians),were captured and sold into slavery, over the centuries and millennia, that themeaning of the very word “slav” was generalized to mean a person who was ownedby another person.

If we look at the ‘grand sweep’ of History, (which Ms.Osterheldt seems to think she knows a lot about), many more white people havesuffered the tragic indignity of being enslaved, of being owned property, thanthe number of black Africans brought to the so-called “New World” to pickcotton.

(So……Don’t “high and mighty” me, a son of “slavs”….justbecause you’re half African American…..Got it, Jill?)

And even today, there are TWICE as many white people livingin the miseries of abject poverty, in America, as there are poor AfricanAmericans. And, (wait, there’s more), the large majority of African Americansare NOT poor, as presumably the elite-educated Ms. Osterheldt, born into eliteprivilege, (but a “victim in her own mind” nonetheless), is not.

Caesar wrote a fair amount about the effect that a “bracingclimate” has on people. A bracing climate, he thought, made people ‘tougher’than people who never had to deal with the rigors and miseries of the icyblasts of winter.  Of course, itwas the very lack of sunshine that produces a “bracing climate” that causednatural selection to no longer favor as much melanin in human skin.

But as Caesar faced off against the fierce Caucasian tribesof the North, he had the benefit of a social technology, which, likely purelyby accident, was born among the Caucasian Greeks, and was then inherited by theNorthern Italian tribes, (such as the Etruscans), who founded Rome.

That social technology, the capacity for governance throughshared power, (a ‘republican’/aristocratic form of primitive ‘democracy’), iswhat allowed Rome to prevail over those fierce warlike tribes to the North.

The Romans were partly the paler people of North Italy, butalso partly the tawny-skinned and dark-eyed people of Southern Italy, Sicily,much related to the dark-blooded Carthaginians/Numidians of North Africa.

The Romans brought their social technology North, to thevigorous tribes who braved winters in Europe’s bracing climate. That technologyallowed these fierce pale Caucasian tribes to develop superior metaltechnology, and superior navigation and transportation technology, whicheventually allowed them to cross the seas where they found a rich landinhabited by primitive Stone Age tribes.

Due to the biological nature of our species, it isIMPOSSIBLE that these people, possessing superior technology, would havearrived in this rich new habitat, at that moment in Human History, and thenturned around and gone home.

“No….those Stone Age people got here first, so it’stheir’s….C’mon guys, we gotta’ go home and tell the Queen the bad news…. theseother folks got here first”…(And it was a FEMALE, by the way, Queen Isabella,who was Columbus’ most ardent sponsor).

At that moment in Human History, any people on Earth, of ANYrace, on every continent, who had the ability to do so, would steal ANY landthey could from ANYBODY else.

Does the elite-educated Ms. Osterheldt know that slaveryalready existed in the Stone Age Americas before Caucasians ever came? Not somuch in North America, which was mostly dominated by primitive tribal societies,(and there was so much habitat for such a relatively few people, that there waslittle territorial pressure between tribes), but among the great NativeAmerican civilizations, the Aztec and Maya both  practiced particularly cruel forms of slavery.  

Does the elite-educated Ms. Osterheldt know anything aboutthe history of black people in Africa enslaving other black people?

Does our good citizen Ms. Osterheldt know much of anythingat ALL about History, other than how cherry-picking the most convenient facts,and ignoring others, has provided a daughter of elite privilege the ‘identity’of self-righteous ‘victimhood’?

! ! !

Until you become self-aware, good citizen Ms. Osterheldt,until you can “see yourself as others see you”, until you can see yourself asyour adversary sees you, you are no better than a real smart, and very highlyeducated, fool.

Being a poor dumb human is bad enough, but we ALL endure,(or most of us anyway…some opt-out, and “to be or not to be” is always the mostbasic existential question). We endure because, save death, we have no otherexistential choice.

But being a fool on top of being a poor dumb human?…..well,well, well….Who would want to be that? Who would actually feel proudlyself-righteous about being that? (Look in your mirror for the answer, goodcitizen Ms. Osterheldt).

Being able to “see” your adversary is only half the formulafor victory. (Ever read Sun-Tzu? Caesar? Gandhi? Jesus? (Remember the “log inthe eye” thing?) Anyone?)

If you expect to prevail, you must also be able to inhabitother perspectives beside your own. You must always strive to “see” yourselffrom as many perspectives as you can. And if you are faced with any adversary,if you expect to prevail, you must “see” yourself through your adversary’seyes.

When you do, you gain the power to no longer allow youradversary to control you.

When you are able to thus become ‘self-aware’, your ownperspective will be profoundly changed. (“Know thyself if ye seekwisdom”….graven over the entrance to Temple of the Oracle, at Delphi).  

There are just under 200 million white people in the US, goodcitizen Ms. Osterheldt. So let’s see….Your brilliant plan is to tell half ofthem that they are evil demons, and the other half that they are hapless victims,(like poor you), of the evil white males. And upon hearing your rallying cry,all the white female ‘victims’ of all the evil white men will abandon anddemonize their own men and follow you?

And all ‘people of color’ and white females will then riseup and overthrow the Great White Demon Patriarchy? Hmm…Sounds like quite aplan.

And then what? Just say, for the sake of argument, that yourbizzaro plan actually works, and you are able to seize political power forwomen and people of color. What then?

That leaves about 100 million demonized white men. What areyou going to do about them? You plan to use clubs, tear gas, water cannon, andvicious dogs?

C’mon, good citizen Ms. Osterheldt…..Really??....

From where I sit you look like a much-privileged youngwoman… And you want us all to feel sorry for you because you are a “victim”? (!!!).

Okey dokey then…..I’ll sure think that over.

(I have an advantage over you, good citizen. I can inhabityour point of view, or at least I try very hard to do so. You are completelyblind to the sheer ugliness of the hateful “race war” mentality that youproject. You are not merely blind to the ugliness of your seething hatefulness,you are arrogantly PROUD of it.

You not only have no self-awareness, you don’t even WANTany.

Myopic self-serving self-righteousness is your ‘thing’.

You can do a LOT better than this, good citizen…..I know youcan….I have faith in you….