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December 16-31, 2020

Dec 31, 2020

Greenwald: The Kafkaesque Imprisonment of Assange Exposes U.S. Myths About Freedom and Tyranny
A New War in the New Year? Trump Again Takes Aim at Iran, by Philip Giraldi
America Keeps Claiming Governments It Hates Are Paying Bounties On US Troops In Afghanistan, by Caitlin Johnstone
Geopolitical Tendencies of the Last Six Years, by Paul Schmutz Schaller
South Front: Military And Political Trends Of 2020 That Will Shape 2021
The Great 2020 Seasonal Flu/Influenza Disappearing Act, by Stephen Lendman
The New “Legal Normal” Creates Dangerous Precedents, by Stephen Karganovic
Mondoweiss Podcast: What Normalization Means to Palestinians + What’s Next in 2021
2020 Latin America and the Caribbean in Review: the Pink Tide May Rise Again, by Roger Harris
US must remove sanctions and allow Syria to rebuild – UN expert
Yes, Americans are Fat. The US Military is Fatter, by Thomas Knapp
Kneel Before Black Lives Matter.. Forever: Boston Removes Statue of Abraham Lincoln Liberating Slaves, by Paul Kersey
Current coronavirus pandemic ‘very severe’ but ‘not necessarily the big one’ – WHO
Jeremy Corbyn: Why I’m Launching a Project for Peace and Justice

Beyond Coronavirus: What 2020 Will Also Be Remembered For
Netanyahu gives hero's embrace to US Jew who spied on the U.S., by James North and Philip Weiss
Reason and Faith in the Age of Trump, by Lawrence Davidson
Trump Regime to Designate Cuba a State Sponsor of Terrorism? by Stephen Lendman
New book: Bill Clinton 'had affair with Jeffrey Epstein pimp Ghislaine Maxwell during trips on pedophile's private jet´
It's Interesting How The Violent Riots Of 2020 Ended Right After The Election, by Daisy Luther
The Taboo That Could Break America, Part III, by Jared Taylor
Poor Michael's Pathos, by Ray Zwarich
Russian supersonic Tu-160 bombers set a world record for longest non-stop flight (Video)
UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital, by Paul Joseph Watson

Dec 30, 2020

Russia vs the Biden Administration, by The Saker
Don’t Go to Rome, by Patrick Armstrong
China: Ten Predictions for 2021 (You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby), by Godfree Roberts
The witch hunt, by Lillian Rosengarten
Nuclear War, Capitalism, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix, by Caitlin Johnstone 
Grading Trump on Foreign Policy, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Ukraine press conference explicitly ties Hunter and Joe Biden to corruption, by Andrea Widburg
America’s Ongoing Imperial Scam, by Karen Kwiatkowski

The ICC’s Indefensible Decision on Alleged UK War Crimes in Iraq, by Craig Murray
UN Condemned Israel 17 Times in 2020, Versus 6 Times for rest of World Combined
Historical Revisionism and US-Israel Policy - Podcast with Karen Kwiatkowski and Mark Weber
ICRC takedown of ‘Fauda’ hits a nerve, by Jonathan Ofir
No Better Time Than Now, by Ray Zwarich
Combating the False Anti-antisemites, by Dan Lieberman
Where Did Covid Come From? by Paul Craig Roberts
Peter Myers Digest: MDs and Scientists join dissidents; regulators threaten to take away their licenses
Biden’s Politics of Impunity, by Ramona Wadi
Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records
Normalization and the balance of power in the Middle East, by Heinz Gärtner
British Plots in Lebanon, by As`ad AbuKhalil
Australian Senator Predicts War Between US and China in ‘Three to Five Years,’ by Dave DeCamp
Gaza Airport: The legacy of a Palestinian dream, by Hind Khoudary

