One coffee.. in a cafe in Prague, by Raja Chemayel

This afternoon I met with some friends in a cafe in Prague. Slowly they later started leaving and I ended up with one lady left back and me alone, sitting.

I did not know her and she told me the that she is Katherina, from Ukraine but " she is an Israeli and a Jew" as well.

We started discussing about and around Israel´s phenomena and I told her what I thought about this artificial and phony state.

She admitted that she was not a Semite and neither was she religious.

So far so good,,, until Abraham and Sarah were mentioned and then she even admitted to me that she knew of neither Abraham nor Sarah.

She also told me that the word "Palestine" was invented by some Roman Emperor and that she did not know whether King Salomon or Moses was the older one.

The result of that short discussion was obvious.. but what scares me is the fact that her 2 children soon will serve in the Army of Israel.....

Those children will become soldiers and will shoot at Palestinians or drive a Bulldozer over their homes.........while claiming that " this is God´s will".

The end of the story:the next generation of Israelis will have a mother who does not know Abraham nor would she know from where Abraham came to us ....

Therefore, sit back and watch this tragedy going from the unjust, into the absurd.

Raja Chemayel (still alive) February first 2019