Dec 29, 2020

The Unspoken Premise Of Modern Capitalism: The World Will Be Saved By Greedy Tech Oligarchs, by Caitlin Johnstone
Europe Embraces Multipolar World With Nord Stream 2 and China Investment Deal, by Finian Cunningham
A Pardoning Time of Year: Will the president do the right thing? by Philip Giraldi
Ilan Pappe and Awad Abdelfattah on ‘One Democratic State’ (Video)
Trump’s Foreign Policy Explained, by Patrick Lawrence
The Wealth Inequality Virus is Surging, by Rick Baum
Storm Clouds Gathering: How to Defeat Big Tech Censorship (Videos)
2020: America's Wake-Up Call, by Pat Buchanan
The Year of Corona: Ten Megadeaths & the Crash of Western Supremacism, by Anatoly Karlin
The ‘Moderate’ Rot at the Top of the Democratic Party, by Norman Solomon

The Nashville Bombing vs. The Oklahoma City Bombing, by Paul Craig Roberts
Where In The World Is Kamala Harris? by David Sirota and Andrew Perez
Covid-19, Brexit-21 and Dreadnought-28: The UK in Economic and Social Turmoil, by Brian Cloughley
Duplicity and Self-Deception: Israel, the United States, and the Dimona Inspections, 1964-65
Corona's Toll in the Ex-USSR, by Anatoly Karlin
In Brief: The Silent Threat of Canada to World Peace, by John McMurtry
Global Research Selected Articles: Masking the COVID-19 Virus in this ‘Pandemic’
Stealing Mineral Wealth for Corporate Interests: U.S. Bankrolled Mass Murder of Millions in Central Africa, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Sumaya Awad and brian bean’s "Palestine: A Socialist Introduction," by Bill V. Mullen
Strategic Culture: The Vaccine Race Continues
Stealth fighters and long-range missiles: Japan’s cabinet greenlights record-breaking military budget
Rock Against the System: An Interview With The American Defense Skinheads, by Eric Striker
Russia can refuse to pay $50 billion bill to Yukos oligarchs, country’s top court rules

Dec 28, 2020

Greenwald: The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real and Has Nothing To Do With Trump
2020: The Year We Lost Our Common Sense, Courage and Civil Liberties, by Robert Bridge
Major Covid Vaccine Glitch Emerges: Most Europeans, Including Hospital Staff, Refuse To Take It, by Tyler Durden
Update: A Hard Look at Rent and Rent Seeking with Michael Hudson & Pepe Escobar (Video)
Nashville: Media Can’t Equate a Crazy Conspiracy with a Real One, by Steve Brown
Brexit: "Out of the House, But Keep the Keys," by Anatoly Karlin
Has the S-400 System Made Trump a President of Peace? by Tim Kirby
Turkey pivots to the center of The New Great Game, by Pepe Escobar
Yanis Varoufakis Debates John Bolton (Video)

Peter Hitchens I: The West’s Destruction From The Left’s Self-Righteous Ideas (Video)
Blood Gold: Interview with Peter Koenig
The Biggest Perverse Incentive in History, by Audacious Epigone
Lavrov Exposes Neocolonialism in Western Poster Child Bosnia-Herzegovina, by Aleksandar Pavic
Minneapolis FBI Protects Anarchists, Claims They Had Nothing to Do with George Floyd Riots, by Eric Striker
Life at Fuckingham Palace: On The Crown Seasons Three and Four, by Jonah Raskin
2020: Accelerating Towards the European Superstate, by Guillaume Durocher
After Trump Blocked UN Inquiry of Racist Violence, NGOs Are Conducting Their Own, by Marjorie Cohn

Dec 27, 2020

Mass Media Propaganda Is Enemy #1, by Caitlin Johnstone
Rhodes Scholars Surge in Biden’s Potential Cabinet, by Matthew Ehret
Antisemitism Claims Mask a Reign of Political and Cultural Terror across Europe, by Jonathan Cook
The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 1, by Robert Gore
New FBI emails detail how Hunter leveraged VP Biden trips to score Big Money deals (Video)
Which U.S. President Was Worse: Obama, Or Trump? by Eric Zuesse
What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”? by F. William Engdahl

Restoring the Soul of America, by Robert Koehler
Lee Camp: Stimulus Bill A Giant Middle Finger To Struggling Americans (Video)
Geoffrey Gresh: Eurasia & the New Great Power Competition at Sea (Video)
Global Research: Selected Articles
Jimmy Dore: “The Ruling Elite Has Lost All Legitimacy,” w/Chris Hedges (Video)
Japan’s Secret Unit 731 – Where Biological Warfare Was Conceived, by David William Pear
The CIA's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, LSD And A 'Poisoner In Chief,' w/Stephen Kinzer
Trump's Latest Pardons: Jewish Gangsters and Murderous Mercenaries Win Out Over Prisoners of Conscience,  by Eric Striker
Biden/Harris Net Favorability Negative from the Get-Go, by Audacious Epigone
The Fall of Dominic Cummings: Boris Johnson’s “Genius” as Raskolnikov, by Martin Sieff
Music is the Highest Revelation, by Ron Jacobs
High Profile Covid-1984 Vaccinations Faked? by Russ Winter
#RussianLivesMatter: Portland Recognizes Russians as POC, by Anatoly Karlin
Thebes of Myth and History, by Evaggelos Vallianatos

Dec 26, 2020

Is Society Collapsing? by Kirkpatrick Sale
Russia is Enemy Number One, by Israel Shamir
The Fascist Scale Revisited, by Gilad Atzmon
A Country in Turmoil: Why Netanyahu is a Symptom, Not Cause of Israel’s Political Crisis, by Ramzy Baroud
Trump’s Big Lies, and Biden’s, by Gary Leupp
Lavrov Exposes Neocolonialism in Western Poster Child Bosnia-Herzegovina, by Aleksandar Pavic
Israeli Warplanes Bomb Pediatric Hospital in Gaza, Injure Child (Photos)
Increasing oppression of Covid-Great Reset Plandemic proves it is forever in the West. Unless we… by Jeff Brown
The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities, by Ryan Gallagher, Henrik Moltke
Bari Weiss’s narrative of Jewish victimhood just lost again, by Yakov Hirsch
America’s Longest War: An Afghan’s Perspective, by Mustafa Ariaie
Engineering Contagion: UPMC, Corona-Thrax and “the Darkest Winter,” by Whitney Webb
Secrets About Time They Are Still Keeping From You, by Thorsten J. Pattberg
Our Upside-Down Postelection World, by Victor Davis Hanson
Goodbye, Lebanon, by Linh Dinh
Assad’s Top Aide ridicules US demands for Syria to break ties with Iran-led Axis
“I Am the Man They Call Sue Mundy”: Civil War Kentucky’s “Female” Confederate Guerrilla, by Terry Bisson
South Front: Russian Warplanes Pounding Turkish Proxies In Greater Idlib (Video)
Su-57 is here – Russian 5th gen jet enters service (Video)

Dec 25, 2020

Welcome to RussiaGate 2.0, Right on Schedule, by Tom Luongo
The DC Political Monopoly Just Doesn’t Get It, by Richard D. Wolff
‘There Won’t Be Snow in Africa This Christmas’ – But There Will Be US-Enabled War Crimes, by Maj. Danny Sjursen
Gaza Strip “Uninhabitable”: Israel’s Genocide in Gaza Goes Uninterrupted, but Is Europe Finally Taking Notice? by Miko Peled
How Yahweh Conquered Rome: Christianity and the Big Lie, by Laurent Guyénot
The Covid-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics, by Michel Chossudovsky
Roaming Charges: Welcome to the Malarky Factory, by Jeffrey St. Clair
GR Selected Articles: Staff at Hospitals in DC, Texas Turn Down COVID-19 Vaccine
Caleb Maupin: Bye Bye to Trump, an Awful President; Communism & Homophobia; Putting Things in Proper Perspective (Video)
Two desperate men, Trump and Netanyahu, are trying to provoke conflict with Iran, by James North
The U.S. and Yemen: Will Biden End the Nightmare? by Eve Ottenberg
End The Great American Myth - Secession, Not Revolution, by Tom Luongo
Why Do We Continue to Follow Nonsensical COVID Rules? by David Solway
Global Outrage Follows Trump Pardons Of Blackwater Mercenaries Who Killed 17 Iraqis, by Brett Wilkins
NYT Fake News Harmful to Human Health and Well-Being, by Stephen Lendman
The Pentagon spends millions helping Hollywood movies that portray the US military favorably. But Xmas ROM-COMS? by Tom Secker
Jewish Settlers Uproot Olive Trees near Hebron
Trump Administration Moves Forward Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, by Dave DeCamp
Man Behind Pfizer Vaxx Warns COVID-19 'Will Be With Us For The Next 10 Years,' by Tyler Durden

Dec 24, 2020
Political Jesus, by Pepe Escobar
H.G. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With the Great Reset Agenda, by Matthew Ehret
Shutdown Looms As Democrat Bid For $2,000 Relief Checks Fails House, Here's What Happens Next, by Tyler Durden
WHO Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website, by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Rise and Fall of Conservatism in Michigan, by E. Michael Jones
The Christmas Truce of 1914: A Heartening Story of Humanity in the Middle of War (Video)
NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe Exposes Digital Election Rigging Using CIA’s Hammer and Scorecard (Video)
The War on Christmas Updated, by Edmund Connelly
Israeli tells Israel lobby group: US Jews need to stop Biden from reentering Iran deal, by Philip Weiss
Israel’s Relentless War on Christian Palestinians, by Jonathan Fenton-Harvey
Christmas Is Not Canceled, It's Vital This Year, by Rudy Giuliani (Video)
Starmer’s War, by Tariq Ali
NASA: Is it too late to prevent climate change?
India Just Had the Biggest Protest in World History: Will it make a difference? by Nitish Pahwa
Why does Cuba have so many doctors? (Video)
Turkey gambles in bid to rival China as a key supply chain node, by James M. Dorsey
Trump pardons Blackwater contractors jailed for massacre of Iraq civilians, by Michael Safi

Dec 23, 2020

On Truth, by Paul Craig Roberts
Everyone Was Wrong About Trump, by Caitlin Johnstone
Can Democracy Hold Us Together? by Pat Buchanan
With Biden's New Threats, the Russia Discourse is More Reckless and Dangerous Than Ever, by Glenn Greenwald
Irony and SolarWinds, by Daniel Lazare
Navalny Case Is Naked Admission of Spooks and Media Collaboration, by Finian Cunningham
Trump Kicks COVID Bill Back To Congress; Demands $2,000 Stimulus, Shreds Lawmakers Over Mountain Of Pork
Brexit: New debates and hard choices, by Patrick Cockburn
A warning from Moscow to Berlin, by Glenn Diesen
Chris Hedges, Glenn Greenwald, and the 'Lonely' Truth, by Ray Zwarich
Full Statement by Donald Trump, The President of the United States 12/22/20 (Video)
Trump: Fighting On, by J.R. Dunn
Another Israeli election looms — and Netanyahu rides high, Gantz is a loser, by Jonathan Ofir
EU Gas Projects In Jeopardy After Bloc Moves to Prioritize Investment in Low-Carbon Alternatives
Global Hot Spots You Probably Don’t Know About (But Should), by Danny Sjursen
The real Corbyn ‘tragedy’ — and ‘Jewish Currents’ refusal to publish an opposing view, by Tony Greenstein
News from the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Malawi is Just the Beginning: How Israel Changed the Political Narrative of an Entire Continent, by Clinton Nzala
Libertarian Congressman Proposes Bill To Decriminalize Illegal Immigration, by Eric Striker
The Myth of a Golden Age of American Liberalism, by Chris Orlet
California Continually Tries to Chase Away the Wealthy, by Mike Shedlock
Venezuela’s National Assembly elections: an important victory for Chavismo, by Francisco Dominguez

Dec 22, 2020

The Revenge Agenda: Is it really a dish best served cold? by Philip Giraldi
Requiem For Donald Trump, by Paul Craig Roberts
Prison Is Neoliberalism’s Social Safety Net, by Caitlin Johnstone
Futility and Cruelty of Washington’s Economic Sanctions, by Ted Galen Carpenter
Chris Hedges: The Great Delusion
Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads, by Francis Lee
No Hope Ahead for Palestinians, by Brian Cloughley

Netanyahu’s Days May Be Numbered, but a Cadre of Far-Right Fanatics Wait in the Wings, by Miko Peled
The Scheer Family Bid'ness (Part 2) - Jewish Culture, by Ray Zwarich
Armed Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes in Hebron (Video)
The global surge in COVID cases and deaths requires an immediate international response, by Benjamin Mateus
The Top Owners of America’s President-Elect Joe Biden, by Eric Zuesse
Peter Myers Digest: Covid-19
Biden Quietly Adds Goldman Sachs, Big Tech Officials to Transition
Israeli Colonists Attempt To Disrupt Prayers In The Oldest Christian Monastery In Palestine
Life Under Fire: The Wages of Apostasy, by David Irving
$500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks ire, by James North and Philip Weiss
Xi announces major victory in poverty alleviation (Xinhua)
Biden Seeks Negotiated Solution in Venezuela to End Crisis, by Ben Bartenstein and Alex Vasquez
The “Tesla Killer” Is Here ?!?
Why We Say: Don’t Pay the Rent! by David Rovics
Starmer’s silence on Palestinian solidarity day speaks volumes, by Ghada Karmi
Will Erdogan’s Turkey Recreate the Ottoman Empire?

Dec 21, 2020

Behold the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, by Pepe Escobar
The Dystopian Western World, by Paul Craig Roberts
The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence, by Emanuel Pastreich

Europe’s Machiavellian Moment, by Alastair Crooke
Why It’s Good To Push Politicians To Do The Right Thing (Even When They Probably Won’t), by Caitlin Johnstone
The Never-Ending Story, by Andrew Joyce
Peter Myers Digest: Bill Gates funded MIT to develop Quantum Dot tattoo to store Vaccination info under the skin
The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality, by Ramzy Baroud
Does Russia Actually Have an Advantage in the Battle for Multipolarity? by Tim Kirby
Update on US Economic Stimulus, by Stephen Lendman
Half of All US States Plan to Deny White People COVID Vaccinations, by Eric Striker
Killing of 6th Palestinian child in 2020 was ‘grave violation of international law,’ by Philip Weiss
In Chile, Resistance Is Criminalised and Perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity Are Absolved, by Ramona Wadi
Government, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing Small Businesses, by Ron Paul
Imperial Intent: Destroying India’s Farm Sector, by Colin Todhunter
Switzerland and the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Second Wave, by Paul Schmutz Schaller
Study of 50 Years of Tax Cuts for Rich Confirms ‘Trickle Down’ an Absolute Sham, by Kenny Stancil
Joe Biden and the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty: A Timeline of Inaction and Disingenuous Proposals, by Shannon Bugos
Militarized Pandemic Science: Why is the Pentagon Funding the EcoHealth Alliance? by Sam Husseini
Fracking The Okavango: Big Oil Comes For Africa’s Greatest Park
Maintaining the Mandate of Heaven, by Audacious Epigone

Dec 20, 2020

A Pandemic of ‘Russian Hacking,’ by Ray McGovern and Joe Lauria
Why They’re Denying You Healthcare And Financial Support During A Pandemic, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Populist American Powder Keg Is Primed but Will It Be Lit? by Tim Kirby
Biden won? 2016-2020 showed what the US does to even mild reformers, by Ramin Mazaheri
Robert Bridge: Cultural Marxism in America & the World, COVID Tyranny, & Censorship (Video)
White Racism as the Mother of All Evils, by Robert Weissberg
US Hits Companies in China, UAE and Vietnam With Iran-Related Sanctions, by Dave DeCamp
Dire Warning: Prominent Virologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Exposes ‘Major Risks’ of Gene-Altering Vaccine (Video)
Recording Proves Assange Warned State Department Ahead of Cable Dump, by Dave DeCamp
Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest, by Patrick Armstrong
Sheldon Adelson calls on US to nuke Iranian desert
Sumud, crucifixion, and poetry: The life of Palestinian leader Tawfiq Zayyad, by Hatim Kanaaneh
WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives, by Kit Knightly
Kim No-VAX Does DARPA, by Pepe Escobar
Today’s China Espionage Scandals Revive the Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed the Cold War, by Matthew Ehret
Sarah Palin Calls for Assange Freedom, by Anatoly Karlin
Sweden: the country of Palme wants to become a NATO protectorate!
San Francisco May Rename Abraham Lincoln High School
Boris Johnson Is as Incompetent as General Haig at the Somme, by Patrick Cockburn
U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths Reach Record Highs
Nord Stream 2 Work Resumes Despite U.S. Efforts To Stop It
French energy unions strike to defend public energy
The Elephant in the Room: Left Parties and the European Union, by Asbjørn Wahl

Dec 19, 2020

The Washington Post Can’t Stop Babbling About Russians ‘Hacking Our Minds,’ by Caitlin Johnstone
Congress Again Proves That the Business of Washington is War, by Ron Paul
From Mexico To Africa: Israel’s Dark History Of Training Gangs and War Criminals, by Kit O’Connell
How U.S. Government Paid-Off Its Super-Rich in Order to Pass Its Coronavirus-Relief Laws, by Eric Zuesse
Evasions and cover-ups by Western governments over their funding of terrorist groups in Syria starting to unravel, by Vanessa Beeley
Israeli Forces Fire Teargas Grenades inside West Bank School Suffocating Students, Teachers
The ICC refuses to prosecute UK war crimes in Iraq despite “reasonable” evidence, by Jean Shaoul
Trump´s Abrahamic Sell-Out: Subordinating American Interests to the Saudis, Emiratis, and Israelis, by Doug Bandow
Israel sets vaccine roll out, as Palestinian cases climb with no relief in sight
When the People Rose up: How the Intifada Changed the Political Discourse on Palestine, by Ramzy Baroud
NYT tries but fails to clean up multiple failures by ‘Jihadism Terror’ reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, by James North
The Scheer Family Business (Part 1), by Ray Zwarich
Putin Calls for Quick and Harsh Response to Violation of Russian Journalists’ Rights Abroad, by Evgeny Mikhaylov
The 1918 Rockefeller-US Army Worldwide Pandemic, by Larry Romanoff
Establishment Dems Ambush AOC And Other Progressives, Stripping Key Committee Assignments, by Alexander Sammon
"..Frontline Workers Should Receive the Vaccine Before Seniors Because Seniors.. Overwhelmingly White," by Paul Kersey
Terrorist Who Murdered 224 People Released From Prison Because of COVID-19

Dec 18, 2020

Tailgunner Joe Rides Again, by Carl Boggs
Secret, Invisible Evidence Of Russian Hacking Is Not Actually Evidence, by Caitlin Johnstone
Former general who called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians picked to head Israel’s Holocaust museum, by Jonathan Cook
Why China is NOT the Enemy of the West (Why British Psychological Warfare Must Now be Examined), by Matthew Ehret
COVID-19: A Vaccine That Was Hijacked by the Rich, by Thalif Deen

Frog-Marched Into Klaus Schwab's Dystopian Nightmare, by Tom Luongo
Vatican displays the Archangel Michael as an ET - Peter Myers Digest
Only Freedom Can Quench the Thirst, by Vijay Prashad
A Global Forest Treaty Is Needed Now, by Adriana Erthal Abdenur
The “New” Corporation, by Thomas Klikauer – Nadine Campbell
After Lee, It's Lincoln's Turn, by Pat Buchanan
South Front: Israel Is Searching For Pretext To Invade Southern Syria
This Book Turns Everything You Thought You Knew About North Korea Upside Down, by Jeremy Kuzmarov
Capitalism on a Ventilator, by Kollibri terre Sonnenblume
The Immaculate Deception - The Navarro Report
Cynthia Chung of Rising Tide Foundation discusses her research, journalism and passions on China Rising Radio (Podcast)
Americans are Broke and Hungry, as Politicians Have Sat on Their Hands, by Eve Ottenberg
Why Black People Cannot Trust the Pfizer Vaccine, by Wesley Muhammad
Putin Press Conference 2020, by Anatoly Karlin

Dec 17, 2020

A Return to Normalcy? Joe Biden’s Vision of Normal Raises Concerns, by Philip Giraldi
Instagram is Using False “Fact-Checking” to Protect Joe Biden’s Crime Record From Criticisms, by Glenn Greenwald
Sanctions: The new economic regime of the world

Israel is going to keep on killing Palestinian boys, until U.S. Jews endorse BDS, by Philip Weiss
Western Public Health Officials Are Intentionally Withholding Life-Saving Safe Treatments for Covid, by Paul Craig Roberts
A Search for Truth and Understanding, by Larry Romanoff
The Jew Thing, by Nicholas R. Jeelvy
Pompeo’s Ugly Christian Dominionist Dogma Infects Global Relations, by Wayne Madsen
Prolific "Antifa" Troll Is A Former Federal Contractor and Multi-Millionaire Tech CEO, by Eric Striker
Does the West Any Longer Have a Left? by Paul Craig Roberts
William Mallinson's blog: Confusing Order in Order to Order
US & Ukraine vote against anti-Nazi resolution proposed by Russia at UN
The Bolshevik Left and the Labor Goon Thugs, by Ray Zwarich
The Real Giants Whose Shoulders We Stand On, by Caitlin Johnstone
Putin: Navalny Wasn't Important Enough To Poison, Russia "Would've Finished The Job"
The Courage to Be Yourself: E.E. Cummings on Art, Life, and Being Unafraid to Feel, by Maria Popova
The Maxwells: Mossad’s First Family of Spies, by Philip Giraldi
UN General Assembly Overwhelmingly Passes Seven Resolutions Critical of Israel Policies
AOC says Pelosi, Schumer need to go, by Douglas Braff

Dec 16, 2020

Year Zero, by C.J. Hopkins
The Deep State wins the 2020 Presidential election: USA RIP, by the Saker
Big Brother in Disguise: The Rise of a New, Technological World Order, by John W. Whitehead
The Revolutionary Struggle Is A Fight Between Movement And Inertia, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Five Allegiances, by Manuel García, Jr.
US Unemployed Rising, Evictions, Mortgages, Small Business Collapsing.. by Jack Rasmus
Gathering Against China, by Brian Cloughley
When Deplorables Become Ungovernables, by Pepe Escobar
Has America's Suez Moment Come? by Pat Buchanan
Pardon Julian Assange, under Article II, Section 2 of US Constitution, by Stephen Lendman

South Front: Biden’s Pyrrhic Election Victory (Video)
Corporations, States, and the neo-liberal symbiosis, by Francis Lee
The Brexit Blame Game, by Kenneth Surin
Belarus on the Edge: Biden’s First Move? by Carl Boggs
Sweeping Election Theft Under the Rug, by Stephen Lendman
Empire with a Human Face, by Patrick Lawrence
China Newsbrief and Sitrep, by Godfree Roberts
‘Thinking Machiavelli, Acting Mussolini,’ by Alastair Crooke
Bernie Sanders and Progressives in Our Winter of Discontent, by Norman Solomon
The Covid-19 Data is a ‘Travesty’ (Video)
The WWF (Wacko Woke Foke) Strike Again, by Paul Joseph Watson
New book connects the fight for socialism with the Palestinian cause - Interview with editors
Time to Rein in Amazon’s Empire, by Christy Hoffman
The UN and NATO Exploit the Refugee Crisis to Promote the Rhetoric of Peace and Security, by Ramona Wadi
Release the Trumpkin, by Audacious Epigone